LeBron has left the building

From Steve Aschburner, in Cleveland:

After meeting with the Knicks and Nets on Thursday, LeBron James left the downtown offices of his marketing and management company at about 3:30 p.m. ET, shortly after finishing with the Knicks.

“It was a good meeting, and we’re ‘cautiously optimistic,'” Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni said afterward. D’Antoni was accompanied by, among others, team president Donnie Walsh and team exec Allan Houston. “You know what was good? LeBron was there.”

The Knicks are now off for more recruiting, reportedly to Chicago for some Friday meetings. (Dwyane Wade met in Chicago with the Bulls on Thursday.) The Knicks, on their way out of town, confirmed some earlier Thursday meetings with the Hawks’ Joe Johnson and free-agent forward Mike Miller of the Wizards.


  1. Michael Agbuggo says:

    A great player obviously has skill… its defined why you call a great player cause you have skills.. thats why you have a shot for championship… it depends on lebron where he want to go… but i think his stays in cleveland.. even thought he left … but he will comeback… it just take time to think… let see what happen…

  2. Rishi says:

    the runnin of the bulls!!!!!! wade and LeBron 2 da bulss!!!!

  3. Alex Ovechkin #8 says:

    KING go to Chicago!

  4. Naksred says:

    Chicago is better for James… He should realize it…

  5. WG says:

    King James????

    Please, he has no championship……He an overrated prince.

    • jojo says:

      You don’t need a championship to be a great player………………you need skills!

  6. Michael Agbuggo says:

    Lebron James should stay in cleveland… The team management should find a team mate for lebron that would fix a teamwork… not a one man play.. the cleveland management should fix the team… find some players that would be balance for each skills… like bulls in time of mike.. 1 star player.. and 1 great player.. Scottie pippen.. the skills of scottie is balance for mike.. how about Center? did you see Rodman ? he doesn’t even like freetrow.. but his skills strong power… guided by MJ Team captain the trust is always there.. he even close is eyes trowing freetrows… .. bench players, point guards, is not perfect enough but they trust each others and self confidence with each other is always there… Cleveland should fine a players with that skills. many free agent waiting.. they could fine a grate players … go to work cleveland management if you want the team to be champion… balance the team…. Lakers , Boston is there,,, its your turn to find.. work it hard… dont wait lebron left the cleveland… Lebron love cleveland… to wait … or you all will be lost.. and start again from the beginning .

  7. […] LeBron has left the building From Steve Aschburner, in Cleveland: After meeting with the Knicks and Nets on Thursday, LeBron James left the downtown […] […]

  8. John Plese says:

    HAHAHA some people on here have really aren’t very smart or have extremely high hopes… A) Bron is NOT going to the Knicks to take less money and no chance at a ring. The only thing NY has to sell is their self-proclaimed greatest city in the world… which would be true if we were discussing Bron to play for the Yankees, but we’re not. B) He is NOT going to the Heat. Yea, LeBron and Wade would be a great combo, but where is the rest of the team? As good as they are, they will not win a ring without the help of a TEAM and if they did eventually pull one out, Wade would always have the upper hand on LeBron. C) He will NOT go to the Nets. Reasons being, Newark 12-70, again he won’t take less money to leave the Cavs and go to a worse team… even if Jay-Z raps while Prokhorov counts his billions. D) Chicago is the best fit for LeBron (especially if they could pull a deal with Bosh… or Boozer.. maybe Amare) if he wants a global market and a team that would contend for titles not only now, but in the future as well. Roster example: 1) Rose 2) James 3) Deng 4) Bosh 5) Noah Bench: Taj Gibson. But…. he will not go to Chicago either. ***) LeBron James will walk on the court in a #6 Cleveland Cavs jersey next season, taking his additional $30 million along with his hometown and new coach.

  9. redrob44 says:

    lbj is the truth dont hate give him a team and he will prove he the best playa to ever step foot on a court

  10. james says:

    i think lebron should go to the bulls, let d wade and stoudamire the heats and bosh to Lakers.

    • jojo says:

      I agree with bosh going to the lakers and Gasol go back to spain or something. Chris bosh can help kobe way better than gasol

  11. Mike says:

    I heard Lebron is meeting with the Jazz on Sunday. This would be a great move for him. It has been reported that the Jazz and Cavs are working on a sign and trade deal with Lebron and Boozer. I also caught wind that they might also trade Kirilenko for Jamison? This would be an exciting move for both teams.

