LeBron Plays The “Ace” Card?

FT. WALTON BEACH, Fla. — A quiet training camp for LeBron James grew a bit edgy today, which is always the case whenever race is the subject.

In yet another example of how LeBron just can’t let go of the backlash he received this summer, LeBron answered “I think so, at times” when asked by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien if he thought race was behind the storm of criticism that followed him from Cleveland to Miami.

Well, you can imagine how this’ll go over with those who had beef with the man and his Decision. Just more ammunition for those looking to use it against a player who enjoyed a generous amount of respect, for the most part, prior to 2010.

LeBron is stretching it when he says race played a factor. And anyone who says race is never a factor is stretching it, too. Basically, we have no idea what’s in the hearts of those who complain about black athletes. We all have our suspicions, one way or another. But we don’t know. Is there something sinister behind the anger? Maybe among some people. Maybe not among others.

There’s a bigger issue, which LeBron and other athletes never grasp. It’s about love. The love they get from the public is purely conditional, that condition being as long as the athlete performs well, stays humble and follows a level of acceptable conduct, he will be “loved.” The problem is many athletes, LeBron included, mistake this for real love, and when it stops gushing, as it did for LeBron this summer, they feel offended and betrayed and get defensive.

It’s probably best they don’t fall so hard for conditional love in the first place.

LeBron evidently is still having a rough time coping with or understanding why he went from wearing a halo to wearing horns. This week, he’s been cooperative but often curt in media sessions. He tweeted about having an enemy list and seems to have adopted a me-against-them mentality. And none of this will serve him well in the short run, or long run.

My advice for LeBron? Don’t cite race anymore, unless you can give examples or prove you possess the power to look into someone’s soul, because the (white) fans doesn’t want to hear it. Also, let go of the summer. Lighten up. And show some humility, which often goes a lot further with the public than wins.

That’s if you care about what people are saying, if you still buy blindly into conditional love. Which I suspect he does.


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  3. Justinda says:

    He said “I think race plays a factor” in response to a question from a reporter who obviously thinks it’s an issue not worth considering. Powell’s comment that Lebron is “stretching it” and simultaneously that fans saying race is never a factor is “stretching it” seems useless. Which is it? With this country’s history, Lebron said he thinks it plays a factor is a logical answer. What’s interesting is the comment “the white fan doesn’t want to hear it”? Who is the white fan and why doesn’t he want to hear it? The answer to that seems to further back up the logic of Lebron James’ comment.

  4. mrsneakerhead33 says:

    Lebronizer is the man!

  5. Lebronizer.... says:

    Lebron is a quitter… he doesn’t compete in the slam dunk where the some of the greatest player join and showcase their talent. He also quit in his own team and admitted that he cannot carry his team on his shoulder.. Common guys.. He wil never be a great player like kobe…..

  6. mrsneakerhead33 says:

    Tribon, you know not what you say, and based on your comments I’d venture to say you’ve never been a top player on any meaningful basketball team. That was a weak argument. Him being younger is common knowledge. He’s got 3 years to start winning or he’s going to still be behind Kobe. Even if he wins 3 titles, which is possible if he can stay in MIA for 7 years, it will still not compare. The title MVP means nothing to a real nba player or knowledgeable fan. It’s given to the best player on the best team (based on wins in the season). Don’t you know that? Want to talk about MVP titles? How many Finals MVP titles has your boy won? I’ll allow a pause for the awkward silence and crickets chirping whilst you’ve nothing to say. You think that Lebron will be an impactful player for 13 years? No chance. His biggest asset is his body type. Big, burly, strong equates to a lot of pounding and a shorter career. His knees will begin having problems first..just watch. He’s overweight for the position he plays and it will come back to haunt him. 42 minutes a night for 13 years will destroy that man’s body. He’s 40 lbs heavier than TMAC, Kobe, Jordan, even fat boy Vince. It’s just extra banging and extra stress added to the body. He’s in great shape and is very string, but that’s not a basketball friendly body. For my argument I cite every other player that was borderline “too big” or who’s body was an assett while young and strong. #1 Shaq. #2 Magic #3 Yao Ming. The list goes on. Fatigue sets in and effects performance. The nagging injuries start. Without his athleticism, Bron would be garbage. One leg injury and My prediction is that Lebron’s poor work ethic, over sized body, ego and poor fundamentals will land him in the same boat as our favourite Vince Carter. He might win a couple, but comparing him to Michael only lasts a few years and then he gets bashed in every blog around the world. Kobe has a chance to surpass MJ.At this point he’s the only one. Dwayne Wade is a better player than Lebron is. I’d even rather have Durant, at least he makes no quams about poor d and is personable enough that he may want to get better. Kobe all day baby. He’s going to eat MIA and then all will see. 24 – 23 leaves #1

  7. lbj says:

    look how they play with piston…with continous play with each other they will become one..no one can stop them even kobe,pau odom……:)

  8. mike says:

    Haha last thing I just read your comment mrsneakerhead33, and all I have to say is AMEN!

  9. mike says:

    And another thing… tats1119 I am not a Kobe fan and I hate the Lakers with a passion… but you are an idiot. Kobe’s game is anything but boring. I could maybe go with you that LeBron may be more versatile. But saying that all Kobe has got is a fade away and that his game play is boring makes you sound like some stupid guy that just likes to talk crap even though you have no idea what you are talking about.

  10. mike says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I think that the best players have loyalty to their team. That being said I understand that trades happen and if a player is in a bad situation sometimes a a move is necessary. BUT LeBron was not in a bad situation! Just the opposite he was on a 60+ plus win team with a great coach in Mike Brown. They were just missing a piece or two to complete the puzzle and put together a championship team. Also I am calling BS on everyone that is saying LeBron had no talent around him in Cleveland. He had plenty of good players around him and part of what makes a great basketball player is their ability to push themselves AND their team mates to improve. A great player demands that his teammates reach their full potential. Look what KD is doing in OKC. Leading by example working hard and making everyone around him better. And you better believe Kobe does it. Pau, Odem, Bynum, ect… play at a high level in part because Kobe demands it. LeBron could have done that in Cleveland but for what ever reason couldn’t/didn’t. I also have a problem with the way LBJ went about his “decision”. He knew he was gonna leave all along he should have announced sooner and given the Cavs a chance to land some decent free agents. After everything the Cavs organization and fans gave him he should have been more classy and considerate in the way he delt with the move… but I guess he was just loving all the attention too much.
    PS Although this hurts me to say , because I am a die hard Jazz fan, I predict the Lakers will 3-peat. Kobe is too focused and determined and LBJ and D-Wade haven’t reached that level of hunger yet.

  11. Martin says:

    by the way i forgot…Lebron James is just a Regular Season player….thats the TRUTH!!!!

  12. Martin says:

    dont compare LebGay to Black Mamba…the 2 of them cannot be compared…not even close….
    Lebron is a king Without a crown..and theres no king who share his crown…now in miami Lebron is a prince..hahahha

  13. tats1119 says:


  14. mrsneakerhead33 says:

    Ok ladies and gents, I read this and had to have a piece of the pie. Lebron James is an exceptional athlete. Arguably one of the best athletes in the game. Ever. Kobe Bryant is a basketball player. Arguably one of the best basketball players ever. These two things should not be compared at present. Kobe is an all around player that has made his team mates better over and over for a dozen seasons. He has accumulated 5 rings and yes, he had the help of some other good players. He has taken more abuse than any other player out there, and still comes to work every night. Let’s not forget that he plays summer ball. He has logged more minutes than anyone else out there by a long shot (if i’m wrong he’s #2). He plays sick, injured, tired, the only other thing he can do is show up dead. Lebron James is a fantastic athlete, but is little more. He lacks the fundamental skills required of a top level PLAYER. Huh? What is this guy talking about? Just read. He can run. He can jump. He can excite a crowd and he can make millions. Lebron lacks defensive presence, he’s an easy target for good players. He has poor rebounding technique, and only lead because he jumps higher than his mediocre bigs. He can’t shoot free throws. He can’t consistently drain the long ball. I’d love to see Lebron put up 5 games of 60+ points. Or put up 80 on someone. Or make one of his teammates better. HE DOES NOT LOVE THE GAME. HE IS OUT FOR MONEY AND RESPECT. NOT WINS. The stats are all about him. He doesn’t have the work ethic of a champion. He does not have the drive to learn and progress his game daily. If he did, he would be working hard at learning the skills of the man who is the best player in the world on this very day. He quit on his team to make some extra coin and gain some publicity. He ended up losing fans, and citing the most b.s argument there is out there. Racism? LOL. The commonly revered best was black. Most of the figureheads for the sport have been black. MOST. NOT ALL. Who cares about one guy that can’t win when it counts? Wanna help Lebron out? Send him some film of what a player looks like in the 4th quarter. Or just stop talking about him altogether. Lets give his ego a chance to come back to this planet. Good luck on your new team pal. You’ll need it. Lakers 3peat. Even Bron Bron knows it.

  15. Mendez says:

    kobe and lebron have different morals. when kobe was a free agent in the summer of 06 i think, did he not resign wit the lakers? and who was on that roster? odom- ok player, butler?? smush parker? i dont remember if we traded butler for kwame yet… but the man didnt leave to go join 2 other superstars. he wanted to be the main guy. he didnt join tmac or vince carter. thats the true difference between these two.

  16. Rob says:

    okay But It’s LeBron’s decision get off his nuts…. he wanna win a title an opportunity that was stolen from him in cleveland now he dont have to worry about it because he has help…… Plain and simple people are either scared to face Miami or Happy that LeBron is finally going to do something with his talent. so leave him the hell alone his contract was up screw cleveland screw the cleveland team for lettin such a play maker HAVE TO LEAVE TO ENSURE HE WINS A TITLE… and screw kobe…

  17. john says:


    It hurts me whenever I read a story about an African-American disrespecting another African American, especially in the mass media. But, I guess that is what you get paid for: to keep tarnishing the images of positive African-American men who fought so long and hard to regain their dignity and strength that was stolen. May God Bless you and open up your eyes of understanding.

  18. Jay says:

    I just have to say went was the last time I remember having any real excitement and emotion about the NBA was when Mike came back the first time. Other than that the NBA has been sort of stale (with the exception of V. Carter’s slam dunks in 01) Lebron has single handedly ignited a fire back into the NBA. Whether you love him, hate him, hate the coverage or just want to see what happens he has drawn a tremendous amount of interest in this basketball season. But let me just say this. what’s the difference between Wade/Bosh/Lebron and Pierce/Allen/Garnett and Ginoboli/Parker/Duncan? It’s incredible the media doesnt just look at NBA history. The only difference between those big three is Lebron came in, in his prime. All three of those combinations have an MVP. (James-2, Duncan-2, Garnett-1). People are talking this “big 3” as if it was just invented. People talk about there are going to need more help than just the “big 3” well duh! boston’s big three got support from rondo and eddie house, the spurs big 3 (even though they didnt get the name) got help from big shot bob and bruce bowen and steve kerr (when he was with the team). there was jordan/pippen/grant, then jordan/pippen/kukoc or rodman, there was malone/stockton/hornacek. many teams have had what could be considered a “big three” i dont know why the media is acting so shocked at this tandum being assembled.

  19. bodega says:

    listen, main reason he left cleveland, no one wants to play there, not even money can attract players, kobe is in LA, who doesnt want to play in LA, lebron needs help, kobe has artest and gasol, who the hell does lebron have in cleveland, no one, leave the man alone, he would neva win a championship in cleveland period

  20. Hillbilly Back says:

    1. I don’t care that LeBron left Cleveland for Miami. It was his call.

    2. Race is a factor every time a rich black dude who has had people kissing his butt ever since he was a kid whines that race is a factor just because he’s being criticized. It must be rough…

  21. young lambo says:

    if you love lebron let him go and root for him wherever he goes but if you hate him for leaving cleveland then go bury yoself in the backyard. he is the best in the league no doubt about it but to say he is a coward is just wrong. im tired of you cavs fans sayin he quit when you all obviously quit on him. all he wanted was to get a ring and yall didnt help him out with enough of a supporting cast to do that. yea he did have a good squad, but they choked come playoff time. i mean really a superstar can only do so much. love him or hate him he is going to get that ring in miami. its you guys fault lol if yall would have played the sad role instead of burning jerseys yall could have made him feel guilty but instead you make his choice easier. That was your downfall cleveland and im going to be on that couch watching lebron tear kobe @$$ up december 25th lol LEBron this is your year homie!!!

  22. Shadreck says:

    LB went to the CAVS because that is the best deal he got that fit his dream at that time. That is what NBA players do. They play basketball at whatever franchise suites their needs, not the fans needs. When they win, they win to satisfy their competitive nature, not us the fans. We just happen to be there to witness it all because it fascinates us. They owe us nothing. Now, LB’s got a deal elsewhere that best suites his needs, whatever they maybe, he is a grown ass man who does his thing whether we like or not, his needs are personal. Do we get disappointed when players leave? Yes, but we should not get angry or stay angry at them for the reasons I hear and read about. We are only entitled to being disappointed with the fact that we raise our hopes and dreams for our teams to certain levels that we think that certain individuals in those teams may achieve. However, should they fail or give up, we should not forget that we are all individuals looking to satisfy our own needs and wants. Do not ever think that we and the players have some kind of personal bond. We choose to support certain teams for our reasons, and they choose to play for certain teams for theirs.

  23. Oh yea cant wait till after the season to hear everyones excuse for why the Heat didnt win maybe itll be the same as Cleveland huh no help for Lebron right…. and if Lebron was more close to the streets while he was here he would have known the jerseys were going to burn we been saying that every since he signed that p___y 3 yr contract which in turn left the Cavs with no option but to think about the now and not the future to keep him happy…..

    P.S. i am not a hater just tired of hearing all the people bad mouthing Cleveland……..

  24. Eddie says:

    All I can say is its going to be a great season, and we must respect any and all discussions made by the players. Especially it we don’t know all the details. If you don’t want to feel let down by a team then stop following teams and having a favorite team. Instead follow players and you will never be disappointed by your player leaving a team.

  25. Eric Frazier says:

    I’m sorry for responding to this just now, but LeBron James is full of poop. He’s mad because his ego allowed him to be pimped and exploited by his “advisers” and mega whore ESPN. He thought he was bigger than the game and he isn’t. Kobe learned that the hard way, and so does Mr. James. The keyword you used was “humility”. I TOTALLY agree with Charles Barkley going in on him about using the “race card”. You REALLY learn about a person after they F up…..unfortunately, LeBron’s behavior resembles my 11 year-old daughter blaming everybody for HER behavior.

    Yeah….in the streets, one would say that LeBron is acting a like a little you-know-what….just play ball, LeBron!!!!!!

  26. King Slim says:

    Here’s food for thought. He may be cocky or have a horrible ego, that’s only because you pay him millions of dollars to dribble a basketball. You have yourself to blame for that. He left Cleveland, the fans didn’t rally behind him every time they got knocked out of the playoffs. You have yourself to blame for that. So what the last couple of seasons Cleveland killed it during the regular season, but anyone who knows basketball knows that the playoffs is a whole new and intense level you have to be prepared for. You can blame Gilbert for that for not getting consistent, strong role players or not drafting the right players or trading for players past their prime. I feel your pain, there’s other ways of handling business but that’s exactly what it is a business. If you get paid to win, then you would go where you could win. The top 8 teams in both conferences either have a superstar and the real role players or they have a superstar that does all the work while everyone on the bench kiss up to you which also doesn’t help the ego issue……..Get rid of your idiot gm and Cleveland will one day become a real contender.

  27. Brandon says:

    What a lot of people don’t understand is the blacklash coming from Cleveland is from him basically saying i’m going to stay to local papers. It wasn’t that blatant obviously. But “they definitely have an edge in me resigning with them” and “this is where i’m from, i’m going to work to stay here”. We didn’t get pissed because he’s black. We got pissed because the second we got a contending team he leaves for a super team. Whether you liked them or not, the cavs, we were contenders to the East. We went threw so many years of crappy teams that were lead the finals or eastern finals by lebron himself, then when we went out and got a supporting cast he just leaves. I understand the pursuit of the ring and blah blah blah, but at the end of the day he held Cleveland by the balls and slapped us in the face with “the decision”. If he wants to turn into a race thing, let him. Because in Ohio, and many other parts of America, he’ll never been seen as the next Jordan, or the king, or the next best thing. This hurt his legacy more than him quitting in the playoffs.

    I hope he gets his ring for one reason, and one reason only: So big Z gets his ring. That guy is more deserving of a ring than anyone in the league. If not the most, he’s in the top 2. It hurt more to see him leave.

  28. Chris says:

    Lebron doesn’t have too prove his talents. If he wins a championship, we’re not all suddenly going to think he’s a good basketball player. He’s already proved that. What he hasn’t proved yet, is character. Step it up big guy. Bury the hatchet! You made some pr mistakes, admit it, get over it; show some humility. It’s the most winsome and essential of all leadership traits, on and off the court.

