Smith In The Trade Mix?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That didn’t take long.

We went roughly one week without a juicy trade rumor to chew on. Then came Monday’s news that the Hawks had agreed to a contract extension with All-Star center Al Horford (five years, $60 million) and the rumors began to fly.

Hawks power forward Josh Smith is the man caught in the crosshairs, with most people wondering if it makes sense to move him now or later (how about never?) or move someone else?’s Chad Ford lit the flame with this detailed explanation for why it might make sense to move him:

Several GMs believe the Hawks won’t be able to keep Joe Johnson ($18.5 million in 2011-12), Josh Smith ($12.5 million in 2011-12), Marvin Williams ($8 million in 2011-12) and Horford ($12 million in 2011-12) together past this season for financial reasons.

While Horford’s new salary won’t push the Hawks into the luxury tax, it will put them very close. The move means they won’t be able to afford to re-sign Jamal Crawford, or replace him with a similar salaried player next season, without incurring the tax.

That situation is already leading to speculation that GM Rick Sund may be forced to put Smith on the market soon. Sund briefly flirted with trading Smith last summer, before pulling back. While no one is claiming he’s been made available yet, a number of GMs around the league expect his name to be in the mix by the February trade deadline.

Williams would be the Hawks’ first choice to move, but he didn’t get a lot of bites when he was available this summer. That could push them to see what they can get for Smith.

A number of teams, including the Knicks, Nets, Pistons and Suns, have shown interest in the high-flying forward in the past. It will be interesting to see if talks heat up as we get closer to February.

If the Hawks didn’t move Smith in a rumored deal for Amar’e Stoudemire (it came up a couple of years ago and again last season around the trade deadline, when Stoudemire was the hottest name in the game), I can’t see any reasonable explanation for trying to move him now.

This Hawks’ team has yet to plateau, so trading anyone off this roster right now (even Crawford) makes little sense to us. Are they ready to challenge for a title right now? No. But Sund would be taking a huge gamble trying to find the right piece by the trade deadline by moving a piece as integral as Smith is to this team.

Now we’re not crazy. If you can leverage Smith for someone like Chris Paul or even Carmelo Anthony, then you have to explore your options. You never say never.

But unless you are talking about acquiring a player of that caliber in a package, this is a waste of time.

Someone has to go, but it needs to be someone other than Smith.

What say you?


  1. joel says:

    Josh smith is a beast. if you are going to trade you have to trade marvin and bibby. marvin is not worth his contract and bibby is getting older.jeff teague is a pretty good prospect so start him at the point. if he doesn’t do good put joe johnson there and start jamal crawford at the 2. get a good maybe decent center. that evans guy is pretty good rebounder(toronto). and maybe try to get varejao. and joe johnson i s good as heck but the contract is way to big. oh they could invest in like a rising center or prospect.

  2. vOnz says:

    Who cares. ATL fails. They overpaid JJ. They are destined to fail. Not even worth talking about.

    They barely beat the Bucks in the playoffs last year and the Bucks didnt have Bogut. They then get swept by Magics. Now thats fail.

    ATL are a regular season team. They will get their 50 wins but I bet they wont even make it past the first round this year. Mark my words. CHICAGO vs ATLANTA : First round
    1. Celtics
    2. Heat
    3. Magics
    4. Bulls / Hawks

  3. Blazers fan says:

    it would be nice if he comes to portland but i know he wont

  4. Odogg says:

    What? Get rid of J Smooth? No way. Over all best player on the Hawks. Winning starts with defense, Josh is easily one of the best defensive players in the league. Right now he leads the league in blocks at 4.3 per game. As far as money goes face it, Atlanta gave Joe Johnson too much money. Sure he’s good, but not as good as D Wade and Melo, and thats about the same level he is getting paid. Josh is the core if you ask me.

  5. heatdude says:

    joe johnson?? a number 1 guy?? all of you hav got 2 b kidding me… 1st of all, look at his stats.. they’re as weak as a 3rd option guy.. he isnt even consistent! josh smith isnt a 1st option either.. they need a superstar in their team and chris paul is that guy.. the hawks would’ve had the right pieces if the team didnt overpay jj. marvin williams and bibby could end up in the trade mix and add teague in there too. a line-up of jj, paul, smith, horford and crawford could matchup with miami in the east finals.. smith and jj, they r just good 2nd options..

  6. Bryan says:

    heck no, smith needs to stay. he’s too valuble of a defender. how many good defenders are there in the nba? not many

    besides that, he’s my most favorite player in the nba. maybe, the most entertaining player in the nba. vince carter used to be my favorite player, but i left his band wagon because he isn’t as exciting as he used to be. not only that, carter went to Orlando, mamby pamby land.

    i’d like to see the hawks somehow acquire monta ellis. i think he’s the most electrifiying/exciting player in the nba. the warriors ownership wants him gone.

    the hawks need to move out bibby and johnson. i’m not much on al horford either, and wouldn’t mind seeing him moved. horford is more of a power forward. i think smith would be best at small forward.

  7. Jolas says:

    If i were to trade Josh Smith, i’ll target the likes of Griffin or Bogut if a trade could be arranged. But if not, i would throw Marvin williams and a lower rated player or a pick for a Samuel Dalembert or a Marcin Gortat plus a 2nd round pick. The reason for this is that the hawks doesnt need Williams much (he’s slow in transition and a bad defender at the 3 and a bit weak and small at the 4) and trading him for a C would increase the mins. of Smith and Horford on their natural positions. I think the Hawks really need a trade to get out of the shadows of the bigger teams in the east. They don’t actually need an upgrade, the talent is there and the trade will just be to fix the problems in the C position thereby not only improving their overall defense and rebounding but also maximizing the opportunity of the players to freely play on the positions they are more comfortable and effective. This team is already a contender, and a minor tweak could make a major difference. I hope the Hawk’s management realize this.

    • mattttttt says:

      actually this is the best post ive read thus far. you made a great point. the hawks really need a true center who can move smith and horford to more natural positions. smith is a quintessential SF and horford is really a true PF. these are the positions they should be playing ALL the time.

      i think the best they could do is move on bibby or teague/williams for, as you mentioned, Gortat or Bogut (big stretch). the bucks probably wont give him up for anything less than smith, but the magic might be interested in a PG (nelsons overrated). ive said it before, but the lakers would probably be interested in a bynum–smith trade. the hawks would be foolish to not pull the trigger on this. the only question is whether the lakers want to give up a guy theyve put so much time into.

  8. Greg says:

    The only way i would trade J smooth is if i can get Chris Paul in return. If i had to make a choice between him and Williams, Definitely Williams Go. I would not go for Carmelo Anthony unless he proves he can play Defense. I don’t count on J smooth to be a scorer but i do count on him to “amp” his team and crowd up with dunks (that really matters) get block shots and play D. You cant find a player like J smooth in the league no-where..

    • mattttttt says:

      no one else like him huh?

      because you basically just described lebron james, andre iguodala , dwight howard, dwyane wade, gerald wallace……. i could keep going but you get the point.

      also the difference between smith and the guys i mentioned, is that these guys actually have a semblance of an offense. hawks fans HIGHLY overrate their players. smith is barely more better than andrew bynum who is 4th or 5th option on a championship team. and when bynum is healthy, he is way better than smith. there is no way youre getting a player like melo, cp3, amare… unless the teams they play for are desperate and think those guys are walking for nothing.

