About Last Night: Blake-Zilla!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Between bites on Thanksgiving night we hope you tuned into the Blake Griffin Show.

And what a show it was.

Two straight wins for Griffin’s Los Angeles Clippers have been the backdrop for some of the more ridiculous, jaw-dropping power dunking exploits seen around these parts since Shawn Kemp was in his prime.

Don’t just take it from us. Everyone else agrees. Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and even LeBron James were all watching last night on TNT, when Griffin tried to stuff the Sacramento Kings into the basket every chance he got in a 100-82 win.

Griffin was the talk of the Twitterverse, with fans, elders and even his peers jabbering about his latest round of highlight plays. Lisa Dillman of the Los Angeles Times captured the essence of the evening perfectly while also pointing out that Griffin is much more than just a highlight machine we’ve nicknamed “Blake-zilla” here at the hideout:

Griffin was much more than a dunking highlight film Thursday night at Staples Center in leading the Clippers to their third win of the season. He had his ninth double-double of the season, nearly getting it in the first half with 15 points and nine rebounds.

The overall numbers: Griffin had 25 points and 15 rebounds and five assists, connecting well with Eric Gordon, who had a game-high 28 points along with six assists.

Griffin seemed almost embarrassed when told about the compliments from O’Neal and James. “That’s pretty cool,” he said. “I appreciate that. I still have a lot of work to do, but I appreciate they say those things. I still have a lot of work to do before I’m where I want to be.”
Fellow rookie Al-Farouq Aminu had 12 points and the Clippers’ third rookie in the starting lineup, point guard Eric Bledsoe, had six points and four assists, and more important, did not commit his first turnover until there was 3:25 remaining.

It was the first time the Clippers have won consecutive games since they won three in a row last season, from Feb. 20-24. But Coach Vinny Del Negro was not pleased with their early energy, saying he addressed it in an early timeout with his “Italian, subtle way.”

Griffin has been playing with an even greater purpose since the Clippers were blown out last week at Indiana, 107-80. He declared afterward that “something has to change.”

And it has. The Clippers (3-13) have won two of three games since then, and Griffin has had double-doubles in all three, starting with that 44-point explosion against the Knicks on Saturday.

Griffin was so good that we almost didn’t notice basketball crime scene that the Sacramento Kings have become. We had such high hopes for a Tyreke EvansDeMarcus Cousins combo that we didn’t notice the Kings’ have some serious chemistry issues to work out before they can even pretend to be a factor in the Western Conference.

If anything, the Clippers have the far more promising crew, right now, with Griffin, Gordon, Aminu and Bledsoe as the core pieces in their youth movement.

It’s much too early to go predicting who will win an award that won’t be handed out for months.

But we know who we are keeping an eye on at all times …

TNT’s Thanksgiving night doubleheader also provided us with a primetime glimpse of the other leader in the Rookie of the Year race. But John Wall is clearly not feeling like himself these days.

The Wizards were pummeled by the Hawks at Philips Arena. They stumbled upon a desperate team with much more talent they possess at this current time.

It certainly didn’t help that the Hawks were trying to snap a three-game losing streak and fresh off of a players only team meeting, which no doubt aided the efforts of Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Al Horford and the rest of the Hawks, who stole the top spots in the Top Plays:

If the Thanksgiving night slate didn’t satisfy your appetite (and the TNT Inside crew was pretty vocal as to how they felt about the matchups), you are in luck. We have a 12-game plate of leftovers, complete with all the fixings, that will be served up this evening.

And that includes a Los Angeles Lakers-Utah Jazz game at 9.m. ET (League Pass) that is sure to deliver on the hype.


  1. zaide silan says:

    Take Note.. Blake Griffin has all the Tools to Become a Dominant Power Forward, He had a great Good Hands, Nice Grip of the ball, Like Karl Malone,.. And a freaking Leaping Ability with strength.. Like Shawn Kemp… Just Trade Blake Griffin To Other Team likes of the jazz, nuggets, thunder.. He will be dominant as ever.. Clippers is on decline.. they were no where to go because they still keep of spending Tons of Dollar for a baron Davis!!! he is the real bust!

  2. zaide silan says:

    your right mr.sensible.. wade and lebron are both bad shooters.. last game against the Mavs. . The Mavs not respect the Outside Shooting of Lebron nor Wade.. Cb4 have much decent Outside Shooting Than The Pair of superstar i”ve Mentioned..