  29. DeMonge says:

    As a former Clevender and a true Cleveland sports fan, I have to agree that Lebron James gave his heart and soul to the Cleveland Cavaliers for almost seven years, I watched almost every game he played for the whole seven years. I watched him play sick,injured,with little talent to help him especially in the beginning, I don’t question his heart because I seen what he can do when he puts his heart in it, ala Detroit, he’s one man wrecking crew. But LEBRON I DO QUESTION YOUR INTEGRITY AND CHARACTER! I’m not going to get into why you quit on your team in the playoffs, but I know you could have played a lot better if you wanted to. That’s something you may GROW regret someday when you mature. You talk about the integrity and the character of your former owner. Where was yours?. The Cleveland Fans whether you “hate them” or not supported you for every second you wore a Cleveland Jersey. Spent millions of dollars on your merchandise. Don’t sound like we thought we were better than you. But all you can say is childish things like “I hated Cleveland they thought they were better than us” If you didn’t like it why did you stay seven years? You could have left a lot sooner! Yeah maybe the owner’s statement was out of line. But so was yours! YOU KNEW YOU WERE LEAVING WAY BEFORE THE DECISION! But you wanted to stick it to the City and you did! You have the right to go wherever you wish. But you didn’t have to embarass The City of Cleveland. You humiliated the City of Cleveland all over the world. A man of INTEGRITY and CHARACTER would never do that! And because of your legacy will always be tainted. You may go on and when win many championships. But you will never be what could should have been !

  30. Eltee R says:

    To all the Cleveland fans…. what player do you think will want to ever play for the Cavs now. This man gave you 7 years of the best basketball you’ve ever witnessed, and you burned his jersey? He wanted to stay there… the problem was nobody wanted to come and help. He tried to lure Bosh, Boozer, and Amare, and neither of them wanted to come to CLE. And whats the big deal about “The Decision”. Not ONCE did I hear him disrespect or down talk CLE. Where is the arrogance? In fact, the proceeds from “The Decision” went to charity. This makes him somehow greedy and self centered?… Any basketball player given this opp to make history would’ve taken it… No matter what Jordan, or Barkley or any of those guys are saying, if it was possible for MJ, K. Malone, and Barkley to play together they would’ve taken it.

    • Lebron never tried to get anyone to come to Cleveland each year during free agency the question was always why no help from Lebron in bringing players to Cleveland. the answer was always wait till after 2010…… Please get your facts straight before you skew the lines between fiction……

    • DeMonge says:

      Do you really believe that that MJ, K.Malone and Barkley would have joined forces to play together and make the rest of the league look like a joke. If you do then you are not much of a competitor and I wouldn’t want you on my team. I always woke up in the morning trying to figure out how I could beat my rival.So I can say I beat the best. That’s what competitors do! You say he wanted to stay in Cleveland. Well if he did he would have. Hands Down! We had a good team, 66 and 61 wins seasons dont come easy in the NBA. He just didn’t want to play there anymore and thats fine. But to embarrass the city that faithfully supported him when he could have been a man and just said he was leaving. We didn’t deserve that! It was self- centered and it wasn’t about charity!

  31. jason says:

    i hope lebron james back cleveland..beacause lebron james is one of the powerfull player in this century….lebron james back plzzzzzzz….cleveland fans her…..

  32. young lambo says:

    Kobe is a great player, hands down. but what people fail to realize is that he is a ball hog. he can score like beast and play some good defense. but not like lebron. Lebron shares the rock he makes his teammates look great in the game. kobe dont trust his teammates. all he does is shoot and if he misses expects someone to clean it up and pass it back to him. lebron goes after the ball the rebounds the points the assist the blcoks the steals and most importantly the championships. shaq was the real reason they won 3 back to back. Pau and andrew was the real reason the won two recent championships kobe shot 6 for his jersey number in the final game of the playoffs. Lebron aint a coward he need help like michael magic and kobe and bird. people criticize him because they kno he better than their favorite player. he wants to win even if that means switching teams. he gave cleveland 7 semi-successful years of his career and finals appearance and that’s a punk move???? who knew cleveland before lebron came…..thats wat i thought nobody!!! he jus want to win and he put himself in that postion to do so. so stop criticizing him wen faggot kobe need the whole nba to get jus five. yall piss me off with that kobe better than lebron B,S kobe cant pass like lebron cant dunk like lebron or make his team look good like lebron. in my closing put kobe on the cleveland cavs and put lebron on the lakers with shaq and i can promise you lebron wouldnt tell on him like kobe and plus he would have way more rings than five so before u call lebron lequeen look at his abilities to make something out of nothing like he did in cleveland LBJ all the way!!!!

  33. Dale says:

    LeBron James gave Cleveland everything he bargained for from the beginning and more. As a young man with his own right to explore new challenges is a right every person should have and no one, even Cleveland fans, should respect his decision. Sure I would be disappointed were I living in Cleveland, but I would neither be angry nor would I find anything at all wrong with him making his own choice. Frankly I believe no player should be allowed to stay with the same team more than 5 years in an effort to level the playing field and make the whole NBA more competitive and fun to watch. No dynasties, just great basketball with teams all having a much more balanced chance of winning it all each year.

  34. think says:

    Actually, a lot of people hate Lebron even before the Decision. It isnt about him being “disloyal” to Cleveland. Everyone knows NBA is a business, and free-agents can decide where to play regardless if its for the ring or the money.

    Its all about Lebron’s EGO and IMMATURITY that ticks people off. He is the proclaimed King and he certainly acts like one. Cleveland has been baby-sitting Lebron for he does have that awesome talent that could deliver rings. Since the finals against the Spurs, every year the management has been overhauling the team as per Lebron’s whims (the only people left i guess are Z, Varejao and Gibson). What Lebron asks, Lebron gets. Add to that his antics… dancing when they beat-up a team, not shaking the hands of Orlando’s players when they lost in the East finals… really shows how immature and egotistical he is.

    Thats the reason why Cleveland fans are so pissed (which we can say the only people that “love” him). Theyve been “subjects” to their King for 7 years, and then got dumped on National TV. Though Heat fans embrace him now, you know you are concerned to the attitude he will bring to Miami, on how well he’ll work with Wade (who doesnt have that size of an ego). Miami fans are happy of the immense talent Lebron brings, but are wary of the excess baggage (ego, immaturity) that goes along with it.

    It’s Lebron’s King-size attitude that causes all the hate. He just have to acknowledge that.

  35. strawberry says:

    lebron is a joke… he will never be compared to the greats in this league…

  36. nightcrawler99 says:

    The advice you give LeBron, shouldn’t that also be said conversely towards those who keep pressing such issue? It seems unfair how answers towards others questions, or feelings/thoughts brought about by tentative moods become solidified as
    fully fledged statements/frames of mind. Should we hold every such occurrence to represent the entirety of his situation? To say he is angry or can’t let go if it?

  37. joe says:

    Everyone needs to watch the video about Skip Bayless’s assessment of LeBron James after they got knocked out of the playoffs last year. Google “Skip Bayless On LeBron After Losing Playoff Series To Celtics”.

  38. Kenneth says:

    All you people who’s saying something bad against LeBron and the Heat are good for nothing!! I believe you don’t have a common sense since you don’t respect LeBron’s decision. I’m a Heat Fan but a LeBron hater. And since LeBron joined Miami, I started to like him. I believe that all of you against the Heat are gays. You know why? You’re always saying negative against the Heat and LeBron. Why just don’t you respect his decision or if you can’t live to the reality. Everyone has a decision to make. It is up to him whether he thinks if it will benefit him or not. You know, if you were LeBron, you’ll do the same. Because you’ll also think that it is the good no, not good, it’s the best choice available for him to win a Championship! And don’t say Mo Williams is an All-Star, he was just lucky to be a part of the All-Star team then but you cannot deny the mere fact that he is a crap when it comes to the playoffs.

  39. Melski says:

    Disappointed to see the question of race enter the discussion. As i am not the expert on what is in another’s soul i cannot comment on whether the race card is valid or not.. However – what i can say is that my personal disappointment in LeBron James is from a couple of standpoints… 1) When he almost ripped off his Jersey at the end of the finals run last season… looked to me like he took no personal responsibility for the teams play during that game… imho winners give credit to others when they win and look deep into themselves when they loose. 2) the lack of courtesy he showed the Cavs organisation which in turn hurt the fans of the game -it was just sad. 3) The Decision broadcast was the most egotistical approach to a situation that would potentially hurt alot of people… and showed a lack of humility.

    On a brighter note…

    During this summer i have gained alot of respect for some other players…. to name a couple…Kevin Durant – the way he handled himself with his contract and the US team – what a great asset this guy is to the game and Gordan Haywood – a new millionaire who bought himself a Honda Accord – you are a legend!

    Cant wait for the tip off this season!!


  40. Rahmone says:

    The Heat will dominate the league in the next 5 years, did you see the scrimmage? SWEET! These other teams are just scared now. The only contending teams are the Celtics and the Lakers. the others? Boo hoo. that includes the Orlando Magic. They are crying because nobody talks about them inspite of winning 65 games(whatever the number who cares)last season. There is nothing wrong about calling FOUL if you feel like you are being discriminated against, It is how you react to it. At least people will be more sensitive about other people’s feelings, unlike before that the powerful can do or say anything they want. Barkley and Magic? Inspite of their imperfections I really thought that they are smart. But judging by how they percieved James decision, they are just, maybe they just want some publicity. Yeah, if they agree to everything then we wouldn’t be talking about them. so let’s just get the records straight. Racism is wrong,
    leaving your place of work because you are not satisfied,is anybody’s right, and accepting less money to play with your friends and win the ultimate price, championship, is a very noble deed.

  41. Top says:

    Lebron is still a kid and needs guidance. He knows it’s not a race issue…

  42. Let me state this again because there is only 24 all-stars east and west each year the last 2 NBA championships won by the lakers had 2 all-stars Kobe and Pau G. the cavs also had 2 all-stars Mo and Lebron so again i fail to see the logic of how Lebron had no help… Also if Lebron won every game by hisself why is it not fair to say that the losses were his fault also…. Lebron holding the ball too long, not taking it to the hole, wild jumpers wit 2 sec. on the shot clock i mean what games did yall used to be watching because its obvious most of you know nothing about basketball. and again how do u champion the 3 mill for the decision when in 7 years Lebron did nothing for the inner-city of Cleveland no fundraisers, sponsorships, appearances, nada….. The black inner-city might i add……

  43. KS24 says:

    Good article, Shaun.

    @Marwin Schippers, it was a stretch. The only way it wouldn’t have been a stretch is if he said “no, I don’t think so” or “I can’t really say what’s behind the criticism.” Both are acceptable responses, even if “at times” he really does believes that’s the source of some people’s criticism. The fact is the most people being critical of him were non-White NBA players. He should have expected the sort response from the Cavs owner, White or not, so he shouldn’t have thought that was racially motivated.

    Is there a disparity in the way White fans react to Black athletes compared White athletes who get in trouble? Probably, but I don’t think that was the case in this situation. I can’t see how any of LeCon James criticisms were race-based.

  44. Frank Grimes says:

    Race? Are you serious?

    Hmm Sir Charles the last time I checked was black. Let me check again, yes the internet appears to have confirmed this fact again.

    It has nothing to do with race, anyone of any color can choose to be respectful to their former fans/the sport/other teams in the NBA and not be an arrogant “punk” parading around like on TV like a teenage contestant on the x-factor.

    Here’s an idea Lebron, stop talking and let your game speak in 30 days. Then maybe you can claw some respect back.

    To the NBA: the Heat are not the only team in the league so please move away (even for a day) from the “King” and the circus which Miami is now.

  45. claytaurus says:

    Why doesn’t Lebron just say how I left Cleveland with “the decision” on ESPN could have played a factor in the backlash he recieved and be done with it. That’s where it all started. No one except for Dan Gilbert and most Cleveland fans were really on Lebron’s case when he left, which was an understandable reaction. But Lebron wanted to take the attention and love he was getting from the general NBA fanbase and go overboard with it. Now he wants to say race was a factor in his growing number of critics. No, it was the overkill of his marketing strategy to the point of tackiness that turned people off. You can be an African American or any minority in the US and gain respect by your actions. Acting like a fool first then claiming race as a factor in your hardships is outright hypocritical. People who do the right thing in their lives and still suffer racism are the real victims. I have no sympathy for the ones who act like idiots first and then cry racism for their “hard times”– all it is is an EXCUSE for their bad “Decisions”, it’s an easy way out instead of doing the right thing, to admit you were wrong for acting like a fool. Look, if Lebron still believes he did nothing wrong with his ESPN hour special, fine, he is entitled to his own opinon. But he can’t expect everyone to agree with him. He asked for all of this attention with his ESPN special, did he think he was gonna be loved by all after it? It comes with the territory Lebron, deal with it, but don’t use race to blanket your dislike of people criticizing you. That’s weak. You want to stand by your marketing strategies, fine, stand by them, just don’t expect everyone to agree with you.

    • Rahmone says:

      If Lebron James chose Cleveland, then you’re not gonna hear anything that’s wrong about an ESPN special, right? Better yet, Lebron will be talked about as ahero for the kids in the YMCA that benefitted out of the proceeds from the ESPN program. So please try another excuse.

      • joshpolk says:

        He is making a hundred million over the next six years he could have given three million of that to them not got on T.V and humiliated the fans snd organazation of cleavland you try another excuse he is cocky and was wrong for doing it that way no one would have tried to do that but a straight out arrogant person,

  46. WG says:

    Charles Barkley said it BEST

    Besides Lebron cant over the backlash untill the public get over it and thats not happening anytime soon,

    Suck it up LeBron, you deserve every bit of negativity that comes your way till your career is finished

  47. Siri says:

    I saw the Heat play tonite. They could be faking. Like Lebron phatom arm and shoulder pain during the 2010 Eastern Conference. But, Lebron looked banged up during the basketball camp second scrimage. He was frowning and walking funny like he was hurt. He was grabbing his lower abdomen, grimicing in pain when his trainer was stretching him. Pointing to his lower abdomen as if it hurt. Bosh was playing with a brace on his leg. You know they could be faking. Lebron is the pro award winner for fakes . D. Wade is the only one that looked healthy out of the trio. Big Ig, muscles looked soft and limp. Althought the sport reporter said he lost weight and looked fit. The first scrimmage Lebron ran away with the points and the show. But, the second game, when they put Bosh, Lebron and D. wade on the same team, I wasn’t impressed. The score was closer. But again lebron is a faker. I saw one very good run out of Lebron. His usual. Then he faked hurt or sore. He walked with a limp. Did you see the scrimmage on NBA TV tonite. What you think

    • Rahmone says:

      Bosh could be wearing a knee brace to protect re-injuring his knee. In fact when guys play basketball they use knee brace s and tape their ankles most of the time to give it more support and prevent injury.

  48. lakersbasketballfan says:

    For the people who keeps saying that Boston would have won if Perkins wasn’t hurt, please stop. You act like Wallace was a high school backup. Sports comes down to who stays the healthiest, talent and the ability to close out. They were beating the lakers all game and ran out of gas without Perkins.

    Next, I’m old school and I think Lebron is really a good ball player, but Lebron has always loved the attention and has always seemed like a spoiled all about me player. He is good, but is needs this humble type experience. Maybe it will make him grow up. It hasn’t yet because he is still talking about taking mental notes about who is dis’ng him. Whatever. Just go play the game and stop worrying about the dumb stuff. You make toooooo much money to complain about anything. That goes for all of the players.
    Maybe he should have demanded a trade like Kobe to get some other help else. Oh well, too late. Just play and show your stuff on the court and leave the dumb stuff alone and grow up.

  49. LakeShowSoPro says:

    Because Kobe had Shaq or Gasol, Kobe asked to be traded bla bla bla, Phil Jackson had something to do with all the success? LeBron didn’t get any help with the roster in Cleveland, Perkins was injured so the Lakers won bla bla bla.. All excuses. Don’t you agree? Seriously? Like what LeBron said, it is a FACTOR. Which in this case, all these excuses you made about these issues are factors too. No one ever wins a title in the NBA by playing “solo”. All the stats which had nothing to show for, yea it was great as an individual effort but you expected too much of him when clearly you should have known better. Asking to be traded, is voicing out what you think, being verbal, showing that you have pride on your team and you badly want to win rather than keeping what you have to say to yourself and making a “DECISION”. Another, Cleveland didn’t get any help for LBJ? A team that had the best record? Oh wait, a team that LeBron carried to the finals a few years back and now you complain because he came up short for his quest to win a title? If that is so, then people were wrong too about giving Mike Brown a coach of the year award now, right? About injuries, we have no control over these situations and there is assurance of anything, what if Perk played or not? Would that be an assurance that he was going to have a good game, nonetheless, a “mediocre” game. You got everyone else, that’s why it’s called a TEAM and there is a BENCH, trusting the other guys to step up if there are uncontrollable circumstances as such. If the Lakers lost, then we would have the right to say that Kobe had all these injuries so that’s why our team lost? You talk about things that can’t be brought back when clearly it is time to move on and face reality, just as LeBron realized or so thought. All this fuss about LeBron leaving Cleveland hate is based solely on PRIDE, nothing else.

