LeBron The Clipper King?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Make all the fun you want of the Los Angeles Clippers.

But don’t ever question the fervor, drive or the determination of their fans.

Did you see the March for Lebron [James] that went on outside Staples center before Game 5 of the Western Conference finals? No problem, we’ve got you covered (above).

My main man Clipper Darrell was there, leading the charge.

Since no executive from the Clippers can say his name without fear of a fine, it was beyond decent of the fans to give life to the campaign with all the basketball world watching.

I feel bad predicting this now, but all the marches int the world won’t secure the services of the NBA’s most coveted free agent perhaps ever, but certainly in recent memory.

A little fan love never hurts, though.

And who knows? There’s nothing that says LeBron will not wear a Clippers uniform one day.

Crazier things have happened, right?


  1. […] at NBA.com is a must-read for any hoops fan, referenced this humorous possibility the other day: LeBron The Clipper King. To which anybody with a cranium would respond: Hah! Yes, a small but spunky group of Los Angeles […]

  2. LBJMVP says:

    kobe couldnt even make his team a number 1 seed bfore pau came along.

  3. Davy says:

    I am a big Lebron fan, but what you guys are all saying is not true.
    Kobe is at this point the best player in the world. No question about it. Are you guys even following all the games??
    When the Lakers need Kobe he can not be stopped. James is a different player that needs his speed and power. Maybe some day he will be as good as everyone is saying. But every time in the playoffs he has proven that he is not ready. Great player, but not allround like Bryant. And stop saying that Kobe doesn’t deserve his rings. Basketball is still a TEAM sport. So it is obvious that he couldn’t win a ring back in the days without Shaq. But as you see who is surrounding James right now and he still can’t win. At this point the best teams in the nba are LA and Boston. And i think Boston is the only team that is big enough and has enough experience and willpower to beat La in seven games.
    The right teams will play the finals and from there on it can go either way.
    I also think teams should not go after Lebron the way they do. If they are smart they look for other players to build a strong team. Dwayne wade, Carlos Boozer, Ray Allen, Nate Robinson, Tracy Mcgrady, Shannon Brown, David Lee.
    I believe That you should go for Wade and Boozer first. Then Shannon Brown and David Lee. Shannon brown can be a 20 point gamer if he wants too. But obviously not with the lakers. Kinda Ariza story. David Lee and Boozer take all the rebounds and are very competitive. Wade will be the star and Ray Allen as proven the finisher in the playoffs. This guy wins games. Nate wants to be a starter in a good team so… And Mcgrady maybe getting better again…
    I know one team can have all these players together.

  4. Steven says:

    Lebron is easily the most overrated player in the league. I genuinely believe he’s no better than Carmelo Anthony. Kobe on the other hand (even though I hate everything about him) is going to go down in history as one of the all time great players. And why shouldn’t he? 4 rings, (I don’t think he’s getting #5 this year, it’s all about the Celtics now) countless records and a legacy as “the closer.” Kobe (I’d like to reiterate that i can’t stand him) can be talked about in the same sentence as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and even Michael Jordan. Lebron has nothing on him until he gets a ring or two. Luckily for Lebron time is on his side.

  5. 75 fans???? says:

    stay that way* I meant to say.

  6. 75 fans???? says:

    Hahahaha…The funny part is….I bet you all of those fans havent even been to a Clippers game.. Gimme a break, Kobe is King of L.A and will stay that until the end of time.

  7. jetong says:

    putang ing niyo lahat!…dadaldal niyo! akala niyo kung sino kayong magagaling sa NBA! mga bobo naman kayong mga amerikano kayo! pwe! wahahahahaha! manuod nlng kayo at tignan kung anong mangyayar! hindi ung puro kayo dada! mga tarantado!!!

