Silence Is Golden For Johnson


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While the rest of the free agent frenzy spins like crazy around him, we’re getting the usual silence out of Joe Johnson.

He received a $119 million, maximum contract offer from the Hawks Thursday and has yet to publicly accept it, leading to speculation that he is still pondering his options, per ESPN’s Chris Sheridan.

After speaking with someone in Johnson’s camp late Friday, it’s clear that he’s in the final stages of completing an agreement with the Hawks and not checking out other options. Any delay is simply posturing. The prospect of walking away from an extra $30 million (in the sixth year of the deal he can only get from the Hawks without a sign-and-trade agreement) is simply not a n option, according to the person in Johnson’s camp.

Expect a Monday announcement from Johnson, who according to the AJC’s Mark Bradley remains the Hawks’ enigma:

Five years a Hawk, Johnson has scored a lot of points — and taken a lot of shots — without winning a lot of friends. He has become the centerpiece of a team without quite becoming its leader. If Johnson had the personality of Josh Smith or Al Horford, he’d have owned Atlanta by now. Alas, he has always been a fairly dour presence, even in the good times.

In the final analysis, Steve Belkin was wrong for trying to flout the wishes of his co-owners and his general manager back in 2005: Joe Johnson was worth the outlay. The Hawks might never have broken .500 had he not agreed to come here. That said, growing evidence suggests the Hawks with J.J. have gone as far as they’re apt to go, and spending $119 million to keep him all but ensures they won’t be able to add much else.

If LeBron James re-signs with the Cavaliers, there will be celebration in Cleveland. If/when Joe Johnson commits to remain a Hawk, some Atlantans will grumble and others will shrug, and that will be the extent of the reaction. Because we in this city have watched him for five years, and we’re not yet sure what to make of him.



  1. OB3 says:

    Now with Joe Johnson resigning with the Hawks, What is their next move? Trade Josh Smith or Marvin Williams or Josh Childress to obtain a true center or an improved point guard?

  2. JamieJackson says:

    Joe has no leadership and play inconsistent. Cawford played much better than him. Joe please leave Atlanta. We do not need you. You are bench player and we took you in and make you to AllStart and you only ask for more money!!! He has no repect to the fan who pay for his salary. Money is not everything. If you need money, then go become gigolo!!! I ain’t going to support Hawks if Joe still play for Hawks.

  3. FANATIC says:



  4. Big Ray says:

    People don’t get it. Guys who make the all-star team multiple times will always get big money when they are in their prime. It will always seem like they are getting overpaid. But the problem was never with Joe and his abilities. It was with Mike Woodson’s offense, which was a hot mess. Remember what Joe was able to do in a limited role, in his last year in Phoenix? This is what you might get to see once Larry Drew takes over: More open shots, better field goal percentage, more sharing of the basketball.

    Just wait and see. You’ll get to see a different team.

  5. WG says:

    Its the best deal he will get, but its true whats being said here. he has taken the Hawks as far as they will go and with Joe turning 30 he should step aside and Let Josh Smith and Al Horford take over.

    Joe is a great complimentary piece, not a Natural born leader.
    He would team up great with Wade, James and maybe even Bosh.
    I get the feeling thats what he’s waiting for…….

  6. Robert Mediado says:

    I think Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson will go to Houston Rockets via sign and trade… Chris and Joe will be a tremendous help to Yao Ming…

  7. Pedro says:

    Oh, how i can see the hawks regrets in a few years

  8. joe johnson says:

    joe johnson definetly needs to come back to atl…he can be very explosive in momments and also, all NBA player’s has there UPs and DOWNs so don’t blame him if make’s a mistake.

  9. joe bobby mcgee says:

    i think jj should stay

    if he does not return to atl, the hawks will not be considered an elite team anymore…johnson is the leader of the team and if he does not return, it will be difficult to find someone to fill his position…lets face it, atl isnt even pitching for any of the BIG free agents like lbj, dwade, or bosh…thats cuz they NEED johnson…look at the celtics, theyre trying REALLY hard to resign pierce who has been with the celtics his entire career…thats basically what atl needs to do with johnson…hes a big free agent, so if atlanta doesnt pick him up, someone else will cuz hes just such a great asset to any team.

  10. JOSH says:


    • robert says:

      Joe is a great player, but just does his work quietly. Let’s wrap this thing up-we need Joe.

      • Common Sense says:

        Finally some smart people. Joe has helped this team more than hurt it. Everybody talks bad about him becuase he’s not flashy like everybody else. He doesn’t need to have his business all in the media. He has what you call a life. He goes to work and then goes home, like a normal person. I will always be a strong supporter of Joe Johnson.

  11. I would like Joe Johnson to go to Miami. (He’d look great in that jersey!)

  12. Amahd Bradley says:

    Would all Hawk fans just stop and think for a second if Joe Johnson leave they can kiss their elite status goodbye he i the back bone of that team

  13. NO MORE JOE says:


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