Blogtable: All-Star nod for Duncan?

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Career and future Hall of Famedom notwithstanding, does Tim Duncan deserve an All-Star nod given his stats this season?

Steve Aschburner: This sort of debate doesn’t happen in baseball. For one, the All-Star rosters are bigger than the NBA’s 12. More important, baseball appreciates and plays to its history more than other sports. A legendary player such as Duncan, if he were a left fielder, would be embraced even in a down season for his star power and career achievements. The NBA is much more about now. (The one flaw I’ll acknowledge is that Duncan always has been a thinking man’s Hall of Famer – even in his prime, it would have been tedious to sit through a highlight reel of his greatest moments, given how un-flashy and fundamentally focused he’s been.)

Fran Blinebury: The idea that players have to earn their way onto the All-Star team with their performance in the first half of the season went out the window with canvas Chuck Taylors and the steam engine.  When the NBA turned the event into a “Dancing With the Stars” for dunkers, it is simply a popularity contest. Yao Ming gets the China vote, even though he’s likely finish.  Allen Iverson was a favorite last year.  Magic Johnson was retired in 1992 when he was named MVP.  Just relax and enjoy the show.

Art Garcia: Is there a better “center” in the Western Conference? Yes, we know he’s in the forward category, but c’mon, Timmy is a center. He’s been a center since the Admiral retired. The Spurs can parade 6-foot-7 (maybe) DeJuan Blair out there at the 5, but TD mans the pivot at both ends of the floor. Is there a better center in the West? I didn’t think so.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Yes, for two reasons: There are very few options as West coaches pick the conference reserves, creating an opportunity for Duncan that would not otherwise exist. And, the Spurs have the best record. They should have a second representative to go with Manu Ginobili. So while Duncan’s stats don’t demand attention, the circumstances do.

Shaun Powell: If he were listed at center, he’d have a case, since Yao Ming (!) is the early leader in the fan vote. But really, now, Duncan doesn’t deserve a spot at forward over LaMarcus, K-Love, Blake Griffin, Scola, Z-Bo or even Pau. Such is the price you pay when you pace yourself in the regular season, as Duncan does, to save gas for the spring.

John Schuhmann: Honestly, the only individual stat of Duncan’s that I’ve paid attention to thus far is his minutes. I had to look up his points, rebounds, etc. All I know is that the Spurs are 29-5, that Duncan is still the anchor of a top-10 defense, that they still run their offense through him in key spots, and that the team is still built around him and what he brings to the table. In my mind, he’s an All-Star.

Sekou Smith: These things are never based solely on stats. If they were, big time scorers on lousy teams would have been making All-Star teams for years. I have no problem with Duncan making it this season. There have several occasions in recent years when big man with solid but maybe not great numbers has made the All-Star team because he was on a really good team. Timmy qualifies on all counts. Duncan also has the added bonus of being one of the game’s all-time greats. That has to count for something.


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  2. alk says:

    Tim Duncan is a Star! Yes? All over the world! Not only USA watches the all star game!

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    Duncan is one of the best PF of all time, NO DOUBT. And he is still playing strong and helping his team WIN games. Are you crazy to think that Varejo, Luis Schola, or K Love are better than Timmy Duncan. All of those other players teams are horrible so they get to pad there stats all they want while Duncan is playing QUALITY minutes and helping his team to a 30-6 record.

  5. Mando says:

    Griffin is a beast and in time will become one of the NBA’s best…many more ALL STAR games to come for him….TD only has a couple years left ….i think the coaches will show their respect for his great creer and unselfish play and reward him with another All Star nod this year…it’s the right thing to do….besides…has everyone forgotten theres a good chance POP will coach the West this year?

