Blogtable: Heat or Lakers?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Magic: Better, worse or the same after the big trade?

Suns: Playoff team for sure now, or what?

And …

Pick a winner Saturday, and tell us why: Heat or Lakers?

David Aldridge: Lakers. Miami is good, but the Heat’s achilles’ is lack of size. The Lakers have the best, deepest big man core in the league. And Kobe.

Fran Blinebury: Lakers.  Size matters.  The first two games this season against the Celtics  showed that a team with size will cause big problems for the Heat.  Now that Andrew Bynum is back in the lineup, nobody is bigger and better up front than the Lakers.  And, oh yeah, then there’s Kobe, who just might have something more than ho-ho-ho to say on Christmas.

Art Garcia: I’m going with the champs for two reasons: Kobe and Bryant. Black Mamba loves the biggest stages and the biggest challenges, so a Christmas Day top billing plus a foe genetically engineered to take down the Lakers is all the motivation needed for the pride of Lower Merion. LeBron, D-Wade and the rest of the SuperFriends are finding their stride, but Kobe remains the big brother in a rivalry that begins Saturday.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Lakers. Because that’s how it turned out when I just flipped a coin. There’s no real reason. It’s a December game that won’t mean anything in the big picture unless either team sweeps the season series in a convincing manner. The league and the network were so insistent on making the matchup happen that they sent the Heat on a two-game trip to the West – Dec. 23 at Phoenix and Dec. 25 at L.A. I can’t ever recall that much travel for that few games.

Shaun Powell: Love the way LeBron has played in a pair of pressure-cooker environments: Cleveland and New York. But the Staples Center doesn’t qualify, because half the crowd won’t show up early enough to work themselves into a healthy boo. Plus, the Lakers will use this game to showcase their total team, now that Andrew Bynum‘s back. Did I forget to mention Kobe gets up for these Christmas Day games? My bad.

John Schuhmann: Afternoon games (it’s a 2 p.m. start in L.A.) and Christmas games are so hard to predict, because the likelihood that one of the teams comes out flat seems to be much higher than it is for night games. Even if both teams are sharp, this one should be somewhat ugly, because they’re both playing well defensively. It’s hard to imagine the Lakers, who should be plenty motivated, letting the Heat get the upper hand at Staples. But I think Miami has been the better team in recent weeks. Meaningless and mostly baseless prediction: Heat 90, Lakers 87.

Sekou Smith: I’m going with the Heat. If I thought the Lakers cared anything at all about statement games in December, I might buy into them trying to conjure up some angst for these upstarts from Miami that want to steal their title. But you don’t play in three straight NBA Finals worrying about things like that. I expect this game to be filled with all the requisite Christmas Day drama. The Heat have more to prove. I’ll be much more interested in the individual matchups (LeBron James and Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Pau Gasol) than I am in the final score.

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  1. Onajide says:

    Interesting about predictions, based on what we think the emotional makeup of a player is or should be, and the reality of it. I would have thought the game would have been closer. One thing that I’m finding insightful is the HeatIndex on ESPN, in the way they’re breaking down the game by showing its complexities. Those are complexities that are beyond the thinking of most commenter and/or fans, but they definitely breakdown the various matchups nicely. This comment was not intended to send you elsewhere but to point out that most comments are just opinions based on emotional desires. I have those as well.

  2. gary says:

    All the Laker fans where I’m at have nothing to say about the game other than “It doesn’t matter and they are still the 2 time champs”…well true but I can bet that won’t be for long. Also the game did matter, all the analysis said so, Kobe said so and we all know so…so if your a Laker fan don’t say it didn’t because it did.

  3. KING_6_JAMES says:

    coach erik spoelstra awesome!!! young coach defensive minded. great! LBJ NIKE WOWWW I LOVE IT!

  4. young lambo says:

    lmao. really? is this how kobe shows his fans how much he appreciates them? lol he gave yall a good christmas he gave yall a bulldozer with a flat tire. lol in other words he gave yall a great big humongus BLOWOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. francisco says:

    the BAD SHADOW OF JORDAN was stopped by an injured 6,4 DW. THE CLOSER WHAT A JOKE


  6. Gary says:

    Heat win convincingly. Those ugly shoes must have messed the Lakers game up lol. Well to all you that say this game doesn’t matter, it does matter. Kobe wouldn’t have wanted to play the Heat on Christmas if it didn’t. Also if your thinking this is some sort of strategy by Phil, think again. They tried and they lost to a team they weren’t prepaired for and did not expect. The fact is when Lebron plays the Lakers he alwasy kills and if Miami makes the finals there’s probably going to be a sweep.

  7. KING_6_JAMES says:


  8. Tenki says:

    Miami won because LeBron plays well against better teams on the road. He really had his game going, as his triple-double against the Lakers showed. Chris Bosh also got in the act. Maybe this shows that after an early struggle this season, Miami is ready to face the teams with winning records. After a month of struggling, the Heat lost a game this December, in which they put a string of wins. However, Boston also had a string of wins, which was snapped by Orlando. That being said, these three teams in the East (Miami, Boston, Orlando) are having a hell of a season. Merry Christmas Laker fans!!!

  9. LB6 says:

    Lakers lost embarrassingly. their crowd booed them. kobe once again choked like what he did in the finals game with boston. the only player who showed up is Pau Gasol which doesnt surprise me. And wow Wade nursing an injury shuts down kobe. Lebron with a triple double. Lakers got bullied. Embarrassed and Harassed at their home court all at the same time.

  10. DBBJ says:


  11. chris says:

    “Surprisingly easy win for the heat”
    The only people who are surprised are the lakersfan…

  12. Dexdbest says:

    WOw! You call yourselves basketball experts, that you always say that Kobe’s the man and now he’ll beat the “three headed monster”…. now what? You will still predict Kobe over Heat come June next year?? Dream on…

  13. lol says:

    The lakers seem to being having a fluro shoe party.

  14. lebron fan says:

    i will be the last person to comment

  15. lebron fan says:

    im so exited for the game in 33 minutes do the math

  16. Johnathan says:

    Lakers. Andrew bynum is back and he’s 7 foot. so is odom. maybe artest. heat only has two big players. letraitor, and wade.
    size matters in this tough situation.

    • lebron fan says:

      heat will win lebron james will have 32 points 11 assists and 12 rebounds i dont like kobe he’s so old that pretty soon he wont be able to get across the half court line in 8 seconds. HEAT RULE ! i live in toronto and i want to see cris bosh do well but lebron will dominate. kobe and artest in every catagory.

      laker fans dont cry when lebron hits the game winner. HA HA

  17. Unbiased says:

    Alright look….you guys are getting WAY off topic with all the “who’s better, LeBron or Kobe” stuff. Back to the original topic, I think that Miami will win this game. Tell the truth, it doesn’t seem like Lakers are too worried about this type of game, whilst the Heat NEEDS to prove themselves by winning this game. PLUS, after the winning streak they had, their most probably pretty hyped up about this game.

    -Miami Has the Momentum
    -Lakers have the players, and probably match up with the Heat quite well
    -Miami has a fresh group of players, and the big 3
    -Lakers have history together as a team, so they know how to win
    -Miami Needs This
    -Lakers Don’t Need This, and probably don’t care TOO much

    Anyways, hope this helped. My guess is that Heat wins by 8. Somewhere at 88-94

    • gary says:

      I definatley liked your summary and all that is true except for the last one. Lakers do need to prove that they are still here and still the defending champs. I’m not saying they need to burn themselves out but as champs they need to act like it. Losing two consecutive games by 15 points with a fully operationaly team is not they way champs play.

  18. CDR says:

    Don’t be surprised to see Miami take this one again, something about being forced 3000 miles away from home on Christmas day tends to bring the troops together, mostly out of bitterness that the home team gets to go home to their families after the game.
    We all know Lebron has more raw talent definitely, but the longer we keep this KB24 Queen James debate going the more fuel it’ll add to Kobe’s championship stranglehold (Plus as we say the NBA is a game of match-ups, which is 50% a mental game, and we all know Kobe is the best mental strategist in the NBA, and if all else fails he’ll bank in another 40 footer to beat the buzzer), so if I were you Miami, keep hush hush if you get this win. We wouldn’t want to provoke the Mamba, would we?