  3. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    MATTER OF FACT!! I AINT DONE! You guys cry that Wade and Lebron never had stars to play alongside…now you complain they need better role players after they get 3 superstars?? you guys need to stop making excuses and accept the fact that Miami Heat are a overpaid bunch of egos that should have put the right pieces in place, instead of assuming an allstar lineup will destroy all competition! When put in a position to shine, alot of guys can do it in the NBA…Michael Beasley, and Kevin Love, and Shannon Brown are prime examples…Mo Williams and Sunney Weems are more examples….Who do you think is going to play the Miami Heat, know they are televised and watched by the world…and not give it their all? NOBODY! The big 3 looks tired 17 games into the season….by 34 games, alot of fans will want refunds!! not that they show up to the games anyway!! hahaha..

    • michael says:

      Well, even Kobe had his weaknesses; he was a selfish player who disobeyed his coach. Every player has off-nights. Durant just recently wasn’t finding his shot.

      Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Shannon Brown, Mo Williams, and Sunny Weems are good role players. That’s all.
      Whilst they are all talented individuals, none has sustained a great level of play like James and Wade have.

      They aren’t players GMs would build teams around simply because because they aren’t at the same level as James and Wade.

      Mo Williams, in fact, choked in two consecutive post-seasons, failing to help his team advance to the following rounds.

      In addition, when you have an opportunity to sign players like Lebron, Dwyane, and Chris, you simply don’t pass it up.
      I agree the Heat is playing poorly, but I think you’re misguided coming to conclusions about the “Big 3” experiment being a bust.
      Give it time.
      PS: I’m not a Wade, James, Bosh, or Heat fan.

  4. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    Okay, the word “bust” ,aybe a little harsh….but in terms of Dwyane Wade being the “unstopable” player that eveybody has hyped him up to be….I would say has been a little overexagerated dont you think? You were outscored 20-3!!!! again 20 to 3….not by Kobe, or another fellow all-star, it was by Brandon RUsh!!! A soar wrist on your non shooting hand at the beggining of the season cause this?? I dont think so!! I know you guys are Wade fans, but let me tell you what you guys and the media should do next time you hype up a player like this….watch the scouting reports….Every single team that plays the Heat all have the same scouting report on Wade and Lebron….”EXTREMELY POOR SHOOTERS”, what does it say for Kobe and Durant??? guaranteed the weakness column is empty!! even at 32 Kobe has NOOO weaknesses. Wade has a finals MVP…true….but so does Chauncey Billups! You guys seem upset that things are real cold and frosty in Heat-land…but dont worry…I promise you it will get sooo much worse before it gets better.
    Miami Heat (9-8)
    Cleveland Cavs (7-9)

  5. CWigg says:

    Mr. Senseless……quit hatin on Dwyane Wade. His accomplishments speak for themselves. Guy is not at 100% and he’s a bust? Give your head a shake. Anything you have to say from here on out is irrelevant, and your comments will be skipped to avoid wasting my time and run the risk of developing a headache…moron.

  6. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    @JAKE……I could see you love Wade, so let me break your heart by taking you back in time to a Kobe-less world championship USA squad led by….Wade, Bosh and Lebron James, what did they win?? Bronze….and that was with Carmelo, and other stars backing them…Back to your boy Wade…nobody cares about his past accomplishments because we live in the present….and clearly you are one of the fans that dont watch or know the game of basketball because if you did, you will see why I say THIS YEARS WADE IS A BUST!!

    • michael says:

      Wade’s just in a slump. Once he’s healthy, I’m sure he’ll be back to his old ways.

      Of course you have to consider the past. Otherwise, how else can you measure a player’s success? Remember, Wade’s been an all-star, the league’s leading scorer, and had epic performances during the ’06 Finals. That’s not a bust, That’s the sign of a proven, capable player.

      Hasheem Thabeet, on the other hand, IS a bust. So far, anyway.

  7. Asker Guy says:

    Question: would you trade Blake Griffin for Lebron James?

    Los Angeles could use the leadership of a proven superstar veteran through which the team could run it’s offense, while Miami would get the low post presence they desperately need.

    • Neiru says:

      I wouldn’t make that trade. Blake Griffin is the type of player that doesn’t come around often. I’d build my young team around him. The Clippers have something good brewing there..just don’t spoil it. This year is a development for them. Griffin is definetly more than just dunks. He can handle the ball, has great hands, rebounds, a good pretty good passer, an athletic freak, and a hard worker. With his work ethic he will improve his jump shot which will make him unstoppable offensively. I think he will improve his back to the basket moves too. He also needs to improve his defense which I think he will. He would help the Heat greatly, but Lebron isn’t worth it..just my opinion.

