Celts waive Rasheed Wallace

Posted by Art Garcia

The Celtics won’t be trading or bringing back Rasheed Wallace this season. Instead, the veteran forward was waived Tuesday after spending one year in Boston, league sources told NBA.com.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said Tuesday that the Wallace situation would be resolved before the start of training camp. Wallace had two years left on his contract, but told Boston coach Doc Rivers he was leaning towards retirement after the Game 7 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Wallace’s agent confirmed the retirement to the Boston Globe on Monday. Ainge said every possible trade avenue using Wallace’s contract was explored after it became clear he wasn’t returning. Wallace was owed $13 million for the final two years of the three-year deal. The Celtics likely bought out the remainder of the contract.

The Celtics didn’t wait around for the Wallace saga to play itself out. Needing frontcourt help with Kendrick Perkins out to start the season after major knee surgery, Ainge signed veteran centers Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal.

Wallace is technically free to sign with another team once he clears waivers and until retirement papers are filed.Β One team personnel executive said Wallace signing with another team was high unlikely.


  1. Shawn says:

    Sheed going to the Heat

  2. Nir says:

    Come on’ Celtics,the guy was already on his way to retiring so why you have to be ugly and waive him instead of let him quit alone ?

  3. blongix says:

    sheed just go back to detroit..then end it all there…GO BAD BOYS

  4. KJ says:

    STACK YOUR TEAMS WITH WHO EVER………….GO LAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. montii says:

    shaq thn got sorry

  6. montii says:

    the need to send hom to the mavericks wit dwight

  7. bryan says:

    shaq is not enough to bring the celts back to the promise land………3peat for lakerssssssss!!!!!!

    • LLMN says:

      Shaq is gonna be dancing on Kobe’s floor while hoisting his fifth title at the end of this postseason.

  8. bryan says:

    sheed should go to spurs…. still a final piece for a championship contender…

  9. Ken says:

    Sheed will be back!!

  10. Donald says:

    LBJ.. count on sheeeed if you really want to win a title! sheeeeeeeeeed don retire plsssssssssssssssss!

  11. Jackdon says:

    I still don’t understand what is going on with Sheed and the C’s. Can somebody with the knowledge of the NBA rules please help me out here? If he wants to quit the game voluntarily why do they have to buy him out with a whopping 13m dollars? Something doesn’t sound right here. If that is the case Kobe should just file retirement papers after next season and collect the change on the rest of his contract without suiting up to play. Something is missing. Please help me out.

  12. Andy J. says:

    Go to the heats and win another title.

  13. john says:

    I dont get why sheed is gonna retire. Hes not that old!!! He’s still as good as any other P/F if not better.
    I dont get why the C’s started Perkins over Wallace the whole year? Perkins blocks on occasion and gets his trash
    points every now and than. Wallace shoots 3’s, only second to Dirk for a big man. The Celtics wouldnt have even got to
    the finals without Rasheed. Than they just let him go? Come on….. Teams dont show any loyalty!!!!
    If he doesnt wanna stay in boston ok, than go somewhere else than you can leave with a ring….

    • LLMN says:

      Do you just not understand anything? They waived him because ‘Sheed WANTED, again WANTED to retire. Waiving him was the only way to get him off their roster before his contract is up. Nobody is going to trade for someone who has retired.

  14. bob says:

    im glad he got to retire as a celtic

  15. roo says:

    i like luke but the celtics gotta get a perimiter stopper

  16. khara says:

    Sheed is a terrilbe player anyways

  17. laxman says:

    Sheed , come back to detroit for one year or if you don’t want to come back here go to LAKERS , ORLANDO OR MIAMI . MAN, you are not that old , you still have something left in you tank , do not retire for at least one year , if you retire who gonna take that many nba technical , there will be no entertaining game without you , we hope rashid you will not disappoint us .
    you fan . from Detroit

  18. Paul J, Liverpool UK says:

    I hope he keeps playing somewhere, he’s a dying breed. Stern et al are trying to referee staright up tough D guys like Sheed out of the league. Teams need players like this to just keep the art of man-to-man solid post defence on the radar. All the tippy tap fouls that get called on the perimeter is one thing, but the big guys are being prevented form earning their corn underneath; it’s been coming for a while now, but look at how the refs called the game against the Boston bigs in the finals. That looked like a statement from on high. It ain’t netball. Sheed should retire to stud so we can get some more players like him one day, genuine defenders, not showboaters like Dwight with his ‘not in my house row Z’ blocks that he could easily snatch out of the air and maintain possesion, ala Russell. If it’s hung up for good, cheers for everything Sheed.