  9. PR7 says:

    i would trade josh smith and marvin to the nets for brook lopez ……. and a mike bebby for a james posey type player

    pg: Jeff teague
    sg: Joe johnson
    sf: James posey
    pf: Al horford
    c: Brook lopez

  10. Whiteboyslim says:

    Trading him to Toronto would be a good move, for Toronto that is. They have financial capabilities of aquiring a superstar and he would fit in perfectly with the newly improving young team. The hawks could take almost any players from Toronto in return

  11. Justme says:

    Atlanta have been making bad moves for years now. Look at the 2004 draft they drafted childress(6) over the likes of iguoldala(9), Al Jefferson(15), Kevin Martin(26), Jameer Nelson(20). Look at the 2005 draft they drafted williams(2) over D.Williams(3), chris paul (4), D. Granger(17), David Lee(30). 2006 Draft picking up sheldon williams (5) over brandon roy(6),Rudy gay(8),Rondo(21) In 2001 the hawks drafted pau gasol(3) then traded him to the grizzlies for who?

    Now if i was a hawks fan i would be very upset with those draft picks. Id also be upset at the fact williams is getting paid $8 mill per year joe johnson getting $126 over 6 years, he will be 35 when he comes off the books.

    this should be the hawks team if they drafted the right players over the last 10 years.

    PG Paul- Williams
    SG Iguoldala-Marin or Roy
    SF Granger or Gay
    PF Gasol-Lee or jefferson
    C Gasol or Jefferson

  12. Chris says:

    The Hawks have the same starting 5 core players far longer than any other team in the entire NBA. With the talent of that starting 5 along with key bench players such as Crawford, and the valuable playoff experience gained from the past 3 years post season appearances (although dissappointing), this team is poised to make the jump to the next level and compete with the Magic, Celtics and Heat in not only the regular season but hopefully in the playoffs as well. Trading Josh Smith (clearly a key part of that nucleus) would destroy the chemistry that has been gradually built over the past 4 years with this team.

  13. Niko says:

    Kendrick Perkins and Avery Bradley for j-smoove

  14. Robin says:

    NO! they will not trade him. otherwise whats the point of signing johnson and horford? they need smith if they have any chance @ winning a title.

  15. Rick Ross says:

    josh smith for andre igoudodla ….dat plain n simple

  16. Justice R. says:

    If the Hawks arent willing to go into the luxury tax, they might as well forget about trying to make any noise in the playoffs. In this league, in order to contend for a championship, you have to SPEND MONEY. IF YOUR AFRAID OF GOING INTO THE LUXURY TAX YOU MIGHT AS WELL FORGET ABOUT YOUR FUTURE!!!!!!!!

  17. J1mmY says:

    If Hawks decide to move him i think that Blake Griffin could be a good exchange. He is athletic not to mention that he is taller and more suitable for power forward position than Josh. His salary is not high enough and with another low paid player from Clippers i think that he is the best choice. Also i don’t think that Melo would leave his team for Hawks(Denver is a better team) and CP3 is too good and his role in Hornets is more valuable than Josh has in Hawks.

  18. Chuk says:

    With the extension given to Al Horford the other day, this shows the direction that the Hawks are heading in if they do in fact decide to trade Josh Smith. This Hawks in my opinion are no better than the 4th best team in the east. They don’t make-up fair and square with the perennial teams such as the Heats of the league, the Magics of the league and the Bostons of the league. Also, don’t forget the contract situation of Jammal Crawford. Maybe the Hawks are trying to package a deal with another team to bring in a superstar or a blossoming star. You would guess that the Hawks are done with the free-agent pool for a while after signing Joe Johnson to that max contract so probably anything they’ll do from here on will be through the variety of a trade or a sign-and-trade if that matter.

  19. GMAN says:

    They can’t trade smith, hes the reason why they’re actually good defensively. Whose Al Horford? LOL. Smith has yet to reach his potential and hes an amazing person. I met him the past summer in Dubai. Coolest dude anyone can meet. He told me Hawks would do damage this year. I intend for him to fulfill his promise….

  20. daez says:

    How about this? Stupid, but hear me out..

    Move Joe Johnson to New York for Stoudemire and start Crawford at SG. Trade Williams and first round pick for a decent center to bring size and boards off the bench.

    Starting 5:
    PG – Bibby
    SG – Crawford
    SF – Smith
    PF – Horford
    C – Stoudemire

    LOL why not? Crawford can put up numbers identical to Johnson’s. Stoudemire brings some size, more athleticism and some rebounding, plus they could have a decent big coming in off the bench. And give Teague a chance. Don’t see this happening at all, but it’s not completely ridiculous, right?

    • mattttttt says:

      youre right it is ridiculously stupid. why would NY trade for JJ bloated contract and give up their franchise player. amare>>JJ, especially for the way NY is building. theyre looking to bring in either melo or cp3 within the next 2 years, and amare fits their games better than JJ does.

      NY would officially be the worst franchise in all of sports if they ever thought that trade made sense.

      the only way that happens is if horford or smith are included along with JJ and NY would probably ship out danilo and randolph as well.

      i still think my bynum–smith is the best option and it benefits both teams.

    • Jay-Dizzee says:

      Dumbest idea i ever heard. Knicks not trading Stoudemire period. Everyone are bringing out fantasies about who to trade for Josh. Someone wrote about theLakers trading Bynum for Josh? Are they smoking something Lakers not trading him come on ppl’s get your basketball IQ straight. Also Hawks not beating Orlando, Miami, or Boston so this talk is pointless and unimportant.

  21. Jay says:

    They better not trade him. He’s practically all we have defensively. No other player on the team does as much on defense as this man. Even if we trade him and manage to get some crazy sick point gaurd like chris paul we would end up with something we already have ( a point gaurd who can score just as well as he can dish the ball out.) only to give up something we wouldn’t be getting back ( a strong defensive player.) If we give him up we’d be even worst off than if we made no trades at all. What they need to do is get rid of ZaZa, he only gets in the way anyway, and I swear everytime he steps on the floor or score drops and we start losing. There’s almost no need for Pachula so why do we still have him on our team. What we need is another big man that can be in the paint with Josh or Al. We need somebody that can hang with bigger centers like Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan, and Pau Gasol ( who isnt all that good but would still murder ZaZa and give Horford trouble.) I thought we were gettin Shaq and he isnt all that good but he would at least be someone that can hold his own with guys like them.

  22. Niko says:

    If j-smoove will be traded I think Boston should get him because j-smoove can play SF-PF and what Boston needs is a defensive stopper and j-smoove is a defensive stopper so I think he will be a great impact if he goes to Boston

  23. Raps says:

    Reggie evans and calderon for Josh Smith

  24. ElyBrazil says:

    Serioouusss? I don’t Believe. Trade Smith Only players) Melo Anthony, Chris Paul. Chris Bosh, Amar’e Stoudemire, Gerald Wallace (maybe),

    The Hawks need Superstars players, and Smoove in the floor: Grab Rebounds, block shots, High Flyers Dunks, have explosio/ energy/ passion.

  25. Mook G says:

    Dont trade Josh mann. Hawks need a better PG and a good defensive center. Move Hortford to the pf spot and Josh to the 3 spot and they will be unstoppable.

  26. Anonymous Random says:

    If you are a Hawks fan and think Joe Johnson deserved that max contract, you should feel ashamed of being a Hawks fan.
    If you are a Hawks fan and think Josh Smith is less valuable than Al Horford, you should be ashamed of being a Hawks fan.
    If you are a Hawks fan and think Josh Smith is less valuable than Joe Johnson,.. . .you actually might have at least SOME sanity in you.
    But I personally think Josh Smith is WAYY more valuable than Joe Johnson (I know, very arguable, just IHO).

    Josh Smith:
    -Youngest player to record 900 blocks
    -Youngest player to record 1000 blocks
    -Runner-up Defensive player of the year
    -Has the killer instinct (to win games and playoffs)
    -Has all the intangibles (to win games and playoffs)

    Players who have the intangibles and killer instinct to win games: 1 in a million.

    Shooting Guards who can average 20 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and chokes in the clutch: you could find a billion of those right off the street.