  19. brian says:

    In this game Lakers have the home court, but it’s only one game. It’s not like the finals where you can go to game 7, which requires skill. Lakers have a better team overall, but that means nothing if they cannot communicate. Where Miami having an outstanding game by lebron or wade and if bosh dominates the paint. Another fact is Miami needs to win this game where Lakers is just another game and don’t need to prove anything. No matter how much booing, their superstar, lebron will have a great game. Watching bosh vs. gasol and kobe vs. wade and lebron is most fun to watch.

    For those people talking about the best players. Kobe is too overrated. He should not be called, “the best.” he had the lowest fg% in the finals last season vs.celtics. and all the kobe vs mj or lebron vs. mj is useless. Michael Jordan is the ground set up for them. Kobe just played really similar and closely same. but lebron also looked at mj’s playing and was inspired and made his own playstyle. so…
    1) Michael Jordan
    2) Lebron
    3) Wade
    4) Kobe
    and so forth
    this is this season’s playing + mj
    Just to prove a point.
    if you do think that way, you’re saying d fish is better than someone like john stockton?
    so there’s no point in kobe’s better than lebron.
    kobe won rings with a great big man, like shaq and gasol
    gasol should’ve been finals MVP he lead the team win

    • CDR says:

      uh… Lebron had Shaq, too? win a ring for the king?
      Also Bosh > Gasol in talent, Gasol is a much better team player/winner and would choose him anyday.
      I cant even begin to tell you how flawed this argument is because Fisher is a member of a championship system, not a catalyst like Lebron MJ or Kobe. and D-Wade over Kobe are you RETARDED? Even if you’re going to go down the statistics category to justify your argument, when the Lakers were bad and Kobe did everything he averaged 35 points a game, whereas D-wade on the struggling heat averaged about 29 at most while he was sidelined with an injury because his playing style doesn’t take logistics into account.
      Seriously, get yourself off this forum if you’re gonna throw out biased garbage like that.

      • Lakers 3peat says:

        lmfao CDR keep sptting that real to this fool Brian

        Kobe is so overrated? Yea GTFOH wit dat bullsh*t….Kobe is and has been the hardest working man in basketball. Improving hsi craft and adjusting with all the injuries he has taken on.

        Wade everytime this fool gets hurt he is on the sideline somewhere….not trying to adjust his game to the injury, just on the side being another spectator. Wade is a slasher, and volume shooter, he gets a hot jumpshot only when he gets layups and dunks going. He is not a natural shooter and hasnt improved his jumpshot. Same as lebron, when do you ever here about lebron working on in the offseason or asking legends for advice, NEVER, cuz the bsatard is so cocky and full of himself he thinks he can do it all

        WEll let me tell you if kobe is overrated then so is lebron. For all of what lebron can do lets look at what he cant do, NO POST GAME AT ALL, come on a dude 6’8 260 al muscle and he cant even post a guy up???? He shoulda be man handling defenders, but no and thats because he can only play facing the bsaket and has a mediocre mid range game. Dude aint clutch either, so many game winners missed and just so many shots missed down the stretch of big games unless its his old steamroll the basket manuver.

        And you going say Kobe shoot fg% in game 7, thats all you kobe haters know. Let me pick one game and define this guys career on it. And gasol shoulda won it? Rerally …FInals MVP aint based on one game, Kobe had bad game 7, but where was Gasol in those games in Boston??? 2 ended in loses and i remember it was Kobe who was dgging them out of it when not one of his teammates could hit a damn shot!

        And if you going talk about one game, lets see whats your explanation for Lebron on his game 5 in CLEVELAND? 15pts and a bunch of turnovers….where the criticism on that? That was just as important as game 7 in LA, and Lebron didnt show up, was it a bad game or did the man quit on his home state?????

    • Gary says:

      Brian your right on for the most part. and to CDR: yeah Lebron got Shaq (at the end of the Season) who did not mesh well into the system and wasn’t 80 90 or 100% like back when he won with the Lakers. 2nd off I hear what Brian is saying concering the rings and people like Fisher. All Laker fans talk about is how Kobe is so great and their only argument is that he scored 81 points and has 5 rings. Well that’s great but look at the other stats like people point out in fg%, losses to players like Lebron. Outside of the fact that he can shoot the lights out, he’s overrated. He can’t take his team anywhere without a star cast, he’s not a great leader just someone who commands attention. And though it seems like I’m bashing him it’s only the truth. Bottom line is the guy is great but he’s nothing without Phil, Odem, Fisher and previously Shaq now Gasol. Lebron went far as anyone possibly could with a super weak team, but no ring so no glory in the eyes of many.

  20. skyzdalimit says:

    If the Lakers show up, there isn’t a team in the league that can beat them, but if they go into the game with christmas dinner on their minds then it’ll be a blowout, that being said, I choose…………..LAKERS!!

  21. YAYA says:

    The Lakers don’t have a great Christmas day record. The Heat have more to prove and Lebron plays better as the boos get louder. Lebron beat the Lakers with the Cavs, so he can beat them with the Heat.

    I still don’t get the hype over, Bynum being back. Ok, he back for tomorrow and then gone later in the season. I wouldn’t use him as a reason the Lakers will win.

    HEAT WIN, Lakers act like they don’t care.

    Any game between Celtics, Lakers, Heat, Orlando, Mav, Spurs means something, don’t let them fool you.

  22. kobe4Life says:

    its not big deal to LA if they or lose in this game.

    The are the defending back2back nba champs….

    and the heat is just any other team who wants desperately to beat the defending champs and soon to have 3 in a row

  23. kobe4Life says:

    its not ibg deal to LA if they win or loose in this game

  24. NICKK says:

    Kobe is going to go off in this one. I just think it’s going to be a great game, hopefully with an overtime or two and a buzzer beater. You know wh’s gonna hit that.

  25. AF says:

    lol Ring Balance cont.,…. Just to complete the balance Since 1980… Bird and his C’s got 3…. The BAD BOY Pistons got 2…. the Y2K Pistons beat the Fakers for 1….. DR J and his ‘6ers got 1… DWADE leads the young Guns Wit 1 (so far) and still last but not least…. Iverson, Reggie Miller, Jason Kidd, Stockton, Nash, Nowitski, etc etc….. ZERO!!!!!!

  26. AF says:

    WOW… u guys are so serious…. AND hilarious!! Heat will prolbably win xmas day… Lakers might make it out of the west this year. But OKC and SAS will do everything they can to stop them. Maybe even Denver can stop them. But I def WANT to see Celts and Kobe nem one mo time for the TIE BREAKER wit EVERYBODY HEALTHY….. Maybe a strectch but that will B awesome. And The C’s plus the BIG SHAMROCK will crush the Fakers….

    Thats the only way to have Ring Balance (since 1980)…. Robert Horry Played great for 3 GREAT TEAMS wit 3 of the BEST BIG MEN (HAkeem, SHaq, DUNcan) and GOT 7… MJ got 6 WiTHOUT a bigman…. the other MJ got 5 with A. Jabar… Kobe got 5 (3 wit Shaq 2 Wit Pau)…. Shaq gets 5… Duncan got 4… The BIG three get TWO… last but not least Malone, Chuck, and Ewing ZERO!!!!!!

    And the Future is a tale of 2 cities….. OKC and MIAMI….. Advantage OKC just because they are wayyyy younger and TOUGHER!!!!! THUNDER UP…..

    Hope you OLD HEADS enjoy One LAST year to fight it out!!!!! May the OLDEST TEAM WIN… lol

  27. JETHER.NET says:

    Hmmmm… it’s really hard to tell if who gonna win cause both teams are good. Anyway, whoever win I’m still happy cause my favorite players are Kobe, LeBron and Wade. I can’t wait to see this game cause it’s what I been waiting for 🙂

  28. Paulstar says:

    Lakers will be relaxed and allow the game to come to them. Miami will attack as hard as possible immediately, but will be nervous and try too hard to do too much.

    The score may start out something like Miami 19 Lakers 11, but when Lakers adjust calmly to the situation and cut the defecit to 3 or 4 points, Miami will start making mistakes though misplays and turnovers. Like Charles said, it’s a psychological game, so if Miami is giving it their all right out of the gate, but don’t see a timid Lakers team and instead see a confident Lakers team that doesn’t care about being down a few points early on, you get a Miami team that thinks “what more can we do? We are doing our best,” followed by a Lakers team that chips away at the Miami lead to even up the game – and it is during that time that the Miami mistakes will start. From then on, the tempo of the game and the confidence level will remain an advantage for the Lakers.