    • Timmy says:

      Dude the way you are saying it, seems like Duncan needs sympathy for the All-Star. No matter how long hes got in his career, he is still great. Hes been there, done that, so i dont think he really cares. If you compare Griffin and Duncan, yes for Griffin if you want to see the Harem Globe Trotters. No doubt Griffin is going to be a great player, but at this stage, Duncan is a far better player. Duncan should start as a center, since he is listed as a center for spurs

  6. rodz_d3 says:

    This is my All-Star Starters:

    All Star-West: All-Star East

    T. Duncan D. Howard
    P. Gasol K. Garnett
    K. Durant L. James
    K. Bryant D. Wade
    C. Paul R. Rondo

  7. Ohmen says:

    Duncan not on the All-Star Team? C’mon. Kareem was 41 yrs, old and averaged 10 points per game during the ’89 season and yet he got an All-Star nod. Why not Tim Duncan? I’m not comparing TD to Kareem, but hey, he should go to LA for this year’s All-Star Game because he’s on the league’s best team. He’s just saving his prowess for the Play-offs.

  8. D says:

    Look Duncan is the best PF in the league and that is a fact!

  9. James Medina says:

    Duncan IS an All-Star!!! My goodness this is something that has to draw attention, Duncan is the greatest PF of all time… griffin and the other youngtsers will get there time!! lets get Duncan in at least for this year and maybe next year, he doesn’t have much longer in the NBA, we should cherish one of the greatest top 10 players of all time!! he is Mr. Consistency, he is productive in every game he plays whether its scoring or anchoring the defense, we also forget that he is the spurs leader.

  10. Harry says:

    Blake Griffin is an All-Star, NOT Tim Duncan!! Look at the stats. My goodness! Who even posed this question? Oh yea, Sekou Smith…what a shocker.

  11. M says:

    Overtime. Playoffs. Tim Duncan 3 pointer. ‘Nuff said.

  12. blopa says:

    Duncan is definitely one of the best players to ever play in his position, if not the best. He is an All-Star player no mater how you look at it, or WHEN you look at it; but the fact is that the All-Star GAME itself is just a popularity contest for the pics and then a showoff contest the match itself, like Fran Blinebury says. It makes me wonder if Duncan, who does not seem very comfortable when under the spotlight, really would like to take part in that exhibition match yet again.

  13. Magic says:

    Hey guys, the all-star game voting isn’t based on whose been most successful throughout their career or who used to be the best. It’s about who deserves it this season. I have great respect for Timmy but I’m sorry he doesn’t deserve it this year.

  14. Roy says:

    I don’t think Duncan even cares whether he’s gets the votes. He’s focused on another championship and that is a true all-star rather than a popularity contest winner!

  15. sean archer says:

    No doubt, TD should be in the all star game. If you think he’s not deserve as stater, then it’s ok he if comes off the bench… West Allstar cannot be called an “allstar” without Tim Duncan…

  16. otto says:

    Respect to you OTTO but remember Duncan can lead a Team .. Not an easy task to do but i think the other youngster cannot .. Duncan in their age lead the Spurs but the other players you are talking about is just maturing .. They should learn to lead their team so they can achieve what TD did..

  17. otto says:

    no disrespect to Ducan.. bu its time to let the young guys be part of the all star game, Duncan has had his spotlight, and now its time for him to step down. No doubt Duncan can eat these guys up in his prime but now he cant.
    So let the Young guys SHINEEE

  18. Chris says:

    Griffin or any young buck today can only wish they can accomplish the same thing Mr. Duncan got in his career!
    Barkley can only dream of Duncan!


  19. Chris says:

    This is the greatest Power Forward in the game and still playing!

    Any kid who wants to be in NBA should watch Duncan on and off the court! Duncan should be the face of NBA today!


  20. Neo says:

    NBAGuy is a punk. He doesn’t know sh*t. Just ignore him y’all. Tim Duncan would be my choice if I were to name the best PF.

  21. eric perez says:

    Duncan has on court leadership and is an anchor for a spurs team who can easily be the team of the decade. He is an unselfish all star. What happened to teams like the laker who and celtics who have almost all star teams to make it to the finals. duncan did it with manu ginobili and tony parker which were low lottery draft picks. he makes the players on his team better which is a charachteristic of jordan in his days.

