Looking up Reggie Evans

Three games into the season, Toronto’s Reggie Evans has 49 rebounds. And an attitude. He had that chip on his shoulder before, actually, in a drive that took him the junior-college route to Iowa to going undrafted to carving out a lengthy career as a 6-foot-8 power player, only now it flares as people try to compliment him.

That must have been a lot of energy built up from playing only 28 games last season, mostly because of a sprained foot. Plus, the Raptors drafted 6-10 Ed Davis in the lottery. And then Toronto nearly traded Evans, along with Jose Calderon, to Charlotte for Tyson Chandler and Boris Diaw, before the Bobcats pulled the plug. Maybe it was just time to send out a little reminder of his value.


Oct. 27 against the Knicks – 16 rebounds.

Oct. 29 against the Cavaliers – 14 rebounds.

Nov. 1 at the Kings – 19 rebounds, including 10 on the offensive end.

Great start. Just don’t suggest as much to Evans, who bristled upon being asked if he can maintain anything close to this production as all the Raptors look to make a statement in their post-Chris Bosh world.

“Go look at my track history, man,” Evans responded. “Seriously. I’ve been rebounding all my life.”

But that’s a big total for three games, someone suggested. It is hardly typical of past production.

“I’ve been rebounding all my life,” Evans said. “I just don’t get minutes. That’s the difference. I’m getting minutes now. Look me up.”

Looked him up, we did. In 542 games with the SuperSonics, Nuggets, 76ers and Raptors before 2010-11, he one rebound every 2.85 minutes. This season, he heads into Wednesday at Utah grabbing one every 1.94 minutes. Evans is close enough to right to make his stand accurate, especially knowing, undoubtedly, that he finished in the top 10 in boards-per-48 minutes for six consecutive seasons, before the foot injury ended the streak last campaign.

It’d probably be a surprise to some people from the outside, but not for myself,” he said of the start of 49 rebounds in three games. “I know I worked hard to get to this point, where I can kind of feel like my old self again and stuff like that. So I’m not surprised at all.”

He knows his history.


  1. WillDS says:

    You obviously need to check this seasons stats. I know it is early but Howard is nowhere near 14 rpg. Not saying he will stay at his current level all year. But this article is in regard to this year, not previous seasons.

  2. I. Arslangiray says:

    Reggie Evans is a lumber. He is worthless as it comes. Sonics kept him for no reason along with Booth. Finally got rid of him. He can not score and can not handle the ball. A CBA material

  3. synatrix says:

    My man reggie shows nba can be so exciting to watch without any point but still effect the game. Awesome job keep it up .

  4. JoJo says:

    The best Rebounder of All-Time??? Dennis Rodman…

    The best Rebounder in the League right now???? Dwight Howard… the man is a beast… 14+rpg… nice..

    Reggie Evans?? he’s got my respect… keep hustling down there big guy!! Defense always WIN!!!

  5. QuestionMark says:

    Im a Raptors fan, and I take back what I said…when ever Reggie comes on the floor, I always wished he would go back to the bench, but him starting is good now 😉
    Evan’s shocking the NBA right here.

  6. Lyndon says:

    Go Reggie.

    Form a Raptors fan,

    I hope he can keep it up all year and replace the 10 or so rpg than Chris has left on the table for whoever wants it the most. Seems like Reggie wants it more than anyone. Bargnani seems to care less about rebounds and focuses on points and the occasional block. We’ll need those rebounds from Reggie as much as we’ll need the 20 or so ppg that Bargnani may be able to provide. Reggie + Bargnani = Bosh’s stats replaced. Not glad that Bosh left but happy to see other players stepping up to fill the void. If only we could get some serious defensive effort we might compete in the last 4 playoff spots in the east.

  7. Dongz23 says:

    Sad to say that Evans doing well with his job as a power forward but Bargniani was not. 19 rebounds for a 6’8″ power forward while 2 rebounds for the 7 footer center. As a result, they lost to the kings.

  8. Easternfrost says:

    He brings that grit and determination that the Raps have been missing since the Charles Oakley days. He’s like Popeye Jones wrapped in 10 grit.

  9. bob says:

    yaaaaa thats my boy

  10. carcon3 says:

    I can’t believe there is actually an artical about a Toronto player on here. I honestly thought they only covered teams from their own country. They do know there’s basketball north of the border. Good work

  11. R4 says:

    I love his game and attitude. Only if the rest of the players can have swag like him. He’s like a junior Rodman, got to love it.

  12. N says:

    Anyone else not feeling Dwight Howard as the DPOY this year? I know it’s been only 4 games, but he doesn’t show that much of an effort defensively and statistically he’s not leading in either rebounds or blocks. Props to J Smoove, he’s really focused on the D end this year.

  13. daez says:

    I’ll admit, after looking through boxscores, seeing the rebound totals he’s racked up really suprised me. I love NBA and keep up with it as much as I can, but I didn’t think Reggie Evans was that good. He’s got my respect, for sure.

  14. Andrew says:

    As a Raptor fan, I personally apologize to Reggie, when the deal that could’ve bring Diaw and Chandler fell through I was disappointed, but after watching Reggie play his first few games, I’m real glad we have him. If every player on the team had his work ethic on the floor, people would not be all strung over Bosh leaving. Raptors are a solid wing player away from competing with the cream of the league as long as we can keep Reggie’s rebounds!


    IT is always good to see a none house hold name , trying to make him self known in the league keep up the good work.

    people fail to realize the reason why these guys get drafted in the first plce is that they are better then all the rest of us, so why would it surprise you that a guy will rise into the limeight one season , they are all capable of it if they focus and, put that effort in. maybe some of the other stars that have been drafted into the league will wake up. as i said they are all suppose to be light out good if not then the d-league is still hiring.