    Phil Jackson does this all the time against start-up teams like Miami; he let’s the game come to him and see what the opponent is bringing to the court that day. Then he takes full control of the situation and the players follow calmly and confidently for what usually ends up being a win and only sometimes a loss. Miami has about a 30-35% chance of winning this one. Lakers are 2-1 favourite.


    • LB6 says:

      everything u said is blah blah blahhhhhhhh. Lakers lost by 16pts! u just embarrassed yourself. Lakers never had a chance in this game.

  29. PatriCk SantOs says:

    i think the HEAT will win ..

  30. Garrett Crosby says:

    I’m Going with the Miami Heat Because they are playing really good with the Lakers struggling. The Lebron James is on fire, and wade always plays good. Either way its going to be a good game and fun to watch.

  31. I DONT GIVE A DAMN says:

    YO!, I got two words for y’all laker-fan boys. F*CK YOURSELVES

  32. Colton Wentzell says:

    This game could go either way. Coming from a true Kobe Bryant fan, the lakers do seem to become more complacent at times throughtout the season. When the time comes to put it all on the line, no team can out-will the lakers. The miami heat have been playing exceptional basketball as of late and this game will most likely come down to the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. My prediction is that the lakers will turn to their all-time leading scorer and look for him to make plays down the stretch, although, this game means nothing in the long run to the lakers just because they will not see the miami heat in the finals for atleast a couple years!

  33. heatfan_rp says:

    Boos won’t affect LeBron on the game. Because he’s immune to it. they have their goal in road games, to win every game. Kobe wont match the quickness and speed of Wade, the driving ability of LeBron, and the posting game of Bosh. Goodluck to the HEAT and also to Coach Spoe.

  34. @abdul Haha, your funny dude, Wade better then LeBron. People these days need to watch some NBA. LeBron is overall the best player in nba history, And yes im saying better then MJ. No questions asked. LeBron was a one man worker in cleveland. Cleveland wouldn’t have ever made it to the playoffs without lebron. Dwade had all star players in his career. And LeBron didn’t. Kobe also had all star players. LEBRON was by HIMSELF! He worked hard enough to get 2x MVP. So you laker fans could shut up. Championships are NOTHING. Doesn’t prove anything cause its a WHOLE team working. Not 1 PERSON. LeBron vs Kobe. LeBron Wins. Im positive the heat will win cause if LeBron took over the lakers last year and even had the laker fans booing the lakers. Yeah i bet he can do it again. Im going to admit, kobe is a awesome very skilled player but not as good as LeBron. Think about it, without championships , and a 1v1 game. LEBRON WILL WIN. And back to dwade. He isn’t a 8th best player in nba. Dirk and durant above dwade. HAHA, dumbest thing ever said on this website.
    People these days need to watch EVERY player in the nba. This is the list
    1. LeBron
    5.Derrick Rose
    6. I have no idea.
    Don’t start saying “ooh, kobe won more championships” without odem,pau,bynum,fisher,shaq, and shanon, And yet again doesn’t prove any 1v1 stuff.

    • Colton Wentzell says:

      @lebronisgunnabeast …. 1v1 means nothing, championships do.

    • Paulstar says:

      MJ retired. Is he on your list because this is your “all-time” list?
      You silly arrogant young punk! Learn a little bit about the history of the sport before commenting – your list marks you as dumb.
      You obviously have only watched basketball for a few years and someone told you about MJ so you decided to add him in since your knwoledge of the history of players is zero.

      And another thing, Dirk is at the top of the list in MVP so far this year and has won the title before, unlike Wade who never won it and is not even rated in the top 5 this year. Also, Durant was ahead of wade last year and will be ahead of Wade this year when the season is done.

      Hope your next post is either after you’ve done your research or never again.

    • skyzdalimit says:

      you are INSANE, Lebron is a beast but he is DEFINITELY not better than jordan and Im not even a jordan fan, Lebron is a beast in full court basketball, half court he isnt anything special, paul pierce killed him this season so far, lebron couldnt stop him to save his life, kobe beasts against anyone when he wants to prove something, look at the 2008 olympic games, blue vs white scrimmage in vegas, kobe was by far the best player on that court, he schooled lebron like 4 times in a row and lebron took the last shot to win(from likr 5 feet away) and missed HORRIBLY, lebron kills weaker opponents, not worthy ones, jordan kills EVERYONE

      • skyzdalimit says:

        MELO owns LEBRON by the way, thats definately someone lebron wants no part of lol, nuggets always killed cavs, no matter who the cavs had, and dont try and say lebron had no one, melo doesnt have anyone either, who u gonna say? chauncey billips?? hes like an older mo williams, melo is more cluth, shoots better and out does lebron when it matters, in crunch time!!!!

      • Lakers 3peat says:

        i agree with u 100% man….Melo is def better than Lebron. Lebron i think is stronger and of course more faster while being a better passer, but when it comes to being clutch and having a kller instinct melo takes the cake. ALong with POST GAME—melo can post players up and thats one of Lebrons many flaws….HE RUFESES TO PLAY WITH HIS BACK TO THE BASKET, and thats because his pull up/fade away jumper is not that trusty.

        I think Melo really should leave Denver, unlike Lebron, Denver experimented with bringing another All-Star in (Allen Iverson) and it failed, so seven years in melo should move on to NYC imo. Lebron never experimented with another All-Star player in cleveland, i think he shoulda waited and got someone of the level of Bosh or Gasol to come there….a good complement piece before calling it quits for that team.

        If Lebron woulda stayed in Cleveland I swear he woulda been an untouchable legend, whether he ever got a ring or not he woulda lived forever staying in that city. Going to MIA may bring him rings, but if on the back of TOP 3 player currently in the league what did you really prove?

    • francisco says:

      I agree with you. championships is a collective goal and it is not a good measurement of individual performance.
      look to Robert horry .

    • CDR says:

      Lebron had the league in a stranglehold after leading the cavs to the finals in 2007, but he managed to do all the loosing possible (as well as prove his lack of leadership skills) to prove that he does not have the mental capacity to take his talents to the height of MJ or Kobe (who were both vastly less talented than him, but were both significantly smarter and harder working).

    • Lakers 3peat says:

      Man dude Lebron had help in Cleveland, dont talk dumb now. Compare his team from first 4-5 years in the league to the last two years before his free agency. Now are you really going sit here and say Donell Marshall, Darius Miles, Damon Jones, Eric Snow where on the same level as Gibson, Mo Will, Hickson and ect.

      His team did improve obviously, from having lil playoff fights against the wizards those 3 years to actually contending in the conference and semi finals for a change

      BUT, I do think Dan Gilbert and Danny Ferry b-sed around too much. Yea they brought in Moe, SHaq, Jamison, and a few others, but they shoulda brought in a real heavy hitter earlier to really push for James to stay and shoulda got rid of Mike Brown after the lose to Magic in conference finals

  35. jared says:

    the heat WILL blow out the lakers. just watch, I’m guaranteeing it I hope the lakers fans boo lebron like crazy, it will only make it worse, expect the heat to win by double digits and lebron score 40

  36. KING_6_JAMES says:

    wow lbj and the heat win w/out wade hahaha….

  37. Lakers have bigger problems than the Heat says:

    If Kobe and the Lakers want to make that 3 peat then they have to go through the Mavs and the Spurs which so far has been playing more like a championship team than they have been this season. The Jazz ain’t that far too in catching up and upsetting the Lakers. The East is pretty much a cut between the Celtics and the Heat and probably the Magic if they wake up. The Hawks and the Bulls ain’t there yet. If the Lakers think they can just turn it on only in the playoffs then it’s going to be a Mavs vs Spurs in the west finals because so far the Lakers don’t look that sharp and probably won’t get home court advantage during the playoffs.