  22. bigfundam says:

    i think you just dont count TD out just like that. even with his performance down compared to his past seasons, the way he plays and leads his team should speak on whether or not he’s put on the all star roster.

  23. philderon says:

    NBA also has to put a ceiling on the number of chinese voters. It`s a joke that yao has a million votes without playing a game and Amare has less votes than garnett. Plus, deron is 4th or 5th among western guards and, and….

    • Timmy says:

      Philderon you’re an idiot, that is why they call it a ballot. Its when fans vote who they want to see in the all-star game. Its only voting for starters anyway. Duncan should be in it and probably the coaches will vote him in.

  24. philderon says:

    nba has to list duncan or gasol or even nowitzki (.. ! ..) as a center. Andrew Bynum deserves to be a starting all star as much as I deserve to play in the nba.

  25. duncan is still the best pf of the league. hes shots are so fundamental, why we have to turn around in the air just to make a good shot photo to be in on ALL-STAR GAme. I mean look at hes stats, griffin can be a rookie of the year so as duncan but hell! look at his team he cant carry out the team. we know that duncan is the team leader of the spurs. griffin? i dont think so, i dont think he can do such duncan does on spurs. do you think griffin can do the fundamental shots of duncan?? i think duncan will take away that ball once griffin does what he does. griffin just fly….i dont see him spot on the perimeter just like dirk,,but see duncan,,,yes he can,,even 3point play…some add up too…he is the guy.

  26. Debi G says:

    Stats are not the only thing to consider what makes an All-Star, leadership, class, being a role model and being a team player is just or maybe more important!! However, as far as points goes, whenever it is necessary, Timmy always comes through!!!

  27. rene says:

    duncan will be the best power foward in my all start game.

  28. taena says:

    Tim Duncan is still the best PF in the league! Without him, the spurs is nothing!

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  30. […] rational minds out there to responsibly debate this, as a roundtable of writers over at discussed the merits of Tim Duncan’s All-Star candidacy: Sekou Smith: These things are never based solely on stats. If they were, big time scorers on lousy […]

  31. Petey says:

    Tim Duncan 28:58:00 0.49 0.73 0 13.7 9.2 3 0.7 1.9 1.9
    Blake Griffin 37:06:00 0.52 0.59 0.1 21.7 12.7 3.3 0.7 0.7 2.7
    Kevin Love 36:40:00 0.46 0.88 1.3 21 15.6 2.4 0.6 0.3 2.4
    Luis Scola 32:46:00 0.5 0.69 0 19.3 8.3 2.4 0.6 0.9 2.1
    Anderson Varejao 32:01:00 0.53 0.67 0 9.1 9.7 1.5 0.9 1.2 1.3

    I gathered some of the most important stats(Per Game) in basketball, and according to these, only Blake Griffin beats him on stats. Bottom line is, he plays less minutes, puts on some fairly good stats.That’s if you want to talk based on stats. But what about the presence and leadership, thats a stat you can’t see in numbers, but you see on the court. I believe he belongs in the allstar game.

  32. BBxpress says:

    Just remember to keep voting for who you think deserves it? Blake will get his turn, he will be in the rookie-sophmore Allstar game you will get to see him there. Blake has to put up big numbers in order for their team to get a win, Tim doesn’t. Teamwork and unselfishness is also an Allstar attribute, the willingness to play less to help your team is huge. He could demand more minutes to pad his “Stats” but that just isn’t Tim. He is a true Allstar. 😎

  33. NiSo says:

    No offence, but he is really boring to watch. I wouldn’t want to watch an All-Star Game with “Fundamental Focused” players. Just saying.

  34. fraka says:

    What the **** are you talking about. How can you say that Love or Blake are better than tmmy?! He plays with 30% and obviously saving his strenght for the playoffs.. he is the greatest PF in NBA history, and he plays arond 25 minutes for his team, and they have the best NBA record! Not an ALLSTAR!? yeah right.. he deserves to be an all star more than any other player in the league, except maybe Kobe.

