Caron Butler out for season

DALLAS — The news the Dallas Mavericks were hoping wouldn’t be delivered, but privately feared Saturday night, was confirmed today. Starting small forward Caron Butler is going to miss the rest of the season after having surgery Tuesday to repair a ruptured right patellar tendon. first reported the possibility of Butler suffering a patella tear after the Mavericks lost Saturday night at Milwaukee. Butler was injured in the first quarter of that game.

The Mavericks, a team with title aspirations, now begin to seriously weigh their options going forward without their third-leading scorer. They have several options. It could look internally to fill the void — Shawn Marion likely moves into the starting lineup and getting injured second-year guard Roddy Beaubois is key. Dallas recently recalled rookie guard Dominique Jones from the D-League.

“We will ask other guys to step up,” Mavs owner Mark Cuban told

The Mavs could also apply for a disabled player exception. The injury exception would be worth half of Butler’s salary, approximately $5.3 million, and would allow the Mavs to trade or sign a player up to that amount. Dallas would have 45 days to use the injury exception if it’s granted.

A trade to strengthen either the bench or the starting lineup could be a possibility. Butler, being on the last year of his contract, could be used in possible trade as salary cap relief.

The Mavs (25-8) are second in the Western Conference and return to action tonight against Portland (18-16) at American Airlines Center. Dallas is also without Dirk Nowitzki, who’s out for the fifth straight game with a sprained right knee.

Butler’s surgery was performed by team physician Dr. T.O. Souryal at Texas Sports Medicine in Dallas.

Caron Butler checks in from the hospital via his Twitter feed.

Caron Butler


  1. MIKE says:

    The radio was saying there is an outside chance he could be ready for the playoffs.

  2. […] Dallas is mired in downturn that hasn’t seen them lose much ground in the standings, but has put a screeching halt to the momentum built up through the first two months of the season. Nowitzki is supposed to come back soon, perhaps sometime this week. The news isn’t so promising for Butler, who’s had surgery on a ruptured patella tendon and is out for the rest of the season. […]

  3. Khadija says:

    i pray that you will remain in great spirit and wonderful health. through a speedy recovery. i have a strong belief that you will come back stronger than ever, just in time to help our team to win that coveted ring. meanwhile, heal, God:s hand is upon you. he has a plan.

  4. VZ says:

    Tayshaun Prince would be perfect for the Mavs, Defense and can score… Championship experience. Detroit has nothing they are playing for anymore, can you imagine Prince, Chandler and Kidd playing lock down defense?

  5. kingjames says:

    this goin to slow mavs.. HEAT will get d rinG!

  6. Raghu says:

    They should try to get Tayshaun Prince or Richard Hamilton from Detroit. I don’t think Tay is on the trading block but hey nothing is impossible with Joe D running the show in motown.

  7. boom says:

    Oh, and bring back Stack.

  8. boom says:


  9. Gerg says:

    Well that brings the level down in the West. LAKERS R THE BEST U ALL KNOW IT !!!!!!!! GET A LIFE CUZ LAKERS R THE BEST

  10. tenzorok says:

    Mavs, please resign Pops Mensah Bonsu, you know he is a good guy 🙂

  11. […] Art Garcia of reports that the Mavericks may look internally — Shawn Marion — to replace Butler in the starting lineup. Garcia also reports that the Mavs may ask for the disabled player exception, which would be about $5.3 million or half of Butler’s salary. […]

  12. Viktor says:

    This is the perfect opportunity for Beaubois to come back from injury and get a chance to shine! We got the deepest bench in the League, this wont stop us, even though merely slowing us down for a while. Get well CB.

    2011 We Believe, LET’S GO MAVS!

    • daryll says:

      you cant have both melo and dirk,,both are 30+ scorers,,maybe a player like ron artest could be a help in the defensive end,,or they can take j. howard back at 3 hehe

  13. DALLAS41 says:

    trade butler for melo and dallas will win d title….thats the only way they can beat the spurs and the lakers…

  14. RRRR says:

    what the hell you guys think they should trade him now for melo? You cant trade an injured player thats just wrong its like kicking someones ass when hes sleeping, but i feel for Dallas first dirk now butler, i hope butler gets 100% for the playoffs, because mavs will obviously make the playoffs its just what roster will they have there.