  50. Dtefnut says:

    I WANT TO VOMIT EVERY TIME I HEAR LeCOWARD’s NAME. He deserves everything coming to him.

    Love You Barkley! Keep saying it as it is.

  51. Celebrities often misstake fan adoration or real love. It is, however, conditional. , Such “love’ is fleeting, and can turn on a dime.. LeBron, move on and stop believing your press clippings. Do your job, and what will be will be.

  52. Don’t get me wrong; I like Lebron as a player, but the so-called backlash he is suffering through has more to do with his “The Decision” spectale than any hint of racism. Let”s stop pretending that Lebron is a poor, misunderstood black man looking for recognition , and, by the way, stop fanning the flames of racism. He is a highly paid athelete who allowed his handlers to talk him into making a production out of a situation that was supposed to be a business transaction and should have been handled in that manner. Now, let’s’ move on.

  53. […] LeBron Plays The “Ace” Card? FT. WALTON BEACH, Fla. — A quiet training camp for LeBron James grew a bit edgy today, which is always the […] […]

  54. MICHAEL says:

    Also, remember Kobe going to playoffs with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown ? lol…

  55. People talk about Kobe being Loyal but forget he wanted to be traded numorous amount of times. He even at one point talked about caertain team mates like Karl Malone, Bynum and Shaq. To treat Lebron like he’s the new MIke Tyson is crap all these players have the right to make the decisions they want because the sport is about winning not be what the fans want you to be.

  56. MICHAEL says:

    You didn’t ever see Kobe cry over the fact he was black in his Colorado case….he just continued to kick ass and WIN. And if anything with that case more so can you bust out the “race” card. Black man, little white girl…

    Anyways GO LAKERS ! 3PEAT

  57. royi says:

    He’s not for real… why does he think the criticism against him is racist? Aren’t there black cavs’ fans who went out against him? Aren’t there hundreds of black atheletes that don’t get negative feedback?
    I hate it when people use the race card over-all, although sadly it turns out to be true some times. In this case, I strongly believe there is no connection to reality what so ever.

  58. nka says:

    Lebron James game Cleveland 7 years. The disgruntled fans should be upset at the team and ownership for not bringing another superstar to the Cavs. James’ PR was poor, but the fans are more upset about him leaving, than the way he left, and that is not fair.

  59. Reddogg1985 says:

    I see 2011 Los Angeles Lakers VS Miami Heat Finals
    Just like Boston won after they got their big three Miami is going to win. But not every time cause the Lakers always come back with VENGENCE.These to teams are going to go back and forth like the 80’s Lakers & Celtics or the Lakers and San Antonio tring to win a Frachies Championship. People get your money ready because the next six years is going to be a gamble.

  60. Brasichopper says:

    For my opinion it is easier for Kobe, MJ, Magic, etc to stay where they are, because the cities have more “flair”!
    I do not believe that all of a.m. Stars would keep in their “draft-city” if it was Milwaukee, Cleveland, Memphis or oklahoma…
    Hey, i do not have nothing against these cities, but they do not have this “international flair” as L.A., Orlando, NY, Miami etc has…
    So, it is very difficult to compare these situations.

    They may do not receive the money from their team, but from their sponsors etc…

  61. LeBronTheMan says:


  62. LeBronTheMan says:


    • lakersbasketballfan says:

      Lebron was a franchise player for Cleveland. He is from Ohio not south beach. They built everything around him. I have never seen so much fan fare for a NBA basketball fan throughout the state like for Lebron. That’s why nobody is tripping off of Chris Bosh leaving. Totally different concept of a franchise player.

  63. […] “I gotta admit I’m a huge Lebron fan ever since his high school days in Akron, but without ANY doubt he shouldn’t have even thought of mentioning race. That's something he should’ve just bs’d with his closest friends about, not with the national media.” (Red Army in a comment on NBA.com) […]

  64. SHAY says:


    • mr famous says:

      Blame the NBA for giving all the stars everything and changing rules to make it easier. The way these stars act are a symptom of the the decisions the league made

  65. […] “I gotta admit I’m a huge Lebron fan ever since his high school days in Akron, but without ANY doubt he shouldn’t have even thought of mentioning race. That's something he should’ve just bs’d with his closest friends about, not with the national media.” (Red Army in a comment on NBA.com) […]

    • Rahmone says:

      Yeah, Lebron should have been a silent complainer? I don’t think so! If he feels that way so be it. I’m sure he felt better when he finally got that off his chest. He probably don’t even feel that way now. But he did sent a message to his detractors. Freedom of speech my friends.

  66. Alberto says:

    Lebron is a person that quit on his team, and Kobi was about two quit on the lakers. Both of them are Cry babies. Only one man stayed when things were bad, you guessed it. Michael Jordan. Michael stayed and didnt cry when he was loosing. Michael would have never called Barkley and Olajuwon to team up together to beat Magics Lakers or Birds Celtics. Wade also cried till they brought him shaq. I have yet to see a real star to man up like the 80’s stars. I only cout Kobi’s two last rings cause the other three were more cause of shaq. The only guy that stayed was Michael with his team till they got over the hump everybody else had help. Look at paul Gasol why go to the Lakers to team up with stars, or Artest. Michael is the only loyal player I have seen. The only guy that comes to mind that stayed loyal to his team no a days is paul pierce. everybody else in todays era is a cry baby. no loyalty just people going for the easy way to a ring. Even Kobi was about to leave and then had a stacked team to win titles. A true Bulls fan living in Miami.

  67. Johan22 says:

    People get a lifeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just sit back and enjoy the show ok quit writing all these essays all these BS just get a ticket for the circus when its in your city if you can haaaaaaaaaaaa couch potatoes

  68. JZB23 says:

    STRAIGHT UP- Lebron had his championship team in cleveland. Management did their job, lebron didnt do his when it mattered…. The Cavs were the best team in the league and their record proved that, lebron just couldnt lead them to a championship, hes not a leader.. Thats why he went to miami, because he knew that wade could lead him to the gold. Facts are facts people. You cant win 63 or 64 games out of 82 and not be the best team in the league, lebron choked… Cleveland fans will realize that lebron leaving was a blessing in disguise, they would have committed another 5 or 6 years to him b4 realizing that hes not a leader…

  69. Coach Mike Brown says:

    Coach Mike Brown was fired because they kept on chocking at the playoffs, seriously if you think about it there is no other reason. Mike was an excellent coach winning 60+ don’t you think he deserved to keep his job, i mean his not a championship winner or anything but he was hands down a great coach.

    Basically Dan Gilbert fired him cause he wasn’t bringing home any championships and lebron left cleveland because they (as a team) weren’t bringing back the championship, what goes around comes around eh. But i gotta admit cleveland did try for instance bringing in shaq… seriously shaq, i was thinking they must be crazy i mean they got dominated by dwight howard but seriously you think bringing in an old clown to the table is gonna help lebron? NO! he was terrible no improvements at all except when they got jamison.

  70. Coach Mike Brown says:

    Coach Mike Brown was fired because they kept on chocking at the playoffs, seriously if you think about it there is no other reason. Mike was an excellent coach winning 60+ don’t you think he deserved to keep his job, i mean his not a championship winner or anything but he was hands down a great coach.

    Basically Dan Gilbert fired him cause he wasn’t bringing home any championships and lebron left cleveland because they (as a team) weren’t bringing back the championship, what goes around comes around eh. But i gotta admit cleveland did try for instance bringing in shaq… seriously shaq, i was thinking they must be crazy i mean they got dominated by dwight howard but seriously you think bringing in an old clown to the table is gonna help lebron? NO! he was terrible no improvements at all except when they got jamison. Over all for the guy up there DON’T say

  71. Colt says:

    All I’m gonna say is. I got respect for Mr. James. He did something to make himself happy. And if the world hates him for it, they can go “twiddle thier thumbs” (nice way to put it). It’s his career, let him do what he likes. Best of luck Mr. James. And lakers better watch it this season on a side-note. Their sleeping counter-parts are just bout ready this season. LAC baby! :p haha

  72. Raj says:

    Lebron is out of his mind.if he thinks race is playing a role..he just lost his case to become one of the greatest basketball player of all time.Kobe and Jordan had their fair share of controversies but never plated a race card…. Looks like Kobe and Jordan are in one league..Lebron never can touch those waters.

  73. Ace Rimmer says:

    I can’t believe than anyone would think race has anything to do with the anger… It’s just the way that fans react, they act in an irrational and very selfish manner. They expect players to always play (with love and passion) for their club, yet they don’t seem to bother with players’ own needs. In Lebron’s case, it was winning the title. For that to be achieved the Cavs had to provide James with adequate players, they failed to do so and Lebron left (after 7 years!)… Love goes in two ways, if you expect someone to fulfill your needs, you have to fulfill their own. And that’s all there is to it… Cavs failed and Lebron left, he’s got his own life, his own needs and ambitions. In Europe (in soccer at least) such transfers are always greeted with as much anger and frustration, race has nothing to do with it…

  74. jblakers42 says:

    this is the whole thing about this situation……

    all of this reached a crucible because the league, and the nba sports media has hyped Lebron James stature in the league for the past 3 seasons in that the league wanted Lebron to be the face of the league, and wanted to promote him to be the best player in the game, and the problems is that as exceptionally talented he is, HE’S NOT THE BEST PLAYER in the game………

    that’s the root of the backlash and it seems to me most people don’t even realize it.

    LEBRON is one of the best players in the game, but he’s not the best, and that’s the problem

    when MAGIC was viewed as the best player in the league, he was

    when LARRY BIRD was considered the best player in the league, he was

    when KAREEM was considered the best player in the game, he was

    when SHAQ was the best player in the game, he was

    when DUNCAN was considered the best player in the game he was,

    and my boy KOBE, when he’s been considered the best player in the game, he was, and still is, and has been over a 7-8 year run…..

    you see what all these players have in common….they all won championships…….

    as great as JORDAN was, w/all that game he had, w/all the explosiveness, he was not officially considered the best in the game until he won his first title, and when he did it, people recall all the disappointment he went thru losing 3 consecutive playoff series to the PISTONS before he hoisted that trophy, and even if you weren’t a fan of the BULLS, you had to give it up to him, and when you gave it up to him, you didn’t mind giving it up to him, because HE EARNED IT…..

    even ISIAH THOMAS, the greatest small man to ever play this game, even the magnitude of his effort, and courage, and mean streak propelled him to become a 2 time champion, so he was the greatest champion in the league the years the PISTONS won it…..

    this is what being a champion is all about……this is the level LEBRON hasn’t reached, and until then, he can’t be considered the best……you just can’t give somebody a distinction when they haven’t earned it because when you do, everything will crash down on you, and tha’ts exactly what happened to LEBRON during game 5 of the eastern conference semifinals against the BOSTON CELTICS, scoring a grand total of 15 points, and this was his last home game in cleveland when this happened…….all that hype for 3 years got blown away to kingdom come on that one single night……

    LEBRON, he’s a great player, but has major flaws in his game when it comes to competing against a team in the playoffs who knows how to exposed them…….

    and another source of the backlash was the way it appeared he threw his team under the bus when they lost the series

    I’m not saying he did, but that was the impression allot of people had

    when they were gaining the best regular season record in the leage the past 2 seasons, all of the pundits and experts claimed CLEVELAND to be the best team in the league, the deepest roster in basketball, but as soon as they lost that series against BOSTON, all of a sudden, CLEVELAND is a one man team………

    that was bogus to me, that’s a slap to the face of all those players on that team who contributed to all those wins the past 2 years……

    the REAL PROBLEM wasn’t the fact that MO WILLIAMS didn’t step up, or ANTAWN JAMISON not stepping up

    the problem was that BOSTON knew the cavs offense was always initiated by LEBRON, thus they focused on minimizing his game, by taking away his strengths, knowing that he wasn’t a prolofic pull up jump shooter, knew he didn’t have a consistent post game, and thus, it shut down cleveland’s offense in the process, affecting the rest of the team’s affectiveness

    LEBRON will get his ring,

    but KOBE has another one to get……GO LAKERS….

    • Hall of Fame Man says:

      Exactly. Everyone fan, other than a Lebron fan will tell you that he had a team. I am a Laker fan, and I said the whole year last year that Cleveland would not win the Finals because the Lebron is a ballhog. This might sound crazy but listen. The Lakers have Kobe who will often at times let other people work their own magic on the team, instead of trying to be involved in every play. Lebron basically runs the whole offense, and the only reason why they can score so much times in a game. Lebron needed to let his teammates trying to set up their own play, to make the team more dangerous. Lebron fans will say that his team sucked, and it was all him. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has ever led there team to have the best record in the NBA 2 years straight without a good team. Cleveland was a good team, it is just that they were flawed, and when Boston and Orlando realized these flaws and basically focused mostly on making sure that everyone else in Cleveland’s rotation would not work well with Lebron, and make them lose.

  75. Fullem says:

    I never liked Kobe that much before, but if lakers and heats meet in the final this season I have to say I’d like to see kobe and his lakers kick some heat ass—at least kobe was loyal to his team.
    Don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt in my mind, or anybody else’s in that matter, that Lebron is a great basketball talent, nothing is going to change that. It’s the fact that he entitles himself “KING” that upsets me. You can only be king of ONE “country my friend, when you go to a different place, you are just a visitor, a famous one at most. So why don’t ya stop calling yourself king and give that title to Kobe, cus he’s more of a king in basketball than you will EVER be. Just play basketball and be the great basketball player you are. Maybe one day you will be liked again

  76. mr famous says:

    I cant believe how so many people in our country actually care about lebron so much. I can understand the media reporting on all things Lebron but we the public needs to seriously get over it. We should be looking into the mirror, judging and correcting ourselves before we start with people we dont even know. Simply put you are a fool if you are still mad at Lebron. I didnt like “the decision” special but his actual decision was perfect (if he wanted a chance to win multiple championships). People who are still upset with Lebron is a symptom of something wrong in your life. My life is far from perfect but at the end of the day I have too many other thing to worry about than a mistake a 25 yr old made. Seriously, enjoy the game of basketball and what it has to offer but dont live through it. If you are a true fan of basketball you should be excited at the match ups this season. Personally I havent been this excited since the Jordan era

  77. SHAY says:


  78. Steve says:

    LeBron is right! He is the only black superstar in the NBA. Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, KG, Carter, Wade, Howard, McGrady, Iverson and even Magic and Kareem are WHITE so people love them!

  79. WG says:

    Wade said in another article, that the Wade-LeBron rivalry is still there, referring to how hard they train against each other.
    What always made the NBA great was Mega Stars and their on court rivalries.
    You guys wanna know something, I would pay more to see Wade and LeBron in practice than I would in a game as teammates
    Anyone? 😀

  80. Reddogg1985 says:

    No ONE MAN can take a team to a NBA title. Tim Duncan had David Robinson or Tony Parker, Kobe had Shaq or Gusol, They had to bring Garnet and Ray Allen to the Celtics to help Paul Peirce win one title and only one. Because neither one of them could do it on their own. A real player leader knows this and LeBron is a leader type and sence the coach could do it he did it his self. He when and got help or chose to help someone else.

  81. T says:

    Everyone talks about how LeBrons a grown man, and he, like any other person can choose his life as he see fits, but thats was never the issue. For those who think that, your to short sighted. The truth of the matter is, everyone sees the kind of person he is because of the decision he made to Broad cast his ESPN special “The Decision”. He turn a sport that everyone in the NBA and world took seriously and respected, and made it seem like it was his game, and his game alone.

    Everyone just wanted an answer to everyone could go on with there lives, but he was selfish and intern wasted everyones time for his pleasure.

    If a kid in your elementry class was given a toy during show and tell, and was told to pass it around, but instead held on to it to annoy his classmate, wouldn’t all the kids in class have a reason to get upset with him? especially if he held it till the end of class?

    LeBron had already made his decision, he just wanted to make everyone wait and bank on all the media attention, after all he wants to get jordans international fame with out all the hard work. LeBron is to Krogers Cola as Jordan is to Coca Cola. His Brand is far from Jordans 23.

  82. MEDIA IS A SHAM says:

    Look….apparently I’m the only one who notices that the reporter obviously BAITED him into it. I mean they know he’s a whiny little girl who loves to play the victim, so how could he resist saying yes to the question. We don’t hate you because you’re black LeBron, we hate you because you’re not a good guy.

    But the media is using this as a way to keep people tuned in. They tricked me yesterday with this. “Stay tuned, up next LeBron plays the race card!!” I was like oh for real? then 30 minutes later after being baited into watching retarded baseball highlights and other asinine filler and commercials, I see how it went down. ESPN and the media are SHADY.