  35. A MESSAGE TO NBA says:

    THIS IS A MESSAGE TO THE NBA. We all know that Duncan will be an Allstar no matter what. There are 4 PFs (Pau, Tim, Dirk, Blake) going head to head on voting. Since Yao Ming is already out and there is no center playing allstar level on the west, please let Duncan and Pau play Center(which they are also good at) then Dirk and Blake on PF. You can’t disregard dirk who is a contender for mvp because of riding the hype of the rising Griffin. As the voting goes, it seems that Pau is on the lead and Tim is following behind. They can both start as PF and Center then adjust the positions if blake and dirk enters as the game goes on. Now that the center position is vacant, nobody will be left out.

  36. starter: durant,dirk RESERVES: timmy, Love

  37. Love and griffin shine early in thier careers like duncan does. but the difference is thier team is still misirable unlike duncan whose from the first time he arrive at san antonio he made the team one of the powerhouse in the leage. that’s the difference. he’s still the all-star for me. not as starter, as a reserve is enough

  38. jancarlo says:

    Timmy deserves a spot although he is not the top vote getter in the west PFs….just look at how many rings he has and all the achievements he has….He may not scoring a lot for the first few games because of his limited time, he still has the charisma that most people like about him…He will be in L.A..he deserves it…

  39. Funkdoobeus says:

    If u think at any point that all the greats were the kind of people who would care about stats, making an all star game, being an offensive juggernaut, or being the great wall of china on d then u clearly dont understand basketball should not watch the all star game let alone rest of the season and quit trying to kid urself that ur so called “b-ball IQ” makes u the einstein of the fan world. Jason kidd in his prime could dominate and i mean dominate without flashy stats regardless of the triple doubles but being a hard worker on every end he understood his team didnt need 50 a night or 15 boards or 4 blocks no he realized his team needed a leader a person the anchor not just the offense or defense nohe wanted to b a general on the court and thats what Tim Duncan is and always will b we know it players know it and clearly coaches do if we kid ourselves into thinking the greats r all about stats then the hall of fame would b posted with champoinless players like allen iverson like pistol pete hell even charles barkley and charles will forever b an nba legend. Dont get me wrong its fun to see the best scorers dunkers shooters and defenders go at it for a night the best of the best. But Tim Duncan is a staple in the nba now and forever hes gonna retire soon we can throw him a bone for 1 or 2 more years hes earned it regardless not only will hist career stats back it so will two regular season mvps three finals mvps 13 times all nba 13 all defensive team 1998 rookie of the year need i go on the greats deserve to b rememberd.

  40. ryan says:

    Tim Duncan is the best! he should be starting , all the duncan fans should vote more to get him in! You know hes to classy to ask for votes! Hes the greatest hands down!

  41. 123 says:

    He may not be putting up the best stats but he still carries his team to the top. He’s the best power forward of all-time, he’s got four championships, three finals MVPs, and two season MVPs. Plus 14ppg and 9rpg in 29 minutes is great! If he plays the average 35 minutes he’d be putting up 17ppg and 11rpg.

    Griffin, Love, Lamarcus, Dirk, and Pau all deserve all-star spots. Tim does too! He won’t be in the starting five but maybe the coaches can vote him as a reserve.

  42. nykid says:

    Voting system is messed you should be graded on what you do now not how you used to play thats how that allen iverson and t-mac thing happened if Tim Duncan isant balling how he should he shouldnt make the team if i was putting up all star numbers like Love and Griffen and didnt get on the team because Tim Duncan is Tim duncan i would be upset like whats the point

  43. sharan says:

    Td is a definite all star.he plays at center for sa and he is much better than yao.the oversight in the listing is gonna cost him his spot in the all-star game. the only other player in the west is griffin who deserves the power forward spot.

  44. Ben-jammin says:

    Tim Duncan is definitely an all-star, although I think this year Dirk should get the start. What about Tyson Chandler this guy isn’t even on the Ballot and he’s the best center in the West right now.

  45. VMAN says:

    There should be no doubt that Tim Duncan deserves to be in the ALL STAR TEAM he has been the anchor of one of the best teams of the last decade his stats are down because of his minutes and do you hear him complain hell no he is the consumate professional period .