  19. 7 mile says:

    SHEED needs to go back to detroit. It would be perfect plus you already have chemistry with the team, rip tay and big ben. You want a championship, go there. Plus they got t mac, monroe and gordon. this team is a championship contender. CHECK THIS…..DONT TRADE HAMILTON OR TAYSHAUN BAD MOVE. Get rid of players you dont need. You say its getting crowded then get rid of people you dont need. DONT NEED ATKINS, KWAME BROWN, CHRIS WILCOX. Get rid of these guys and get rasheed. work around with the players, build chemistry, a team…and the pistons can win a championship. they did it in 04 with unkown players. they have stars on the team now so they can do it πŸ™‚

    • Frank the Tank says:

      What is this 2004? No offense to Big Ben and Sheed, id love to see them back in Detriot but, they wouldnt be a Championship contender, theyd be like 5 or 6th seed first of all considering Miami, Boston, Orlando, Chicago have the top 4 spots, and Atlanta has a good chance at the 5 seed. Big Ben isnt what he used to be, and Sheed is just getting too old, maybe if McGrady comes back and can produce like he used too with rip and Tay helping out they could get 5 or 4 maybe. Id like to see it happen but even if it did theyd be a playoff team, not a contender.

  20. Sydale says:

    In fact… Rasheed can go a number of places and team up with another big man and give them a lot of size… coupled withstreaky 3pt shooting…

    Spurs: Tim and Sheed

    Jazz: Al Jefferson and Sheed

    Suns: Robin Lopez and Sheed

    Warriors: David Lee and Sheed

    Knicks: Amare and Sheed

  21. Sydale says:

    Rasheed Wallace and T-Mac should both go to Denver… Rasheed could definitely get playing timewith K-Mart and the Birdman both having knee issues…

    C- Nene
    PF- Sheed
    SF- Melo
    SG- T-Mac
    PG- Chauncey

    C- Birdman
    PF- K-Mart
    SF/PF- Al Harrington
    SG- J.R. Smith
    PG- Ty Lawson
    SG- Arron Afflalo

  22. samueel says:


    i agree, i think its stupid that they have to pay out his contract even though he’s retiring, like arenas.. he got suspended(with or without pay, cant remember) and then they have the option of keeping him or having to buy him out.. ridiculous.

    I think the way it works with sheed and the celtics is that until he files his retirement papers or they come in season and he refuses to play, they have to pay him. if they want him off their books, they have to buy his contract out.. but i think that just costs cash and no salary cap space.

    and everyone saying the lakers should sign him.. i’m pretty sure they’ve used their Mid-level Exception(5.something mil), and are up to about 100 million(highest payroll in the NBA), but im not sure how the vet minimum works, they might be able to get him for that.. depends.. but I think every team has vet minimum regardless of their salary cap space

  23. NYC says:

    He should go to NY we could use a good bigman like that

  24. Freedog101 says:

    But, where ever Sheed goes it will need to be a strong unity, strong coach. I mean have you seen this guy temper?

  25. xfactor says:

    Ok, I don’t understand something, so help me out with this. If he is retiring voluntarily, that is his decision, why the Celtics needs to pay him? Is not like the Celtics are telling him, we don’t want you. He is the one telling them I don’t want to play. So I sign a contract for 3 years, then play one year, and I can cash the rest of the contract without having to work/play? You know, in the real world it does not work that way … why does it work in the NBA? why kind of business man NBA GMs are?

  26. D-KOT says:

    this celtics earn old veterans1

  27. D-KOT says:

    this celtics team earning aged veterans,why like that?c;mon mr.ainge!!

  28. Arbuz says:

    Shaq is all right in boston but not his weight 360 Pounds……….

