Stackhouse signs with Heat

Jerry Stackhouse is taking his talents and guile to South Beach. The veteran signed with the Miami Heat on Saturday to help ease the loss of injured swingman Mike Miller.

“Grateful for this kind of opportunity at this point of my career,” Stackhouse told “Mike Miller is a key part of what the Heat envisioned with this team. Hopefully, I can come and provide some depth while he’s out, as well as provide some intangibles the team could use for the long haul.”

Miller could be sidelined until January with a thumb injury. Stackhouse, 36 next month, brings 15 years of experience to Miami. Once one of the game’s more prolific scorer, he’s transitioned into a support role/locker room presence over the last few years.

Stackhouse was praised for job he did in Milwaukee last season, helping fill the void left by an injured Michael Redd as the Bucks reached the Eastern Conference playoffs. Stackhouse was an integral part of the Mavericks’ run to the 2006 Finals. He’s played for six teams since starting his career with Philadelphia in 1995.

He’s never won a ring. Now he’s got a pretty good shot at some jewelry teaming up with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

“I’ve been fortunate to have played for so many great organizations and alongside great players, but to join the Miami Heat organization and to play alongside Dwayne, LeBron and Chris and have a chance to compete for a championship,” Stackhouse said, “I just thank God.”

Stackhouse signed a non-guaranteed deal that contains several injury exceptions. While a guaranteed contract would have been nice, he’s not complaining.

“What the hell,” Stackhouse said, “it beats sitting at home watching.”


  1. young lambo says:

    I’m a lebron fan, first of all , and dwade and chris bosh so of course im going for the heat this year. I think they can beat the celtics, because they are younger and faster like OKC. The celtics are a great team dont get me wrong but i dont think they can handle lebron and dwade. LOL that is tooo much pressure on a head coach. I mean doc rivers cant draw up a gameplan until like the middle of the game, because thats when he can see who he can double team. Or otherwise who has the hot hand for the night. It might be all of them, lol . but yea i think the heat beat the celtics, the magic, and chicago in the eastern playoffs. ok it hurts me to say this but here we go. I hope kobe win…….(sigh) wins the western playoffs so he can meet lebron in the finals to prove once and for all that lebron can beat the so called best player in the world. oh yeah and lebron didnt tell on shaq lol kobe did now who is the lequeen. and i hate wen people call lebron that just because he went to miami dont mean he was suppose to be dedicated to cleveland. Hell he wasnt even born in cleveland i mean come on yall. stop hating because lol lebron taking mental notes hahahahhhaha remeber?????? go lebron go dwade go chris bosh and go eric and pat……….peace out

  2. Edge says:

    The Lakers are still the team to beat. I’m happy for Stack, he’s a hard worker and hopefully they’ll keep him around.
    If Miami wins this year great but I don’t expect it. Maybe in 2 – 3. Either way the season begins tomorrow.
    I’m not a Lakers fan by any means. Hopefully OKC will get deep in the playoffs and some other teams that haven’t had a shot maybe win the title.

  3. Law064 says:

    @Magic4champs your correct the heat has 3 top players but Orlando,Boston,& ATL have more depth and chemistry than the heat. The Heat has 2 years until they are contenders. Boston and Orlando along with ATL are 3 teams in the east that will burn the heat and they’re 3 all stars. It takes a team to win not 3 players. Mike Miller or no Mike Miller they still don’t have a chance against Boston,Orlando, and ATL. Milwaukee has a deeper team than the Heat. The Heat will only go to the finals if they cheat like they did Boston last year.

  4. Magic4Champs says:

    you cant compare how the heat did last season just by looking at their stats against one team. the lakers had an overall better record, and they came farther into playoffs. The Heat last year and the Lakers last year arent close at all in terms of skill. the only basic talent that was on the heat was dwyane wade micheal beasley was a non factor and frankly if they didnt have such a lucky streak near the end, they wouldnt have been higher than 8th seed. now that theyve added 2 all stars, two ball hogs(one bigger than the other) and matched them up with wade, u think they are better than the chemistry of a squad thats been to the finals 3 times these last years. uh uh, i like the heats core and i got alot of respect for CB DW and Riley for putting this together, but the lakers are gonna win another champ. Just look at the preaseason rankings, and ull see that Orlando Magic is the stronger squad, they only have 1 all star and 2 former yes, but they are better as a unit and will beat the heat in the semis/

  5. Elie says:

    no matter what the heat adds to the team, they still won’t beat Dwight and the orlando magic ! As for stack, he def deserves a ring, but it won’t happen this season

  6. jones23 says:

    Art, check your grammar. Three errors in this tiny piece. Oh, and I hope the Heat tank. They are exactly what the NBA doesn’t need.