  38. bigboy11 says:

    first Ron tartest an fisher should have shared the the finals MVP they won the game for the Lakers .what idiot said said wade is not a good closer wade and Kobe are the best closers in the NBA lebron is not a good closer that is why he has no ring wade has been pulling the heat on his back and winning quality games with out any star players like lebron and kobe i remember last year he beat Chicago by himself beating rose noah and deng u guys have a short memory ,almost beat the lakers 3 times if it was not for that lucky 3 kobe made even kobe said it wasluck

  39. Heat_fan943888 says:

    OK… Listen UP!!!!! Kobe Bryant is Fake!!!! He is a commercial.. a walking billboard, he would have never been in this position if SHAQ wasn’t with the lakers ( 3 championships lass )!!!!
    Bron did it by himself in Cleveland and Mr, Dan Gilbert could not give him a solid backup player ( Mo Williams was a joke and Shaq was too old), also Wade was alone in Miami( he needed a little help from “not in top form” Shaq to win a title, what do you think he will do whit James and bosh???), and not to mention Chris Bosh (who was playing his carrier best last season) could not take Toronto to the Playoffs.
    So who do you think is more hungry for win?
    Kobe – who is a BAD and I do mean BAD shadow of MICHAEL JORDAN!
    LeBron, Wade and Bosh who are fighting everyone in this league?????
    Since Kobe arrived he was named “The next Jordan”… Pathetic…
    Yes I know Lebron was also named “The next Jordan”, but lets face it… James is the best High-school player in history.
    And Kobe was good but not as nearly good as James at his age…
    I rest my case………..

    • francisco says:


  40. gggman15 says:

    in my opinion lakers are too cocky and lazy to win, thats just my opinion

  41. nbs says:


  42. eatemuplions says:

    I like the Laker’s in this game…The Lakers have a better starting 5 and with Barnes and Blake off the bench they should pull this game off 110-98

    Now to Lequit talking about contraction of losing teams….I agree,the league would do better if they cut the Clippers in the west and the Net’s in the east(due to their records and both are in or very close to other more valued teams cities).Have a drafted for the players with the lower teams having the better chance to get the best player….imagine the KIngs with Eric Gordon or the Suns with Griffin,the Pistons with Harris or the Cavs with Lopez…these teams will be watchable again.

  43. Miami TriNasty says:

    Just wait for Miami to take on the Celtics for revenge. Shaq is good for nothing. Does anyone even know what S.H.A.Q stands for? Shadey Huge Ass Queer. I cant wait to see Lebron James and Dwayne wade break shaqs knees.

  44. LakersRoverRated says:

    Miami will win it for sure. Kobe is over rated. Definetely a low scoring game but Lebron James will take total domination!

  45. GodzillaGorilla says:

    Damn most of the NBA Writers went with the lakers
    i think this game is going to be a low-scoring game because of the great Defense these teams play

  46. Pat Riley says:

    I agree, Miami does have more to prove right now more than any other NBA team. The Lakers and Celtics may have rings and wins but Miami has something no other NBA team has had in many years… Confidence,Team Players, Persistance, Resilience, and not to mention the famous Miami Tri-Nasty players Wade, James and Bosh… The Miami Heat have achieved something we all wish the Miami Dolphins could do as well, and that is assemble an unstoppable force of talent. Real players, NBA players who still play this sport for the fun the excitement not so much for the cash. Remember Dwane Wade and Lebron James both took paycuts to acquire Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat roster, This is real basketball at its finest people. Sit back and watch history happen as the Miami Heat win the next several Championships. Oh and Lebron James haters, yea thats you, keeping booing its more fuel for the fire. Pat Riley made history this year youll see!

  47. LeKing says:

    I’m going to say Heat.
    LeBron is gonna take this game like he took the Cavs and NY games, like the biggest enemies he’s ever had. And we all know what he did against them.. They have a lot to prove and they will prove it. Last year LeBron beat beat the Lakers twice last year when he only had the Cavs who don’t have any really good players so he pretty much did it all by himself. So why won’t he do it now with great players on his team? I have faith in em.

  48. BJ says:

    not a fan of either team, however, I’m rocking with the Lakers.. Although, i do believe Dwyane Wade will have an AMAZING game! ! I just can’t see myself going against Kobe Lamar and Shannon! I think its gonna be a great game with a court full of great players.. can’t wait! May the better team win 🙂

    signed a Cavs and Bulls fan.. WOOOOT!!!!

  49. Mamba says:

    If the Lakers show up to play, they’ll win. They just need to control the pace of the game and play a half-court game. The Heat thrive off transition buckets and a fast tempo game and aren’t as talented in the half court as the Lakers. If the Lakers limit turnovers and don’t settle for horrible jumpshots, their halfcout D should shut down Lebron and Dwade cause they have one of the best perimeter defenses in the league. Add Andrew Bynum to the mix and there should be little to no penetration.

  50. John Behm says:

    …and by the way, the Lakers in June are NOT the Lakers you’ll see tomorrow. But Lebron wouldn’t know anything about that would he? And D-Wade doesn’t know anything about a repeat let alone chasing his 2nd 3-peat. The Heat just might win tomorrow, but in June Lebron will choke…again… and we might see Wade pushed off in a wheelchair for a SHOULDER injury. Wade has no toughness at all! Say what you want about Kobe being cocky, just don’t forget to kiss the rings, and don’t forget that there IS no one tougher than Kobe, he’s proven that his whole career.

    • Lakers 3peat says:

      thank you, best post on this blog. People forget things so easily….

      You dummies need to remember Lebron has always done well in the regular season…that being the reason he won two REGULAR SEASON MVPS…but its another story in the playoffs. He did incredible that year in 07 when he literally played his ass off for cleveland, but the last two years not so much….

      LA, have played sub-par regular seasons last year and in the middle the year before and became a different team in the postseason.

      Call it what you want but we see this cycle every year, LA is the champs until they are put out

  51. Lakers 3peat says:

    I kinda agree with Sekou, but im not picking MIA over my team LA of course….

    MIA might win this game, but it dont matter… al reality MIA needs to win this game, because they are the team that needs to prove to ppl they can win against elite teams on the road.

    LA has been to 3 finals, with 2 championships, they have NOTHING to prove. They do their real battles in the playoffs.

    If LA wins it will just be another game, if MIA wins it will be such a statement. Thats how you know LA doesnt get fazed by the hype over this xmas special and that MIA needs the win more than anybody.

  52. John Behm says:

    Christmas day is just entertainment…that’s all. If the Heat win 4 against the Lakers in June, then talk to me!

  53. Ronte says:

    Heat will win all the way.
    Lakers might have Kobe but the Heat have the big 3 so the Lakes’ have no way.

  54. heatwillwin says:

    Merry christmas to everybody and heat will win lakers the losers tomorrow .

  55. heatwillwin says:

    Last year the lakers BEAT the heat in a BUZZER BEATER . Then the next time they met up the heat beat them. I think the heat would grab confidence and BEAT THE LAKERS . The HEAT literally owned the LAKERS last year not including the BUZZER BEATER . But now that they got a better team than last year for shore the heat are going to win. Just look up the games last year the HEAT VS LAKERS and your mind would be changed . And I hope your enjoying your snuggie Charles and i am 12 years old. Go goodlet hialeah parks basketball team im the best player there. And Bynum may get about points tomorrow nothing to worry about but Pau and Kobe Idont know what the HEAT might plan out to sow them down.

  56. NBA FAN says:

    I say the MiamiHEAT will win this one .. They’ve been playing good basketball lately .. The lakers are too arrogant especially KOBE, who got ejected last game because of his cockiness .. GO HEAT !!!

  57. Pat Riley says:

    The most anticipated NBA game of the season in finally here. Miami Heat V.S LA Lakers. First, this season the Lakers team has been over rated, Without Kobe Bryant the Lakers had no chance this season. Miami’s Team is the most well rounded in the NBA this season. Therefore the heat will be winning this game V.S the Lakers. I see the heat taking the win by 108-92. I know alote of people out there will be upset with my comments on the Lakers team but it is what it is hate it or love it. The heats offense and defense is lacking from time to time but at the end of the day the heat have the best players in the NBA right now and when the heat take the NBA title this year all the negative talk on the heat and its players will stop. The heat is on and now one can put it out!

  58. Boston says:

    Lakers fans are all the same…bad! Lakers will win cause they are the better team. There is only one team in the league that is better than the Fakers and it also happens to have the MOST NBA championships of all time. See you in the Finals faker fans.

  59. kobe says:

    this game depends on who plays better team basketball. If Kobe tries to take over the game and try winning himself Lakers Loose. If either wade or Lebron try taking over the game Miami Looses.

    Lakers win!!

  60. Andre says:

    Lakers are still a better team. They have probably the best perimeter defender in the league, a star PF, a star Center. And Kobe, of course. He’s not much better than Lebron or Wade, anyone with a brain can see it. Kobe is the guy who achieved less playing with a bad team. He was struggling every year to make the postseason.