  8. harry says:

    why hate lebron like that all you people it does not need to be done lebron is a monsterous player can dominate he can drive pull up he is the complete player he will win rings 3 or 4 at least just give him time.he will not go to the clippers he will either stay at cleveland go to chicago or the nets and with kobe well he is a mega player has a great mid-range game but lebron has something else he does everything just aswell as the last thing he can rebound as well as he can score and he can pass the ball as well as he can rebound the chase down block is amazing an thats why he is better than kobe defence but kobe is a great player top ten of all time i just think lebron will break that elite group of mj, magic,russel,wilt andbird he will be there

  9. Taylor says:

    The Clippers will never be good until their owner sells the team. Lebron wouldn’t play under Donald Sterling in a million years.

  10. Naps says:

    Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum for Lebron James! That would make Cleveland and LA stronger. Cleveland’s big Z is ready to retire. Shaq can sign with LA.
    Cleveland would have: Bynum, Jamison, Artest, (could sign Joe Johnson by letting Lebron, Z and Shaq go) and Mo Williams with back ups of JJ Hickson, Varejao, Moon, Parker and Gibson. (Making West and Powe tradeable.)
    LA would have: Gasol, Odom, James, Bryant and (could trade to pick up Calderon)with a bench of Shaq, Mbenga, Morrison, Brown and Farmar.
    James would be on a dominant team while Cleveland could work on bringing Bynum up where he can flourish with out Gasol! They would become the 2 top teams in the league!

  11. rAzzlAr says:

    …I wasn’t finished.

    “Lebron James is a stat line, a joke of a closer, and the anti clutch. If he wants any chance at a ring he’ll join wade in Miami” just seen this above, so, good shout dude. NBA.com kept going on about LeBron giving up #23 to go Chicago – but, if you do your research, you’ll find that #23 is also retired in Miami and is taken in New York and at the Clippers. So that’s that argument blown to shreds. It does probably prove that he isn’t staying in Cleveland though.

    On the Shaq-Kobe debate… can’t we all just grow up and accept that they’re both in the all-time top 20 or 30 and for that four or five years, they were almost utterly unstoppable?

  12. rAzzlAr says:

    Wow… can’t believe NO-ONE here has said he’s going to Miami, who have enough money to re-sign Wade and get LeBron AND Bosh…. y’all are pretty thick…

    Clips, come on. Don’t remember who it was, but the guy who said you should move out of town was absolutely right. I’m thinking Anaheim, San Francisco, San Diego, maybe even Vegas – that’s still close enough to be a geographic rivalry right? LeBron is NOT going to play with Davis because Davis is still wishing like crazy he’d never left the Warriors – and that’s not something you hear very often. Anyway, my point is, if LeBron wants to go somewhere where there’s a pre-made young team ready for a run, he’ll surely take Chicago over Clips, as he wouldn’t be overshadowed in his own city and the East is easier.

  13. USMCSmith1044 says:

    Lebron James is a stat line, a joke of a closer, and the anti clutch. If he wants any chance at a ring he’ll join wade in Miami. Lebron can play the first 40 minutes, and give the ball to a real closer when it’s crunch time. He will never be known at Mr. L.A he’ll never be the king of Chi town. Lebron James is an attention hogger, nothing more. If parris hilton played basketball we would have lebron #2. I’m a Laker fan so I would enjoy denying Lebron his division, and kill his spirit in the playoffs, but he’s not stupid. The only chance he has is in Miami.

  14. mojanie says:

    to those kobe haters! you all suck… shaq can win without kobe and kobe won without shaq… they won as a team and as an individual…. lets admit that they are dominant together… hope t see shaq back in LA for his final year… and as for lebron going to the clippers? hahaha… theres no way lebron will go there… if he do intend to play for an LA team it would be the lakers… there’s only three possible team for lebron to play in reality… new york, chicago, and orlando…

  15. durka says:


  16. It is clear, the Clippers want at all costs Leebron
    but it would recruit two or three other stars to have a great team that can compete with the lakers, boston, orlando, phoenix, and other …
    there is work to do on that side, because LeBron wants titles, too …