    Josh Smith is undervalued and underpaid by his franchise, poor decision-making by Hawks management.
    First player I think about when someone mentions the Hawks: Josh Smith
    First thought that comes to my mind when someone mentions the Hawks: Joe Johnson is freakishly overpaid!!

    Even though I’m not from Atlanta, I always rooted for them to do well in the regular season and playoffs. It’s sad to see them in such a tough situation with one of the most powerful players in the league, Josh Smith.
    The league is running out of power players these days and leaning more towards pansy big men with a jumpshot and finesse. Josh Smith is a rarity for the league’s current generation, he should be paid more.

  27. GM says:

    Trade Josh Smith for Chris Paul….you mean the player they should have drafted in the first place instead of Marvin Williams in the draft that year………..Joe johnson is soooooo overated also.

  28. MB37 says:

    I wanna see J-Smoove in Toronto.

    Smith for Barbosa, D. Andersen an 2 future 1st round picks 🙂

  29. ACEMAN says:

    The Atlanta Hawks are not an elite team. Elite teams = Lakers, Boston, Heat….sometimes Magic. Atlanta is a second rate team. Second rate = Dallas, Thunder, Bulls, Utah….Teams that are mixing 1 crucial piece that will push them over the edge. They are so weak at Point Guard and Small forward that it cancels out their “Big 3.” Josh Smith isn’t good enough at his position to be considered a threat so I’d say trade him.

    No team is shaking in their boots like…”how are we gonna guard Josh Smith!?!?!” Who cares! LOL…he’s good…not great. And right now he is about as good as he’ll get. He is the equivalent of Luol Deng, Rashard Lewis, Trevor Ariza type of players. Guys who have probably reached their prime and can have fantastic nights…then other nights they are invisible. They are great compliments to a big 3…but definatley can’t be consider PART of the big 3. And Atlanta’s “Big 3” is so weak…that him being part of it only makes them worse.

    I say trade him now…but get some value! And send Marvin Williams’ bum a$$ packing as well! Aim for Melo or Paul…if not go to NJ for Harris, Favors, and maybe a Terrence Williams. Or go to the knicks and try to Snatch Wilson Chandler, Turiaf, and Tony Douglas. Just some thoughts…trying to be realistic here.

    Oh and please get off of Joe Johnson’s ^uts! 1) Kobe 2) Gasol 3) Lebron 4) Wade 5) Bosh 6) D. Williams 7) Rose 8) Paul 9) Melo 10) Dwight 11) Durant 12) A’mare Not in that order….but just a couple of guys I’d take before Joe Johnson.

  30. jb says:

    @ERIC (very top, early comments)

    ur an idiot..

  31. ariel says:

    It does’nt matter Miami and Boston will battle for the Eastern Conference championship anyway so why bother.

  32. woops says:

    If they had drafted cp3 instead of marvin williams then this wouldnt even be a problem now…. or even anyone else… there was heaps of players in that draft that have had better careers so far then marvin

  33. kurboi says:

    *Look trading J-Smoove is out of the question*
    Remember what Miami’s big three did? They Sacrifice money to play together. Contracts can be redid. Even though Joe likes all that cash he don’t deserve… I think he will redo his contract just potentially land Melo in the off-season as well as Horford. There are a few moves that the hawks can do.. This move rite here can be a move next off season, when all this cap space come to play.. Trade marvin williams for a second round pick.. B/c no team will trade for any player for this guy. Plus it will free up some cap but still its close a the mid level exception… Trade Bibby of a garbage player.. Only creating some cap space…. Plus I kept up teague in the off season and I think he is ready to make that leap.. Just like Rondo the Celtics have to take that chance.. teague is a better shooter than rondo.. but teague could improve on his decision making. I been an atlanta sports fan all my life.. Remember the hawks when they had mookie, smith, mutombo..(spell check that) but it prolly was a 3 mill diff between thier contracts.. they were about trying to win.. Even tho they couldnt get passed the bull back then… Then again its all wishful thinking.. but You can destroy a big three when you have a dominate five..
    * Check it out*
    Pg. Jeff Teague
    Sg Joe Johnson (ppl I been watching the hawks when they first got him. He’s a two guy..
    Sf Carmelo Anthony
    Pf Josh Smith (The home time guy the growth of his game is the reason the hawks have gotten better)
    C Al Horford (undersized or not that why they paid you is to bang.. Hit the weight room fool)

    All they need to do is reconstruct some contracts.. IF they want to move to that next level.. they will…

    They next option is to trade joe for a number two guy who gets paid like a number two guy and try to sign melo.. but im still a lil hasty about what he said after getting whooped last yr

  34. mattttttt says:

    i honestly think the lakers should consider a bynum–josh smith trade. heres why:

    both of their contracts are close. bynum is scheduled to make about 14$ million this year while while smith is scheduled to make about 12$ million. both teams gain something they do not have. right now the lakers biggest weakness, in my eyes, is weak-side help/defense as well as the lack of an athletic big. gasol and odom are skillful, but not freak athletes, who can get you 3-4 easy dunks/lobs a game. the hawks get something which they have clearly been missing the past few years, and thats a legit big man. bynum, when healthy, is one of the best centers in the league. he matches up well to other bigs in the east like howard, perkins and noah. face it hawks fans, youre not winning anything with that tiny front line. not with the celtics and magic having so much bigger frontlines. they would finally have someone to match up to these teams, and they could move horford to a more natural PF position. the only question for the hawks is whether they want to gamble on a injury prone 7-footer. i think the answer is obvious. youre not winning with this current team, and your best chance is to get bigger. i think the trade more than favors the hawks, so the lakers would probably ask for another player. i think theyd have their pick of any hawk that isnt JJ or horford. theyd probably ask for pachulia and make the hawks take vujacic’s expiring contract. i think this trade is more than fair, and both teams improve.

  35. Mauie says:

    im a big fan of nets, y not trading j-smoove in new jersey for murphy and a second round draft pic. the nets still have the money to give smith a good salary and playing time. they will be a good and running team with harris running down the ball and j-smoove and t-will waiting for harris to past the ball. if that will happen, they are just like the run and gun nets in 2002 when they went to the finals with kidd and kittles on the backcourt and van horn on the perimeter waiting for kidd to give him the ball… just only my opinion… =)

  36. con says:

    they’re just not going to resign ja crawford cus they gt jo crawford

  37. bananaeater says:

    You guys all need to learn how to spell.

  38. Hawkoser says:

    They as well trade him if they can’t even beat Miami, Orlando, or Boston. What’s the point of keeping him and going over the luxury tax if you ain’t winning those important games, especially playoff series. Trade him for a big dude that can average a double-double (points-rebound) so that Horford can play his role as power forward. The reason that are losing is because they don’t have a big present in the paint. That’s right, J-Smoove is not big enough to defend the painted are and neither is Horford.

  39. Sammy says:

    Trade him to the suns, we need some help.

  40. Hollywood Shuffle says:

    People, people, people, you don’t know what time it is!!! This is business we’re talking about. It ain’t about the game or players…it’s about markets and commodities, nobody’s overpaid if you look at the big picture….if a player attracts attention, fans come in, media comes in, endorsements come in, dollar – dollar come in. The market value of a player is only partly determined by the quality of his game, so many other factors come into play. This is exactly why Shaq is still around, his image is way bigger than his game and it’s the image that creates the cash flow

    Winning or losing is determined by a lot of factors, talent and durability are important ingredients

  41. Heat says:


    • John says:

      dumbest reponse ever.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      LOL!!!!!! Another retarded heat fan. Dude wake up. They heat aint winning a championship. Dont get me wrong, they look good, they will be fun to watch. But they are weak at center and weak at point guard, two important positions. The celtics did and will continue to kill the heat because they have a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better point guard. And i really shouldnt have to say anything about the center position, it is a complete joke!! The magic, in the playoffs will dominate the heat. They wont even make it to the playoffs to face the Lakers dude!! Your too funny!!