  83. josue godoy says:

    if kobe wouldve nevera had pau gasol with him in the same team teh lakers would of never won the two tiltles they have now. cus thats what every team need a big man and a guy like kobe lbj o d wade or melo ..if perkins would of played in game 7 of the finals the celtics would of won the championship theres no question of that..now why is everyone hating on lbj n dwade n bosh coming together to play n win a championship isnt what every player wants to do win a damn ring ..look at barkley, reggie miller,karl malone, shawn kemp,stockton. all of them have no rings why cus they all tried to stay with one team n win it all but guess what they couldn bcus their opponents had 2 to 4 all stars in their team..barkley is a two faced he joined hakeem n scottie n drexler to win one.. malone join shaq kobe n payton to win one..the celts offered reggie a contrct just to win one..im sure he regrets it..n i bet n eone who plays nba live always put lbj, melo dawade howard n kobe or durant in one tetam for what,,to try to win it all,,.em right so i thought this would never happen to see mega stars inone team playing together nowu get to see future nba hall famers playing together right in their prime time of their carrers so sit back and enjoy the nest si years…n if everybody hated lbj n d wade they why is everyone looking at their training camp nlive n following them everywhere they go.n plus i know everyone around the country would wanna see them play everynight if they would go to their city to play their team..

    • 2KjonnyB4 says:

      just like the lakers would of won the 08 finals if they had BYNUM theres no question about THAT!!

    • joshpolk says:

      So you believe the Heat are going to win the championship right? They don’t have a big man. The Bulls won 6 rings without a dominant big man also right ? Just making sure. And as far as the five names that you pointed out as not having played for the one team only two of those players played for that single one team Kemp played for the cavs and the Blazer and you pointed out Barkley and Malone leaving for a ring Stockton and Miller are the only to that stayed they had a great coach and were always on the verge of winning just could not why leave if your so close what if they won their it would have made it way better right?

  84. Reddogg1985 says:

    Kobe always had help, Jordan always had help, Magic Johnson even had help. Lebron never got the right help to win a Championship. Thats why Cav.s coach has been fire. Your career is nothing with out a reward and three guy feel the same way. Cris Bosh didn’t get help and D wade lost his help which was stupid. It might not have been Miami it could have been Cav.s team or New York’s team but these guys wanted to play together either way. The Cav.s suck and the Nicks got Stadamir and they wouldn’t work money out. But the love of basketball will over come and everyone will like Lebron again. He sees hatrid like the KKK hates black people. So don’t hate appriciate and his way of thought will change.

    • joshpolk says:

      It is only called help because the picks panned out and they won rings if they had not it would be called not enough help they had sixty plus wins two years in a row to all of you guys that say he did not have help you don’t win that much on your own. And remember theis guys have been planing to do this for years it had nothing to do with Lebron or anyone having help they wanted to play together and stack a team witch is their choice Lebron never said anything about not getting help he said he made the decision bast upon winning with his friends

  85. RUBEN says:


  86. MR2007 says:

    Dear Fans,
    Please make a note to self that no athlete is entitled to how you view the game. They have there own lives, familes, etc. to support. Yes, I would love for Kevin, Paul, and Ray to play forever, and yes, I would love for Carmelo to go to Chicago, but will it happen, the chances are up to them. Now, will I jump off the deep end and call them some off the wall name that does nothing but cause insult to their character, NO! I continue my life, living with the things that I can control, which in all reality is not much. People, it’s just a game, no matter who wins or loses or gets traded, you lose nothing except brain cells through worrying. LIGHTEN UP!

  87. RUBEN says:

    mark my words heat fans..heat will not win the gold as long as KOBE is still playing.i wonder if lebron’s nuts are still in BARKLEYs mouth.i wonder if BARKLEY changed his mind about KOBE lol.BAKLEY hating on KOBE.Hey CHARLES just listen to kenny from now on.KOBE and LEBRON are going making history as we speak.KOBES legisey is going to pass MJ no disrespect MJ is the GOD of skills..but KOBE is going to pass MJ..on the other hand LE-FAKE is proving that he was/is nothing but air/hype..he will prob finish top 10 that ever palyed the game but thats it.I feel bad for Cavs fans Lebron better bring the national guard when heat play the cavs.

  88. jblakers42 says:

    this is the whole thing about this situation……

    all of this reached a crucible because the league, and the nba sports media has hyped Lebron James stature in the league for the past 3 seasons in that the league wanted Lebron to be the face of the league, and wanted to promote him to be the best player in the game, and the problems is that as exceptionally talented he is, HE’S NOT THE BEST PLAYER in the game………

    that’s the root of the backlash and it seems to me most people don’t even realize it.

    LEBRON is one of the best players in the game, but he’s not the best, and that’s the problem

    when MAGIC was viewed as the best player in the league, he was

    when LARRY BIRD was considered the best player in the league, he was

    when KAREEM was considered the best player in the game, he was

    when SHAQ was the best player in the game, he was

    when DUNCAN was considered the best player in the game he was,

    and my boy KOBE, when he’s been considered the best player in the game, he was, and still is, and has been over a 7-8 year run…..

    you see what all these players have in common….they all won championships…….

    as great as JORDAN was, w/all that game he had, w/all the explosiveness, he was not officially considered the best in the game until he won his first title, and when he did it, people recall all the disappointment he went thru losing 3 consecutive playoff series to the PISTONS before he hoisted that trophy, and even if you weren’t a fan of the BULLS, you had to give it up to him, and when you gave it up to him, you didn’t mind giving it up to him, because HE EARNED IT…..

    even ISIAH THOMAS, the greatest small man to ever play this game, even the magnitude of his effort, and courage, and mean streak propelled him to become a 2 time champion, so he was the greatest champion in the league the years the PISTONS won it…..

    this is what being a champion is all about……this is the level LEBRON hasn’t reached, and until then, he can’t be considered the best……you just can’t give somebody a distinction when they haven’t earned it because when you do, everything will crash down on you, and tha’ts exactly what happened to LEBRON during game 5 of the eastern conference semifinals against the BOSTON CELTICS, scoring a grand total of 15 points, and this was his last home game in cleveland when this happened…….all that hype for 3 years got blown away to kingdom come on that one single night……

    LEBRON, he’s a great player, but has major flaws in his game when it comes to competing against a team in the playoffs who knows how to exposed them…….

    and another source of the backlash was the way it appeared he threw his team under the bus when they lost the series

    I’m not saying he did, but that was the impression allot of people had

    when they were gaining the best regular season record in the leage the past 2 seasons, all of the pundits and experts claimed CLEVELAND to be the best team in the league, the deepest roster in basketball, but as soon as they lost that series against BOSTON, all of a sudden, CLEVELAND is a one man team………

    that was bogus to me, that’s a slap to the face of all those players on that team who contributed to all those wins the past 2 years……

    the REAL PROBLEM wasn’t the fact that MO WILLIAMS didn’t step up, or ANTAWN JAMISON not stepping up

    the problem was that BOSTON knew the cavs offense was always initiated by LEBRON, thus they focused on minimizing his game, by taking away his strengths, knowing that he wasn’t a prolofic pull up jump shooter, knew he didn’t have a consistent post game, and thus, it shut down cleveland’s offense in the process, affecting the rest of the team’s affectiveness

    LEBRON will get his ring,

    but KOBE has another one to get……GO LAKERS….

  89. heh8meN1 says:

    Basketball is a game. Racism, bigotry and discrimination are not. Therefore, what is the game that uses a “RACE CARD”? Magic? Dominoes? Poker? Golf? The game of “LIFE”? The idea of a “race card” is to suggest that one is dealing from the bottom of the “deck” when discrimination is perceived, real or imaginary, Members of the media, lobbyist along with politicians are playing the RATINGS game and fanning people’s emotional flames when they frame an issue citing a “RACE CARD”. The result, a confused public and a distraction from the core issues that are at the heart of the “flash point”. Racism has little to do with the backlash following Lebron & his team’s “decision”. Ignorance has ALL to do with the “black-eye” Lebron is sporting these days. From both sides. The negativity that has been unleashed on Lebron by the media has more to do with a “dream unfulfilled”. Eight years ago, the media prematurely gave Lebron the crown and glory that comes with being a “king”. And eight years later; NO TITLE, NO KINGDOM, a new title, SIDEKICK, LeQUITTER, LeBacle. Lebron and his team in addition to his fans are at fault for being witless believers– they bought, ingested, and spewed the hyperbole- HOOK, LINE and SINKER. The ball is clearly in Lebron James’ court (of public opinion)– the only “title” he should be concerned with is “CHAMPION”. A title that can’t be given to NOR taken away- but can only be EARNED.

    There are many “chiefs” in the NBA; yet, currently, there is only one “KING” of the NBA. And to wear that title (pun intended), you have a lot of catching up to do. Unfortunately, you can’t catch what you can’t touch.

    A man made is a MADE MAN. Kobe Bryant is UNTOUCHABLE.

  90. 2KjonnyB4 says:

    ok look yhu heat fan!! first of all yah dnt have a clutch player like we do!! sencond of all yah dont have the size to face BYNUM, GASOL, and ODOM… plus the addings from the summer.. just cant face the LAKERS nd THE BLACK MAMBA!!


  91. pKone says:

    Lakers fans make me chuckle 🙂

    It doesn’t matter what the discussion is about, it could be whether or or not the NBA should adopt a new rule about wearing ties that match their suits while on the bench, and they would still find a way to make the discussion about the Lakers and Kobe’s greatness!

    I will say this, LeBron would never have left the Lakers, it is easy (Kobe) to be “loyal” to a team that gets you 5 or 6 rings, tons of money and a fanatical fan base in a beutiful city.

    Cleveland only has the fanatical fan base part.

    Kobe would never even have signed a contract extension for the Cavs 😉

  92. RUBEN says:

    LEBRON = TOO MUCH HYPE.HES PROVED NOTHING BUT BEING A CHUMP/COCKY.he makes the nba look bad.after all what this GUY has done..over rated cry baby.you have nothing on KOBE the real king!David Stern is scatching on why hyping Lebron up from the days in high school.this is where the NBA has gone.and all this superfriends in miami.you guys wont make it to the finals.CANT WAIT TILL BOSTON BEATS ALL THE HYPE OUT OF YOU HEAT PLAYERS. LAKERS vs. CELTICS FINALS 2011 LAKERS > BOSTON

  93. Oldhawk says:

    Race has nothing to do with LB’s decision people would have thought the same way if a white player on a winning team just up and left for no good reason other than winning a ring it just wasn’t right (in my eyes) the nba is probably 75 to 80 percent black so I don’t think any nba fan looks at race, I don’t and I’m black thats just another way LB is still showing his immaturity.

  94. Cee says:

    Guys… could you all read the article and understand it before making comments?…
    Was there a question that was answered that it was “Race” involving the criticism on LBJ?
    In yet another example of how LeBron just can’t let go of the backlash he received this summer, LeBron answered “I think so, at times” when asked by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien if he thought race was behind the storm of criticism that followed him from Cleveland to Miami.
    Which part did you not understand when he answered “I think so, at times”?
    He thinks so, just like when you’re not sure when answering a question from your high school teacher in front of a class…
    Be mature people… understand the acticle first before posting comments…

  95. Jack says:

    I Totally Agree with Calvin “If Peyton Manning up and left the Colts with a huge televised spectacle keeping all his extremely loyal fans on a string then turning his back on them with a huge turd eating grin I’m pretty sure his popularity would take a nose dive too. I’m not saying people aren’t racist but sheesh man, you have to live with your decisions a little more gracefully especially in public.”

    I agree with Lebron’s decision to go to Miami to make a better team that has a chance to win. but his racist comments are ridiculous. Lebron is racist. that’s what it comes down to.

    MELO to the MAGIC. That would be a nasty team. look out Florida

  96. Alex Molina says:

    LeBron James is the best and he just got tired of losing with the cavs. KOBE IS THE CHUMP BECAUSE THE ONLY REASON HE HASNT MOVED ANYWHERE ELSE IS BECAUSE THEY ARE WINNING. So for lebron he was doing wat is best for him and not for the fans. Its not any of you in the NBA, its LeBron James. Its his future and his NBA career so if all you are mad that he moved to Maimi then thats your problem. Dont be because The miami heat team is the best team now because they lebron. So dont be mad because the lakers aren’t going to win this championship this year because Miami Heat is a better team. LeBron, dont worry about the fans. Its your future in the NBA so dont try to please everyone else. Just think that, moving to miami is what you wanted to do and thats all that matters. Good Luck LeBron James and you are my favorite NBA player.

  97. Fady Sherif says:

    you yanks need to stop talking about race, its the only reason its even an issue today… that you are talking about it. im an egyptian who has been halfway round the planet and back again.. you want racism? look at south africa, you want discrimanation? look at the middle east. ive had racist comment thrown at me in england for being colored, then in egypt for being “forgien” some people will always be prejudiced against anything they feel is a “them.” as long as you keep talking about this bull though, it will remain alive. stop talking about it, stop accusing everyone and everything of racism and it might just stop, it will definatly loose some of its power.
    oh and, whos to say that when no one payed attention to mike miller in that photoshoot and he had to yell “token white boy comming through!!” that it wasnt racial? discrimination against whites in a black dominated league? i say it wasnt.. just a role player on a team with more star power than hollywood’s most recent enemble cast…
    grow up america… move on, its over, let it die….

  98. ScoJo says:

    And Brandon, how is Favre “worse”? The Packers let him go, he did not dump them for the Vikings. As far as his “indecision”, if you’ve ever had something you really truly love and you just can’t walk away from it even though you probably should, you know the feeling. Favre never manipulated the media, he didn’t give himself a TV special he was stalked by them from Minneapolis to Mississippi and he just answered the questions as best he could.

  99. ScoJo says:

    RACE!? Are you on drugs? That’s like saying “The Situation” is annoying because he has abs, or Donald Trump gets under people’s skin because he has weird hair. If the whitest, white guy in the history of whiteness goes on TV for half an hour to brag about getting a new job and ditching his old friends, he’s gonna get disrespected just as bad.

  100. stevo says:

    i hear laker fans saying that they have a true warrior that sticks with his team. im assuming they are talking about kobe. if im not mistaken, i believe kobe was demanding a trade until the arrival of pau gasol. lebron may have stayed in cleveland if he had a “pau gasol” caliber player join him.

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      Yea thats what i said!! We have a true warrior in KOBE BRYANT that sticks with his team. KOBE knows how to get what he wants. He demanded a trade, but the LAKERS knew they couldnt get rid of the best player in the world next to JORDAN!! So they got rid of sorry ass Kwame Brown and Critteon and got Pau. So he might have demanded one, but he did it to get what he wanted and i believe he is still wearing a LAKER jersey. Did lequeen do that? Ahhhhhhh i didnt think so. You cant have exactly what KOBE has, stop trying to be like KOBE. Ok KOBE had Gasol. Lequeen had Shaq, Jamison, Varego, and that other guy Hickson. Is that not enough, or is lequeen just not good enough. Or do you need to put an all star team around him for him to win a championship. Kobe didnt need a allstar team. Just good role players. You people make too many excuses like some b@*%hes

  101. AO says:

    LBJ won’t be getting in ring this up coming season maybe after week finish up wit this 3Peat!!! KB24 Best In The Game 10yrs & Running!!! LMFFAO!!!

  102. Brandon says:

    What Brett Farve did was far worse than what Lebron did, yet people are acting as if they wanna kill themselves or someone else. People need to calm the @#$@# Down.

  103. Ricky says:

    I honestly think all of these comments about lebron are only because he left. There are people who are jealos,mad,sad etc.. if he stayed and said something like that noone would even mention it.. so lets respect the fact that he wants that championship and he will do anything to get it .. Question yourself which one would you choose?

  104. mike says:

    1st I feel you Lebron, but you are bigger than words. Remember we live in america and people have the right to free speech, as you have the power to pay those folks no mind, you control your life not the fans. Second stop caring about this summer, fall is here and so is a new season. Look forward towards that and play ball. I would like to see you and the HEAT play the LAKERS in the championship. With the LAKERS winning its 4th ring. Lol. Look brother you have a new chapter to write and it’s a great book so far. So stop listening to those people in your ear. Play ball,write that book and live your life. This is from a Laker fan who believes in you.

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      Their 4th ring? Dont you mean KOBE and FISHERS 5th and the teams 17th?

      • mike says:

        Oh you are correct , my mistake . Sorry about that. Just so many rings i lose count. haha . I just feel that the young man is getting to much flack and should not lose any sleep over cry babies. Just make sure Lebron you and the heat bring your A game on dec. 25th cause we will. Go LAKERS!!