  17. Asher says:

    Look all you crazy people making these stupid comments you guys must not have much basket ball sense LEBRON is by far the best in our league today probably to go down as the G.O.A.T all you silly fans who compare kobe and lebron is not even a debate to whoes better lebron has one of the best individual careers in history his numbers are rivaling jordans and jordan played in a less developed league as compared today not to take anything away form his airness but today is simply way harder and you could only be a new species like lebron to be able to do that same type of stuff its truly amazing its seems like every body’s KRYPTONITE to SUPERMAN is he aint got NO RINGS but NOTHING ABOUT THE KING ALMOST EVERYBODY KNOWS HE’S THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE AND THEY COUNTER REACT WITH HE GOT NO RINGS its because they have nothing else to say you dont understand rings consist simply off a team which lbj neva had and he still keeps his team on par with all the big teams because he’s that dam gooood trade lbj for kobe lakers go probably 75 games or more cavs probably 8th seed king james period no and ifs buts point blank its simple math look at the numbers LBJ BABY

  18. Krispies13 says:

    Just because a team like the Clippers still have fans does not make them “better fans” because of their misfortunes than lifelong Laker fanatics like myself.. It’s not our fault that the Lakers organization is better in a lot of things.. From getting talent, keeping them and winning titles. What are the Clippers good at? Getting Talent..Giving them away.. Losing games..Clipper fans always hate on Lakers fans and usually their argument is that they suffered more and they deserve the championship more blah blah blah.. These fans should look at the Clippers Organization first before blaming successful organization like the Lakers about their fruitless campaigns for the chip EVERY SINGLE SEASON.. News flash Clippers Nation.. BLAME YOUR GM’S… You know what the difference between Jealousy and Envy?? Jealousy is wishing to get something that someone has which is plausible.. ENVY is wishing to have something that you will NEVER get.. Which Clipper fan are you? You guys are looking at LeBron James to bring you guys redemption? Someone who has never won a title? An egomaniac bigger than Kobe? A dancing clown on the sideline? A cry baby? This is your savior? Didn’t you guys hear or an NBA champion name Dwayne Wade? He’s a free agent next year too you know? But the hype is too big for this Dunkin’ do not..and guess who wants a piece of the Hype? The Clippers.. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  19. SSJ16 says:

    More MVPs does not equal better player. Lebron is a statistical beast but Kobe adds more to his team (imo) than just crazy stats, like hard-nose leadership and toughness.

    No one can tell me that Lebron did not have a good team and at one point they were favoured to make it to the finals much less win it all. Yes his team did not play amazing but you have to add Lebron into this factor as a leader of how he makes his team better in the regular season but no so much the playoffs.

  20. freshboii says:

    yo lebron is going no were if he is its knicks. and bout kobe and lebron, kobe is way better den lebron

  21. ME says:

    I know Im going to be a little out of place, but Im going to actually comment on the article. Lebron is definitely not going to the Clippers simply because of the consistant losing. In fact he isnt going anywhere he isnt sure is going to have a winning atmosphere. With that being said, some of “those” teams they say he is going to, just havent proved they can win in so long that he is just not considering them. He most likely will stay where he is sure he will at least be a contender which is in Cleveland. I know the thing he fears the most is going somewhere expecting to be contenders and not even make the playoffs.

  22. Mika says:

    This Kobe or Lebron stuff needs to stop, Lebron is a great player i’m a fan myself of his mad game, his crazy athletic abillity. However he’s not the best in the world, clearly Kobe still is. Come Playoff time you know whos show it is. This crap about kobe being fed with rings from shaq needs to stop too. how many rings did shaq win before kobe? shaq wouldn’t have won any just as much as kobe wouldn’t have back then. Kobe is a legend, someday Lebron will be too but people need to stop pushing things on him he hasn’t earned. Like all this talk about lebron free agency what about wade people are second rating him when Wade doing it all on the court. Bottom line is lebron needs to go back to his roots forget the commercials and media. Find that balance that took michael and Kobe time to find in those winless years of their youth.

    Plus it couldn’t help not to have a hall of famer coach like Phil Jackson neither LOOL.