  12. Ray says:

    I wonder how many GM’s will lose thier jobs for making so much room for LBJ and then not to get him? What MJ did, he took a lot less money than he could of gotten, just so they could pay Scottie and Rodman and others, then towards the end, The Boss kept his word and MJ got paid and had 6 rings to boot. LBJ wants the rings, but also a max deal and so much more. Yet, we have not seen that killer look at the end of games like we have seen in MJ and Kobe. If he ever gets that figured out, Its all over. Till then, He is just a great reg. season player and above average finals/playoffs dude. I hope he figures it out.

  13. chicav says:

    hey miz24 don’t compare kobe with lbj cause lebron is the great player in this era.. you should compare their team because team wins championship not a single player..think about this!!how many times you see oneal leading the break,? none? gasol? many times. thats why kope wins… he has a talented crew on his team!!!!cavs,,only look great bcause of lbj..thats why hands down.. lbj is the best>

  14. raymonster25 says:

    he should leave cavs and go to miami….

    i’d rather have d-wade as teammate rather than
    derrick rose and joakim noah….

    they haven’t proven anything yet anyway

    • Mize24 says:

      WOW. Derek rose has been in the league 2 years as well as Noah, how are you gonna say they haven’t proved anything when lebron hasnt’ even gotten himself a ring yet, LEBRON is the one that has NEVER proven HIMSELF! Only as someone who can kill the stat chart and still not win a ring. Doesn’t make sense why people talk so much crap about Kobe Bean with him winnin 5 championships and lebron has 0. That lebron band wagon seems to get bigger and bigger with each exit fromt he playoffs. And kobe still kills!

      • Ray says:

        Great points.

      • Domo says:


  15. Gaz-it says:

    i’ve been waiting for so long to see it a player of James caliber
    Go knicks !!!!

    • Ray says:

      If the knicks would of just left someone on the team for him to suit up with, he probably would of gone there. But to go and rebuild after a 7 year building effort in Cleaveland, thats a hard sell. Eddy Curry is not much of a team mate.

  16. josh says:

    i know it will be nice for him to stay in cleavand but i hardly doubt that little more now i think he wil go to the heat my first pick with wade he will have a great chance to win a ring better then the cavs if he goes to the bulls my second choice with bosh the bulls will advance to the conf finals maybe to the finals for first time since MJ but wornt win that title maybe in two-three years the most with heat more likely two years will win a title bull i will say three maybe 2 if they lucky Lebron James GO to the HEAT

  17. chris says:

    Labron James is over rated and all he can do is dunk, make layups, play defence and has a lot of heart, but if a player can’t shoot then he(labron james) is going to degrade any team.

    • Ray says:

      Those are the exact same things they said about Jordan. The Bulls fired Doug Collins, hired an unknown in Phil Jackson and the rest is history. It was not till Jordans 8th year I think when they bacame at the level they needed. But, they were not protected as much then as they are now. There was no flagerant fouls then, Rodman could take you down and it was just a foul. Yet MJ flew high and took the shots.

    • Domo says:

      Lebron james is the bestg player in the NBA and hhe just needs to go to a team where he can get help so he can win his rings

  18. tata says:


    • Ray says:

      you sure got it right. you see them with their over celibrating and fancy dance, but when it counts most, He don’t trust them. None of them.

  19. marc jefferson says:

    i think knicks shall re sign tmac and get lebron

  20. Ralph47 says:

    he has a better chance with bulls they have a very good core in noah and rose… it would take the load away from lebron… if he is in an off day ( if that would happen ) but strongly i think he would go to the bulls. but for me he should stay in cleveland.. he’s like a hero there .. i think he can win championship there but he needs help.. GET YOUNG CENTERS!!! CAVS!!

  21. Roberto says:

    It’s gotta be NY … so I’ll be watching him in Milan on October, 3rd!!!

  22. Craig says:

    its okay that they tried to get persuade LeBron James but i think he should go to the heat better chance of seeing a ring….cleveland did their part he been with them for 7 years nothing happen i know that your home town but you not getting any help their…Better chance with Dwayne Wade

    • Mize24 says:

      You forget that if lebron ends up in miami and if bosh happens to as well, they only have 2 players signed right now, they won’t have enought to get decent role players around them. if one of them goes down the team goes down