  105. Lou says:

    In all the posts I have read I have seen both support and criticism of Lebron. The question I have is why would Soledad O’Brian ask such an outragious an inflamatory question? Lebron fell for the bait, answered the question honestly and has now increased the size of the target on his back. It appears to me that Mr. O’Brian is the one who should be the focal point of all the disdain. He’s the trapper who baited the trap in order to bind a young man to hatred as well as the rest of us. Shame on him.

  106. KOBE SUCKS says:

    Yea I guess it is threatening to know that you will never be along time coming before the lakers win another championship. Those booty ass Laker know it, hell you just did get by the Thunder. Please, it is a “HEAT” nation creepboy get use to it. LJ didn’t do anything kobecrap didn’t do, the only difference is LJ didn’t want to be traded he was a free agent. That scrub kobe wanted to be traded if you’ve forgotten dummy, and what did they do brought in another all-star in gasol, and that hipocrite artest. No different from what the heat did (put pieces around DWade). Know your sports before you talk out the side of your neck.


    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      @ KOBE SUCKS. Dude you are a complete idiot!! Please believe nobody out here in CALI is worried about the heat. Please believe it!! All i gotta say is pull up the LAKERS roster, and then put the miami roster next to it and compare. Your centers are weak, and your point guards are weak. Its just too funny because you heat fans really think three guys will take to the title. Did you forget this is a team sport? Oh and by the way, 9 months is a long time to wait for our next championship parade, just too damn long!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! And you say LQ didnt do anything KOBE didnt do, yes he did dumb ass. He turned his back on his team. When did KOBE do that idiot? Yes he asked for a trade, but ultimately what did that do. That made the LAKERS bring in pieces to keep the man happy. You call KOBE a scurb, but hes a scrub with 5 rings. How many does your scurb have, yea that what i thought!!! You haters can say what you want about the best player in the NBA “KOBE” but at least he has the hardware to back it up when people say he is the best. What can lequeen show you MVP awards? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Neutrality says:

        believe? they are not afraid? so thats why they got a perimeter defender Barnes to prepare for the HEAT TRIO eh. they are not worried my ass

    • joshpolk says:

      Ban wagon talk Crap when you win a ring Lakers and Kobe have five Lebron Zero D Wade and the heat one. Heat nation what the heck your scub ass team cannot match up to the LAKERS come on screw ball.

      • joshpolk says:

        and at Neutrality they did not bring Barnes in because they fear the heat they brough him in to get through the west and so they can rest their players they needed to upgrade the bench and if you can make your team better you do that regardles of the heat or any team.

  107. Chance says:

    In fairness to LBJ, he did not play the race card, it handed to him by a crafty journalist. He took it.

  108. terms says:

    cezar right we have to respect the decision of lebron they can be troublesome at the playoffs but nothings gonna change lakers will dominate the playoff! 3-peat!

  109. Wun says:

    He is a great leader
    And he just choose his way to be good player
    He is not a cheater
    but a winner
    We all support him
    Lebron,Prove yourself to be a KING
    I know you can do it easily

  110. Harvey says:

    Bosh vs Gasol? Well Bosh is faster than him, young legs = Miami
    James vs Artest? Brons gonna eat him = Miami
    D-Wade vs Kobe? Nice matchup, but D-wade has a younger legs = Miami

    Well 2010-2011 Champion = Miami! Woot Woot

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      Gasol will abuse Bosh in the paint, your a idiot. Gasol has waaaaay more skills then Bosh in the paint. Artest cant stop Lequeen. But Lequeen scoring on Artest wont be a walk in the park. Since when did Artest become a weak defender? And Wade winning the matchup againist KOBE? Since when did KOBE start looking like he is ready to retire. You heat fans are a joke. I can not wait until June so i can watch your sorry a@s heat fall to my mighty LAKERS. You heat fans are a joke.

    • joshpolk says:

      @ Harvey you wrote that crap and did not even think about what you said before sending it did you? First off bosh is not way faster And second off Gasol is stronger he has a better left hand he dribbles better and a better passer he is just better Advantage Lakers. And ya James is a great scorer but he will be looking to pass as to not be called selfish and Artest and barnes and Kobe are all great Defensive players it will not be the walk in the park you play it to be and Kobe will score just ass many points as him wade is not tall enough or strong enough to cover him in the post they will have to double him Advantage lakers They will also put Kobe at the point and have Barnes cover Wade so he will not get to tired covering wade the Heat can’t do that Advantage Lakers Oh and ya that’s not counting Bynam and his height and low post game who will cover him? Advantage Lakers! And oh ya the Lakers bench is way better advantage Lakers.

  111. calvin says:

    If Peyton Manning up and left the Colts with a huge televised spectacle keeping all his extremely loyal fans on a string then turning his back on them with a huge turd eating grin I’m pretty sure his popularity would take a nose dive too. I’m not saying people aren’t racist but sheesh man, you have to live with your decisions a little more gracefully especially in public.

  112. Marcus T says:

    This was well said, Lebron sooner or later is just gonna learn not to say anything, or better yet just apologize for his part in the decision, he is leaning on it raised money for kids, but he could have announced his decision, and then had a show days after and still generated the same money

  113. rocketfan_believeit or not says:

    Just one comment. If any of us or all of us as fans or writers (no disrispect Mr. Powell) focus on what Superstars in any sports do as normal humans like we all are, then probably stadiums, arenas, and every sport sanctuary would be empty.

    It is true that they are role models for young people, but right now an 8 year old, or a 10 year old boy or girl are not thinking of leaving the team they are playing with for another team, they don’t have a clue and give a d.. about Lebron leaving Cleveland, they don’t feel betrayed, they just love watching these guys and trying to imitate what they do on court. Hall of fames are full with people that became legends or great players in the sport they loved (with the exception of Pete Rose, who if we discuss about some of before and current players behavior should leave a few of them out of the HOF too) The big deal is that WE turn simple things into big deals most of the times.

    I know Arenas bringing a gun to the locker is by far one of the dumbest things someone will ever do in sports history, I agree that Arenas is just a dumbass, but I respect him as a player and have faith that the punishment the league imposed to him made him a “bigger” person in order to respect the game I love so much.

    But think about for a sec here, kids probably did not notice Arenas was a gun loving stupid man until they might have heard about it because us as Parents, Coaches, Uncles, Brothers criticize the fact so much that now our kids are aware that you can bring guns to a locker room, but probably we do not stopped for a moment and explain to them that this is not a good thing to do.

    Do not make this a social – race issue and feel like we are all free of guilt only because Lebron does not find another way to justify the guilt he still feels, I support his decision as a player of leaving in order to win, as a role player or as the leader (I would prefer to be a leader but I respect every role player too).

    Do we want to talk about mistakes in sports, ask Kobe, Roethlisberger or Tyson why they raped or molest young girls, or why the greatest boxer ever Ali disrispected all of his oponents (is this commitment to the sport you love?), or Should Tiger Woods loose his credibility as a golf legend because he can not maintain himself inside his shorts, Vick was in jail for killing dogs and I bet he will not feel good if we did the same with his neck. All of these are real bad stuff, and we tend to forget them, but we shall not crucify every player because of their human mistakes. We just need to have faith that they will learn their lessons and let the proper punishment either imposed by the law or God’s law judge them. We need to enjoy every game and love and support the root and the purpose of every professional or amateur sport which is help us to maintain or minds away from stupid things and keep us healthier.

    P.S. Among all mistakes, LEBRON ONLY SWITCHED TEAMS AND MADE A BAD DESICION BY APPEARING ON NATIONAL TV TO ANOUNCE IT, AND NOW ONLY TRIES TO JUSTIFY IT BY MAKING BAD STATEMENTS… that is not so stupid compared to the things I mentioned above regarding other superstars isn’t it?

  114. CAVS BABY says:

    Lebron sweetie… were not mad because ur black .. were mad because you let us down and basically spit in our face… GET A CLUE!!! if u would have been white and a star player who promised to win a ring for his home town and then did us the way u did… guess what doll? we would STILL hate u the same…. But us white cleveland fans sure werent racist when we were buyin them damn tickets at their ridiculous pricess and buyin ur jerserys at 120 dollars and puttin all that money in ur pocket now were we??? UR LAME AND U RAN SCARED… END OF STORY! 2 throw the race card out there is the dumbest thing u could of ever done! we lost even more respect for u! BUUUUUT im a CAVS fan NOT a lebron fan… AND i dont jump on the band wagon… i love my cavs and im tired of people puttin them down now… as an ohioan and a fan of them… let me jus say WE DIDNT WIN A RING WITH HIM HERE ANYWAY!!! WITNESS? WITNESS WHAT? NOT A DAMN THING!!!

    • poodawg98 says:

      wow bilnded by rage he didnt throw out the race card he answered a reporters question, saying race is a FACTOR not the main reason A FACTOR he called no one racist millions of people HATE him now u dont think some of them could be racist??? out of millions?? and the tickets u bought at ridiculous prices were for the team right??? he doesnt make money off of ticket sales as an ohioan (akron- LEBRONS HOME TOWN) i witnessed the cavs get to the finals the 1st time ever with one player, (2nd best player was Z) i witnessed a team last in the league in standings as well as attendance before he got their he changed the whole organization around, i witnessed a teams value raise 300% because of one player. yeah he didnt win in cleveland and since yall cavs fans actin now like yall never wanted him to resign with the cavs…. you got yo wish and i hope the cavs still get the same support now that the ego maniac narsositic quitter is no longer on the roster i hope the fans of the cavs continue to sell out the Q now that lebrons not there lololol

  115. Kafou70 says:

    Lebron’s decision to leave Cleveland may have been motivated by a desire to win a championship, presumably creating a powerful trio to dominate the East and conquer the West. His method, however, was not the shrewdest as it is not wise to alienate people from your state/hometown. Since he cannot be a basketball player all his life, thinking ahead would have shown forethought and prudence. Cleveland is one market that will forever be beyond reach should he decide to pursue businness opportunities post basketball years.

    That said, the Lakers are ready for some real competition. I suggest Miami brings the remaining NBA superstars to join them, as 3 alone are not enough to overcome the Lakers front court. Kobe’s 6th ring should be memorable, and trampling over this pseudo-powerful trio will catapult him into basketball immortality; forget hall of fame.

    It’s a 3-peat.

  116. tmorrison says:

    It’s the world we live in, politics or sports. Like or dislike a policy, a decision or a person and if they are black it has to be because of his race. The Race card ought to be called the panic button.

  117. chip says:

    Do the athletes owe the fans loyalty? ABSOLUTELY! Without loyalty, they don’t get paid! SImple as that. As far as the race issue….the same white people that Lebron, Jalen Rose, and others that they say are racist are the same ones that fill the seats in the arenas. You can’t have it both ways guys. If you are gonna damn the white guys for racism then you have to pat em on the bac k for filling up the stands.

  118. Just a Fan of Basketball! says:

    Lebron is a grown man and should be free to change his employer as he wishes just as any other MAN. Was race a big part of the backlash he has received, kinda but not really. The reality is that we live in America and due to our short history, race is apart of absolutely everything but I think that a white player of the same ‘magnitude’ would have received backlash as well (depending which part of the country you live…LOL). With that said, Kobe won with shaq, jordan had pippen and what some will argue the greatest group of shooters in history…..What is wrong with a team building a ‘dynasty’, Cleveland got the chance to build a ‘good’ team around Lebron and failed to do so, as such, Cavaliers only have their selves to blame. As far as all the backlash goes: Lebron, you are a young guy living life and let me tell you, when you are old and all the fame has gone make sure that you can look back and say “I lived my life”, dont be regretfull about trying to please others whether fans, children, fathers, or mothers…. Do what makes you happy because if you were broke and hungary on the streets of cleveland (or any other city for that matter) how many of these same people questioning your decesion wouldn’t even stop to give you a bite of food. As such – F**K what all these people think…ROCKETS, Plllllllease live again soon!!! Go Heat!!

  119. Marwin Schippers says:

    Shaun Powell

    It’s weird cause first you say this.

    LeBron answered “I think so, at times” when asked by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien if he thought race was behind the storm of criticism that followed him from Cleveland to Miami

    And then your sayin this…

    LeBron is stretching it when he says race played a factor. And anyone who says race is never a factor is stretching it, too.

    Now back to wat Lebron said. “I think so, at times” “I think so, at times” “I think so, at times”
    Meaning LeBron is not stretching anything, he did not say race played a factor, and he didnt say it did not. Meaning he is right in the middle of both. So he did not stretch anything

    Never the less i do think Bron just needs to keep his mouth shut cause he is just making things worse.

    Greetings Marwin

  120. This is Ridiculous says:

    if i read the article correctly, LJ was asked whether race has played a role in his criticisms by the interviewer. He did not come out and just declare that race was an issue. He was probably very vulnerable because of the already hammering pressure from the critics and the interview. he might be a superstar but c’mon! lets view him as a human being and put ourselves in his shoes: if we were on national television and are geeting screwed over by the media, u would get paranoid n try to find a source (whether clear or not) of the bombardment. he was put in a situation where he had to answer and when he made a small almost insignificant statement, the public in on it like flies on rotten garbage! the people who are judging on this small comment made by him are stupid, shortsighted, and lifeless.

  121. Clive Walt says:

    I am a lover of basketball. After Jordan left the Bulls and then the game for good, I just watched for the love of the game. When Lebron came along, I started to watch the Cavs more because I liked his style of play. He had a tough decision to make when it came to leaving Cleveland or Ohio, his home state. Ultimately, he wanted a chance to win a championship and he felt that his chances were better if he teamed up with players that have a high level of talent. I’m not from Cleveland so I don’t have that emotional tie. I do understand why Ohio fans wouldn’t want him to leave. Nevertheless, becoming haters because he did is unfair. No matter how he made the decision known, there was going to be a backlash. He was the man in Cleveland and that part will be missed…I just hope that he can continue to flourish as a player wherever he plays.

    However, I feel that pieces are still missing in Miami in key positions. It is rare for a team to come together and learn how to play with each other in such a short time to win a championship the first time out. I look forward to seeing how this coming season in particular all plays out. The Southeast Division is a tough one. It is going to be a dog fight to win it.

    I was first a Laker fan when Magic, Kareem, Worthy, and others were on board…not much of a Kobe fan even though I give him props for his b-ball skills. He needed help to win after Shaq left and Gasol was the final missing piece.

  122. Cleveland is predominently black anybody who thinks this is about race has to be crazy…. Just come to the inner-city and your opinion will change on that note. And its mighty funny that Lebron keep bringing up how he made 3mill for kids in connecticut but in 7 years he made 0 dollars for kids in Cleveland #1 for poverty in U.S. No fundraisers, no giveaways, no toys/clothes drives…..

  123. nael says:

    LeBron James is the best player in the world point blank period.

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      Your an idiot. How can he be the best player when he didnt have what it took within himself to win a championship in cleveland? KOBE 5 rings, JORDAN 6 rings Lebron 0 rings. How can he be the best player in the world point blank period. I understand your a Lebron fan, or maybe a heat bandwagon hopper. But come on dude, make sense when you write something. Lebron is a bigger chump now then he was before.

      • 2KjonnyB4 says:

        dj sbenga is qanna end up with more rings the lebron ahahahahahah!! no lie tho!

      • SPURS all day says:

        Yes sir, lebron is big chump. i was a lebron james fan but now i dislike that ignorant cocky a$$ mother. and i aint white, nor am i being races. cuz its funny how african americans are now sticking up for this ignorant mother after all this. blacks are too sensitive. think about how the hispanics feel, they are minorities that get mistreated to so stop bit(Hing, jesse jackson!

  124. Marc Killarific says:

    lebron wasnt the person who brought up the race excuse. After the race comments were made he was asked about it and agreed. thats it. So many people have alot to say about Lebron. Love him or hate him, all you still leaving comment about him. look how many comments are here on this article, and the average number of responses. its ridiculous. Im a lebron james fan, i wasnt a cleveland cavilears fan till he got there just like millions and millions of people. nobody should be upset about his departure but the people in cleveland and a few cities that surround cleveland. Cleveland never put anything around him in 7 years, miami put 2 in 1 day. DO you all actually think that the antawn jamison trade was gonna be enough to keep him?? Give me a break. Hes soft as it comes at the power foward position. Even Rashard Lewis would have a field day at the 4 spot agianst him. World, dnt hate, appreciate. hes an amazing talent

  125. James says:

    The dude got asked a question which he answered, honestly. I see the hate for Lebron just never stops. First of all.. race always is a factor, whether we want to admit it or not. on both sides, or rather on all sides, race is a factor. If you say it isn’t then you are either lying to me or lying to urself. Its drilled into our psyche’s daily from the day we are born… The best of us don’t let the race factor rule us… we are intelligent enough to understand that just because we saw one black man on TV getting arrested doesn’t mean all black people steal, or we know that just because we saw one white man spitting racial slurs doesn’t mean all white people are racist. The worst of us however succumb to the race factor… Use it as a crutch, use it as reason to hate. So race is always a factor. Lebron wasn’t saying that everyone who was upset with his decision is racist, he was saying that his decision gave some of the “worst of us” the excuse that they needed to unleash the pent up hate they’ve had for young successful blackman… “burning jerseys” “Owners letter to fans calling him a coward and a traitor” ??? come on son.