    Now, Miami need to fill some holes and it’ll take a couple of years. Not much, probably a good defensive Center like Camby, to stay with a mid-level guy, would make the Heat real contenders.

    Anyway, it’s just a single game. Anyone can win, and Heat has more to prove. Lakers can finish 8th place in the West and the midia would not even think about questioning their capacity to win it all.

  61. NBAfanatic says:

    here are the matchups for the lakers Kobe – D-Wade Lebron-Ron Chris- Pau
    Kobe will do Lebron will Pau wins the matchup no matter what
    good but not good on D
    great kobe win but Ron will
    defend him well Conclusion= Lakers win this game but not the March one

  62. GD says:

    Heat are a really Good Team, They might even win on Christmas day. But it will not be as easy as anyone thinks. Honestly Lakers losing this one wont even hurt. (That is if they lose) Lakers will still make it to the Western Conference Finals, and Most Probably the NBA Finals. Now Miami will have to deal with the Celtics, the soon to be clicking: Magic, the Chicago Bulls, if the Miami Heat find some way to get out of the Eastern Confrence they will not win an NBA Championship this time around.

  63. Tony says:

    The Miami Heat will be winning the Heat V.S Lakers game. First of all the size of the players on the lakers team will not have effect on Miami’s defense. 2nd kobe bryant and the lakers in general are over rated, without Kobe the lakers are nothing. The heat do have some offensive as well as defensive issues to work on but miami in general has a more well rounded team in the NBA. I see the Heat/Lakers game being a win by Miami final score 108-92….

  64. HEAT says:


  65. sam chohan says:

    When LeBron and Wade play the lakers they play at there best for a fact, Lakers cant hold Lebron or Lebron down to even 20 pts, how u expect 2 great players with great killer instincts to be stopped.. Artest doesnt stand a chance as we seen in the past and wade n kobe is a back n forth match up, both amazing players.. Miami will win if Joel plays solid defense then its over

  66. forteez says:

    Lakers. Unlike Heat fans I don’t need to do explaining.

  67. LotusFreak says:


  68. LotusFreak says:


  69. LenHard23 says:

    Heat all the way.. Lebron loves attention and what a way to get that attention than to rock the lakers at their home floor on christmas day and this game can be the measuring stick how did miami improve since day 1 from beig 9-8 to win 12 straight and to win 13 of their last 14 games.. This also game can also show how great the heat become a defensive team by shutting down either kobe, pau, lamar, andrew or even fish and ron ron.. But whatever the result maybe either the heat wins or lose this game im hoping to see a intense and full of action kind of game.. So peace out everyone and happy holidays to all of you..

  70. Kaynice says:

    Listen up NBA fans, Now everybody knows this game could go either way and everybody knows that this will probably be the most intense game on TV. The Heat vs.Lakers will be a close games personality and i will be glued to the television when it come on so why don’t we just say that the HEAT VS. LAKERS will be a live game and the world will be on it case…. GOOD LUCK KOBE, DWAYNE. LeBron, CHRIS, AND EVERYBODY IN THE MIDDLE!!!!

  71. Kobe says:

    The Lakers will win first of all because of their size and also because of the hunger of kobe to defeat the super team.
    Kobe is UNSTOPPABLE especially in big games like this…!!

    • Andre says:

      Sorry, but you die-hard fans are very funny with these statements that have not to do with reality. Last year, game 7, NBA Finals. One of the most important games in Kobe career. Result: 6-24 and 2 assists. It’s not close to unstopable, despite of 15 rebounds.

    • Simar says:


  72. jared says:

    LOL accoding to the “experts” kobe comes up big on christmas games, look at kobe’s stats on christmas, he scores 22 points per game on 38% shooting. and his record is 5-7, on the other hand wade on christmas is 4-1 and scores 28 a game and 8 assists and james is 3-1

  73. moshe says:

    even though i am a alker fan for more than thirty years and watched the best laker players play
    the last four weks the heat are playing very good basketball
    i would say that if the lakers want to win the bench is the most important factor
    if they give round about 25points then there is no way the heat can win them
    kobe gasol bunum and odem will give their share for sure
    artest will be a big factor too

  74. Brian Julian Ramos says:

    Heat vs Lakers oh my!!! the best match in NBA today.
    I”ll go on Heat because LeBron James and Dwyane Wade the two best player in the planet has play together and have all star big man Chris Bosh specialty is shooting,James Jones the 3 pointer,Carlos Arroyo a good shooter,Mike Miller a 3 point shooter.but the Heat has a few worse player but the big 3 can dominate.

  75. AdrianYj says:

    I will go with the Lakers…

  76. jared says:

    People who say the heat aren’t “elite” because they can’t beat “good” teams are a joke. what about the lakers? they have beat ONE team over 500. the whole year. the heat beat 5. just watch the heat blow out the lakers

  77. who the hell cares to start this thread?

  78. #1Lakersfan says:

    Jordan couldnt win it by himself you need good players around you. Oh by the way, everyone forgot about Kobe takeing his team to the playoffs in 2006 and in 2007 with absolutly noboby around him. Lebron is an absolutly great it blows me away to watch him play, but he had an excellent team around him in cleveland but he folded under the pressure two years in a row in the playoffs. He just plane gave up against boston last year. Kobe has that killer instinct and refuses to lose hes the best if seen in a long time the closest to Jordan ive seen lebron is right up there though and may pass kobe as a player in the future but not now. I think people should just quit fighting and get to the real point at hand. Who will when on Christmas day? Lakers if that great bench of thiers shows up andif Kobe is the closer i know he is.

    • gary says:

      Are you serious? Kobe had Odem, Bynum, Fisher and a bunch of other good players. Can you name on person off the Cleveland Cavs that was a threat in 2007 besides James? James gave up on Boston but somehow manage to get a triple double his last game, expalin that? Do you really believe what your saying?

      As for Kobe’s killer instinct, that just went out the door from 2003 to 2008 huh? Did you ever examine the fact that the Lakers did not advance in the finals from that time period until they aquired Gasol?

    • francisco says:

      check the stats of 08-09(PLAYOFFS).kobe 45% bryant can not even get close to those numbers in his dreams




  79. BigZo says:

    Heat for sure! LA just got spanked my the Bucks to the tune of 20!
    Last years Miami team gave the Lakers a good run for there money. This years team is better and still not playing to its potential. LA are unmotivated and everyone carries on about Andrew Bynum coming back…. big deal…. Gasol and bynum dont play well together. Yes the lakers have size, but so do the heat. Ilgauskus is taller than Bynum and Bosh can guard Gasol. The bench will be a factor though for LA. Definite advantage to LA there, but the whole team just lacks passion. It starts at the top. Phil Jackson is clearly not that interested any more. With the lineup LA have they should win every night by double digits…. but they dont….

    Go HEAT!

  80. goSPURSgo says:

    Who cares, neither team will be crowned champions this year. Go SPURS Go!

  81. benedict72 says:

    heat fan

    I dont care if heat lose on this game with lakers as long as I could witness some highlight alley ops from dwade and james thats all I wanted for christmas .To see this two team collide for the first time will be an acid test for the heat were doubters always accused them of could’nt win on over .500 team.Of coursed they are still learning how to gel but like I said I just want some real dunks and fastbreak highlights,merry christmas everybody.peace on earth.

    • Lakersguy says:

      Thank You!!!
      Lakers fan but i like how we both really dont care about who wins but just to see some good highlights

  82. ronald says:

    lakers win!! heat have no inside scoring threat, can’t dominate the boards in a half court battle. heat needs penetration in half court or they live by and die by the jump shot. boston and lakers in finals. both teams stacking bigs!!!!!!!!!


      bigs that are injury prone lol, i dont even see the lakers in the championship. they lucked out of the 1st round last year, easy 2nd round and i personally dont like how the finals played out for either teams

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Literally, LAUGHING OUT LOUD.
        They really “lucked” out. I guess they got lucky two years in a row, right? Because they are the worst team to play basketball…. What a maroon.

  83. Mr. Station says:

    I’m a Laker fan to the core and use to get stressed out over how they play in the regular season. I’ve learned to accept it and know that they become a different team in the playoffs. While any team in the NBA is capable of beating any other team on any given night, the Lakers have shown in the last couple of years that they can beat any team in a series.