  42. Bready says:

    I agree that J-Smoove is valuable piece for the hawks but I don’t think the Hornets would ever give up CP3 for J Smoove. It’s almost comparing Isaiah Thomas for Shawn Kemp . So The hawks to trade marvin Williams,Mike Bibby and 1 st round pick to fill the roster they want

  43. Paul Whitaker says:

    I think we should trade Bibby, Crawford and Williams and pick up a true center and better point guard.

  44. OTee says:

    dont trade him.. simple!

  45. imhotepkanduli says:

    signing joe johnson with that huge amount of money is the most desperate move ever from the hawks..
    why would you resign a player with that kind of contract knowing that they have NO CHANCE of reaching the east conference finals with that lineUp???

    sacrificing josh smith is an awful move but it would benefit him..
    at least he would have a better chance of winning a title.

  46. MM says:

    ATL move J-Smoove and they done. He is my fave player and more franchise than Joe in my opinion. I wouldn’t be suprised if he will be DPOY this year at all.
    Damn, Hawks need to move Marvin or somebody else if they don’t have enough money to keep everybody even if they won’t get much from this trade.
    ATL don’t even thing about moving Josh!

  47. Goto Guy says:

    Lets admit it, Atlanta is a combination of really second or third option players as their core then role players to fill the roster. This is good if you were the pistons of 04′

    The difference is that teams now are loading up, and the management of the team knows that this group would win 50 games or more in the regular and are likely to get into the second round but nothing more. After the second round is the round of the elite teams in the league.

    J-smoove can be a good difference maker on a contender or even a good option for a team with an elite point. The hawks are already toast for the salaries they gave their other players. The cap is definitely shrinking and ain’t going to get bigger anytime soon. So they need to dump players with huge contracts and start with new talent as this group has already maxed out their potential.

  48. the magic says:

    at the end of the day. The Hawks screwed themselves by giving Choke Johnson that daft max contract. Even though i’m a magic fan, It’d be sad to see someone like J smoove leave ATL. He works so damn hard for the hawks, and is still young enough to add to his game.

    if the hawks had passed up on choke johnson, they wouldn’t be in this situation now. And lets be honest with or without johnson, its not like they wont still make the playoffs and get torched in the first round!

  49. ewok says:

    inorder for the hawks to succeed they need a bunch of under paid players. the players have to realize that too so that they can accept lower wages. miami did it. boston did it, and the lakers did it. the hawks are below them cause their players are greedier.

  50. Josh Rafferty says:

    Honestly, the Hawks have made so many poor financial decisions over the last 24 months that they deserve to lose Josh Smith. They grossly overpaid Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams, and EVEN IF the Horford extension is financially prudent, they’ve just made too many mistakes in recent years. Besides, this Hawks team isn’t going anywhere in the long run, so trade Smith now.

  51. armando says:

    joe J is way overrated, hawks need to make a move.

  52. Jowo says:

    Melo or CP3, who ever is reading this, come to Atlanta.
    And I still blame overrated Joe, and good for nothing Rick Sund for all the financial problems surrounding the Hawks.
    GO HAWKS!!!

  53. Hawks Fan says:

    First of all Atlanta is a team to watch out for…There extremely athletic and can score…They need to get there defense up which Josh Smith is the core of…But they can score against anyone…Being a big hawks fan they are waaaay better than wat people think…The reason the flunked in the playoffs last year is coaching and heart…They should of let Joe go but for some reason overpaid him. But cant cry over spilled milk…But the team they have now can beat any team in the NBA on any givin night. They have experience in the playoffs now…There bench is gettin better with teague and pachulia… They have a better bench than Heat… But they can go far in playoffs its up to the coaching and the leadership of joe johnson…But mock my words they are upsetting someone in the playoffs this year….Heat, Magic or Celtics… and getting to the East finals…
    GO HAWKS….

  54. MUBWAR says:

    J-Smoove for CP3 or Carmelo. what are you guys smoking? he is not on there caliber. Swap him for Bargnani will be great for both cities. Atlanta needs a better scoring PF and Toronto needs an all around guy. That makes more sense.

  55. m$ney says:

    It doesn’t matter because Lakers are going to win it all anyways.

  56. Peter says:

    Well Don’t Hate on me when I say what im bout ta say aight yall?
    This is just my opinion on how this here trade should lay out aight.

    here goes…I am suggesting trade Joe Johnson and another role player like Jeff Teague for C-Melo and possibly another role player ? A 2 for 2 deal. whatchu all think bout this?

    the line is as so,

    PG – Bibby
    SG – Crawford
    SF – C-Melo
    PF – Smith
    C- Horford

    Or Melo at SG and Williams at SF in the starting lineup and Crawford coming off the bench.

    JJ and Jeff Teague for Melo and some1 like Shelden williams is pretty decent cuz Hawks get an elite player and another big man in the mix which they lack a bit. Teague is like backup for Bibby almost, but ATL have a better backup at that in Jamal Crawford or potential good player in rookie Jordan Crawford who did fairly well in the preseason.

    Now their roster would look like

    PG – Bibby
    SG – C-Melo
    SF- Williams
    PF – Smith
    C – Horford

    Backups – Jamal, Jordan Crawford, Sheldon Williams, Pachulia, Maurice Evans,
    Thats pretty good right there. or put Marvin Williams to come off the bench and put Smith, Horford, Pachulia in the frontline. This should be good team. If C-Melo doesn’t work out then it’s Joe Johnson for Danny Granger 1 for 1.

    Sounds good? Or no. Don’t hate on me now.

    • Peter says:

      And also they can always play C-Melo, Jamal, and somebody who can score together. Or just give up like Jamal and two other guys for C-Melo.

  57. The Don says:

    If they can get Melo or or CP3 I think its a no brainer. That would automatically turn them into contenders and give them a strong chance at chasing titles for years. With Johnson, Horford, and Crawford teams would have to play Melo 1 on 1 and that means hell for defenders.

  58. six6heat says:

    The hawks are stuck and will be stuck for the next 6 years unless they make a trade…they over paid joe johnson, they gave him #1 money when he is clearly a #2, no other team in the league would have gave him that much, now the hawks are stuck with that contract…horfoed is playing out of position, he would be a def all star at power forward. they need to keep josh smith because a trade want bring in what they think he is worth…call memphis and see what they want for marc gasol. the hawks will be a 4 to 5 seeds until the bucks and bulls learn how to win, then they will be 6 to 7 seed for the next 5 years….the seats are still empty in atlanta, joe johnson aint filling them up, that’s part of what max money suppose to do…lol

  59. Anthony says:

    josh smith is a key componant to the hawks team. he provides defence from all angles and offence. the only thing the hawks are missing is a playmaker. rading josh would knock this team way off coarse. on that same tip yes joe johnson is overpaid but at the same time he is underrated. he needs to step up his game a little and be more consistant. honestly as hard as this is to say. i’d rather see them trade bibby and williams together for a more versatile point guard/playmaker. -HLR-


    get rid of PACHULIA he’s the waste of a center , and clear out the bench a little it makes no snese for a team that worked so hard to be playoff worthy to now take one of the four legs of the table, so everything comes crumbuling down.
    is paying some money really wosre then not making playoffs. i dont think so .. it seems to me like the NBA is getting so cheap right now , or should i say alot of teams are.

    the upside of this is that teams that do have the money in the piggy bank, can go bargin shopping for a nice powerforard who is maturing in his own right , the NETS would have a very good forward and rising center (LOPEZ)
    with D.HARRIS running the floor.
    the KNICKS on the other hand would have a weird one two punch of sorts with AMARE and smith who could possibly play the 3.
    and the KNICKS could trade GALLO- if they really wanted to seal the deal , but they dont have to and if they don’t they will be even better by adding JOSH, maybe not playoff bound this year but next year they could get in the mix.