  23. Omar says:

    No, he’s not going to the Clippers, his ass will go to the Cavaliers, Bulls, OR Knicks.

  24. redbhoy says:

    LEBRON will never be a CHAMP, like karl malone

  25. ALLISON says:

    I do not understand what Clippers are doing in. L. A., and LBJ would make no change at all.
    Clippers should move to San Diego or, why not, Tijuana. Then, perhaps, they will have a chance to be, some day, a winning team.

    • OC Clipper Fan says:

      You are right, they shouldn’t be in L.A., they should be in Anaheim so they can attempt to build their own fanbase and have a geographical rivalry with the Lakers just like the Angels and the Dodgers. Unfortunately, this will not happen until Donald Sterling dies and the Clippers are owned by someone interested in winning. Until then, GO CLIPPERS!

    • KOBE G.O.A.T says:

      are you serious? hahaha Lebrons team was the best it could have been this year and they did nothing with it. and if you really knew anything about basketball or heard kobes teammates talk they say he is “inspiration” and he is the reason why they want to get better because under kobes leadership they see what it takes to win and they want it just like KOBE..lebron cant do that with his teammates because he is to worried about stats and mvp ratings and not the rings he is too immature. and yeah everyone superstar neeeds a sidekick but they dont buy sidekicks. they help develop sidekicks what has lebron done for any of his teammates? and kobe is the best closer in history yesi admit jordan had better natural leadership but in kobes defense id say LEARNING to be a leader is better and KOBE HAS DONE JUST THAT! kobe = best closer ever, most clutch, and plain and simple he just wins! and how could anyone else avg 19ppg if lebrons taking all the shots? kobe knows when to score and he knows when to pass and he consistently brings it on a daily basis to win games..and i quote “KOBE MAKES GREATNESS LOOK NORMAL” – LAMAR ODOM. and i quote “KOBE IS KOBE AND I USED TO SEE THAT SHOW EVERY NIGHT IN CHICAGO AND ITS THE SAME SHOW” – STEVE KERR. and i know more about basketball then you will ever know for i have years of experience. just ask the greats of the game. yes lebron is good but he has much to prove. should we speak of lebrons poor perfromances when it matters most which is the POST season? its plain and simple LEBRON CANNOT close out games when it matters most if he could he’d have a ring by now. yes lebron is there stat wise but its one thing to say you wanna win and theres another thing and going out there to win. KOBE IS KOBE, LEBRON IS LEBRON, you honestly tell me wouldnt you wanna be the one who can close out games, make plays (and not just charge like a bull with no skill and finesse),make teammates want the will to be better and win, and most of all have 4 and possibly 5 rings in a couple weeks? heck even phil jackson stated KOBE AND JORDAN HAVE THE SAME COMPETE LEVEL AND THERE WILL TO WIN IS LIKE NO OTHER.. did anyone say lebron? oops they cant! because he hasnt proven anything but 2 mvp’s that dont really go well with an empty hand of rings! and THATS WHATS UP. so please try and defend lebron maybe in a couple years when kobe is out of the picture and he MAYBE actually win a ring.

  26. volkov says:

    the Clippers should get Rudy Gay!
    Davis,Gordon,Gay,Griffin,Kamen….sounds awesome to me.

  27. if ever lebron will go to clippers,clippers organization must acquire some high calibre players that can help lebron same as kobe around him like pau,odom,artest and specialy a good coach like phil.to at least match the lakers if only lebron its useless same as the cavs done to him. for the clippers this is my comment do not build a team for 1 man build a man for the team.