    The Heat have something more to prove than the Lakers do so it will be competitive for a couple of quarters. I can see the Heat winning this game as the Lakers have been really inconsistent with their play lately. I can also see the Lake show winning this game and beginning to find a groove.

    Lakers 96 Heat 105
    Heat 103 Lakers 110


      inconsistent… yes but still winning. if they can get one consistent game, especially this one it can turn around their whole play

  84. cmauck says:

    Is Kobe going to be playing in this game, since he was thrown out of the last??

  85. heatknicksfan136 says:

    as much as i like the heat, i think that the lakers will win. im am not a lakers fan but they have more size. although the heat have been playin well lately, this will be a tough game for them


      i understand what you are saying but joel anthony is defending that paint very well. he stands up strong in paint, and wade and lebron come off help from behind. the matchup i am sort of worried about is pau and chris, chris has to go as hard as pau is going to go, i think whoever wins that physical matchup wins the game

  86. KOJIN says:

    its more important to focus on how miami, who is in thier stride but honsetly still a work in progress and not 100% healhy on their bench play offensively against the Lakers. against the Mavs the Heat beat themselves by settilng for jumpers, especially lebron, who when the shot wasn’t falling early should have made it a priority ram the basketball down the defenses throat by getting in the lane and going to the line. had he done that they beat dallas. Miami can beat LA because Miami’s defense at times nearly makes up for thier horrbile offensive games multiple times, a wonderful luxery to have. if they play offense the way thet are supposed to and not settle for the jumpers (talkin about you lerbron and wade) then what can LA do defensively to stop lebron and wade’s penetration outside of a zone defense, (which can be negated by upping the tempo and running phoenix suns style) or by praying lebron doesn’t show up? they have no one to gaurd him and wade consistantly. To me it all depends on wade and lebrons willingness to penetrate the lane and do it for 40 minutes, the opposite of what they did in dallas this week.

    • KOJIN says:

      besides, bynum is back but like miller he is not 100% ready. Kobe is palying great but phil isn’t gonna let him overdo it just to prove something that everyone already knows: the Lakers are the best in the West for 3 years now, and that the championshipm even if they drop both games to the heat this season, goes through them.


      agree with you on this, they settle to much

  87. Riley says:


  88. Riley says:

    I got no idea but the LAKERS have a chance but their loss 2 the bucks just gave the heat a big chance its goin OT but who wins i have no idea.

  89. China says:

    If the Lakers find themselves running to catch the LBJ-Wade train, then I don’t know how long they’ll last.

  90. ibrahim keita says:

    im lkares fan and kobe is the best player in the game today, i believe lakers will win this game. GO LAKERS

    • bostonfan85 says:

      Im not a fan of either team but believe that the lakers will win it. I agree with whoever said Kobe thrives off of big stages and he’s definitely not gonna let the heat steal the show….jus my opinion though im no expert

  91. TheKingJames says:

    I’m definitely hoping for a Heat victory and so far, it’s looking pretty good. When the Heat win, it’s by a large margin usually and they have been playing great recently and they only lost to the Mavs by 2 points. The Lakers however, lost a recent game to the Bucks that they should have won and when I watched them play the Raps here, they seemed to struggle too. This is not a playoff game but the Heat will wanna play like that and the Lakers might not. If that’s the case, Miami wins.

  92. Kobe vs Wade, I feel bad for wade says:

    Kobe will do another buzzer beater in Wade’s face


      dude that was luck, you know it, i know it, and kobe knows… my bad told you it was luck. next time its a matchup like that again watch wade block it or he shoots an air ball. then come back and tell me how i must have been psychic

  93. james93 says:

    i been a heats fan since i came ou the womb….
    i believe in them and will take this winn♥

  94. miamifanatic says:

    miami’s drfense has been great this year. I think wade can shut kobe down and if that happends the heat got it in the bag. not to mention miami got their six man back in mike miller who is amazing from the three point line… heat win.

    • DeBrosh says:

      get real! i am a heat fan too and love D Wade. in my opinion, D Wade will he second best player on the floor, Kobe will be the first.
      Just like Kobe cannot stop D Wade, D Wade also cannot stop Kobe (maybe in a couple of years he can)

      • LOL says:

        he did great shutting him down last year. Kobe went off for 39 pts in miami….he’s unguardable at most times especially in the playoffs

  95. anonymous says:

    It depends on PHX vs MIA game, Miami Heat shouldn’t have any stupid injury or setback otherwise the upcoming Christmas date with the Lakers would be boring to watch.

  96. andyk says:

    lakers should win the game but, miami could control the game flow early by getting the laker bigs in fould trouble.

  97. Daniel says:

    Yeah. I’m a laker fan and a heat fan. I’m goin with………………………….. Lakers.? i’m going with them because Kobe got ejected a couple of nights ago so he’ll try to bounce back from that. Gasol isn’t makin noise these past 2 weeks.

    High Scoring game. 104-99 in favor of lakers 😀 Kobe might drop 20-29points. LBJ 17-29 Points yeah:D

  98. corey meadows says:

    hey, happy holidays to everyone and i would like to say that i dont like the lakers or the heat but miami has a big weeknes playing in the half court they have not done so well this season when the game is being slowed down boston has proven that orlando in the second game and the heat have not beaten dallas since the 06 finals now tat a big statement so if the lakers wanna win they have to show up slow the game down get the ball to gasol or bynum and attack the basket get miami in early foul trouble then put artest on labron hope he can contain him and kobe on d-wade to contain him these are the two fastest guys in the league other than derick rose but anyways if u do that miami heat dont really have a bench so take their 1 2 punch out and chris bosh is not gone hurt you! now if the heat wanna win just speed the game up and get to the free throw line as much as possible to get momentum going but i like the lakers to win by 10 or fewer points because of gasol and kobe if they bring their A game if not miami may win by 10 or more thats their comfort zone blowing teams out to win!!!!!!!

  99. RILL says:

    Why do all of the “expert” writers keep mentioning Kobe coming up big on Christmas as the reason for the victory. He plays like Trash on Christmas and they usual lose. Look it up. Experts? yeah okay. They just get paid to disect the games nothing makes them experts.

    After all that if we go by History, Kobe’s Lakers will lose.
    However, they should win this game because of size. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.
    Go Heat!

  100. Magnus says:

    MIAMI HEAT will win this game. See the matchups. Kobe vs. Wade.. Dwayne can guard Kobe.. Lebron vs. Artest/Barnes? Artest is a good defender.. but not on Lebron who is twice faster than him.. Talking about defense.. Miami is better than the Lakers. and recently the Lakers just loss to the lowest scoring team in the regular season..the Milwaukee Bucks.. big deficit.. hehe. Miami > L.A. Score: 105-90.

  101. KING_6_JAMES says:

    MIAMI HEAT WILL WIN THIS CHRISTMAS,,,watch d big 3 can take over that game buddy!!!

  102. Usuck says:

    Miami might just snatch one from staples center this Christmas

  103. chicago97 says:


  104. ELdiablO says:

    its so nonsense for a team or a player to win league MVP yet his team does’nt reach the final..its a TOTAL BIZZARE the performance of lebron and wade..lebron is for fancy shot while wade is for the win so i personally conclude that lebron still depends on wade to get his dream ring..for lakers its a no doubt team..they can reach and even win the final..i’ll bet 6-4 (lakers-heat)

  105. LotusFreak says:

    It depends what the lakers do. The heat vs lakers is the best matchup on christmas day in over 20 years. It’s hard to choose who will win because both are possible nba finals team. Lakers are already the best in the west but i don’t if the heat are.

  106. LotusFreak says:

    It depends what the lakers do. The heat vs lakers is the best matchup on christmas day in over 20 years. It’s hard to choose who will win because both are possible nba finals team. Lakers are already the best in the west but i don’t if the heat are. they are a good team but we’ll see

  107. Just a Nba fan says:

    I go with the Miami Heat. I think they are playing great. Last year Cleveland beat the Lakers the two times they met. Lebron plays better when he’s playing vs Kobe. With Wade and Bosh they will probably win. One of the elements I am concerne its Gasol, he’s playing like a beast. Kobe is a great player but Wade can guard him well.

  108. Lakers says:

    Gasol is definitely one of the great all around big men in the game today. Incredible moves and post up play in the paint. If he improved on his defensive play I don’t think any big in the game can match him! Having said that, Kobe carries the team on his back. His MVP wins are well deserved! I think Pau is capable of an MVP, but, as I said, it’s imperative that he improves his defensive play! I love Pau Gasol’s game though! It’s beautiful to watch!