  29. alexis says:

    I say Detroit

  30. Shelby says:

    SHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD, hope he goes at least 2 more years, technical foul monster, shaqs old butt is still going so 2 more, fans still need the sheed…

  31. taki says:

    sheed,, i hope sheed will go to OKC, and help westbrook K.-D for 1 year contract… or pat riley will sign him for 1year for a RING.

  32. Michael Butron says:

    First of all you people are all stupid and don’t know anything about basketball. He doesn’t want to go to Miami… RIGHT AFTER the celtics lost to the lakers in the finals.. rasheed said he was going to retire. They needed to buy him out because they had something called a DEAL. He had a 3 yr deal, a contract, once its in ink, it’s set in stone. They have to pay him even if he retires. Otherwise he technically stays on the roster. He’s not going anywhere, he just wants to retire so stop saying he’s going to the heat or the pistons. Oh and lakers suck. celtics 2011!

  33. bigmike902 says:

    no need 4 sheed after signing shaq. shaq is gonna see probably 18-22 min a night in boston .And shaq will be more productive then sheed , cause u still gotta give the big fella respect when hes in the paint. Hes gonna open up ray n paul alot more.

  34. remedy LA says:

    i hope rasheed will go to the lakers if you cant beat them better join them πŸ˜€

  35. blahh! says:

    trade rasheed wallace to the dallas mavericks or else mavericks get rasheed wallace

  36. daniel from pdx says:

    Both teams played hard…

  37. Zlatko says:

    Sheed is old, but he was best bench player in 2010 playoff-s. Matching equally good with Dwight and Gasol. Not to mention he can post up as well as shoot behind the arc, something Perk, or O’neal’s can’t do. Yeah the C’s didn’t with the title, but it certainly wasn’t his fault. I’d take him over shaq, because he’s a much better fit for the C’s. Hopefully he’ll return for the playoffs, because during the regular season he checks out mentally anyway.

  38. kenn says:

    he could still put up 12ppg and 10rpg if he’ll just average 25-30 mins a game.better dan k-mart, denver should try to pick him up. he’s a lot better than other PF in the league. even juwan howard still got a job at miami at 37.

  39. TomVF says:

    Why would he go for another (uncertain) ring? He ‘s got one already!
    Rasheed, congrats on your great NBA-career! Enjoy your retirement!

  40. Dennis says:

    he’s already old. he should just retire πŸ˜‰

  41. barry_alawi says:

    * what about singing with dallas?????sheed could complement the game of dirk and his defense is also an asset,,and also the attitude,,,that migt\ht help the mavericks,,,,,go mark cuban!.

  42. KG says:


  43. jj says:

    go to spurs 2 team up with duncan.

  44. nate dogg says:

    sheeed should go sign with the phoenix suns..they need a PF anyways. then they can stop being stupid and play hedo and the 3..cuz gosh darn it..he aint no freaking 4

  45. TommyG says:

    The NBA will miss the extra income with Sheeds Tech fouls.

  46. Rasheed should go to LA.

  47. herb says:

    go to the lakers fuk boston

  48. Chris Li says:

    Rasheed already won a title, so, he may not so eager to won another. Yeap, the final 7 game hurt him a lot, his retirement maybe the best choice for him. Rasheed, we will miss u.

  49. JV says:

    Shaq should consider finishing his career in Orlando.

  50. jj says:

    not with the heat..rasheed’s behavior is difficult to deal…

  51. BlackMamba says:

    dam i cant believe tmac is going to da pistons… hopefully he can start and prove he has still got something left at least

  52. David says:

    Also, I think Rasheed should have stayed in Boston because he could have helped give the Celtics one more shot at winning. However good he might be though, he is too old. He will be 36 years old, his numbers in the regular season and the 2008-2009 playoffs were atrocious, and he is a headcase that is worth replacing with an extra 2 bigmen. I don’t see how Rasheed would have fit in with these guys. He’s had one N.B.A. title in 3 tries, and he should call it a career because no-one really cares that much honestly and I think Jermaine O’neal and Shaq are fine.

  53. momo says:

    he should go wizard to play with arenas, howard and wall, that will be a new big 4.

