Nash pops nose back in place

Posted by Art Garcia

PHOENIX Steve Nash needed to perform some on-court facial relocation to finish off Suns’ 118-109 win over the Lakers tonight. A collision with Derek Fisher with 19 seconds left — Fisher was swiping at the ball and was called for a foul — displaced cartilage in Nash’s nose.

Nash initially thought he might have broken his nose, but there wasn’t any bleeding and his breathing wasn’t impacted. It was just out of place. He pinched it back himself before heading to the line to sink two free throws.

“I bent the cartilage in there,” Nash said after his postgame press conference. “I straightened out there on the court. I don’t think it’s broken. I think it’s just bruised.”

Nash finished with 17 points and 15 assists. The Suns closed the gap in the Western Conference finals to 2-1. Game 4 is Tuesday night back at US Airways Center.

UPDATE: The Suns released the following Monday:

Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash this morning was seen by Suns general otolaryngology doctor (ear, nose and throat), Dr. Ryan Rehl.  Nash was diagnosed with a minimally displaced nasal fracture with displaced cartilage.  He will undergo a minor reduction, putting the nose back in place, later today.

Nash will practice with the team today and will not miss any time.


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  2. Frosty says:

    They spell Nash’s name “M-A-N”.

  3. Robert says:

    It’s crazy how everyone is calling it dirty, it is incidental contact (a foul in basketball i.e. accidental tripping), but comeon just cause you hate a team makes you look biased and a lil stupid. I am a Lakers fan have been since 1998, but I’ll give you a straight up non biased statement, the Boston Celtics (who I obviously dislike because of the big time rivalry) have been consistently playing better than L.A. has in the playoffs.

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  5. jetong says:

    all respect to steve nash! all heart! go for the championship dude! too much lakers already!

  6. Mike says:

    Have you every played ball? Nobody wants a punk who is scared of contact or putting an opposing player on his ass. That’s competition and if you can’t handle that then watch the WNBA. Fisher plays the game how it should be played, with toughness. If there was a cheap shot of the night it was by Robin Lopez

  7. gamer says:

    The lakers are dirty players and have been for a long time. They get away with way too much from the refs. kobe swipes, jabs and pokes at other players faces way too often for it to be accidental! It is so obvious. Fischer also has a long history of dirty play, but as long as they get away with it they will continue. It is about time the refs be held accountable for the way they call a game! sasha is another one that gets away with a lot. It is a matter of time before someone drops that little fool.

  8. LA ALL DAY says:

    Ya’ll are haters…Fisher one of the dirtiest??? Are you kidding me??? He’s a beast and he’s physical but come on!!! Nash gets dirty himself and no one says anything!!! Lakers in 6!!! Bring it Boston!! We owe you a beatdown!!!!

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  10. SlowDay says:

    For all the people saying why Fish would go for the ball even though the game is pretty much over, look at everyone else on the lakers that was pushing the ball up court and attacking, Kobe (no rest 2nd half), Brown, its just to show that they aren’t quitting and still making the Suns play defense even till the very end. It’s a championship game, you are expected to play until the end to send out a message. Body language counts for something, look at Magic and Cavs, you can tell its over long before. Judging the Lakers play in the last 40 seconds of the game, going to be a hard game for the Suns in game 4.

  11. Radu says:

    Fisher is a dirty player but I don’t think he want to foul Nash so hard.(Nash is the best point guard)

  12. Travis says:

    Nash will be fine, there wasnt any blood. Amare just got to step up again and Frye needs to start hitting those 3’s. Suns win in 6!

  13. me says:

    Nash’s fellow country men are stitching themselves up in between plays on the ice in Playoff Hockey from pucks and sticks to the face. Tough play, I guess thats what playoffs do to Canadians.

  14. Superb Nash, it was a great game yesterday, hoping that his injury is not serious for the next confrontation very crucial for him and the Suns

  15. Gdog says:

    I hate Fisher… what a d-bag. He’s a dirty old player who needs to retire. Big shots… who cares when you suck for 80 games out of a year. You’re bound to hit a big shot once in a while.

  16. Niko says:

    Simply put:

    Kobe Bryant is using all of that extra tape on his “injured” finger to his advantage. Kobe was always a great athlete and awesome off of the dribble, that being said he has small hands for an nba player his size and needs the tape for manipulation of the ball especially when double and triple pumping when caught in the air. All of a sudden he is a lights out shooter, all while maintaining the ability to finish at every angle by the rim with those hands??? Don’t think so!!! Check the stats since he started wearing that crap!!

  17. Niko says:

    Simply put:

    1- Derek Fisher is one of the dirtiest players in the league, I wouldn’t put they lying to get back to L.A. thing past him either. They get Pau Gasol in a “steal” and conveniently get him back as well. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. The only people that can love Derek Fisher are his mom and some of his teammates. Not sure why they let him get away with the dramatic flopping, rough defense, etc… He fights through every screen by throwing himself into the screener with half of his body and flopping with the other half! All while holding onto Steve Nash with his off hand. Don’t get me wrong if I could get away with crap like that I would too. He has to stop Steve Nash at all costs and the lakers get the benefit of the doubt from refs as they tend to look away against them. Worst case scenario they blow the whistle and he stops their momentum, but he and Phil Jackson know that Derek will not even come close to fouling out in any of these games!! He drew blood twice in 1 game from 2 different players (ok nash was very light blood but he damn near broke his nose)

    ******** I am a die-hard knicks fan, but call things the way i see them!! Knicks suck and won’t be good for at least another 2 seasons!!! They wasted a decade of fan support and $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  18. iwillfilm says:

    What a great game, Firstly, Kobe is fantastic. He’s so superior that when he makes a shot you almost don’t freak out anymore as a Lakers fan because he’s delivered so consistently over the years. It’s just incredible to watch. Having said that, Nash is a true competitor, he’s a beast, I mean, any other guy would go court-side and have there nose tended by million dollar professionals, not him, I say it last night like many of you did, it was really disturbing to see him reposition that cartilage on his own, MULTIPLE TIMES! My heart says Suns, but my head says Lakers, there just too potent on Home floor, I see victory in 7 for the Lakers. But I hope I’m wrong!