  109. erick says:

    Lebron James – 2 time Regular season MVP
    kobe Bryant – 2 time Finals MVP
    I think Miami will win….

  110. Tenki says:

    I’m rooting for the Heat, especially now that they still have to prove to everybody that they can win over elite teams, and this Christmas game against the Lakers should be sweet if they win at Staples.

  111. Gary says:

    I’m going for the Heat. They are a long shot but I believe they can pull it off.

  112. francisco says:

    Art garcia comment: What Kobe the overrated BRYANT. THE ONE THAT shot 6 out 24 in the last game against the Celtics but still the sport drive by media gave him the MVP. GIVE ME A BREAK.I am sick of people talking about his rings and not looking at Kobe numbers.all those subjective terms like “THE CLOSER” .HAVE ANYBODY counted how
    many times this guy misses.
    45.5 shooting % in his career is a modest number, in the playoffs is even lower.WAIT ..ONLY 45 % EVEN PLAYING ALONG SHAQ WHO WAS DOUBLED TEAM..


    • Gary says:

      I’m surprised too that Gasol didn’t get a MVP for one of the last two finals given the fact that after Shaq left they did not reach the finals again until Gasol came.

      • Dan says:

        if u were their the season LA got gasol the lakers were streakin already with bynum finally blooming into the potential laden center he was soon to become. the lakers started off great with the kobe and bynum tandem working. Gasol was just the insurance to make sure that streak didnt run out like the hornets did this year. i think they were on a 17 of their last 18 or 19 win streak before the aquisition of gasol was made. and it continued because kobe was kobe. game winners and scoring outburst. gasol is so good in LA because 1 hes alread an all star player but 2. the lakers are virtually impossible to guard how can u focus on guarding gasol when he can kick it out to gasol or find lamar cutting to he basket or even pass it off to bynum if he gets the position downlow. gasols passing ability and the lakers pure talent is what makes gasol. we’ve all witnessed a gasol led team aka first round exits. kobe MADE gasols career.

      • Dan says:

        i meant kick it out to kobe lol

      • LOL says:


        Wow pretty funny you just want to throw completely FALSE statements out there and try to pass em off as facts because you want to make Kobe look better than he really is. Thats FUNNY Dan. The Lakers were indeed NOT on a win streak before they got Gasol HANDED to them by their former GM Jerry West. Even Bryant himself called it a “donation”. It was RIDICULOUS and shouldn’t have been allowed. Having said that though it did, and I want to get back to the point of proving you are a liar. Bynum got injured he had not even been PLAYING for about 3 weeks before the trade happened. Kwame was a terrible substitute so they went looking for other big men after Kobe cried all summer for better talent or a trade. The Lakers were 28-16 when the trade happened, and 29-9 after they stole Pau from the Grizzlies. So you can try to throw false statements out there all you want. It will only work for YOU.

        Kobe did NOT make Gasols career. PAU has made Pau’s career. First round exits because they didn’t have a very good team gee does that make sense? Pau was an All-Star in Memphis BEFORE Kobe was ever around, so don’t say Kobe made his career because he certainly has NOT.

      • tata says:

        @LOL “Pau was an All-Star in Memphis BEFORE Kobe was ever around”??
        Kobe already had 3 championships and routinely posting 40 and 50+ point games before Pau made the All-Star team in 2006. Pau is good, but Kobe will go down as one of the greatest players of all time and I feel lucky to see him play.

    • NBA FAN says:

      Nah bro, did you forget he yanked down 15 rebounds in that game 7? did you forget it game 5 when he had to put his ENTIRE team on his back because Pau wasn’t hitting just to lose buy like… what.. 7 in Boston? Or how about when he dropped the infamous 81 points? Or that 61 in MSG? Or what about setting a 3 POINT RECORD IN ONE GAME. What about last years WCF did you see the shots he was hitting? Not only that but through his ENTIRE career?That’s why he’s THE BEST CLOSER IN THE GAME TODAY. Or what about when he dropped like 5 50 POINT GAMES IN A ROW when his team would barely limp into the playoffs. All that was luck right? Gasol is A HELL of a PF/C but he IS NOT the MVP of the Lakers. Stats are stats theories are theories, but there is a LOT of things you can’t just dismiss from what Kobe has done for his team.

      • LOL says:

        Umm..thanks for pointin out that Kobe can be a straight up shotjacker on ALOT of occasions throughout his career. Yep a shotjacker that obviously will eventually get massive amounts of points when you shoot 30 and 40 shots a game even though his shooting average is subpar. The guys point about the Lakers not winning until Gasol came is indeed a FACT, whether you actually want to admit it or not. Hes NOT dismissing Kobe like you said, simply saying that for the 2010 NBA FINALS, Gasol was the overall better player and meant more to the Lakers than Kobe did, and there are plenty of people that agree.

      • TheKingJames says:

        Honestly, I think that this year, Gasol is playing better than Kobe. Kobe’s been struggling with foul trouble and just playing too. It happens sometimes. But he alsogot ejected the other night. Because of all this, I think Gasol is doing more for the team so far but everyone is so hung up on Kobethat they dismiss him as a lesser player. Nah. I think he plays his position as well as Kobe plays his. If they lost Kobe, Gasol would definitely step up and lead the team. Just like Bargnani did here in TOR now that Bosh is gone. (Raps fan =D)

      • Gary says:

        When Kobe dropped 81…Lakers did not go to the finals that year. No one can say Bryant isn’t great but the fact still remains that the Lakers went nowhere in the playoffs until Gasol came. He opened up more scoring options for the team and boosted defense. If Kobe was everything you where saying then he could have gotten it done with Odem, Fisher and Bynum, but he didn’t.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      You don’t know anything about bball. Did you forget about the 11 straight 30 point games Kobe had during the playoffs? The Finals MVP doesn’t revolve around ONE game, it goes around the entire playoffs. Kobe had one of the best playoffs series of his careers despite his poor shooting in game 7. Get over yourself, people like you that just need to feel good putting down a great player.
      Kobe is a SHOOTING guard, and anyone who SHOOTS 46% for their career is NOT “modest.” It’s actually really good, just because MJ shot 50% doesn’t mean Kobe isn’t GOOD, it just means he isn’t MJ good.

      • NBA Fan says:

        hey Gary that’s true, but what i’m trying to say is that people bad mouth great players all the time and give all the negative stats but never historic stats, like did you know in last years wcf kobe averaged nearly a triple double? the things that separates the great players from good players. Like, you know how frustrating it is people said Lebron quit in game 6 when we all know he put up a triple double?

      • dzone24 says:

        the fact is kobe is a 5 time champion, 2 time finals mvp, 1 time season mvp,he’s on his second back-to-back championship, n no one can take that away from him. so all ur negative comment abt te guy is irrelevant. unless ur a jordan fan and he’s still playing then u cn talk. hes the most accomplished player in the nba right now.

      • gary says:

        Yes I do and you are right, the negative is always talked about more than the good. So I guess I am a hater lol but I do feel that Gasol should have gotten the MVP for the Lakers 2009 victory because even though his offensive stats weren’t as good as Kobe’s, he basically was a bigger distraction (on defense and offense) so there was more scoring options or them. But I do see your point.

      • francisco says:

        45.5% and 44.9 in playoff ,,dot not compare him to MJ that is ridiculous. there are other players around that % which
        KOBE should be compared to.
        HE is a great player that has accomplished a lot with a great deal of LUCK.HE was drafted by the LAKERS
        he played along SUPERMAN ONEAL IN HIS PRIME.
        ALWAYS has had a good supporting cast

    • dzone24 says:

      they gave him the finals mvp n i remember it took them 7 games, they didnt play 1 game n if they did play 1 game n gave him d mvp after he shot 6 out of 24 then ur argument is valid.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Actually Kobe was drafted by the Hornets, and Jerry West got him on the Lakers.
        Shows how much you know, and for most of the playoffs last season he was shooting 50%.

    • J-KiLLA24 says:

      They gave him the Finals MVP because he was MVP of the finals. Doesn’t mean MVP of game 7 idiot.


      everyone misses you idiot

  113. Lakers says:

    Ya Earl Boykins and that Barea on Dallas are two of the best little men I’ve ever seen. And include Nate Robinson of course!