  126. Simon says:

    “In yet another example of how LeBron just can’t let go of the backlash he received this summer”- How can he get over it, when media types keep asking him about it. The new season is starting lets all focus on that.

    If you had the option of going to Miami or staying in Cleveland 80% of the people would make the same move as LeBron. Have you seen South Beach. Its AWESOME!

  127. Chris says:

    I agree completely with this article. Lebron has not demonstrated humility or good conduct for a while now. Sure lebron’s really good but, hey not even Michael Jordan needed an hour long show to say where he was going…lebron’s ego is really too big for someone who just puts a ball into a rim…at the end of the day basket-ball is still only a game and the NBA is a business. So yes people will love you or despise you but, at the end of the day who cares? STOP BEING A DRAMA KING!

    • Just a Fan of Basketball! says:

      Lebron made $3 million dollars for charity with this “hour long crap”… Besides Chris, don’t harp on the people that go outside of the box, those same people made the norms that keep you so comftorable…. It’s 2010 and if you cant think of one trend that you set, changed, challenged……. Then maybe you need a bit of drama get out of the box- be the first to do SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE… Basketball is just a game and I totally agree there but Lebron’s ego has nothing to do with putting a ball in a rim and everything to do with creating a legacy and WAY MORE IMPORTANT, putting a billion dollars in his bank account….

      • SPURS all day says:

        3 million aint poop for charity. with lebron making at least 10 million a year, i know he probably makes more, he should be donating 20 million for charity, 3 million is nothing to that greedy bastard.

  128. James says:

    Why is everyone jumping on Lebrons case? He didn’t bring it up the REPORTER did. He cant be honest? Hell yeah he can. If ppl want to find somone to get mad at the yshould get mad at that dumb as* reporter for asking the question. She didn’t even follow up the question after he answered it. Everyone wants to get mad at him for leaving Cleveland the way he did. He is a grown as* man he can work where ever he wants. How Cleveland gon get mad cuz he left. He is tired of being in Ohio. If you had a choice to work in Cleveland or Miami which would you choose. Miami of course. Get over it!!!

    • CAVS BABY says:


  129. […] Maverick Carter, the manager for James, agreed that race fueled the backlash • Some think James is taking it too far by saying race was a factor • See fan reactions to LeBron’s announcement • James left […]

  130. Kevin says:

    It’s not just the white fans who don’t want to hear that mess with the race card. it’s too old now. Especially with this man. Why can’t we just accept responsibility for making the wrong (in the sports fans’ opinion) choice? But noooo we have to blame someone else for the hostile reaction and unnecessarily rile up ancient bad feelings. So much for moving forward…

  131. james xyz says:

    race had nothing to do with this,if there was a color involved it was green,im not a fan of none of todays modern athletes,i dont know none of them personally,but they all look a like,especially the colored ones,they all wear diamond earrings,and tatoos,i cant even sit and watch a whole NBA game or NFL,etc.everything on this planet is fueled by the love of having more money,all these businesses are controlled by bloodsuckers,middle class america is disappearing and the average family cant afford to go to a pro game anyway,if you do go you have to sit way in the back,the hell with sports and the millionair snakes that play them.screw Lebron,you sea who hes friends with,another snake JZ.

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      What are you? Some ignorant redneck that lives in the backwoods somewhere next to a dirty swamp!! What the hell is colored ones suppose to mean. Get you stupid redneck a@s of the website, we dont want to hear that kind of stuff!!

  132. Nick Alexander says:

    Mr Powell is falling into the same pitfals as LeBron with this piece. If anything, racist whites give athletes and entertainers a pass when it comes to race. I cant tell you how many rednecks I have seen wearing black player’s jerseys while stillusing the “n” word freely. LeBron has really shown his true colors and is a big ‘ol cry baby. I think he pulled the race card because he is used to thinking he can do no wrong. I heard a story from an AAU Coach about LeBron getting nabbed in Vegas during a tournament for soliciting a prostitute and because of it showed up late for the game, still scoring 40+ in the game. If it were anyone else he would have been booted from the team and maybe the highschool. With stories like this its no wonder he thinks his blunders are not his fault.

  133. Big H says:

    I wish Lebron has someone who can really guide him in dealing with the media. First, let me state that by no means is he a bad person, however, he continues to make mistakes by the way he addresses the madia. Like everyone else, he wants to gain respect but he continues to fail in showing humility. He comes out arrogant and cocky everytime he answers questions even though I truly believe that he is just trying to show he is full of confidence. The issue I have is that I think those that are close to him especially his family are afraid of telling him his shortcomings. If you are one of his inner circles be a true friend and guide him. He really needs you right now.

  134. poodawg98 says:

    one thing u must realize mr. powell is lebron was asked a question he didnt “play” the race card he answered that question with his opinion just like you wrote this article with your opinion about that same question. Also he said it was a FACTOR in some of the backlash hes been getting, not the primary reason. As for proof look at the Q rating thats been reported on so much, with non-blacks his negative Q rating went from 24 to 44 but his negative Q rating among blacks went from 14 to 15. Also its about power, lebron took the power out of the owners hands and put it in his, owners and GMs usually decide how a team will look, players rarely get to choose who they want to play with, now lebron has changed the game, ask denver and new orleans owners who holds the most power them or thier star players. Those rich BILLIONAIRE owners dont like their “employees” pulling the strings.

    i read comments on lebron articles where people say they hate him they dont want thier kids to be like him they hope he gets injured, all because he chose to go to miami? really??? as far as The Decsion, that was about buisness, money, thats all, it wasnt about humiliating cleveland fans, he made 3 mil for kids and himself (buisness tax write-off) THATS SMART. he made his company, LRMR 3 million dollars in an hour, any other buisness man does that he seen as genius. Lebron used his fame to make money for his OWN COMPANY, 10 million people watched, and people say that was a bad pr move??? really??? lets keep it in perspective, he plays basketball and he wants to win and make money, now who in this country doesnt want to be successful and wealthy????

  135. Paul says:

    What I find amazing is that people can totally ignore the facts surrounding a situation when they formulate an opinion. The Cavs were a down franchise when James arrived. The franchise more than doubled it’s worth in the 7 years he was there. He took them to their one and only appearance in the finals and people act like he owed Cleveland more. He played out is contract and moved on. The ESPN show was just that a show. A bunch of people watched. Jame raised a ton of money for charity and yet he is demonized like he beat up his girlfriend or drove drunk. I understand Lebron’s thinking. What could it be that would cause people to beleive he was soem ego maniac when they never saw any evidence of that or believed that before? It has to be reacism because what other logical reason would get me such venom?

    • NotHumbleLBJ says:

      I bet you have been saying this ever since the decision! Unfortunately for you and your love lebron, people have moved on and the only reason why everyone keeps talking about him is because he refuses to shut his pie hole. You wanna talk about what he has done for Cleveland and the Cavs, fine! You are right. There is no way I can deny that BUT, if you could just please grow a brain and tell the same to lebron, you could see that we are not talking about his decision, we are talking about what he is talking about, which is that people are racist towards him. Thats not what I said, he said it. So don’t go all venomy on people and look way back into things because people have moved but not that spoiled little brat.

      You make me sick with your venom and lebron love!

  136. Peter says:

    Bravo! Finally, the voice of reason sounds in. You should also comment on Jalen Rose, in the media, basically calling out whites for being basketball fans who treat black athletes as commodities. Rose is delusional in his interpretation of the fans perception of athletes. Look at the way the media is treating Ashton Kushner for having an affair. The media doesn’t play the race card as you very well know. The media plays the money card and whoever is in the cross-hairs, whether black, white, Hispanic or otherwise, they receive the echo of their own behavior. Only it’s modified by the number of individuals offended, disappointed or just plain angry at whatever it is they’ve done.

    • poodawg98 says:

      ashton kutcher??? really???? lets see if the media treats him like tiger woods!!! david letterman rick pitno asthon kutcher jesse james tiger woods all are famous and all did the same thing cheated on their wife but put of all those famous people i named who got crucified in the media for months, who mistresses got interviews on abc fox cbs nbc, who was on the cover of the new york times more weeks in a row than 9/11, who???? the only one considered not white! where was all the outrages media coverage for letterman?? lebron is more hated than ben roethlisberger and he has been accused of sexual assualt twice in the span of a year, but lebron is worst cause he did the Decsion and 10 million people watched!!! really???? open your eyes

  137. THE BAHAMAS says:

    You all are trying to make people hate him because he said part of it is race. You might not think it’s racist…you might not be the racist prick, but someone out there hates to see other persons of a different race succeed (that is just being open minded) off of mere talent and hold a country hostage as their once infamous but now notorious “hero”. He’s a man, a blackman who is successful from entertaining you all. there wasn’t ever a doubt in my mind that he would take shots. it doesn’t happen to any one else. look at history

  138. nay99 says:

    all lebron said when asked if race played a factor was “I think so, at times. There’s always — you know, a race factor.” such a simple answer then things got complicated. Greg Neuhaus has a great take on all this at: http://www.lowpostnews.com/heat/the-amazing-race-card/

  139. Jay says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t see how this white and black thing is relevant.

  140. Gonzo says:

    “show some humility, which often goes a lot further with the public than wins.”
    Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Luis Scola, Yao Ming, Richard Jefferson (that opted out for the team), Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzky… and the list goes on… I hope the Celtics beat Miami just to show LeBron that a TEAM win championships and not a bunch of good players, if not, hope San Antonio does that. Race is not the reason for him not to be “loved”. Lack of brain, probably.

  141. bigmike902 says:

    for anybody that loves the game of basketball or any professional sport that has a favorite team or lucky to live in a city wth a professional team , u take pride in your team and its players. in lebrons case it was to the extreme. a city that hasnt seen a championship in decades he was to be the savior of that region and bring a title to cleveland. his desicion was based on winning a championship and he just wasnt going to do that in cleveland. if i was to blame anyone for his choice to leave i would have to put it on the management of the cavs. the managemwnt wasnt able to put the right players around bron. u take kobe away from lakers and put him on memphis or a lesser team in the league u think hes still gonna be winning multiple chips ?? NO he would be in the same shoes as MELO. Lebron is just taking a few of the wrong routes when talking race and his lists and the decision which was a joke. lebron should win at least 2 or 3 chips with the team hes got. And u ask any player in league right now if they would like to be in the position hes in right now what do u think they would say ??? hes just gotta handle himself better.

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      You could put KOBE in Golden State and he would win a championship.

      • LeBronIsTheKing says:

        Kobe isn’t winning any championship after Shaq left until a spanish dude came along and lakers started to win in playoffs again.. Remember when Kobe averaged 30+ ppg but fails to enter playoffs? So don’t give kobe tooooo much credit… Lakers would have lose to Celtics if Perkins was playing and Artest didn’t play lockdown defense on Pierce.. So hurray for Kobe!

      • KOBE SUCKS says:

        He didn’t win the last championship (8 for 24 shooting), I wouldn’t put kobe on my little sisters basketball team, he might try to take her to Colorado.

  142. cashmoney says:

    I am so tired of people acting as if this man is not human. HE IS!!! he has emotions, feelings and a heartbeat just as we all do. You state he mistakes love from fans as real love…but is he not supposed to? When he is out and fans want autographs and pictures and they tell him that they love him…is he too look at them and say…do you really love me or do you only love me because i am famous and can play basketball…or should he act as if he love them back? I am really tired of everyone all over his back…the rude actions, the rude words and the rude writings of reporters because you are not inventive enough to write about anything else. yes during this process race has played a factor in the bs…You are reporter? are you really saying you have not read the blogs and the news? The bottom line is he did what was best for him and his family. Cleveland should have stepped up and recruited some players to help him get tot the ultimate goal and for him that is a ring. He has already been the King,…in case you all have not realized that is not what he wants anymore…he wants the ring…he wants to be noted as the best. Cleveland did not give that to him and now a lot of fans are mad because he made a decision for him. Get off of it…im sick of it!! Nobody speaks of all the good he has done, all of the money he brought to Cleveland, all of the money he made for his foundation the night he announced he was leaving Cleveland…I support him…I love him as a person and as a player and i am a fan of Lebron James first and then the team he is playing for…People need to decide if they support the player because of the team or do they support the player because of them as an individual!

  143. Ralph says:

    If Bron still cares about what people are saying, he should show some humility. haha! But if not, he might as well copy Kobe, who obviously doesnt care about what people say anymore.

  144. TrueChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    If it were any other league, there may be a potential to throw the race card as the impetus for negative over reaction…however, in the NBA, in makes no sense. I guess all the criticism of LeBron from the other black players/fans is strickly a judgement call and negative criticism from white players/fans is racism? No Chance. LeBron just doesn’t get it. His judgement is poor…and now he’s proved it. His actions have envoked reaction in PEOPLE that have garnered similar, almost instinctive reactions that go way beyond race.

    In fact, I would suggest, there is a universal reaction to what LeBron has done…spit in the face of white/black/asian/south asian/latino/mixed race Cleveland fans world wide and the unwritten rule of true legandary champions. You attrach the talent and stick with it. He’s on D-wade’s team now and will help build Wade’s Legendary status.

    Fans of all races can smell a punk a mile away…Karma’s a heck of a thing…it will come back to LeBron in spades…in all suites.

    • poodawg98 says:

      so i guess shaq is not a true champ cuz he was drafted by orlando had another superstar with him in penny, couldnt win so he left town to do it wit another team. lolol. and you need to undertsand the words and not be blinded by one, lebron said race was a factor, not the main factor but a factor. a lot of people are upset with him any their are alot of different reasons why, he didnt play the race card, HE WAS ASKED if he thought race played a factor in the hateful comments of some people, which it does. where is all the hateful comments about ben roethlisberger???? 2 sexul assualt cases in the span of a year. how does race not play a part, who is the face of the steroids era, mark mcguire?? he admitted roger clemens???? hes indicted all the other players who TESTED POSITIVE for steroids, or barry bonds who never failed a mlb drug test??? lol race doesnt play a fcator huh. what about david letterman asthon kutcher rick pitino jesse james and tiger woods, all cheated on thier wife ALL did the same thing, but who was crucified in the media, lol race dont play a factor lol good morning

  145. Reaper says:

    I’m not sure love is quite the right word to be using in this instance. I find it hard to believe we as fans are capable of “loving” an athlete based solely upon what we see on tv and read in the papers. I do however understand your point of the conditions involved in the support for athletes, the fickle nature of the public is an ugly thing. If you TRULY support a player for who they are as a person, not just as superstars on your favourite sports team, then you will not find yourself loathing them with one false step. I for example am a big Dwyane Wade fan, both on and off the court. To me he seems like a great person and player, if he were to make a few comments I disagreed with, or went the wrong way about leaving Miami, I would not immediately turn on him.

    Athletes are people the same as all of us, and that’s something we need to remember. We make mistakes and are forgiven for them, we need to give the same grace to professional athletes.

  146. wert says:

    why people hate justin beiber is the same reason why people hate lebron.

  147. Marsha says:

    LeBron, do you really think that race was behind the comments Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and others made regarding the way you left Cleveland? Really?

  148. Card says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe many people really get it. Most seem to be taking the stance that Lebron was asked the question, “Why do you believe you are getting so much backlash?” and he answered, “Because I’m Black”. That is not what happened at all. He was asked a specific question regarding if he thought race was a factor and he gave his honest opinion. He basically said that it’s a factor with some people. He didn’t say it was the only factor or even a main factor. Just a factor. How is that incorrect? No one should be naive enough to believe that 0% of columnist and people in American are racist. To me that is unreasonable. Being Black is a factor, being young and successful is factor, being rich is factor, and being an athlete is factor. Lebron statement was nothing to be racially charged up about, yet people seem to be making a big deal about nothing. He was just stating the obvious. To bad most of America isn’t mature enough to see that.

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      I dont think most of America is immature to see that. I think your just an idiot to believe that. His skin color has nothing do with what people are saying about him. It was the waste of time, ie “THE DECISION”. People put Lebron on the same page as people like JORDAN AND KOBE which has always been an insult to me. He is nothing like a JORDAN or KOBE. So i dont think a lot of people wanted to see him make such a big mistake leaving cleveland, and leaving cleveland the way he did.

