Wall leads All-Tournament Team

Posted by Drew Packham

LAS VEGAS — Washington point guard John Wall took home top honors as Most Outstanding Player in Las Vegas after leading all players in scoring (23.5 ppg) and assists (7.8 apg). Fellow rookie DeMarcus Cousins was honored as T-Mobile Rookie of the Month for his impressive Summer League showing. Below are the rest of the players named to the All-Tournament team.
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T-Mobile Rookie of the Month
DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento)

Most Outstanding Player
John Wall (Washington)

All-Tournament Team
Sam Young (Memphis)
JaVale McGee (Washington)
Reggie Williams (Golden State)
DeMar DeRozan (Toronto)
JJ Hickson (Cleveland)
Ty Lawson (Denver)
Dominique Jones (Dallas)
Derrick Caracter (LA Lakers)
Larry Sanders (Milwaukee)
Gani Lawal (Phoenix)
Jermaine Taylor (Houston)
Alonzo Gee (San Antonio)


  1. estradiol says:


    […]Wall leads All-Tournament Team « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog[…]…

  2. G-12 says:

    Blah blah blah, Wall is the best rookie in the nba now, nobody can touch him, so stop hating, cause he worked hard to be where he is

  3. Jon Wall is the real deal. He reminds me a lot of D Rose in the way he moves so smooth with the ball and can finish at the rim. Washington fans should be excited for him…too bad they don’t have much else but for him to be excited about. I am looking forward to watching him play though.

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  5. AwNawBigSnoopDawg says:

    People pa-leeeeez…Derozen is nice, but if you actually watched the games you would know that Wall is the real deal! Aside from a few ill-advised shots and a few too many turnovers in the first two games, this dude is ready for mid-season already. So if you’re tired of the John Wall “hype” now, you’re really going to hate him when the season starts. He will quickly become one of the faces of the NBA and plastered everywhere. Derozen will be a nice player for the Raptors, but he’s no John Wall. Call it what you want, but John Wall is that deal. Get used to it people. You can either roll with him, or roll under him. It’s your choice.

  6. boy wonder says:

    derozan next all star wat u sayin

  7. boy wpnder says:

    derozan future all star dont ever leave the raps

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  9. Mark J. says:

    This goes to show everyone that the NBA writers have no clue what they talking about.. How you going to name a player who only played 3 games Most outstanding player? Do not start the hype train because this kid average just as many Assist as he did turnovers..

  10. PoppaDillio says:

    Shoulda gone to Patty Mills or AJ Ogilvy!!!

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  12. mike says:

    why do you think a player should win an award just because his team went 5-0!!!!!! That player could have played really bad and his team still win !!!! It”s called most outstanding PLAYER, not the the player with the team with the best record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jason says:

    John Wall was very good, but I don’t know if he deserved that award.

  14. Luke Ervin says:

    Where’s weems? hes better than derozan

  15. Wayne says:

    Toronto out shone each opponent in summer league. Remember, it is only summer league but it was fun to watch. The blocks were outstanding and shocked not only the opponents but the commentators. Derozan and Weems did what was expected. Bobby Brown, Ed Davis and Saam not to mention some others were exciting and offer a whole new defence plus offence if the Raptors decide to take it and run with it in October. Run Raptors Run!!!!!!!

  16. ez says:

    go jeremy lin!

  17. Coz from T.O says:

    But if Demar does read any of these comments, which i don’t think he will, it’s your time to shine in Toronto brother, and you’ve got what it takes, and i’m looking forward to seeing you in action next year, your games has gotten a lot better, and it was good last year, and to those negative raps fans, or fans in general, who don’t think we don’t stand a chance, Remember the east is still pretty weak despite the heat becoming the newest problem for league and the worst salary cap in sports. orlando, miami, boston, atlanta, after that it’s anyone’s ball game…but the NBA should address this salary cap crap, like football and hockey, no luxury, cap is cap, you can’t go over, let’s see some other teams in the playoffs, or heck even in the finals, i love kobe and the lakers, but i’m going to be sick of seeing them in the finals, after they beat the heat in Six this year, you heard it here first GO Raps go And toronto don’t booo bosh when he comes back, he played his heart our for us not like you know who! peace

  18. Coz from T.O says:

    Wall played a couple of games, plus he scored most points from the free throw line…and most of the fouls are the garbage calls given to big names, by the horrible refs in the nba. the league needs to address these calls, i’m sick of seeing the same guys at the line, like kobe, wade, pierce, bosh, and now probably wall at the line, just because they simple miss. if you score 21 points in game, but go 4 of 15 from the field how is that a good games, it’s time the refs and the league stop making great players into amazing players, earn your points, or at least select a player from every team to get the calls, so when you play the big names, it’s even…by the wall who really cares who the summer league player of summer is! playoffs mvp is the only one that counts Go Raps

  19. This is really stupid! Cousins’ deserves it, but not John Wall, who only played 3 games of the summer league!
    DeMar DeRozan should have won the glory, not Wall! His raptors were undefeated or even Landry Fields should have been a honer! The bracket is messed up!!!

  20. PJ from DC says:

    You guys don’t know what you’re talking about. Wall is no hype. Wall is the real deal. Maybe if you watched other games than just the Raps’, you’d know that.

    Look at the stats, Wall equaled or bettered DeRozan in EVERY stat except FG% (and if you want to count 1/2 a board, I’ll give that to you). I won’t give you wins, because Wall won every game he played in. Even that last game, the Wiz kids played without both Wall and McGee and still took the Knicks (and supposedly all-world Landry Fields) to OT.

  21. J.Law says:

    Definitely, DeRozan should have won Most Outstanding Player. Big improvement on his part from last year and carried the team with Weems to a 5-0 record. Working hard and doing the right thing, but I guess you don’t win awards that way. Gotta have the big name to win the big awards.

    Can’t wait to see DeRozan is going to do this season for the Raps. He should’ve won the slam dunk championship (robbed). Hopefully he gets the start at the 2 or at the 3 if Barbosa starts.

  22. Allan From Miami says:

    Ummmm DeRozan is the Most Outstanding Player! What the hell… The Raptors went 5-0… Undefeated!

    DeMar DeRozan is the Most Outstanding Player for the NBA 2010 Summer League! It’s official because I just said it.

  23. R4 says:

    Tried of hype players.. The best player should receive the awards… No more Lebron trophy should be handed out… The team with the best record or played the best with a weak team should win the award. No more lebron award please and thank you

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  27. JJ says:

    no jeremy lin?

  28. frank says:

    landry fields no? really?probably have a more successful career than most on your team.by the way his stats are up there withyour best.media talking heads are going to choke on that haterade when it comes to new york teams.

  29. eastside says:

    Your all tournament team is flawed. You work for NBA TV, did you not see LANDRY FIELDS? Stephan A Smith would have been all over the kid. In the words of “THIRD BASE” you get the GAS FACE. You look like thats your speed

  30. John says:

    I don’t think Wall deserved player of tournament, it was all by name. It should have be DeRozen, team gone 5-0