  114. francisco says:

    Art Garcia comment .what

  115. francisco says:

    Heat wins , it has the two best players in the NBA

    • TheKingJames says:

      You know it. The King and Flash 🙂

      • Jaykowle. says:

        Or the Lakers win because they three of the best players in the league (Odom, Bryant and of course, Gasol).

      • LMWAO says:

        Really? Two best players? Queen James is good and i admit he is NOW better than kobe (Overall)! Not in closing games. Wade???? uuuuhhh…NO! not even in the top 5. Here is the List…Queen James, The Black Mamba, CP3, Durant, Dirk, Melo, Williams, and THEN Wade (maybe). So definitely not the two best players…And the Lakers Have a better team overall, forget Kobe and Wade cause they will get theirs done, James will get his work done and overpower Artest, Bosh and Gasol are pretty even, Bynum/Odom really have no matchups, Fisher and WHO? Fisher will have a huge game. In conclusion unless Lebron has an insane game, Lakers will win the matchup.

      • DBowe says:

        What a list! How did you put that one together, by flipping a coin? I’m a Heat fan, but I still know that Kobe is the best player in the league. And D Wade at 8th? Give me a break. When Dirk and Durant start playing defense then you can even mention there names. Durant is a good scorer, nothing more. He had a very good season last year, but Wade has been doing that since he entered the league. This is by far the stupidest comment I have ever read on this site.

      • Abdul says:

        @ LMWAO well sir i will have to agree with DBowe this must be the most hateful comment i have ever heard D.Wade took more beating than anyone in the NBA at this time you might have not watched him his first 4 years in the league now he is just tierd in the 05-06 season he played better than kobe and lebron he had been number 1 player in couple of years of his career and you are probably lacking some knowledge of the nba, Wade is in top 3 with lebron and kobe but let me tell you he doesn’t take over games like kobe and lebron but when he needs to win trust me he will score over lebron and kobe he can outplay them you just have to watch some of his games maybe last years meeting with the lakers for the first time when they played in miami d.wade went off and we beat you guys, but now kobe isn’t number 1 he is number 3, lebron number 1 and wade number 2 than kobe not that i hate on him only because kobe is old honestly, i know you will say are you stupid kobe is old do you not see shaq still playing and dominating but if you don’t know guards take the most beating out of all players and especially kobe has gotten the most beat after Wade i have seen in my lifetime. Both of these guys will slow down soon but lebron will go for a while than he will also slow down. but durant and dirk all those other players mentioned before wade haha sorry i don’t think they are the ones who get to the all-star automatically everyear and nor do they automatically get to play on the olympics wow you are just really lacking some knowledge here buddy!

  116. LakersWillWin says:

    Cleveland beat us last year and swept the season series, not in a “convincing manner” but Cleveland lost in the 2nd round while LA moved on to their 3rd straight NBA finals and won it all. Xmas day games are big, but really do not mean a lot. I’m just curious if the Lakers played so soft last night if they were just saving it up for a beat down of the Heat. Can’t be too sure, Heat are playing great basketball, but so are the Lakers when they show up. Last night was probably the most boring Laker game I think I have EVER watched. That 5’5″ Earl Boykins is very VERY cool to watch, hard to believe anyone that short can play against monsters like Bynum, Odom or Pau.

    • LOL says:

      NOT in a convincing manner? Yea ok. Last Christmas the Cavs crushed the Lakers by 15 on their OWN homecourt and were leading by 21 at one point. Yea thats definitely not a convincing manner huh? You obviously didn’t watch the game then. No it DID mean SOMEthing, just not everything. It meant the Cavs were the only team bigger than the Lakers last year I said it for a long time. Sure the Lakers bigs were younger than Shaq Big Z and Varajeo. But overall the Cavs were longer. The Lakers bigs WILTED both times they played the Cavs. They were so used to dominating other teams they had no clue what to do against a team BIGGER than them. NBA is a game of matchups though and Rondo took it to em in the playoffs. But you best believe Laker fans are lucky that Cavs didn’t make it to the Finals because they definitely would have won the title.

      But simply back to the point that you brought up, the Cavs most DEFINITELY beat them in a convincing manner.

      • LMAO says:

        to start exactly what did it mean LOL? haha i think it only meant something to you. PS get off the lebronwagon, dont you know he left haha. Cleveland was a great team, too bad their star was a red giant that burst in the playoffs (little cosmology analagy for you) Lakers will take this game because of size and even if they dont it doesnt matter cause we will win in the summer

      • TheKingJames says:

        Different game this year guys. Not LBJ vs the Lakers. Now it’s the Heat vs the Lakers. I think that Flash and The King could get Bynum and Gasol into foul trouble early, that would definitely be a good way to start. D-Wade can also guard Kobe, no worries, especially how he’s been playing as of late. Just gotta make sure that you get points in transition or fouls at least and if not, then get Miller open for the 3. Bosh has gotta rebound his heart out but other than that, I don’t see why the Heat won’t win. Besides, LeBron is playing like his MVP self, especially in big games. He wants that title.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        I mean they didn’t win the series in a convincing manner, they only beat the Lakers vy 2 points in Cleveland. You really think Cleveland could have taken LA in a 7 game series in the playoffs? You must have not watched the NBA too much…

      • HA HA HA says:

        LMAO is all i have to say to this. One of the funniest i have read, if you honestly believe the Cavs couldve taken the Lakers in 7 last year.

      • INGLEWOODKING says:


    • Lakers 3peat says:

      MIA might win this game, but it dont matter… al reality MIA needs to win this game, because they are the team that needs to prove to ppl they can win against elite teams on the road.

      LA has been to 3 finals, with 2 championships, they have NOTHING to prove. They do their real battles in the playoffs.

      If LA wins it will just be another game, if MIA wins it will be such a statement. Thats how you know LA doesnt get fazed by the hype over this xmas special and that MIA needs the win more than anybody.

  117. Nic says:

    in the scheme of things doesn’t really matter, lakers look set to make teh playoffs again and that’s when they’ put the heat on, excuse the pun

  118. Lakers says:

    It would be nice to see a hungry Laker team again! Like the year 2000 championship team!

  119. abey34 says:

    why does John Schuhmann always hate on the Lakers. Arem’t analysts suppose to be neutral? He’s been doubting them since 2008.

  120. Wait a Minute says:

    After last nights loss to Milwaukee I’m gonna say Heat. Sometimes it seems like the Lakers don’t feel like playing until the 4th quarter of games or the Playoffs. They’re like a Senior in High School with a heavy case of Senioritis.

    • DeBrosh says:

      you can say the same for the heat, they just start off too slow. in any case, Kobe’s gonna show LBJ who the top dog is…
      i think Lakers win this one, Miami won’t be ready until next year.

    • Lakers 3peat says:

      lmao i love that analogy….and i agree….the Lakers dont get tied into the hoopla that ppl put around these games. They are only worried about getting another trip to the finals, so they arent going to break their necks for this game because they have nothing to prove…

      i think MIA will play good, because of course you want to beat the champs to prove to people they can beat an elite team

  121. LABRYANT says:

    been a Laker fan my whole life …and it depends on which Lakers team shows up…

    • Romniqc says:

      if the Lakers team of Karem, Magic Johnson, and the rest of the showtime lakers will show up, they will definitely win in terms of over all age total. 🙂
      Merry Christmas to every All.

  122. JZA says:

    Heat looks great to win this.

  123. Lakers says:

    I’m a Lakers fan for life. I hope they win on Christmas day but I can’t say for sure. It depends on which Laker team shows up, as evidenced by the Milwaukee debacle the other night! I do think the Heat are playing harder than the Lakers right now! The Lakers just seem to be coasting at times but that is nothing new. I see that from year to year and yet they still manage to win championships! Go figure! And then I’m celebrating! When the Lakers bring their A-game, they’re extremely difficult; almost impossible to beat. They are then clicking on all cylinders with all that talent! In order for them to beat the Heat, they have to slow down the transition game and those quick outbursts of points! They have to make it a half court game with stellar defense. And on offense, keep the ball going into the paint To Bynum and Gasol. Try to exploit the weakness in the paint if they can! It should be a great matchup! I’m curious to see if Ron Artest can hold Lebron to less than 30! Lol. And if I’m not mistaken it’s Kobe vs Wade, which is another great matchup. I’m disappointed Bynum isn’t starting. Would have liked to see Gasol go up against Bosh!