      • True sentences says:

        OMG! You just an idiot,i think you cant even play basktball ,you just tell stupid things…maybe if you arent licking kobe’s asshole,you would see the facts….
        get a life. (Lebron is my favourite player ,but i also likes kobe,so dont take it personal kobe:D)

  149. poo says:

    oh boy….see this is what the youngsters lack nowadays they dont return the love to the fans that loved them with all their hearts the feeling is mutual….yeah he is his own man and he can do watever he wants but did he not think about the people hes leaving behind???? yeah i know its business but has business made players cold and not able to feel anythin???? are they robots????and why is he pullin the race card???? they didnt care that he was black they loved him because he was represtening cleveland/ohio….they hate him not because hes black they are mad about how they were treated….does lebron not have any wise people around him????or does he just have a commitee of not very smart people ahaha its just mistake after mistake hes making it worse hes in a whole 6’8 deep….and why does everyone pick miami over the lakers???? are they forgetting that the lakers are the champs???? and who does miami have front court???? Lakers big men wil dominate them, chris bosh and some scrub over bynum gasol????forget about it….im not a laker fan but im a basketball fan and the lakers right now are the best team right now and miami aint goin second its the celtics….and please lebron practice your post game u cant just keep smacking into people your whole career get some moves lol i wonder if your goin to quit on miami when they start losing….

    • leggomymelo says:

      i agree poo. i feel that sports players have a responsibility to be good people. i understand that championships are important and legends are defined by them. however, if you affect a citys well being to the magnitude that lebron did, he should have stayed in cleveland. its not like money was a problem. clevelands economy will now suffer terribly from this. i know that he isnt the mayor of cleveland but ill always feel as if though he shouldve stayed because it was the right thing to do

  150. cj says:

    Lebron did what was good for his family, Some of the fans need to get a life. Go Heat go.

    • leggomymelo says:

      best thing for his family? i understand everybody wants whats best for their family, so why did he go to the heat? he’s making less money then he would somewhere else. im not saying lebron wasnt thinking about his family, but it was definately not the reason he switched up teams. and even if he was to make more money in miami its not like his family was in a bad situation in cleveland.

  151. Tan says:

    This is all crap, And my respect for Lebron James just went wayyyy down.

  152. RoMo says:

    I wish people would leave LeBron alone , the only people mad about the situation are those who’s teams feel threatened by the new Heat roster. He’s still the same player he was in Cleveland , that hasn’t changed , and that’s all that counts.

    anyways…. GO LAKERS KB24 3-PEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. ej says:

    i think that if somone does so many for his team and just go to another
    team better not perform rather than breaking the hearts of not a thousand of fans but millions of fans around the world
    im still dissapointed

  154. Carviny says:

    The whole problem with the Lebron departure was he held the organization hostage with his decision. When he didn’t sign the contract extention or verbalized his decsion that was a clear sign to everybody else that he was leaving. The diehard Cleveland fans who showered him with love from the time he joined the team just thought that might be enough to make him stay. Since he didn’t have the balls to tell the organization first , which is just a simple matter of respect, he now reaps his harvest. He has proven in the pass that despite all his greatness on the court he is a coward in other areas.

  155. John says:

    Of all the things he could’ve said during the interview……. why would lebron play the “RACE” card? The people of Akron and cavs love him dearly. Anyway if you want to get a ring and move on its still fine… but all in all everything is not about the “race” issue.

  156. robert says:

    Yes, he sounds like he has not moved on yet and he should be looking toward going forward. Still you make a great observation. I am not a fan of any of these guys, so like I have said in the past, I would not put it past them to come up short in their quest for an NBA Title. I still like the Lakers chance more so then theirs. We wil have to see who will take on the rolls they will surely have to play in order to win a title. LeBron doesn’t seem mentally tough enough to not want to be in the limelight. So we will see who will have to sacrafice their game to play defense and collect fouls and sit the bench, or who will have that 18 rebound night game and not score. I really think someones game willhave to suffer in order for these guys to be successful.

  157. Emperor James says:

    Bravo! Finally an article that has been obviously well thought out, and articulated. I agree with your take. After so many extremely questionable articles in their motivations, an article that is worthy of consideration. It goes to show you that it is, indeed, possible to frankly speak about LeBron James without being totally in the tank for him, and attempting to rehabilitate his image at all costs.

  158. JWY of Singapore says:


    • Josh says:

      Plus i think they would be willing to see if he would stay after the one year great deal for them if they could pull it off. You lose him after a year no big deal you still have Superman to build around and if the could off Lewis contract that would be worth it for both temas Nuggets would get atleast some tallent in return not lose him for nothing,

  159. Tenki says:

    Why does LeBron feel subjected to any kind of racial discrimination? It has nothing to do with the fans feeling hate or sympathy or whatever they feel towards him. However, his comment MIGHT have some meaning to his feelings, but he should be careful because topics about race should be treated with respect. Erik Spoelstra is a Filipino, and I am an avid fan of his. We do not have any players in the NBA, but at least we have a coach who is proud of his heritage. Here in the Philippines, I see James’ jerseys everywhere I go, from shopping malls to discotheques.

    IF LeBron has some issues regarding race, he’s walking on a tightrope. I think that the criticism that he’s garnering now is a cataclysm of the people’s expectations and anticipations to test his character. THIS is pressure off the court. I understand his statement that we should witness his style of play “to do the talking”, but off the court, HE should do the TALKING.

    Many of his fans here in our country try to emulate him, from his chalk-tossing to his muscle flexing after a spectacular dunk. LeBron should go here and see for himself that he is as popular as Manny Pacquiao. But IF he says something that degrades our race, I reckon the Philippines would pray for LA to sweep Miami IF they reach the Finals.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      I just LOVE it, yep love it. “Yea it is a joke he had the nerve to you (use) the race card.”….“Why does LeBron feel subjected to any kind of racial discrimination?”….

      Whenever racism raises its ugly head in America it usually rises in a cloud of smoke that obscures everything around it. First, he didn’t raise the subject, a reporter with the desire to get a “printable” response did. Lebron answered with the feeling that ANY so-called ‘minority’ would respond, which is basically….”I don’t know, but sometimes I FEEL it might play a part in SOME of it.” Unless a responder is wearing a swastika and yelling out racial slurs, there is NO way to know what is behind any negative reaction. Yet people (reporters) will ALWAYS ask this when around black players. Think Yao ever gets questions like this when he misses over 2/3 of his career due to injury and people start labeling him ‘bust’? Nope.

      I just love the way Americans (and Europeans) dance around the impact black Americans have had on their sports. Ever notice that all during the FIBA games the word ‘athleticism’ was constantly used to describe a predominately black USA team? Did anyone catch (and I bet you didn’t) the fight between WHITE members of the NBA where chairs were used as weapons and the only response from the NBA was a big fat NOTHING? Please don’t use the excuse that these players were not on the USA team and were already punished. Did they LOSE any NBA playing time (thus part of their salaries) for their brawl, even though the NBA will punish its players for actions ‘detrimental to the image’ of the NBA?
      Now imagine if it was the US team, say Lamar Odom, or Westbrook that had bludgeoned a Greek player…uh huh.

      Shawn, you hit the nail on the head with this article, its not about race but the ‘conditional love’ of the fans. When Shaq left a large number of them vilified Kobe. When Kobe said he wanted out of LA (and a losing atmosphere) they practically burned his image in effigy. Yet when a player gives his all in a losing cause (Garnet at Minn for instance) they ship him out to pasture with a pat on the head and a ‘thank you but goodbye’. Lebron is a GREAT talent, a basketball physical phenomenon that hasn’t been seen since Magic Johnson but he unfortunately heralded in a new era of the ‘lease a star’ basketball. And he is going to get part of the blame for that, justly or unjustly.

      • rico says:

        Well said. I like most of the points in this article but this writer is diliberatley ignoring the fact that the reporter brought up the racist bs. Hes making it seem as though lebron came out with that nonsense like kanye’s “I dont think bush likes black people”.

      • Josh says:

        I also agree with allot of what you said other then yes K.G. got a thanks for all the help you gave our fans and organization a thank you and pat on the head as you called it but he got more then that by the Minnesota front office he got traded to a contender not to a garbage team like the Clippers because they loved and respected what he did for them enough. They tried to win for him they brought Speewel and Sam Cassell they both just bounced and i know Speewell is a plan idiot i can’t feed my family off ten million a year but they did try.

      • Zzanzabar says:

        @ Josh

        Thank you for reminding me about the other side of that trade that helped ‘salvage’ (as in obtain a ring) Garnets career. You are 100% correct that Minnesota at least got him into a situation that would benefit him. Lets not forget that the GM had, shall we say, a CLOSE relationship with Boston. I’m am sure that part of Lebron’s decision (not THE DECISION) was based on Garnet’s advice about how loyalty could sometimes be a hindrance to a player’s career.

      • joshpolk says:

        Ya you are right for sure about him having a big tie in with the Celtics.

  160. Red Army says:

    I gotta admit I’m a huge Lebron fan ever since his high school days in Akron, but without ANY doubt he shouldn’t have even thought of mentioning race. Thats something he should’ve just bs’d with his closest friends about, not with the national media. You could tell CB4 and Dwade were wishin he wouldn’t have said it either in their interviews about the comments. Time for EVERYONE to just leave it alone and get set for NBA tip-off later this month. WOOT WOOT!

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      Yea it is a joke he had the nerve to you the race card. I think the reason why some people have it out for lebron is because a lot of people respected LJ. A lot of people put him on the same stage as the JORDANS and KOBES. But JORDAN and KOBE never ran from their team like a chump to join another superstar to chase their first rings. So on that note a lot of people, probably half of the sports nation lost respect for this chump! He can win all the rings he wants now, they mean nothing. Regardless of what you heat bandwagon hopper and LJ fans say this guy is a chump, and can never be compared to my man KOBE!! You heat fans, get over miami winning a championship for at least two years. This team has a whole lot of work ahead of them before they can start thinking championship. LAKERS 3 PEAT BABY!!!!

      • pmichael says:

        What if he wins 4 more MVPs with heat, then he’ll be beating Kobe, and if they get 6 rings, it’ll be better than Kobe. Sure, it didn’t work out for him at Cleveland, and he traded, but believe me, he won’t be leaving South Beach in a while. Shaq is one of the best players in history, and how many teams has he been on? And do I need to remind you of a certain sex charge regarding a certain Lakers player? All players make mistakes, but over time they define themselves. I think D-wade/LBJ partnership will go down in history as one of the greatest. To discount his legacy already is waaaaaaaaaaaaay premature.

        For the record, you know that if Perk was fit, Lakers would have lost game 7 by 30.

      • SW says:

        Haha Kobe asked to be traded a few years ago to a contender when the Lakers lost Shaq and went through a huge slump. He’s just the same as the Lebron, they all are… The only reason Kobe stuck around was because Phil Jackson came back to coach and the Lakers picked up Pau Gasol.

      • LEBRON SUCKS says:

        @SW the lakers did for kobe what the cavs did for lebron. The cavs had a good coach in mike brown. Why they got rid of him is anyones guess. And for the past two years the cavs had good role players. You dont win over 60 games two years in a row if you have scrubs on your team. But KOBE worked with what he had, and we all know how that turned out. Lebron on the other hand, was not the warrior KOBE is, thats exactly why he is ringless. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA

      • tribon says:

        hey LEBRONSUCKS..kobe sucks big time..by the time lebron retired he will be next to MJ23..more rings and mre MVP than your kobe-the real ball hogger who got lucky with shaq..crying for trade..got luck with pau..lately got lucky for game7..by the way LBJ is just 25yrs old..2MVPs..kobe 13seasons 1MVP..so will just wait for the man to win his multiple titles..

    • Adam J says:

      Amen SW and ya the race card is stupid but it is also a stupid question by the reporter. Like what is he supposed to say in that spot…anyway I don’t really get why it has to be a LeBron vs. Kobe thing like Kobe would never do this. Well he tried but it didn’t happen..idk I just feel like why cant we just admire them as players? None of us know them personally, Ive seen them both play live at least 7 times each and they are amazing to watch. I dont care about their character or whatever I just love watching them play. But if you want a character war don’t forget that Mr. Rape Charge ain’t perfect either.

      • Josh says:

        At pmichael lets be real with Perkins they would still have lost to the Lakers all of you guys that think they would have won because of Perkins are crazy Rasheed Wallace is twice the player Perkins is he spread the floor for K.G who had one of his best games because Perkins was not in the way. And the Lakers had to double Rasheed and they could not get out to his three point shot. Rasheed got all the rebounds Perkins would have got and made the Lakers have more problems on the defensive end then Perkins would have been able to do get over that pipe dream and remember the Lakers also did not have a healthy Andrew Bynam either years or they probably would be going for a four peat not just a three peat Celtic fans count your blessings that you have the ring from 2008 and stop crying with a probably 45 percent Bynam playing the Lakers where stomping you guys if he was a hundred percent it would have never gone seven GET OVER IT CELTIC FANS PERKINS GOT HURT YOU LOST JUST LIKELAKER FANS HAD TO WHEN THE CELTICS WON IN 2008 THE ONLY THING IS THE LAKERS WERE YOUNG AND TALANTED ENOUGH TO GET BETTER YOUR CELTICS ARE JUST GETTING OLD AND SLOW STOP CRYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lakerfan says:

        Its been proven time and time again that kobe has that championship heart that is the most necessary thing to have to win titles. he wouldnt throw in the towel during the playoffs like lebron. To say lebron didnt have a good team is ridiculous. How do you have the best record in the regular season and then turn around and say he didnt have a good team when they cant get the job done. It makes no sense.

    • BALLER 4 LIFE says:

      So do you mean tp tell me that the Jersey Burnings on You Tube where you can clearly here the person say ” It smells like a KKK Rally” is not Racist. I understand that every fan is not racist, most fans are not racist, but to think that some fans don’t still harbor those feelings are Crazy- One fan’s quote spoke about his ” Ghetto”mother being a Monkey and Hore. America is still a society where Racism raises it’s ugly head and when the top 6 athletes on the most hated list happen to be African American, then let’s stop acting like his statement is s stretch!!!!

  161. Cesar Lopez says:

    Interesting points Mr. Powell,

    But let me ask you this. Why should fans expect players to have loyalty to them?

    You (the fan) are fooling yourself truthfully if you feel that someone who you’ve never met in your life is going to show you loyalty and stick with your team till kingdom come. I think its the fan’s lack of understanding of the reality that really made this whole situation a farce. And that reality is that LeBron can do what ever the hell he wants when it comes to his own career decision. No if’s, and’s or but’s. Think about everyone has the choice of quitting their job and working someplace else. Regardless of the reason, its your choice to leave and find something better. LeBron found something better and everyone is chastising him for it. Get over it and live with the reality. LeBron owes nothing to know one. Yea the divorce was ugly but nothing is ever perfect in life. Get over it and live with the reality.

    Bottom line: LeBron made a choice. Respect it. You don’t have to agree with it, but respect it. In any case, he’s going to dominate the League for the next 5-10 years. That’s a fact. It’s only a matter of time before everyone gets back on the bandwagon.

    Side note: I’m a die hard Laker fan btw. In Buss we Trust. 3-peat. 17th chip. Kobe’s 6th. Ties Jordan, Passes Magic. All is good in Lakerdom.

    • jp says:

      if kobe leaves lakers and goes to other team what would you fell about it?

      • LEBRON SUCKS says:

        LAKER fans dont gotta worry about that because we have a true warrior on our team. Someone who has the true heart of a champion and sticks with his team and wins titles for his team. Not run to someone elses team like a chump to win a title!

      • John says:

        simply nothing… like lebron said, He dnt have to live his life through these people who are against him…
        we are all different…made by God to decide for our own.. u cannot direct how an individual will decide for themselves…. live and mind your own life… kobe will never leave a team with ALL-STAR players and a superstar COACH… think of it..

      • Adam J says:

        Totally agree with Cesar’s points. Who are we to judge what we deem to be a character flaw that he won’t win with “his” team? Its insane how much crap people have given him. And wasn’t it Kobe who demanded a trade and publically called out Andrew Bynum just a few years ago…where were the daggers then? Lets not forget the pre-Pau days. Neither one of them are perfect but they are both damn good basketball players.

      • david says:

        how are you going to say that kobe is a true warrior when at the time the lakers was getting knock out the playoffs by the suns and when the lakers was really a no show. kobe was the first person talking about if you dont bring some body i want a trade he got lucky when they got pau gasol but im not going to talk about that trade. if the lakers did’nt get pau gasol kobe would had left to get that ring. so everybody needs to stop crying about lebron james the cavs didnt bring players that would’nt choke in the playoffs to make him stay. if anything if he would had left to go to any team he would have haters crying about his choice. pick the knicks hes after money same with the nets and the bulls hes going to play with derrick rose anyway you look at it lebron james is going to lose fans

      • terrelya says:

        If Kobe left, I would still have love for him. He actually helped LA WIN some CHAMPIONSHIPS. He didn’t promise wins and then left when couldn’t deliver.

        Now at the time in 2007 when he wanted to leave, if the deal had’ve went through, I woulda been angry for a while but woulda eventually got over it. When it all comes down to it, it’s just a game. Not to mention we probably woulda viewed him the same as people of Cleveland view LeBron, but not for the same reasons. Like I said, Kobe actually helped the Lakers win 3 championships at the time. But all the drama that the Lakers been through keeping him around (team breaking up, fueds with teammates, the rape case, and lets be honest did have the ball 75% of the plays) and he would do that? That would be the reason for our anger if he left.