  61. Jay-Dizzee says:

    yall some silly people who dont know the game nor the financial part of the situation. Im not a hawks fan but i do know Josh Smith is the #1 man on the team. When i think of Hawks i think of Josh not Joe or anybody else. First off they not gonna trade for a Melo or CP3 because they need to lower the cap! The only reason the article states about that trade for a Melo or CP3 is because Josh haves that much talent to be traded for but cannot happen due to there need to lower the salary so they would have to trade for someone with far less talent than Josh. Thats the issue! They can trade Marvin but he only worth 8 mil but thats nearly mid-level so thats out and they just signed Horford to an extension he’s out so all you have left is Joe, Josh and maybe Bibby. I would say trade Joe for 2 guys mainly a good center and a decent PF. Hawks have too many guards and small forwards it wouldnt hurt to lose one. Why they signed Joe Johnson to a max deal was stupid they already had Crawford, Williams, and Smith.

  62. SJ says:

    Not really a Hawks fan but I must say that their occasional fastbreak with J-Smoove was always an interesting one.

    Honestly, I do believe J-Smoove is a big core of the team right now but if they can get someone more consistent, it’ll just benefit the team. As much versatile he is, the area he lacks in besides his shooting has been consistency over the past years. Last year’s Magic series just perfectly showed how Hawks desperately needs someone who can consistently deliver on a nightly basis. Sure, no one can play well for 82 games, but at least someone that can provide something for the team regardless of how other teammates are doing.

    I have no clue what kind of player they can get in return, but focusing too much on J-Smoove’s athletism and having high standard for player in return might truly hurt Hawks in the upcoming years.

  63. Omarisgay says:

    if i was the hawks i’d trade smith for a cheapass rookie or something cuz no matter what they’re gonna lose crawford or him
    maybe a good diea would be to trade smith to the raptors for demar derozen ed davis and round picks that’ll work out for them cu the young talent has much ceiling in those 2 players + there are two of them so if you miss on one the 2nd will probli be good + the round picks are round picks..

    Anyway im talking crap outa my ass i just want raptors to nagg a player >.>

  64. Sylvon says:

    The best move possible at this moment for the Atlanta is to deal him to the Blazers. They could get Greg Oden and Rudy Fernandez.

  65. Jared Voeller says:

    Okay here is what the deal is! A shooting gaurd/small foward often times is not the best option to go along with a good point gaurd (take melo and johnson for example) Where as a center and point gaurd often times work great together! If they traded J-smoove for cp3 that would be terrible… they already have good *small* players… on the other hand if they traded J-smoove for melo that might be okay but think about it… do the Nuggets really want J-smoove?? I mean they don’t really need him it seems to me… Also another reason why not to trade J-smoove for melo would be the fact that melo is a 1 man show…. do the hawks really need a 1 man team? where they rely on melo to have his 25 points? I SAY, The Atlanta Hawks need something new… They need a good small foward without getting rid of Josh Smith! Josh Smith is what the entire team leans on…. HE IS NOT A ONE MAN SHOW! He is like Tim Duncan…. Trade any player on the hawks team but Josh Smith! He is in fact one of the funnest players to watch! I would not trade Josh Smith for Kobe…. (I like Kobe btw)

  66. Daryl 3 says:

    Good trade for both hawks and nuggets . hawks get to get rid of josh smith’s salary and they get a super star in return

  67. Jackson says:

    Come on! The Hawks just made the biggest mistake of the century, making Joe Johnson the highest paid free agent of last summer. It won’t hurt that they trade away J-Smith now. If that is the case, its very understandable, GM Sund is out of his mind. But seriously, what the Hawks need to do in order to improve its roster is to trade Joe Johnson, now that he was signed for something he doesn’t deserve, they could at least trade him for someone like Melo specially now that Melo isn’t certain if he wants to stay with the Nuggets. It is pointless to trade for CP3 because they still got Bibby and Crawford in the backcourt, but unless you trade Joe J for CP3 and move Crawford to the starting lineup and Bibby off the bench, then that trade would make sense.

  68. KK says:

    Trade him to Phoenix! It would be the perfect replacement for Stoudemire! But what can Phoenix offer in return may not make this deal possible. I would love to see him in Phoenix though.

  69. denis_hawk says:

    I hope this rumour be only that, a rumour. Trading Josh Smith by my opinion would be terrible. He’s probably the best player in our team, at least in terms of energy and motivation, he is the leader one. He has grown a lot over the past few years and has a lot of hired potential.
    If the Hawks want a trade put Williams and Bibby or Williams +pick. At this time this team doesn’t need another superstar in the mix, only need a good player able to strengthen PG or C positions, and I think that going with Bibby+Williams or Williams+pick would give us that oportunity to land the correct player in order to solve our unbalanced roster.
    I’m sure there are teams who would trade for those players. As i said, we don’t need a superstar, we only need a piece (or two) to fill the puzzle correctly to fight as the same level as Magic, Celtics and Heat.
    Don’t forget the extra motivation a new coach like Drew gives. This should be the main difference with past year and the real fact that may lead us to higher hights. We have a very good team, don’t ruin it with bad moves and please, don’t try to destabilize us. Go Hawks! Greetings from Spain.

    • daez says:

      Williams + Bibby would be the best option. With Bibby, they can pick up someone decent at PG and/or C position(s). If you go with Williams + Pick, who would want to take on Williams? And with the Hawks being a playoff team, a pick wouldn’t be too valuable.

  70. Greg says:

    I really appreciate the Hawks. And Josh Smith sure is in my top3 fav players.
    Josh Smith is a franchise player, that’s for sure, and he’s one of the only few to be a defensive franchise player. Joe Johnson should be scoring more, but they have Jamal Crawford who can put up points from the bench and Bibby ain’t a bad scorer either when he’s in a good day.

    Having either Melo either CP3 would be a very good thing on the offensive end for Atlanta, but they would lose a lot inside with the loss of Smith when it comes to defense. And I don’t know if Melo or CP3 would be able to share the “Star potential” and the big shots with Joe Johnson.

    One thing is sure, I really don’t see why the Nuggets would get J-Smoove as they filled up their 4th position. Denver needs a 3 to replace Melo, and obviously Josh Smith can’t be that guy (even though I’d love to see him in Denver).

    I believe the Hawks should get a better franchise player than Joe Johnson for the scoring, so that they could be very good at both ends of the court.

  71. Aaron says:

    JZ we wont get anything like granger for marvin. Granger is way more valuable and just throwing another player thats almost an allstar is not the answer. I cant see granger fitting into the offense. And everybody down plays joe because all they see is highlight plays in the NBA and dont appreciate fundamentals anymore and then half dont even realize how good his defense is. Just because your not leading in steals or blocks doesnt mean you dont have good defense.

  72. Ayce says:

    go to the heat. trade anybody n make josh play the 4 n bosh play the 5. thell be boshy n smooth down there 🙂

  73. Aaron says:

    Jared obviously is a hater and dislikes the hawks so idk y hes even checking this out . Im sorry but Number 2 players just dont make the All-Star team 4 years in a row. And i think we should keep josh and maybe move marvin and maybe even teague or bibby in that. Marvin is decent but he has been around 2 long still not to have been worked into the offense like he should have been already. Josh needs to stay because he does waaay to much work for the team that keeps us in games and ultimately win them.

