Don’t Do It Mike!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The first questions tweeted to me after the news broke that Larry Brown was stepping down as coach of the Charlotte Bobcats was, “When is Michael Jordan going to take over?”

How about never?

Don’t do it Mike. Stay right where you are as majority owner and face of the franchise. Don’t wade into the mess that is trying to coach your team right now.

You will hear all sorts of names as replacements for Brown — everything from Paul Silas to Mike Brown to Patrick Ewing and Darrell Walker*** UPDATE … Silas was named interim coach at 6:27 p.m. *** but if the Bobcats want a coach well versed in trying to turn around a program under a specific set of financial guidelines, their first call should be to former Hawks coach Mike Woodson.

Like Silas and Brown, Woodson’s a good coach without a job in the league right now. He also has a firm grasp on the Southeast Division, having coached in the division the past six seasons. And what the Bobcats need right now is a coach. Not a name, an icon, a politican or a personality to sell. They are a team in desperate need of being grabbed by the collar and dragged back into the realm of playoff basketball, where they frolicked last season with an inspired Brown running the show.

Larry Brown did the honorable thing, stepping down before this Bobcats team melted all the way down. A 9-19 start quickly eroded all of the good will from that playoff run last season. So this afternoon’s announcement from Jordan that it was a mutual meeting of the minds that let to Brown stepping down in his third season at the helm should have surprised no one.

The only mystery now is whether or not Jordan will surprise us with Brown’s permanent replacement … unless he already has his man in Silas.


  1. tonyp says:

    Hi mike Phil jackson time for him to pay up

  2. nikko says:

    Let MJ! take the position 🙂 rather than the fired coach 😛

  3. […] wanted control.”’s Sekou Smith, meanwhile, says that Brown made the right move. “Larry Brown did the honorable thing, stepping down before this Bobcats team melted all the way down,”’s Sekou Smith writes. […]

  4. koby says:

    whats wrong with you people! coach brown had the players to get into the playoffs and then his coaching and team get smoked in the 2nd round, thats why he got fired.

  5. Michael Gallegos says:

    Mike Brown and Woodson would make a good fit for this team. Only reason Brown was fired is that Cleveland thought doing so would help keep Lebron around, and well look how that worked out. Charlotte is still a young team that needs to develop and one of those 2 would be a great fit.

  6. […] Brown made the right move. “Larry Brown did the honorable thing, stepping down before this Bobcats team melted […]

  7. evan says:

    Both Mike Brown and Mike Woodson deserve another shot at coaching. Brown is former COTY and he is the one coaching LeBron until he turned into superstar. Woodson is the one guiding Al Horford and Josh Smith into All-Star worthy players!

  8. skillet says:

    Tubby Smith. He already has a home in NC and played at High Point. He’s won eveywhere he’s coached.

  9. Edan Aharony says:

    It’s been long coming Brown is a coach that gets frustrated if he doesn’t get maximum effort from his players and in Charlot he didn’t just the reality of dealing with pro’s that make more money than the coach. Edan Aharony

  10. Jewel says:

    I personally think this entire team needs a facelift. The pieces just don’t fit. It’s time to rescramble and start a new. Do some trades and get highly skilled players and maybe a great assistant coach. I think these assistants should be given a chance. Hey look at Thibodeau, Gentry, M. Williams, and Ewing. Give these Assts. a chance, and may get better results. It’s really about the players, you have to believe.

  11. Mike says:

    I’d like to thank that blonde chick sitting behind Larry on the right.

  12. french man says:

    and I’d like to thanks Brown for what he did. I saw a man working an working again. Game after game. Trying to give strenght to a faithless team.
    Hope you’ll find a team where your gifts could make sense mister B.

  13. river phoenix says:

    I do agree with you guys, Coach MIke Woodson is the perfect choice. He guided the Atlanta Hawks from nowhere to a playoff caliber team..

  14. JourneyMan?! says:

    Why is a great coach like Larry Brown a journeyman?? I mean, if you take a look at NBA players who played in the league 10+ years with 10+ teams, they aren’t anything like Coach Brown. I mean, the man emanates divinity. He deserves better than this.

  15. Eugene Jones says:

    The Bobcats dont need a new coach they need consistent point guard play and energy. Defense is the backbone for any good team which they have but a playmaker or two is needed.

  16. jimi says:

    Coach Woodson would be perfect for this team. As Dee stated above, I am not sure why he was fired from the Hawks considering the fact they were gradually getting better without adding huge salaries to the table. Good luck to this struggling franchise.

    • jimi says:

      whoops I am refeering to woodson. I always got Coach Brown and Coach Woodson confused lol. Both were fired unjustly IMO

      • french man says:

        I’m just sick to see that team falling so down. I’m sad of Brown’s leaving but I hope it’s gonna be an electroshock to do something. This team needs to find a figthing spirit. Also a center and a point gard. Augustin could do the job anyway if the “leadears” would let him do it… Who is the leader? How can these players cannot fight when they have, sat on the benche close to them, the guy they all dreamt to become, talking and adivicing them?
        Come on Cats. Bounce.

  17. Dee says:

    Mike Brown would be good. He was a great coach fired for no reason.

    • koby says:

      are you crazy dude! make playoffs, but not rings. great coach, please. had the players, but never got over the hump for that ring.

  18. reuben says:

    Woodson would be a great fit. What the team needs is discipline, as well as relearn the discipline of the game itself.

  19. Wait a Minute says:

    “How about never?” LOL.