  28. merits henry says:

    lakers are not intimaidated by th great labron no way… they can cope with him or not

  29. KOBE G.O.A.T says:

    first of all KOBE deserved all 4 of his rings, he was a main part fo the LAKERS. the lakers win because of mere determination to be better and back then yes it was shaq who brought that winning atmosphere to his teammates and now its KOBE. kobe is key and is the MVP without kobe it is questionnable if shaq qould even be where he is now and same with kobe..they both go hand in hand. and all you lebron fans you cant keep saying he is better because one he hasnt proven to make his teammates better, he hasnt proven to make them WANT to get better either, and he hasnt proven that he can close out games in the post season. KOBE however is trusted and expected to win the game and is proven to be the most clutch when it matters most and if he isnt his team is there to help him out, every REAL KING needs support from his crew. and to those who say lakers wouldnt have won without gasol yes thats true but gasol is second to kobe he came there to play with kobe to win one with kobe and get better under kobes help and same with artest. kobe is the main factor and he always will be until he retires after probably 2 more championships after the one he will get this year. LBJ fans maybe next year. oh btw if he leaves CAVS to sign with other big names that just proves he cant do it like KOBE and JORDAN who made their teammates want it and get better. if lebron goes and signs with other big names he is practically BUYING a ring not WINNING one

    • Raul says:

      kobe bryant has 4 rings thanks to shaq!!!!!!!!!! lebron james in 7 years has two mvps and kobe 14 has only one tell me now who is better!!!

      • edson ditren says:

        kobe has rings cause of shaq , lebron couldnt win with shaqq cause he is too old now .. but before shaq was much younger and better and by that time he had helped kobe win

      • KB24 says:

        First, Kobe has won 4 rings, not all because of Shaq. Shaq wasn’t there to help Kobe beat the Magic and secure the Lakers’ 15th Championship.
        Second, I’d like have seen Shaq win those three rings all without Kobe. Yeah, not happening.
        Third, Kobe and Shaq needed each other like how Kobe needs Pau and Artest right now. you can’t say Kobe needed Shaq without saying Shaq needed Kobe.
        Fourth, Lebron has 2 MVP’s because he’s the only good person in his team that steps up the heat night in and night out. If Kobe didn’t have Pau, Artest, Odom, or any other player good enough to be with him, then he would be in the same place as the Queen, all MVPs, no rings. Just because Kobe only has 1 mvp to Lebron’s 2, he has hardware, on his fingers. He also have a Finals MVP, saying that he actually got to the Finals, unlike Lebron, who when he did make it, got sweep rite out of the stadium by the Spurs. You could say that a Finals mvp isn’t AS impressive as a regular MVP since a regular one has all of the players in the pool, while Finals only has 2 teams.
        In summary, Kobe is better than LBJ, it’s hardware, vs mvp, but he has more hardware, 4 to be exact soon to be 5. vs 2 mvp. NOW tell me who is better.

    • Omari says:

      first of all Kobe has never had the desire to make any of the teammates he has played with his entire career better, with Kobe its either you’re already good or your no help at all. he never has had a desire to let any player develop under him. lebron on the other hand has always had a team mentality i mean common this was a guy to the beginning of his career for being to much of a team player…. u talk about kobe making his teammates better WHO???…. Hall of Famer Shaquille O’neal or the the clutch Robert Horry (before he played with Kobe or Shaq and after them also) All-Star future Hall of Famer Pau Gasol who leaded a team to the playoffs before playin with Kobe, Lamar “The Goods” Odom all around player who also leaded a team to the playoffs (Miami Heat yes he was the teams best player no disrespcet to Rookie Dwayne Wade) he also played with all star All- Star Caron Butler who was a young up and coming star but not with the Selfish star Kobe Bryant he was sent out of town…. Lebron has made his teammates better with every Cavaliers team he has played with he lead a mediocre Cavs team in 2007 to the Nba finals at the age of 22 he single handily dismantled the Pistons in game 5 and differed his stardom to Rookie Daniel Gibson in game 6. He has proved over and over he’s a better player and leader than Kobe Bryant. takin mediocre team after mediocre team to the playoffs and had them be a contender every year, he played with his first fellow all-star Last season in Mo Williams who only made to the all-star because Jameer Nelson got injured…. Kobe has had far superior teams all his career compared to Lebron career i mean the guy hasnt even played witha player the caliber that could average 19 ppg in a playoff series beside him… Kobe better Leader NEVER he has shown he needs ready done players to be successful via his not makin it to the playoffs the following year Shaq left and first round playoffs series lost in back to back years, May i remind you everytime Lebron has made it to the playoffs he has never been knocked out in the first round and has been a contender every year… Kobe has been blessed with being coached by the best coach in NBA history (Phil Jackson) and way better overall teams his entire career… Lebron on the other hand the best player he has played with so far is Antawn Jamison who isnt a go to guy more of a exellent garage man type player. and about your implyin that if he leaves to play with a another big time star he’s buying a championship not earning it( MJ played with Pippen, Magic played with Kareem and Big Game James Worthy, Bird played with McHale and Parrish, Hakeem the Dream played with Clyde the Glide, Russell played with Cousy and Sharman, and OH YEAH Shaq had Kobe, and now Kobe has Gasol) every star needs a sidekick or sidekicks that can score consitently to take pressure off of a superstar when they arent playin well someone that u can run your offense through other than your main Star, Lebron has not yet played with a player of any of these superstars “sidekicks” i jus mentioned caliber… i would talk about his clutch performances but i’ll save that for another day… u kno nothing about Basketball KOBE G.O.A.T you’re jus a fan of a player … conclusion Kobe better than Lebron…. NEVER!!!