  8. just a fan says:

    i wanna see steve nash with blake griffin!

  9. Leo Valenzuela says:

    Im a Clipaholic.. Im addicted to the clippers.. Good or Bad.. Its all a good drink.. Now we got Blake ‘DA MONSTER” Griffin.. The NBA elites now all have to double team this Beast of a Player. Blake is a monster in the paint and catching fire on the half way jumper.. When his free throw drop.. Man oh Man.. I love that Jordan and Bledsoe with the Princess Aminu are coming on. We need Defense and free throws.. Come on. The clipper nation is ready for a Revoluction in LA. The purple and gold are fading colors.

  10. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    But lets talk about the real dissapointments in this league……Dwyane Wade, Tracy Mcgrady, and….lol….the hideouts main man….TyWEAK Evans. Has there been a bigger dissapointment this year?? I would argue that Wade a of late has been equally pitiful, but your coming off a “Oscar Robinson” type season, where now your in the “elite” status…..You finally get t.v time, and on thanksgiving where people payed big bucks to see last years rookie of the year, and this years rookie of the year, and what does he give them….8points? 5 assists? 3 rebounds? lol…now, the reason why I say Wade is more of a dissapointment is because he is playing for the “not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 championship team (according to Lebron), and he just got a huge contract…..and in the first 14 games of the season, you have more injuries and aches then a 16 year veteran…..and he got outscored 20-3 by BRANDON RUSH??!!! Safe to say, Wade is a bust….but TyWEAK Evans is a very close second!

    • Jake says:

      You can’t call yourself “Mr. Sensible” if you make comments like “Wade is a bust.” In case you didn’t know, he’s already won a ring, a finals MVP trophy, a gold medal, he’s been named to a handfull of All-star and All-NBA teams, and he’s led the league in scoring. Definitely not a bust. He’s actually averaging more rpg than LeBron, and he’s scoring only two less ppg. He had a bad game to start the season because he was coming back from a strained hamstring, and he’s struggled lately because of sprained wrist. He probably shouldn’t even be playing right now, but the Heat have no depth, and they’re getting desparate, so he doesn’t have much of a choice. Please think before you post “Mr. Sensible.”

  11. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    Fire Del-Negro. Get a more veteran savvy coach, trade Baron Davis and Rasual Butler….and in all honesty, Clippers will be last years Thunder (depending who they get for Baron) or even better considering Blake is a inside beast. But worth watching…..not yet. At 3-13, the Clippers game shouldnt have been televised dunks or not. Theres problems in the organization if they have not figured by now that Blake Griffin is the number 1 option, and not Gordon. Gordon can feed off of the double teams that Griffin will eventually draw night in and night out. Clippers need to be banned from t.v for now for being such a retarded organization. 3 and 13!!! with the talent they have??? inexcusable!!

    • ray says:

      yeah man….totally agee…..trade baron davis for steve nash…..having steve in the clippers will definately improve things….more importantly nash will make blake and gordon better and more importanly intelligent players….but phew…..if blake keeps playin like this, he might as will be on his way to a hall of fame career….he just needs a good point gaurd around him….

  12. Zzanzabar says:

    I’m sitting at home waiting (waiting mind you) for the CLIPPERS game to start? What type of bizzaro world is this? That is what Blake Griffin has done to the NBA. C’mon when everyone saw that it was going to be the Clippers vs Sacramento for Thanksgiving who thought that this would be a game worth watching? Yes I know it is far too early in the season to be expecting a come back from the Clippers but Blake is just flat out FUN to watch, win, lose or draw. The Clippers LOSE to New York but anything anyone is talking about is that one (of several) Griffin dunk where he palmed the ball in one hand and the defenders HEAD in the other! By the way did anyone notice that one dunk in the Sacramento game where the defender ran as FAR away from Blake as possible?

    It is just as obvious the Blake is a LOT more than a series of dunking highlight films, the kid has MOVES! He has a fall away that Dwight Howard would die for plus a soft touch around the rim. Move over Howard there is a new sheriff in town and he can shoot free throws! I’m willing to bet that many who had taken the 7 game League Pass option wish that they could do their choices over about now.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      Oopps. That should have read “7 TEAM League Pass option”

      • Jake says:

        I think you’re right about Griffin. He reminds me a lot of Dwight with his crazy athleticism despite his size and his rebounding. Unlike Dwight however, he can put the ball on the floor, and he has better touch. Dwight is a better defender and shot blocker though. In a few years I think Griffin will probably be the best big man in the league.

        P.S.-Blake actually isn’t that good at free throws, but I think he’ll get better.