    • Mr. Spann says:

      I agree…Marvin as poor footwork for a guy his size. too slow and unathletic for the SF, and not strong enough for the PF. Trade Marvin and Teage/Bibby for CP3; or Marvin, Teague, and draft picks for Melo

  74. Banks says:

    Are yall stupid? Center Piece this, Center Piece that….Hawks ain’t winning a championship no way. They aint beatin Orlando, Miami, or Boston….hell not even Chicago…they might as well trade

  75. Jowo says:

    I blame overrated Joe, and good for nothing Rick Sund.
    GO HAWKS!!!

  76. Josh McDonald says:

    No way at all do you move josh Smith He is the center piece of the team and has been so for some years now. If the hawks move him they will lose a big part of what they have been building over the last few yaers. I don’t care who you try and bring in to replace him, it will not be a good move at all. bottom line you do not move him, his name should not even be in the air for such a act.
    josh McDonald
    Big Hawks Fan

    • Doomang says:

      LOL centerpiece? The guy isn’t even really a basketball player just a tremendous athlete. He’s got no post moves, can’t handle the ball, doesn’t spread the floor and is a terrible free throw shooter. All he’s good for is running the floor on the fast break and coming out of nowhere for blocked shots, basically a poor man’s Dwight Howard.

  77. clarence says:

    If the hawks would move anybody, it shoould be marvin williams and mike bibby for someone. Josh Smith is probably the best player on the team because he is extremly versatile. Although he can’t shoot the three he is extremly good on defensive and is decent in offense. Now you want to trade the only consistent player we have. If anything I would’ve let joe johnson go not give him a MAX deal. On problem for atlanta is bad management. One obvious problem for atlanta is that they won’t address the center position for nothing. Ifd they had to trade josh smith, atleast try to put a trade for carmelo or cp3 and no one else. That is the only acceptable trade I would try to do. But if I know the stupid hawks, they will trade him for someone unknown or waaaaaaaaaaaaaay less valuable, AND NOT EVEN A CENTER STILL!

    • Anthony says:

      i agree here. atlanta is too focused on getting athletic players that wnt to make their own plays. they constantly shoot for midsized guys instead of what they actually need. a big man to help horford down low and a playmaker to distribute the ball. i think its not the players preventing the hawks from winning the championship. its the staffs poor decision making. getting mike bibby was a step in the right direction for experience but he still lacks what they need at that position. jamaal crawford was was also a good decision to help spread the floor but still they need someone to put it all together and get the ball moving. their staff only sees points and there’s far more to the game than that

  78. eddieboy says:

    Quoted from AKH
    “when you think of the Atlanta Hawks the first player who comes on my mind is Josh SMith. ”

    same thing i had in mind. J-smoove is a franchise playah!!

    I agree that hawks is not “yet” a championship contender team.. but man..
    josh smith is defensive/offensive player. (also a real highlight film).
    to be honest, i thought josh smith has a higher salary than JJ.. LOL

  79. JZ says:

    If I were the Hawks, I would move Marvin Williams. He’s not the greatest player and I think they could get someone better like Danny Granger.

  80. Dale says:

    I’m not a huge Atlanta Fan but that doesn’t fit, can’t mess up your core without a lot of negative vibe to the team. Look at teams that have done stuff like that and totally messed their teams up. But the Hawks really have to start playing hard throughout games, it’s like they sleep for a quarter thinking it’s no big deal, they have to stay on ball for all 4 quarters, then NO one gets moved… They have a chance, they just gotta want it more….

  81. George says:

    I think he might just go to the Pacers for Danny Granger. Let explain…

    Pacers need – A Power Forward (Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansborough right now are not starters for a contending team, which every team wants to be, acquiring J-Smoove would be a great move.

    Hawks need – A Small Forward or Center (Their starting SF is Marvin Williams, a role player, at most. I know a play off team needs a better forward than that, Danny Granger is a perfect fit, he can score like you won’t believe. Maybe the Pacers put McRoberts in this deal since he is a good role player with under-rated potential and is tall enough for Centre position in return maybe the Hawks put a 1st Rounder in there.

    Let’s talk about the drafting of Paul George, I see NO reason for the Pacerrs to draft an offensive minded SF when they have Granger, right away, I knew Danny was out of Indiana. Let’s look at potential line-ups.

    PG – Mike Bibby
    SG – Joe Johnson
    SF – Danny Granger
    PF – Al Horford
    C – Josh McRoberts/Zaza Pachulia

    PG – Darren Collison
    SG – Sorry, I don’t know who they are playing at SG
    SF – Paul George
    PF – Josh Smith
    C – Roy Hibbert

    I love the “Win Now” team in Atlanta and the “Potential Contenders” team at Indiana.

    • Mr. Spann says:

      love the scenario…very interesting

    • Peter says:

      Aye George, that team there makes more sense. Granger and Smith trade is pretty decent move. ATL might need ta give up Smith and one lower profile player to get Granger tho.

    • Anthony says:

      the only reason i disagree with this is because josh is not only a part of atlanta’s offense but their defense too. danny would bring them more points but they’d lose out on the defensive end.

    • Evan says:

      How about a trade for Tayshaun Prince? He is a great all around player, he can score, rebound, and he is a great defender with extensive playoff experience. Not to mention he is a strong veteran player who is a great addition to any locker room. He could easily slide into Atlantas system, and his contract is reasonable and it expires next year so they would have the option to re-sign, or let him go for cap space.

    • Mike says:

      No, Just no.

  82. Lu says:

    I personally think that giving Joe Johnson the max deal wasn’t the perfect option for the Hawks. J-Smoove has been an essential part of the team so far and taking his talent elsewhere would be a huge blow. This is a tough call for a Gm, hope Rick Sund will get the best out of it …

  83. Abdu'l-Karim says:

    The pieces to move now are Williams and Bibby. Williams would be a great back-up forward somewhere or a starter on one of the rebuilding teams; Memphis, Golden State, Portland, etc. Teague is just about ready to take the floor and seems to be able to rise to the challenge when he’s needed to start; last season’s closer against the Cavs was great. The only problem there is making sure no one is pressured into passing to Smith on the wing; no jump shots for J-Schmoove from beyond 15 feet!!!

    • gmt32 says:

      You might want to take memphis and portland off your list marvin is not better than rudy gay for memphis or batum for portland, bibby is a big shot maker and has the most playoff experience on the team that would not be wise to move him for a young even though more skilled back up bibby can help him come along with his knowledge of the game bibby has seen just about everything, just like the lakers brought back fisher he may be older and have lost a step but his experience and reputation for hitting big shoots is the reason the lakers start him over the more skilled and quiker steve blake and shannon brown to help guide them and so they can take over the team in a year or who knows maybe by the middle of the season but to give up fisher or bibby at this point in the season would be a big mistake they dont have a veteran back up point guard if you could get one i would give him up. You see teague would see little playing time if the hawks traded for cp3 he averages 40 mins a game this would make teague useless and would stunt his growth as a player a would wash out of the league in a few years. the hawks need a big to move horford to the four his more natural postion. this would give them more size and rebounding.

      • zen says:

        I think the Hawks’ needs are well-recognized: a bruising centre to at least get them rebounds and play decent defense against top-notch bigs and occasionally get you bonus put-backs and easy buckets and extra possessions and also to perhaps slide Al Horford over to the 4 for significant stretches of the game, and also a pass-first point guard who can match up against the top-tiered 1s most teams have now (NO, WAS, BOS, UTA, PHX, CHI, NJ, GS, DAL, SA, DEN, MIN, POR, OKC, IND, MIL,SAC, and you may even want to throw LAC, ORL, DET and HOU in the mix) and also to maximize the talent on the ATL floor. The problem is that good quality bigs are few and far between, as evidenced by how people are surfacing Chris Paul’s name and recognizing the need for a 5 but have not volunteered any possibilities. Also another problem is that it is of course obvious that, given a choice, management will gladly let Bibby and Williams and even Crawford go before thinking of giving Smith up, but the trouble is Bibby and Williams will not be attractive pieces for the other teams out there for ATL to address any of their needs. Sliding Horford over to 4 will also maximize Horford’s effectiveness, but Smith cannot really play the 3 effectively on offense.