  46. seto says:

    Come on guys..He is the most consistent of the decade..He is the best pf to ever play the game..Remember he is out of 2000 playoffs cause injury..İf it does not occur i mean you will see how he could be flashy with 2.12:)

  47. shannx says:

    c’mon let timmy play…he’s the greatest power forward of alltime

  48. rocky says:

    Gasol listed as forward but was selected as a reserve center last year by coaches.

    West conference forward section is most competetive. 6 players with over 500,000 votes

    With 551,000 votes and Yao out he would be the starting center on the west team if listed in that catergory. He has a 60,000 vote lead on Bynum who has played 12 games this season against Duncan’s 35.

    Duncan makes the team as a coach selection. He 110% derserves to be there.

  49. Berlin4life says:

    When you look at Ballot for the West, who is playing at center? With Yao Ming out, the answer should be quite obvious. And it shouldn’t be Nene nor Marc Gasol. Just let Tim Duncan and Pau Gasol play center, they’re doing it more than enough for their teams.

  50. JunReySPURS says:

    …I think its better to be an Allstar player.. he can do all shoots and rebounds , blocks , and also assist.. He is the Man.. 😀

  51. bungalow says:

    No brainers for All-Star Starters (if it were not up to vote-count but actual performance):

    No brainer for reserve:
    Griffin (LAC slowly starting to cash in on his herculean performance, best rookie since … well, Duncan)

    Then it’s basically one spot for one of the following:
    Love, Gasol, Anthony, Duncan

    I personally think Love should make it. He’s on a horrible team, true. So has been Griffin for the most part of the first 30 games, but hey, I still maintain LAC has an off shot at 9th place in the West after 81 (sue me). But the league’s leading rebounder (by far) not on the AST, when he’s also avering considerable PPG and EFF?
    Anyway, I would rank those four Love, Duncan, Gasol, Anthony (unless you want a guy punching somebody and running away like a girl. Then start Carmelo 😉 ).

    I would be OK with Duncan instead of Love, though. This year. Just for the sake of the last Decade.

  52. schrumpf says:

    And what about Dirk? you just mention Griffin and Love!
    Dirk also deserves it like TD deserves it too!

  53. cracsh says:

    cause people Love Duncan thats what it is NBAGUY!It is voting!and maybe you dont know what is Fundamental right?and here some tips stop saying non sense just vote to kevin love and blake griffin if they passed away Duncan vote..haha!

  54. Jose says:

    Has there everr been a better power forward? He is one of the 20 greatest players of all time.4 championships, 2 MVP awards, 12 straight all-star appearances, 1 time all-star MVP, rookie of the year, all nab first time 7 times, what up, lebron?

    • Yo says:

      James will get his at some point just like MJ did maybe not as many but his time is coming. Just so you know I do not like James I think he is a jurk.

  55. SAarielGO says:

    for me its a very welcome prospect Tim on the midyear bonanza, yes his stats are alltime low to his standard, but allstars are those who have a PRODUCTIVE season. SA has the best record with his avarage mins played, don’t you think his stats are NOT productive?

  56. Allday says:

    OK… what are the other choices? Enough said.

  57. benforyou says:

    As my opinion, Tim was totally an All Star player, even someone mentioned Tim is too old to play.
    I’m been watching Spurs since the team got Tim, and see what Tim do for the whole team, 4 NBA champions
    May be Tim is a bit old, but who cares! He is the guy stable, reliable, trustable………..A Spur fan from China

  58. Marco says:

    For me Duncan is one of the top ten player of all time so he is definetly deserve to be an all star player this year.Duncan and Garnett the are two best PF of all time.

  59. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    you guys voted for jordan when he was 38/39 to be an all star. why not TD to get this one. this season probably is the last of great spurs team and TD era. so let one of the greatest PF ever to have his final All strars game. graffin and love can wait and they have a least a decade a head of them to join All Stars.