      • THEKING_6 says:

        Amen to that KING JAMES BACK 2 BACK MVP’S ; no doubt he is a team player not like Kobe, who was whining before they brought Pau to him lol so pathetic….

  30. PurpleandGold says:

    No RIngs are not allow. LETS GO LAKERS !!!!

  31. El Guapo says:

    all i gotta say is this: 24>23… its simple math people so stop hatin on kobe cause his team is still in the playoffs and LBJ is chillin at home watching kobe dominate.

    • lbj23 says:

      if you guys think kobes the best cause he has 4 rings, then i guess robert horry was better then kobe shaq bron everyone of them. robert horry got 7 rings so i guess hes better then kobe huh.

  32. DAM says:

    Marv, does your computer not have a spell-check? I guess the phrase “buy the end off June” doesn’t have any misspelled words in it, but come on!

    • west says:

      “know one wants to play with him”…. lmao really ? who does this? and where do they do it at? marv where you go to school sidewalk high.?… lol i mean, marv wear u go to skool sidwalk hi…

  33. #24 says:

    LAKERS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

  34. Marv says:

    Donald Sterling has always hated Jerry Buss but this is as low as he could have gone. Paying 25 people to walk around Stables before the game is embarrassing for LA and tacky. You’ll see a real march buy the end off June, and trust me it won’t be because of Lebron. But he needed some kind of attention considering know one wants to play for him per Baron Davis sued by both GM’s Baylor and Dunlevy and everyone that plays for him gets hurt or not paid on time. TACY TACKY TACKY. He should get a $100,000 fine from the NBA for being so tacky.

  35. NBA Fan says:

    The lakers are afraid of Lebron coming to the clippers. thats why nja is flippin out right now. they are afraid because they wont be safe at their homecourt (Staples Center) cuz then half the crowd will be cheering for LeBron and trust me he will have his way with Kobe, just like he did it this year, twice,,, the lakers were really quiet up until the point Lebron and the cavs left the playoffs because the cavs were the only team they feared. but i say the lakers should be fearing the celtics even more now since they beat the cavs… anyway back to the point. i want lebron to go to the clippers cuz then ll of the laker fans will flip… and i love it when you guys flip nd write nasty comments cuz thats all you can do to keep lebron under controll, and unfortunatly its not working…….. ps i am expecting some nasty comments so give me what you got laker nation. lololololololol hahahahahahahahahaha

    • #24 says:

      hahahaha you are so stupid who would say that clippers cant even win more than twenty games u guys want lebron please ur so sad if he did go there good for him but why would kobe fear him black mamba- 4 rings and one on the way sorry to ruin ur dumd stupid dream but its true lollolhahaha

      • gas-alll says:

        Actually black mamba has one-ring (DESERVED)or you forgot all the crying media he developed in order for the last years to push out shaq(more rings than kobe) DESERVED!) check out reality or you tube lol hahaah!