  7. jay says:

    YeAH!!! OKC will beat LA.. and Miami will win the Champs!!! Go Heat.. Go Stack.. Go home!! Haha

    • BoriKinG says:

      thats what im talking bout 305 all day where the HEAT burns tru yo skin ha ha HATERS!!!!
      Miami gonna destroy the fruty green celtics tomorrow with Wade’s back instinct attack and LeBron’s Fury to let all of those know that down here in the South we dont play no games. Now with Stack’s back-up and the rest of the squad like Haslem, House, Miller(when he’s back) Jones, Mr. Z, Chalmers, Arroyo that ppl doubt when they just dont understand that he’s one of the most talent PG in the association with great dribbling skills and passing style like magic at times plus the future 2 most improven next year Pittman n Butler, wait untill he’s fully recovered next season to show everyone what a stolen that was for the Heat in the draft. Pat = Genious!!! they are going show the World History, the most amazing basketball fully sold out games of all times.

      You haters just take a look in the mirror and see whats coming…

      MIAMI HEAT 2011 NBA CHAMPS!!! and then 2012, 2013(if we all still here), 2014, 2015 and most likely many more, if not maybe a lost but then right back on the throne HA!


      should A.i. deserve a chance for a tittle after his sacrifice and only chance in the 2001 finals lost against the Lakers?
      also who should the Heat cut for Stack’s final 15 spot? Beverely and??? i say Malgloire since we got Howard, who ya’ll think…?

  8. MavsFan says:

    I’m obviously a mavs fan so I OBVIOUSLY hate the heat. Even before the big three.
    But Stackhouse deserves a ring, I watched him push himself time and time again with the mavs.

  9. dino-barrioboy says:

    a dose of fresh air… stack is an all around great guy, he would definitely be a plus to miami’s bad rep in the presses… good luck stack, i was always looking for you at transactions… i was mightily happy you found a home… unluckily i’m for boston this year.. Go boston! go stackhouse!

  10. mark d says:

    Stackhouse plays good D. He”s going to impact the game with defence

  11. czarmix says:

    that”s good , i hope he could blend well with the stars and beat LA!!!!!!!!!

  12. SB says:

    Let’s go Miami!!!
    Just happy that Stack’s in MIami

  13. dluxx says:

    Jerry Stackhouse is a great addition to the heat team..and is a great presence as a vet for the team….I think he’ll play the same role as Gary Payton for the championship team of the heat….and just to add something that doesnt make sense to me is that everyone still favors the lakers??? The heat played the championship lakers two times last season and the heat with Dwyane and a second string cast managed to beat the lakers one game and lost the second one by two points…with a kobe game winning shot! My point is that the heat paired up with them with dwyane carrying the team on his backed still manged to win one game and lose the next by only two points……How the hell would someone still favor the lakers…now that 3 of the top 10 nba players and strarting USA team line-up have team up…..??? My money is on the Heat..Period. sport casters are full of crap and hate…the heat will blow through the lakers a game 6 six max finals! and will have all the sports caster that doubted them kiss there a** next yr.. especially Sir Charles Barkely.

    • Law064 says:

      The heat will not advance past the second round IDIOT. There is no way that the Heat can beat the LAkers in a 7 game series period. They don’t have big men or a true point guard even though Lebron the Choker or the Man D-Wade can play the point they still don’t have a true point guard. Boston will go back to the Finals. Miami will be lucky to win the 1st round of the post season. Let’s hope the Big 2 and a half will be healthy come post season. Miami will not be able to beat Boston in a 7 game series. Let’s just watch tomorrow as the Heat take on Boston. Without the big three on the court the Heat don’t have anyone to go to. Let’s admit that the media has hyped up this overrated heat team. When they’re losing we’ll see the heat true colors.

      • Snype says:

        so how can u justify that laker loss with only dwayne carrying the team last year?? see this is what you call laker fans who is dull and unreasonable. ill understand if u had justified this correctly and maybe i thought yep maybe this guy is right but with what you said, you simply lost your credentials. Lakers on my opinion only added one defensive minded player with barnes, a good point guard w/ blake and yet to prove his game ebanks. , BUT with the Heat they added 1 superstar with lebron and one all star with bosh plus good vetereran players and shooters miller house and brought back jones. please laker fans if you will give out comments dont make it dull and unreasonable.

  14. jman says:

    miami heat sucks they aint going to win nothing

  15. john says:

    Good luck Stack! I´m not a Heat fan but now I hope you get your ring!

  16. sk says:

    stackhouse is the man!! hope he finds himself a nice role on this future all star team

  17. I wish you all the best, you are a real class act. we talk a few times I wanted you to go to new york, But this is much better

  18. Kiwi says:

    Lose a knockdown shooter and replace him with an aging slasher?

    No doubt Stack can help this team by providing yet another veteran presence in the locker room, but what I believe they should have been looking for is a carbon copy of Mike Miller; and it just so happens one of the best pure shooters in the world in Kirk Penney is looking for a contract after being cut by the Spurs.

    I have no doubt that Kirk could be a valuable asset to a team in need of shooters with size, like the Heat.

  19. rusty shackleford says:

    This team is pathetic.

  20. Gary says:

    I’m a Milwaukee Bucks fan and Miami are lucky to have him, he was a brilliant Role Player for us last season.

  21. […] With Mike Miller out until at least January, Kinston’s Jerry Stackhouse signed a contract with the Miami Heat today. […]

  22. Eomund7 says:

    Heat should sign Iverson… Play him at the point. safe.

  23. Drusdi says:

    Good luck Stack! I´m not a Heat fan but now I hope you get your ring!