  54. David says:

    Well I think it doesn’t matter unless their roster still needs upgrades. If they have Shaq, Jermaine, Garnett, Davis, and Perkins, then Rasheed was a misfit if he came back and he should have announced his retirement already. I think if Wallace was going to retire he should have said it about a month ago at the latest but if he wants to retire after he got bought out I bet this deal was made under the table. It works because the Celtics get an extra roster space, Rasheed gets paid more millions, and the Celtics don’t need him anymore.

  55. joe says:

    Hey man go to the BULLS, or the SUNS if you want to get a ring again.

    • Boston&theONEALS says:

      thats not gonna happen…Bulls have improved…but Boozer still cant play D…they need to fill that void because honestly Noah is undersized and just a better version of anderson varejao…BTW suns wont win the championship…
      and with nash and dragic handling the ball would only further frustrate turkelo…so na…they r decent teams but they wont win it…

  56. nati says:

    Lakers suck too. Its all about bryant and money. Rasheed will be no help, but they might get him cus they got money to spare unlike other teams.

  57. james bonn alferez says:

    go to heat if you want the ring.

  58. qnzilismac says:

    yeah his game will be missed, not so much his attitude lol

  59. pao says:

    go MR.Pat Riley get Rasheed Wallace sign him 1year Contract i know u can do it… he will be a big help to the team he can shoot and he can defend go go go go miami!!!!!

  60. Bill Ragz says:

    I think this is the end of the line for sheed. He had his moments specially at portland and detroit. I will surely miss his game.

  61. William rodriguez says:

    Thanks Rasheed for aa great run in the league, great player, but age is something to take care about, if he thinks he wants to retire maybe it’s what he really wants and needs!!

  62. roger says:

    I really think that sheed just wanted out of boston so he could play with the super team in south beach.

  63. talal says:

    No that is a smart move cuz this isn’t only about winning its about sportsman ship ,if they have traded him the celtics would have shown no respect for his choice and will show him that he is nothing for them rather than a game card to exchange.

  64. alexis says:

    YO go back to detroit and play with t-mac

    • raven says:

      Yeah Rash go back to detroit we love you there. T-mac, Rash, Rip, Prince, B Wallace, Gordon, Stuckey and Maxiel. Yeah I like that. If he goes to the Heat or the Lakers that going to suck. If Rash decides to retire I’ll miss his game, but good luck to him.

      • SteveP9988 says:

        Yes, I think he should go back to Detriot like Ben Wallace did. He needs to go back to the team that made him great to the point of winning a championship in 2004. Detriot loves him. That is the best option. Other teams would just keep him on the bench with his retirement claims circling through their minds and would not respect his contributtions. Pistons all the way!

  65. Jeff Fleiss says:

    Great now the Lakers can sign him if he wants to win a championship.

  66. firefighter938 says:

    Maybe we can talk him into coming to Cleveland for a year or two! We could use the help!

  67. Mag says:

    Why did they need to buy him out if he was retiring?

    • Mr.Bryant says:

      Because he has 2 years left in his contract and until his contract gets finished,they would have to pay him event with him being retired.Buying out isnt always the best option but its 1 way to get rid of a contract

  68. paul says:

    That’s because C’s are whack. It’s all about the Lakers

  69. Young says:

    rasheed wallace should go to the magic to play with dwight or goes to thunder

  70. tim says:

    Not a smart move by the big C’s.

    • Alexzo says:

      Agree! I thought the C’s had the best chance to beat LA with Sheed,Shaq,JO,KG & Perk…that’s 5 kick ass 7 footers.They would’ve had the biggest,baddest,meanest frontline. They would’ve Eliminated LA’s size advantage & strength. Without Sheed its still possible to beat the champs but they’ve dampened it quite a bit since the O’neal’s will clog the floor rather than spread it even further offensively. Defensively, they will be a beast for sure! That lane would be impossible to penetrate. However, as every1 knows..defense wins championships… An LA/Miami finals would be great but man old school fans like i am would agree that a Lakers/Celtics rubber match would even be GREATER!

  71. federico says:

    no trade? even for a second round pick?