      • Back-to-Back says:

        Hey “gas-alll” SHAQ DOES NOT HAVE MORE RINGS THAN KOBE. Learn to count. AND – Shaq needed Kobe just as much as Kobe needed Shaq to win the three rings, so yo have no argument there either. This year Kobe will surpass the talent leach – aka Shaq. How sad, Shaq relies on OTHER talent to get it done. Kobe IS the talent and the leader. NO WAY LebBron is gong to go to Clippers. No because of team history so much as the fact that L.A. IS NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR THE TWO STARS TO SHARE THE CITY.

      • J SAV says:

        If labron comes to cliptown we can win 5 rings labron n blake would be cheating plus eric gordan wit da weters from downtown and allstars baren n cris PLEASE! and a good pic but if labron dont come well take peirce bring him back to the wood whatever the case next year is the Genisis of theCLIPNATION REVOLUTION Flakers r u readyyyyyyy!

      • Giles says:

        The Nba is a team sport, so it is about as realistic to say Shaq and Kobe each have NO rigns as it is to say they have four. Even the third man on the taxi squard, fifteenth on the team overall, gets a ring if the team wins, but only about eight guys get in the games. If you want to brag on individual impact on championships, try championship mvp awards, the closest thing to an individual award which much matters. Shaq has 3, Wade 1, of the 4 times Shaq won a ring, Kobe has 1, out of the 4 times Kobe has a ring. James, two regular season MVPs, whatever that matters, but How many appearances in the championship round, let a lone victories? He is sort of the Clippers of MVPs. A laughing stock, with all the overhype, for which he is NOT at fault. It is the media folks should laugh derisively at, not James. He just piles up lots of positive regular season stats, while his team fails to win late in the playoffs. Coach Brown has taken responsibility for that. That is why he is getting a couple million next season to NOT coach. And Dan Ferry may not be back as GM, whether he moves over to coach or not. O`Neal, Ilgauskas, and James will probably not be back. Even the franchise itself my not by back. It is in one of the smaller of the top 30 markets and is being overtaken by other markets. I am sure James would consider staying if the team could sign a trio of quality centers, but they are more likely to sign 3 second string centers. Who is going to commit to go to Cleveland before James commits to staying? No one who has other options. And if someone like Howard or Yao doesn`t commit to leave his sunbelt winter home for the rustbelt, why would James even think of staying? You think he wants to become a 6`8, 250 lbs., center? Obviously, not. He is going to sign with a team which has a legit center, who is a legit all star candidate. And probably a team with at least one max salary, so it can force a sign and trade by being able to sign him outright. Kaman is a marginal legit center, and a marginal all star, but not many guys playing now are better. And the Clip joint has cap room. The Cavs, Knicks, Bulls, Heat, ad nauseum, have power forwards. The Knicks have cap room to sign a center, but are they are talking about trying to? Is Wade going to be their center? They`d have to let Lee go to have room for a second max salry, but why would Howard give up a championship contender to freeze in New York. He`d want to add Wade or James to Orlando. If L.A. can only support one star, James won`t mind a bit if Bryant retires. Will he? The Clips would need a coach, but Jackson wouldn`t have to change buildings, to take Cartwright instead of Jabbar, to be a Clipper assistant coach. Let Fratello coach the Lakers. He`d need to improve James` boxing out/rebounding if James played power forward, but if Greffin improves, James might play power point on offense, wing forward on defense. Then he`d need to work on improving his mediocre shooting. But the Cavs had back to back 60+ win seasons with little more than James, maybe the Clippers could, too.

    • Rags30 says:

      Labron shouldnt even be mentioned in the same Breath AS KOBE!!! Labron is a Good Basketball Player but not yet on Kobe”s Level. He Lacks the Killer Instinct and the ability to effectly Close out a game in my opinion. Labron will undoubtedly be the best player in the NBA in 3 years but for now KOBE is KING !!!

  36. nja says:

    No Lebron is Flipper Queen