  15. the candidate says:

    butler is a huge piece to loose. rly hate 2 c him done the rest of the year, but trading him for melo is a BAD idea. u do the whole rent-a-player thing and u will get what happened to the rangers. a big “cliff-hanger”. if they ship butler, only do it for iguidala, or steven jackson. otherwise keep butler and hope for a healthy season next year

  16. LOL says:

    Wow this really sucks for Dallas man. They actually had a great shot to win the west. SMH

  17. Joe am says:

    I’m not a Mavs fan but i’m very sad to see Caron goes down like this. He was a vital ingredient for the title aspirations the Mavs are aiming this season. Tough to accept & think, but it’s perhaps better for the Mavs to make a trade involving him. Dirk is also injured but that not serious, he’ll comeback in the next few games. This news really hurt the Mavs but it’s not the end of the world, they’re still a pretty good deep team with alot of talents even though losing a proven socrer in CB.

  18. oaxaca12 says:

    yes!! with this and spurs losing to the knicks maybe lakers can get back to first in the west by the end of the month

  19. LakersRus says:

    Caron Butler used to be a Laker. I wish he still was!!!!!

  20. Randomguy55 says:

    Get well soon Caron….I’m such a big fan..I thought this would be your year to win a championship but,I guess it won’t happen,anyway get well son dude;

  21. krid says:

    we pray CB will be fine soon though,he’s too good to deserve this catastrophe

  22. krid says:

    carlisle should exploit his youngsters,like Mahinmi,Jones or Beauboise if he comes back

  23. krid says:

    think we should trade CB if mavs really aspire for a title.we cant wait him to recover till next season.take advantage of that Melo trade

  24. gordo cholo says:

    who r u guys?

  25. dallas will become champions they are the only team that can beat miami and boston

  26. Racsh says:

    I Told this one before one of the key player in Dallas will get injured and now it happens!They are now old veterans..Prone to injuries!Go Spurs!

  27. Dave L. says:

    Caron…get well fast. A fan who used to watch you play in Pittsfield, Maine for Max Good and the MCI Prep team.

  28. Pierce says:

    Time for the mavs to use this opportunity to make a big trade and maybe try and get in this melo sweepstakes.

  29. angelo mffl says:

    get caron all the best to a healty recovery !!!

  30. will says:

    caron is a great player but mavs are a deep team, they chould stil make it to the conference finals if Marion steps up. Being a blazer fan i have great sympathy for Caron and Mavs fans but i do have optimism he will be back stronger than ever and the Mavs are still a very good team

  31. frankie says:

    get wel caron, its sad to see players on a team contending 4 a championship go down for the season. im worried about how the mavs wil be able to keep winning so many games with caron and dirk injured…. especially in the west

  32. ldg19 says:

    Go MAVS!

  33. Joel Joachim says:

    Get well soon Caron.Its hard seeing you and also dirk go down with injuries but I still support the MAVS 100%. I hope the rest of the guy sees this as an opportunity to show the Dallas Organisation that they could play so go team you have my support

  34. KG21 says:

    They should trade him now.

  35. getbetterCB says:

    Get better soon Caron. Best hopes and wishes for you and this hard time of recovering just when your team was a true title contender.

  36. awesomeman says:


  37. #1spurfanndallas says:

    dang i live in dallas and love the spurs but i was looking foward to all texas wcf

  38. DirkLeBron1 says:

    Dallas is still the best team in the West, and there is still plenty of time to find a suitable replacement for CB, get well soon man. GO MAVS.

  39. ty says:

    how unfortunate…..thats sad

  40. #1_Mavs_Fan says:

    Of all the 2011 Unrestricted Free Agent , I think only T-Mac makes the most sense of all, considering everything.

  41. kremer x says:

    sad news 😦

  42. JC COLLINS says:


  43. Bader says:

    I think we should trade for carmelo, this is a great chance

  44. SpursTopDawg says:

    spurs will make it to the finals

    • ano says:

      go spurs 🙂

      • NBAguy says:

        Have some sympathy for Caron! This is an article about Caron, not about the Spurs or whether they’ll make it to the Finals. If you’re going to comment, at least comment about something related too the article! Plus, I didn’t know there were pyschics out there who already knew which teams were making it to the Finals. It is obnoxious to see comments stating, “(Insert Team Name Here) will make it to the Finals!” For all you know, the Jazz might make it to the FINALS or the LAKERS might make it to the FInALs or heck even the MAVS. We don’t know yet, and I bet you’re not psychic so stop making stupid unrelated comments.

  45. edanaharony says:

    Dang, I thought the west is going to be interesting this year and might spare us the normal Lakers sighting in the NBA Finals. Get well soon CB. Edan Aharony

  46. tom says:

    hope this will not slow down the mavs.

  47. […] Butler underwent season-ending surgery Tuesday to repair a ruptured right patellar tendon, according to Art Garcia of It’s a sad thing to see happen to one of the better people in the […]