  60. nielsen says:

    tim duncan will always be an all star.. hope he does not have the same fate that the dallas team who have the best record and yet getting just 1 all star spot while the suns have 3 and the spurs have two.. cant remember that season

    • NBAguy says:

      Born in 1976, this guy is almost 36 years old! Plus, Blake Griffin is doing much better than him stats, Kevin Love is doing better than him in stats, and most importantly, Duncan is too old! Let the young players play in the All Star game. With old players playing you won’t even jaw-dropping dunks, or crazy moves. All you’ll see is Duncan’s bank shot, and his hook shot which get very boring.

      • frooty says:

        If they pick an all-star by who is more flashy then Duncan would never have been to an all-star game his whole career.

  61. Zzanzabar says:

    To me the All-Star game has always been about the ‘face’ of the NBA. You know, the people you think of when you think of the League: LeBron, Kobe, CP3, Wade, Duncan, Griffin (yes I know hes a rookie but you KNOW you want to see him), and even old tired Shaq. It is not totally about teams, stats or any of the current leaders but about players who you want to see play together. As far as I’m concerned they should open the rosters up to 16 – 18 per team and let us fans see them play.

  62. Donna Mulkey says:

    Timmy Duncan is without a doubt an All Star. Just because he has his minutes limited due to the depth of the Spurs team does not count him out as an All Star. He is the best in the league and deserves to be a starting All Star.

    • NBAguy says:

      DID YOU JUST SAY TIM DUNCAN SHOULD BE AN ALL-STAR! HE shouldn’t even be considered to be an all-star over Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Luis Scola, or even Anderson Varejao. These guys are young and Duncan is old now. If the old geezers in the league keep on filling up the All-Star roster, then when are we going to see the young guys, who are actually much better, play? And if i’m not mistaken, you said Tim Duncan was the best in the league? You must have been high while writing this.

      • celtic says:

        Tim Duncan is an allstar, he plays limited minutes and makes a difference, dont compare guys on losing teams with tim duncan. EX. Bosh in toronto had 24 points and almost 11 rebounds, bosh in miami has 18 and 8, when u play with a good team your stats are not gonna be huge. Tim Duncan is the most valuabe player on his team,and you made me laugh when u sayed scola and varewho. But love and griffin do deserve a spot because of their amazing stats. Duncan should start at center, and yao ming making the team wasnt fair. Duncan is a legend and will be on the team,

      • spursguy says:

        hey MR.NBAGUY Duncan Deserves to be in the All Star roster. Man are you crazy not to consider the Greatest Power Forward ever to play in the league?? Geezz Your giving me the goosebumps. What on earth are you thinking to overlook the achievements and contributions he’s done. Not That I hate the youngsters but the big boys should be around to teach the youngsters. Just imagine the league without the big boys around. Don’t underestimate anyone or any team in the league. Look at the case of miami heat. Man I don’t give a damn if you’re a believer or not. BUT NEVER UNDERESTIMATE SOMEONE OR ANY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE… You might eat up you’re words in the end…..

      • MJ4EVER says:

        You did not just say that Varejao is better than Duncan. I must admit the other players you mentioned (particularly Blake Griffin and Love’s unprecedented amount of rebounds he’s grabbing) are playing better than him right not but you do not disrespect the greatest power forward of all time.And yes he was the best in the league, 2 times in fact Duncan will eat them whole in his prime. He has averaged 20 and 11 throughout his entire careeer that has spanned for a decade and a half. He has 4 championships and 3 NBA Finals MVP. He is Mr. Fundamentals in which his skill asset is of a dying breed. So either you are ignorant of Duncan’s career or just another guy who thinks they know everything. I’m only 18 but even I know how great Tim Duncan is and the fact that Yao Ming is the leader for Centers in the ballot why can’t Tim play for his place instead to show the respect he truly deserves because he doesn’t have much years left in him just like Shaq.

      • frooty says:

        Duncan is old, but he’s still the best power forward that ever played in the NBA. Your K-love, griffin, scola and varewho would never be anywhere near Duncan’s achievements. young players are good, but never write out a hall of famer.