Short ‘n not-so-sweet for Orton

Posted by Fran Blinebury

ORLANDO – Daniel Orton was looking forward to getting his first bit of NBA action behind him. But probably not that quickly.

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After shooting a nervous and hurried looking 1-for-8 from the field, the Orlando Magic’s first-round draft pick was ejected from his debut game in the Summer League after tangle with Indiana’s Josh McRoberts in the third quarter.

“It’s not the best way to end it all,” Orton said.  “I didn’t have a great start at all.  I really didn’t get started.  I didn’t get anything going with myself.

“They said that he threw a punch first and then I threw a punch. But neither one of us ever threw a punch.  He just kinda pushed me off and I tried to push him, so I think that’s what the deal was.  That threw me for a loop right there.”

Orton says he’s trying to use the fact that he slipped down to the No. 29 spot in the draft as positive motivation, but knows that he has to calm down and not try to prove everything to every right away.

“It was crazy today,” Orton said.  “I was talking to my brother and he asked, ‘Are you nervous?’  I said no.  Then I texted him back about 30 minutes later and said, ‘OK, I’m nervous now.’  I didn’t think I was gonna be that nervous, but I really was.  Just to get that first one over is just a relief.”

The Pacers were led by second-round draft pick Lance Stephenson, with 21 points, four rebounds and three assists in the 86-77 win over the MagicPatrick Ewing Jr. scored 15 points to top Orlando.

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  1. Tommy says:

    I saw a lot of the game and let me tell you, Orton looked horrible. He was the joke of the court out there. I was embarrassed for him.