        A suggestion (I do not know how viable this is): since POR has openly indicated that they will not be extending Greg Oden and since ATL has also not given Crawford the assurance he wants, what say you all that they let Crawford go at the end of the season and make a run for Oden? Maybe they can also get some cap relief now by moving Bibby or Williams at a discounted rate for that offer sheet as well, Granted, Oden is iffy and Crawford is an integral part of the system, but perhaps this is the dice roll that is needed. Additionally, Crawford has indicated that he will like to move on for lack of commitmenf from management too.

        Lastly, to address the point guard need: there is hope for Teague to improve, and also since they are running some version of the Princeton Offense now the need for a top-grade ball-distributor is less. We have seen how WAS was able to find success with shoot-first Arenas at the point when Eddie Jordan was there,

  84. ddddd says:

    I don’t know what the heck is going on in ATL. Marvin Williams is a mid level guy at best… Not 8mil guy. Even though Johnson has been the best player on the team for years he is definitely not a max player. Horford is not a center, but has been forced to play center (admirably by the way) due to the incompetence of the management. As far as Smith, the guy would be an all-star if he were in the right system. He is a weird combo forward type that probably would be defensive player of the year if he could play the 3. While everyone in the east has gotten better, the hawks are content with their not quite good enough roster that got embarrassed by the Magic last year.
    Point being… only trade Smith if you can get a stud and a half back, preferably a bruising center who can contain the likes of Dwight Howard, Gasol/Bynum, Garnett/Shaq/Perkins, Duncan/Splitter, Noah/Boozer etc etc etc…. Or the point guard of your dreams such as CP3.

    • daez says:

      Joe Johnson is definitely NOT a max guy. Back when he was playing for Phoenix, they only used him for his 3 point shot. When he got a chance to be the number 1 guy on the team, he jumped at the chance and flourished. He transformed the Hawks from below average to playoff team. But there’s still something missing, and that is defense. Josh Smith is the Hawks provider of that. They need to keep Smith and get rid of Williams to get some more size. Throw Bibby in the mix for someone decent and give Teague a chance to play some serious ball.

      • hawksfan says:

        this is the best comment I’ve read…If the Hawks can grab themselves a good center, they will outplay a lot of teams . Trading Josh will be a stupid move……and for all the haters, Joe Johnson got game!!!

  85. AKM says:

    when you think of the Atlanta Hawks the first player who comes on my mind is Josh SMith. i really wouldn’t trade him unless we get melo or cp3. i think sund should try to make a deal with tghe nuggets. we could give smith and williams or smith and bibby for melo.

    • Law064 says:

      I agree trading Smith without getting a Melo CP3 is just crazy. Joe Johnson is over paid. If I was in the front office I wouldn’t have resigned him. Don’t get me wrong Joe is a hell of a player but he don’t have the killer instinct. He’s sort of a choker. he never show up in important games especially the 4th quarter he’s just a decoy most of the time in the last min. Josh Smith has to stay in ATL If they can’t keep him and J Crawford they’ll be going in reverse. I can’t agree more with Really. Joe is very much over paid. Just think if D. Wade went to ATL this off season. They would truely be contenders. With Joe Johnson who I call Hoe Johnson they’ll still be eliminated before the Finals. They should’ve let Joe GO!!!

      • gmt32 says:

        how do you think melo or cp3 would help the hawks problem is that they are undersized and have no post or rebounding and getting rid of smith for melo puts them further away from that melo is a great scorer but plays little d and is a below average rebounder for a small forward. if you wanted to trade smith and marvin for melo and nene that would be a trade worth having but you couldnt give up a powerfoward smith and bibby for just melo that would leave you with out a starting point guard who does hit big shoots and a powerfoward and all you get in return is melo thats not worth it you are losing to much.

      • daez says:


        Hawks would lose out on defense by trading Smith for Melo. Smith plays great D, rebounds well, can play the 3 and 4 positions, and can finish strong on the break. Melo is a proven scorer, he would put up big numbers, but with JJ and Crawford in the mix, i’d say his scoring numbers would drop. “melo is a great scorer but plays little d and is a below average rebounder for a small forward” dude that’s untrue. Melo is strong, a solid rebounder when he’s under the hoop. He plays on the perimeter so much, you never notice. Remember back when he played in team USA, he was starting PF and saw some minutes at C. Mainly because his size and rebounding ability. Trading Smith for Melo would be nice, but wouldn’t solve much

    • dean says:

      johnson and williams for melo. cp3 isnt worth smith

  86. Marcos says:

    I really think that they should trade josh smith I mean he’s good but he is not the best player in the team besides is like the people said joe johnson is a 2 guy so the only thing that makes sense is to change smith for a melo I am sure that if the nuggets and the hawks can work a fair deal to change smith and some other subtible player in the hawks roster to change for melo

    • gmt32 says:

      yeah that sounds good but it doesnt fix their problems the nuggets have decent big men when kenyon and anderson get back with nene you would have to put one of those players in the trade and the thats the hawks problem they have to many one on one perimeter players i dont know how much carmelo would help they basically have a bunch of give me the ball and clear out players which is their problem they have bad team chemistry and no ball movement and they dont trust eachother they would need to trade smith for a big center who has a good post game and can pass the ball so they could put horford at his natural four postion this would make the team much bigger and you can get good spacing with bibby at the three point line and have guys like johnson and williams and crawford cut off the bigs and get some player and ball movement and this would give them more rebounding and assist making the game easier for them. They should have signed a center like brad miller or eric dampier big body and rebounds and pass well, or they should try to trade for a player like marc gasol or some one of that caliber that would fix more of their problems rather than adding another perimeter out for himself like carmelo, chris paul is great but he needs the ball in his hands to much for the hawks to suceed, johnson and crawford are not good off the ball players they dont cut well and are not great set shooters. thats why cp3 excels in NO they give him a decent post player with okafor and west and give him shooters like peja and ariza and peterson they have good spacing and it gives him a lot of space to work with and create mismatches. those two would not make the hawks any better.

      • KingVision23 says:

        I agree with having a big center for the hawks because they are a small team. Teams like Lakers, Celtics, Rockets and so on who have 7″centers will have a rebound advantage and better post defenece. I wouldn’t trade Josh Smith. He’s the best defender on that team. He can play different positions. I would get rid of marvin williams and a couple of other guys who barley even play. If you can move Josh Smith to the 3 position in which he can play and move Horford to the 4 and get a decent center then they will be straight. I know they have salary cap issues, but they need to find a way to work this out with out trading Josh Smith. Josh Smith still got game that he can improve on and he’s getting better. Defense wins championships. If they end up building a full offensive team then they will become like the suns and warriors who were top in the league in offense. Bibby getting older not younger. They need a better point guard who can push the ball around and a big center. YOu don’t really need a center who can score crazy but a center who can rebound and play good defence. Spurs in the early millenium were winning championships cuz of there number 1 defence so is the lakers winning because they have defence. Artest for crying out loud is a defender and assisted the lakers to a championship. Josh smith is way better than artest and Josh smith young. So I say keep smith and build around your core players. Dont sacrifce defence. Unless you can find a player who is a better scorer and defender than I would say go for it but there will be a salary problem cuz the hawks killed there bank with Over paying Joe Johnson.

    • dean says:

      smith should stay and williams or johnson should go. Joe is over rated

    • daez says:

      Nahh, keep Smoove. He’s too versitile for the Hawks to lose. Ditch Jophnson, Williams and Bibby, Get Amare, a decent center and let Teague start. They need defense and size, Crawford, Horford and Smoove can fill the offensive void for JJ, especially if they had Amare.