        So please don’t compare and contrast. The point is that Kobe stayed with Lakers and he will stay for the rest of his career. He didn’t bail out when all was said and done and he gave it his all on the court. He didn’t “give up” playing hard for his team just cuz he wasn’t happy.

      • blackmamba says:

        If Kobe Left i would still be a laker fan…he could do whatever he wants with his life everyone has the freedom to make their own choices.

      • josper says:

        i think team lakers is nothing w/o kobe…
        coz he know how to play with the team (a team player)…
        he knows how to play the game ( a great player )…
        even he is not the captain, but he is the heart of the team…
        for me lakers will surely suffer w/o kobe in the game…
        in team lakers, phil jackson is the head(brain) and kobe is the body(strenght and heart)…

        best regards to team lakers

    • Ippy says:

      Very good observation Mr lopez. Apart from Cavs fans who understandably upset, the rest of people who negatively comment about Bron have never had a reasonable argument to vent their dislike about LB. This is their MOMENT. Im afraid the only time that they will have this kind of moment to vent their hate will be around pre season as I believe LB will dominate the league ad will even go further than last year. It doesnt matter who is perceived the man on that team lebron will do his thing. For a guy to have averaged 27ppg, 8apg,7rpg by the time he is 25 without credible sidekick it is incredible. Worryingly to those doubters, he is still improving. Cavs never created neither winning nor sustainable environment for Cavs to be competitive when it matters most PLAYOFFS. That team that LB took to the finals against Spurs is the least deserving team to ever get to the finals. If the supporting cast is not competitive enough it is not going to happen. Ask Kobe about what he went through after Shaq and Phil left LA. He learnt and begged LA to upgrade. Well not many stars were lining up to play with him but it is easier for stars to be attracted by Hollywood than Cleveland. It is what it is. Boston and Lakers have stalked up talent and have created winning environment. Miami is trying Cavs just sat down and hoped LB was enough to win it all.

      • Wow once again people who are not from cleveland do not understand The cavs did everything for Lebron the team was built around him like Kobe Each year the org.constantly tried to upgrade paying off with more wins better defense each year so your arguement is totally off base no winning environment we lost maybe 10 home games over the last 3-4 years top seed two years straight 5 straight playoff appearances only team to make it out the first round of the playoffs 5 years straight come on now yall killing me with this is everyones memory that short. And no help? wow Superstar surrounded by role players who until we lose a game are great complementary players….. Now i want to go over this a team needs 2-3 superstars thing You mean to tell me everyone thinks pau g. is a superstar never made any noise until coming to LA A.Bynum, L. Odom, D. Fisher, even Artest is not in the top 5 small forwards i fail to see your reasoning. Yea Boston did it but Pierce was the true star who never left and got it done with supposedly older stars who everyone said were over the hill the rest of the team were good role players thats all. San Antonio great team but noone in their right minds can tell me they think of T.Parker or M.Ginobli as stars both inconsistent and would never be able to lead a team on their own…. Detroit had 5 good players no stars and alot of role players…. its not about whos on your team its about how bad do u want it………..

      • JStew66 says:

        Dude, you can not be from Cleveland or anywhere near it! The front office did all they could to include preparing to win in the playoffs! If winning 66 and 61 games in the regular season is not preparing for victory in the playoffs then there is nothing that will prepare to win in the playoffs. It’s called “securing home court advantage”. Next, if LBJ would have came out and said that he was staying in the 216, do you honestly believe better players would not have come? Please, spare the CLE your hog-wash. Had he voiced his decision to stay, then the lineup would have been better. But he never did. Was I upset that he “decided to take his talents to South Beach”. YOU DAMN RIGHT I WAS. Not about the fact that he decided to leave, he’s a grown man, he’s welcome to go. It was the way he left. Not the TV show, but the non-communications. He waited until all the better FAs were gone and the Cavs had no chance to even pursue one. And to add insult to injury, he started recruiting players from the Cavs as well. He did not recruit when he was here, what the hell was that. Now we are talking the race card! Number one, I’m black so this is not about my people! Dan Gilbert went the hell off because he poured money into what he imagined would be a great franchise WITH a superstar player. He even took LBJ to rub elbows with multi-millionaires and to teach him about business. Little did he know he was setting himself up for “the business”. For anyone to ASSUME that this was about race, this is a decade into the new millenium. STOP THE FREAKIN’ MADNESS. I’m not so niave to believe that there is no racism, but not everything is about race. This time the only color this was about was GREEN as in money. DG and the Cavs will loose quite a bit of GREEN this season with attendance and TV time as well as merchandising. Think about it and stop making everything race. I’m a CLE fan since I can remember, Browns, Indians, Cavs, even Tiddlywink Top Droppers (the CLE Tiddlywink team if we had one). Do I dislike LBJ now, you damn right I do! Not because he left, it’s because he is no longer representing the 216. To me, if they aren’t CLE then they are worth a damn!

      • josper says:

        we all know how LB play, i think this season is a big chance for him…
        he would play much better this season coz with his co-team d.wade, a good and a team player.

    • Vijay says:

      Firstly to JP, if Kobe left at this point in his career it would be viewed almost in the same light as when Jordan left at 30 something and came back at near 40 something. Kobe has put in his work and has a hell of a resume.

      Secondly to Cesar, “Lebron owes nothing to no one” not “know one”. In any case though the publics beef it not with what he did, this has been stated ooh too often but how he did it. It is often said as you made mention to, if a husband cordially divorces his wife, as in the y grow apart, he respectfully bows out of the relationship, “ok”. “Ok” though from the standpoint that he did not drag her name through the mud, sleep around on her, physically or mentally or emotionally abuse her, well other than breaking her heart with the divorce. That’s how people view “The Decision”, like he slept around on his fans, physically, mentally and emotionally abused them. The other option was, simply do the courtship thing which is legal in basketball, make up his mind, call the Cavaliers let them know it over, call the Heat let them know what’s going on, announce it to the world then afterwards. Will there be broken hearts, CERTAINLY, but the method would have been correct and would have carried much less PR damage.

      Thirdly of course the Lakers will three peat. I remember last season when there were a whole lot of Cavs bandwagonners who after the Lakers lost to them twice, and handily on x-mas, their heads were swollen, the Lakers will get trounced in the Finals, Lebron is the man, blah blah blah, yada yada yada. I calmly said, those Cavs much like the article said, had only two other teams in the East that were on their level and they had those two to contend with well before they had LA to deal with. Celtics and Magic btw.

      Although I’m a Lakers fan and a Kobe fan, I,m under no illusion that had the Lakers not gotten better around the time they landed Gasol, Kobe would’ve gone elsewhere. I’m not saying he would have looked for a superteam or something like that, just that the man’s talent is too great to be stuck in mediocrity, that he was spoiled up that point in his career having won three titles ealry on.

      • Ok, first of all, When LeBron was on the Cavaliers, He had no one on his team. The players on his team were not good enough, Who is ANYBODY to say that LeBron James shouldn’t leave his team. I am a Miami Heat fan since 04 and I still am. Wasn’t Kobe Bryant the guy who said that he needed to be traded? That he needs a new team to go to? Preety sure he said that. People who say that Kobe Bryant won a championship ring on his on are just idiots.. He is surrouned by many talented all-stars and players who can come off the bench and still play a fantastic game. LeBron James didn’t have anything like that. He attempted to do it on his own, and he realizes that no human being can do so. Ceasar Lopez said it well. The Miami heat will dominate the NBA for years to come. And frankly I don’t see the Lakers 3-peating this season. But best of all to them.

      • Al says:

        where are some of these comments comming from when people are saying that Lebron did not have help. the Cavelers won the most game two seasons in a row and Mr Lebron James won playe of the year twice, back to back, so this crap that he had no help is exactly what it is…Lebron quit on his team mates and the cliveland organization, for what reason, only he and they know.. if anyone looked at the play-offs they can clearly see that he did not give a good effort, that at times during the play he was distant and withdrawn, not even paying attention to the plays. replay some of those games against boston and you will see exactly what he did or did not do.
        He made a decision a long time ago to move on form clevland, it was just a matter of how was he going to pull it off. this idea of not haveing help is crap.. dwyane wade needed help,, lebron he had more than enough talented players on his team and he threw it away for his own personal greed…

      • Vijay says:

        To DwayneWadefan3, ok let’s admit one thing first you’re over the moon like the rest of Miami since Lebron “The Decision” decided to “take his talents to sout beach”. Now I will refrain from pulling you on your comments about the Cavs given that you are a come lately Heat fan by your own admition. Ironically you became a Heat fan the year they won a championship. So I guess had they not won, your loyalties would lie elsewhere, given that the case you got the rights to the right player. Yes and a thousands times yes, Kobe went on a piss parade about wanted to be traded that was no secret, it was on “ESPN”. But for your info and others alike, Kobe has a no trade clause in his contract, number 2 he did not only rant and rave about wanting to be traded he said exactly what his grouses were back then and subsequently the Lakers got it right. Admittedly they got it right then, in terms of keeping Bynum, NOT trading Kobe and somehow hijacking Pau Gasol. Number 3, it is not my fault that Lebron in his quest to be the best and be known as the King did all himself. Your comments just further my points I have made all along. That Lebron is a stats freak. By that I mean why is it, that he alone would lead the team in nearly every category. Chase down blocks, the Cavs had Andy Verajoa, Big Z, Shaq and JJ Hickson. Why would he lead the team in boards in such a drastic way with the aformentioned names on his squad. He leads the team assist, given than essentially every pass from him is met with a shot attempt and subsequently if he initiates the offense and he does not see a direct pass to assist opportunity he shoots it himself. In any case though, you and other fans disrespect a team and a coach that won 60 plus games back to back seasons, was good enough to garner Lebron MVP awards for both those season, was leading the league in defensive proficiency, so where do persons get off saying he had no help.

        Lastly my friend, for all you chatter, it proves another point that others have been on Kobe about. You said that Kobe has other who can in the starting line up put the ball in the hole, create plays and otherwise be effective, or bench players doing the same. That is so because over the seasons Kobe has demanded and commanded that his troops be of a certain calibre and standard so that when he goes to war he aint going to gun fight with knives, he is going with AKs and Mack 11s. Jordan was demanding and commanding in the same fashion. Raise the level of the players around you and you yourself wouldn’t have to work as hard.

        Yes Miami will dominate the league in terms of wins, that’s a given, will it translate into rings, that is yet to be seen.

    • Imad Akel says:

      Lebron did what he had to do man. Why do you compare him to kobe, whose team who you say he “faithfully” stayed with actually won championships? You think Lebron didn’t want to turn out like Kobe? Or do you think the Cavs = the Lakers? i mean LOL. You cavs fans… I mean I UNDERSTAND that YOU ARE UPSET but if you CANT UNDERSTAND WHY he DID IT or if you CANT RELATE then SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!

      Don’t be comparing Lebron + Cavs to Lakers + Kobe. Let me paint you a different picture: Compare Lebron + Cavs to KG + Wolves. And if you say Kevin Garnett didn’t have enough game back in the day you should just SHUT YOUR MOUTH. KG was the most efficient player the Wolves had ever witnessed, and definitely one of the most efficient and charismatic players to play the game in the last 10+ years. And the wolves gave him nothing to show for it. All they could build around him was sam cassell and wally sczerbiak and that was THE BEST the wolves could ever do for him. Kobe got Shaq (a young one not a slow old one), and then Pau, and Lamar Odom etc…Even Pierce got the Celtics to bring over goods like KG and Ray allen.
      NEWSFLASH: YOU NEED TO COMBINE SOME GOODS IF YOU WANT TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. Cleveland had 7 years and they cooked up a failed team.
      So fine, you can say you hate lebron for leaving your home team and you can be upset, but don’t pretend for one second like you don’t know why he did it, or like if you were in his shoes you’d want to stay in Cleveland and turn down playing with some great players (who happen to be his friends, which is a plus)

      • Josh says:

        To Imad akel i so agree with what you said for sure but when K.G. Who is a stud also left the wolves did he go on T.V. and say i am taking my talents elsewhere no he thanked the fans an the organization for the years and support they gave him as well as he gave them he showed class unlike Lebron James did the backlash would not be as bad if he just did it right.

    • RJ says:

      Agreed. Whatever we as fans may think athletes owe us, they don’t. And if you support a player rather than a team, which is essentially a company, then it doesn’t matter where that player goes, does it? LeBron will always be grateful for his fans, but contrary to what many fans seems to think, LeBron is not a franchise and a franchise is not LeBron. Same with Bosh. Or myself or anyone reading this. These are people. LeBron has the leverage, being a top tier player, to demand things from a team. The Cavs delivered an over the hill Shaq and starting the downside of his career Antawn Jamison (they should’ve traded for Andray Blatche over him, Blatche is bigger and can do everything), An average starting point guard in Mo Williams (and believe me, I’m a fan of Mo. I’m from Wisconsin and loved him when he was with the bucks as well.), a good shooter and defensive guard in Delonte West, an aging, immobile, soft 7’3″ center, an up and coming power forward in J.J. Hickson, and some other role players. Look at the Lakers and who they’ve added. the Blazers supporting cast (when healthy), the Mavericks, The Jazz, the Magic, Celtics, and Spurs. I’d say the Cavs supporting cast around LeBron was comparable to the Thunder, Nuggets, Hawks, Suns, and Clippers complimentary players around their stars last season (Yes, even the Clippers complimentary players to BD: Griffin, Gordon, Kaman, Rasual Butler, Craig Smith, Deandre Jordan, half Drew Gooden/half Marcus Camby, half Travis Outlaw/half Al Thornton, and half Steve Blake/half Sebastian Telfair, who was buried at PG when traded to the Cavs.) All of those teams were really second tier teams, including the Suns, despite their western conference finals appearance, which they went through a beat-up, still very young Blazers team and a beat-up, old Spurs team to get to. And the Cavs put together a second tier team for LeBron, too. He made them look a little better during the regular season, but they weren’t. I don’t know how anyone can blame him for wanting to make up for wasted time now. He and Bosh only owe themselves at this point. Good luck to both of them.

    • Josh says:

      I think your right the only problem i found with what he did is go on national television to do it and make a mockery of all cavs fans. Oh and one other thing most fans pick a team they like and go with that team it hurts them when they lose and makes them happy when they win so as far as Lebron leaving the Cavs those fans that love the team are hurt and mad especially him going on T.V to say ha forget you fans that have backed and loved me for eight years i am leaving eat that. And the others in my opinion are also mad at the way he Handeld that also. He did nit have to go on T.V. and throw it in their face just shows how cocky and how much of an arrogant prick he is it’s one thing for people to call him King James but when you call yourself King their is an EGO problem.When you Quiet your job do you go on T.V to let your boss know i am taking my skills to another company no you just leave.

    • alexzo says:

      Nice take Cesar. Lebron & the Heat will dominate in the years to come. Theirs is the future. Unfortunately, Kobe & the Lakers owns the NOW! LA has a couple more championships to take before the Mamba steps down & passes on the torch to the “Uncrowned King.” LA’s motivation goes beyond this season. They’re off to make history… I’ll take it a step further Cesar…
      In 2012 Phil will be back with Kobe to 4-peat as they both haven’t done this yet. The team will have its 18th chip making them the winningest franchise. Bryant will have his 7th…eclipsing MJ…we all know he’s gunning for it to create separation from the greatest ever. Phil will get his 13th passing both Red & Bill’s 12.

      By then Miami will be ripe for the picking. LBJ will realize his dreams of multiple championships but still he has to wait.
      Meantime I agree with Mr Powell. Race is not an issue so James should drop it coz the more he will be scrutinized for even thinking such. He don’t need no sympathy coz at the end of the day he still is the next best baller in the planet.

      My advice…learn some “love me or hate me” tips from “the best baller” on the planet! know what ‘m sayin?

      PS…Btw JP…. If Kobe leaves LA I’d be devastated…but I will not hate him. In fact I’d be cheering him on whichever team he will be coz I will continue to appreciate his play & still recognize his contributions in LA at the same time. For this same reason is why I dont hate on Shaq.

    • Sam says:

      Every man who says he shall not leave hs town to better his life is kidding himslef. There is no doubt that if Kobe had the opportunity to play with LeBron, then he would, or Dwight Howard for that matter. All throughout life, people go through it striving to make the rest of their life easier. That is why people go to college, so that they therefore can earn more money, in turn making their life easier. LeBron is doing the same thing in this instance, he is just making his life easier. To say that LeBron is betraying his team by leaving to a greater opportunity of realising his goal of becoming an NBA champion is just being foolish. That is like saying if you could leave your $40,000 a year job to go to a job making $200,000 a year that you wouldn’t do it, becasue that is not being loyal to your employer. Don’t hate on LeBron for trying to take the easiest path to greatness, as it is mans natural instinct to do this