  87. jared says:

    They might be forced to make a move here even though Josh Smith is a great utility player. Either way I kind of think this team is stuck where they are: a maybe 3, probably 4 seed team that can’t get anywhere in the playoffs. Face it you guys paid Joe Johnson like he is a top of the line number 1 guy which he isn’t. He’s a really good number 2. I don’t see this team going anywhere.

    • verbzz says:

      shut up Jared… joe Johnson is a number 2 guy?? well then so is Lebron then… HE IS THE ONE STAR WHO HAS HAD NO HELP IN 6 YEARS BUT SOMEHOW PEOPPLE WHO ARE CAUGHT UP IN THE FASHION PARADE OF THE NBA NEVER SEE THAT!!! Lebron has played with about 13 different allstars since he came in the league…And Joe played with a 1st time allstar only last year and exited in the same round as Lebron… I don’t wanna hear it… He isworth every penny…

      They need to figure out how to package Bibby and Marvin Williams and even maybe Teague in a trade and get rid of em or just exceed the luxury tax… who cares?? Smoove goes nowhere!!! and Jamal stays… if not we’re headed down instead of up!!! GO HAWKS!!! I LIKE THIS TEAM AS IS TO WIN IT ALL FUNNY ENOUGH!!! AL HORFORD FINALLY GETS IT!!! WATCH!!!

      • REALLY? says:

        Are you serious comparing Joe Johnson to Lebron? Joe Johnson is not even top 15 in the leaugue and he is getting paid a MAX salary! If you look at the Hawks over the past couple of years, they have had the guys to win but never had a SUPERSTAR to give that final push…I don’t think trading Josh Smith would benefit the team, but I don’t think the Hawks are Championship contenders either. They will be a playoff team like usual, but that is it. Joe Johnson is getting paid too much money, as is the case for most of the team.

      • koby says:

        dude, what have jj done for the hawks? 2nd round of the playoffs only and got booted out right before they even made it in man. joe johnson is overated and overpaid. he don’t deserve that type of contract and the hawks are dumb ass hell for giving it to him. al horford, mike bibby, josh smith, marvin williams, and jamal crawford are a bunch of 2nd rated players only. don’t now why they pay so much just to have dumb ass players that can’t do much when they play top dog teams. ok maybe alittle bit good, but still not the guys that i would want on my team unless you have a true later like air jordan and kobe to up their games to another level.

      • RUkiddingMe says:

        @ Koby

        I know JJ is overrated…but dont mention Bryant and Jordan in the same breath…thats disrespectful!!

      • Eric says:

        Joe Johnson actually is one of the best people at defending LeQueen and is one of the top 15 players. He’s just not overhyped like some people in the league, In case you missed their last matchup the Hawks and Joe completely wooped LeQueen and the Heat very easily. I don’t bring up that it was just preseason cause the starters played full-time minutes as the last preseason game and the game was heated. Hawks and Joe won check the scoreboard please and talent wise well…the Hawks matched great. Yes the Heats best player Wade didn’t play, but head to head Johnson straight gave LeQueen the education he should have pursued 7 years ago. LeQueen has won as many championships as Johnson and Joe is so much more of a class act, wiser and definitely deserves every penny he has made. It’s not easy coming out of Arkansas without all the media hyping your every move and he doesn’t get all the undeserved gimme calls that LeQueen enjoys either. I’m not a fan of any of these teams so don’t think I’m biased either. I’m a Nuggets and Wizards fan so I know what its like to watch my teams not get the hype or gimme calls as well. One bad charging call against Chauncey in game 5 vs the Lake show a few years back reversed the momentum of the game and outcome of the whole series. Carmelo doesn’t get those calls either, instead he ends up complaining to the refs and gets technical fouls called. It’s totally unfair for all but LeQueen and Kobe the rapist. God save us hoops fans from these evil people 🙂

      • koby says:

        rukiddingme, are you kidding me? learn how to read dude, cause you’re disrespectful dude.

      • dean says:

        josh smith is a number one guy and joe is a number two. Dont give me wrong, joes great but josh smith is the hawks number one guy. Also, it may not seem like it, but bibby not in for the trade, even in a pACKAGE. Hes doin too well for someone not even being looked at by other teams.I say marvin williams gos and u start crawford at his position. Even though they might not play the same position, we cold probaly fot him in in marvins position. Jamal is the best 6th man and should be a starter.Honestly josh so
        shouldnt be traded.

    • JS says:

      I have no idea what this guy here just said.

      • Jay Don says:

        Wow, I actually sitting here LMAO at the fact that “someone” thinks JJ is a # 1 option. I am from Miami and have resided in ATL for the last 8 years. I can honestly say the JJ is overated, but in his defense I would take that money too. I blame management, not only for resigning JJ to that contract but not pursuing Wade of Bron. In reference to the Hawks being a 3 or 4 seed, nahuh. At best they are the 5th best team in the east behind Boston, Orlando, Miami and Chicago. The hawks wont make it past for 1st round for the next five years. Lets Go Heat !!!!!!

      • Jesus says:

        1st if any trades qo down with the hawks, they should intend on trading away Mike Bibby who is ageing already, and Marvin Williams. Leave Jeff Teague there, he is a prospect, and is only getting better as the years go by. Joe Johnson, Al Horford, and Josh Smith are the core of this Hawks team. Jamal crawford is the best thing that happened to this hawks team in the past 3 years, so he also stays.

        as for this lil tlk about Joe Johnson being over-rated, and over-paid smh. For starters, Joe Johnson is under-rated, and I will admit he is underpaid. But he is only over paid for a good cause, if the hawks didnt offer him a max contract they probably wouldn’t have signed him, and then they would have dropped from wat was a 3rd eastern conference team last yr to a potential 8th seed by the end of this year. there was no one left in the market that can fill that void, and Joe is a superstar, thus the reason he was in the all-star game, but didn’t start the game bcuz who started over him… “DWAYNE WADE” Johnson is ranked top 15 in the league, and its safe to say top 10 as well.
        btw and the reason he was being booed in game 4 of against the magic last yr was bcuz the comment he said about the fans at the higlight factory. he said he truthfully didnt care if fans showed up to watch the game or not, thus the reasonhe got booed.


      • daez says:

        Joe Johnson provides offense to the Hawks. That’s it. He plays little-to-no defense. Someone in this blog said he’s one of the best at defending LeBron? HA no one can defend him, let alone Johnson. Trade him for Amare from the Knicks and get a decent Center by getting rid of Williams and maybe Bibby. Jamal Crawford can fill the void for Johnson offensively. Smoove and Horford will step up when moved to their natural positions. JJ = OVER RATED

    • Andre says:

      This team is going nowhere. There’s no young talent that will develop into much better players. JJ is at his top, Smith has 6 years behind, and because of Joe ‘overpaid’ Johnson, they’ll have no Cap space to get what’s need to be a contender until JJ contract is over. So, what happened to Atlanta is that they paid high no to win, but to keep a strong tier 2 team, that will be forever number 3 or 4 in the East, and nothing better than that. Heat and Orlando core will make then MUCH better than Hawks forever. And it’s really stupid to compare him to Lebron. Lebron with Atlanta role players would probably leave em to champioships.

  88. notty dred says:

    I would trade a guy as valuable as J-Smoove for anything unless u can get CP3, but he’ll have 2 get paid 2. J-Smoove just does 2 much for this team. He’s a home grown guy & he wants 2 win in & for Atlanta. As an Atlanta native & avid Hawks fan, wanting to win for this team n this city is IMPORTANT. Atlanta is a huge market. Why we can go over the luxury tax for once as we attempt to win it all ala Lakers, Heat, Celtics?