    As for Fischer, I mean, it didn’t look malicious, but with the game in doubt, there’s really no need for that. Unless of course the team as a whole was displaying a go out hard mentality. Let’s not forget the Suns did that in game 1 as well, with the game in doubt, they were still playing very hard.

  19. tmj says:

    lets go suns steve nash hard bodies yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea

  20. Dones says:

    This is for all you ignorant Suns fan. Fisher did not try to injure Nash, nor did Kobe with the elbow. Fisher was just trying to commit a foul and they bumped heads. What is this high school basketball? This is the NBA playoffs, stop whining no one is 100% up to this point. Just play the game.

    This is to kwatog. Yah probably Kobe will never be as great as Mike, but hes the closest. How many rings and counting? LeChoke? 0. Wade 1. Carmelo 0. You take Kobe out of the Laker lineup with just Pau…you think they will be successful? and vice versa. Team game you ignorant person, keep on hating.

  21. Susie says:

    There aren’t peppy words enough to describe your indomitable spunk and will to charge on in the face of really rough play. Go win it all. I say you and the Suns will, so here’s my loud and rambunctious shout-out to you, Warrior-Cutie! Love ya, Steve! Hugs…

  22. stepbackshot says:

    im a baller since i was a kid.. and its obviously an accident.. go suns!

  23. kwatog says:

    i don’t care if the suns loose this series. kobe and co. (except for pau gasol who i think is really the reason behind lakers success) won’t get any respect from me. kobe, inspite of his rings still is an insecure bastard. you’ll never be the greatest kobe. never was and never will. go suns. go nash. i go for a respected type of player. not a snake for a monicker.

  24. annedrin_22 says:

    19 seconds doing a hard foul..i dont understand why,,Fisher just want to catch the big fish of Suns…Nash is such a highly classified warrior even blooded he can play and pass the ball seems unhurt..I hope they could make it to the finals..But if Lakers is doing the same intensity and prowess..maybe lopez, stoudemire and the rest of the team need to sacrifice their own nose too..i mean blood for blood muscles for muscles..great and hardfighting team wins the championship..Who ever wins in shala…

  25. Ramy says:

    After what the Spurs have done to him after all these years, I think he can take a hit from Derek Fisher…

  26. MAC says:

    It’s the NBA people!!!! It stands for No Boys Allowed! Nash is a grown man! Quit babying him.

  27. John says:

    Why do you guys keep saying this is a dirty play? Steve turned his head while Fisher went hard for the ball. He didn’t wanna foul Steve because he’s too good of a free throw shooter. If this guy should get suspended for a questionable play, then Robin Lopez should get suspended for sure for that elbow to Fisher’s head.

    And if the Suns manage to beat the Lakers and get to the Finals, they’ll just get ripped apart by Boston. In the two Laker wins, the Suns had trouble against they’re defense, so they couldn’t buy a shot. But Boston has a much, much better defense than LA does. Then they have no answer for Rondo, but who really does? So if they do meet up, it’ll likely end in 4 or 5 games.

  28. mark says:

    im a lakers man and watched the game live in Australia wat was called was correct because the intention was to get the ball and not unsportsmanlike (or flaragant or whatever you call it) if suns can come back and win the series good luck to them nash deserves a ring so does hill amare deserves one too but probbs has more time but if suns dont win .. you could c amare and lebron go to a team like the nets or wizards or raps

  29. LAL!!!!!!! says:

    LOL Suns are gonna loose this series definetly I bet you that!!

  30. Eric Frazier says:

    Can some one clone his heart and implant them in my Magic team???!!!! They need it.!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Li says:

    With 19 sec to play, Fisher swipes the ball? He knows its winning time for the SUns. NASH IS A WARRIOR!

  32. Warren says:

    Let’s not try getting anyone suspended. It could backfire against us Suns fans and get a certain center suspended for an elbow that Derek Fisher himself received.

  33. srđan says:

    derek fisher is dirty player, first: punch amare bettwen the eye, then punch nash with the head in the nose…..

  34. Robin says:

    Go SUNS… Eliminate Lakers. It is time for Steve Nash and Grant Hill to get their NBA RING. Amare is very good. If the SUNS will keep their heads and concentration on the game, they will go the finals. GO SUNS

  35. LAkers Baby says:

    BOUT time yall win and make it look like a SERIES !!!!!!

  36. LAkers Baby says:

    I dont think it was that huge of a deal .!
    yeah he went for thee ball and hit nash in the nose
    but im sorry but last i checked you play hard till the end of the game
    not when you know the games over. We all know that derek knew the game was over
    but he did good and plaed hard ill the finish .!
    So for everybody who like Nash and thinks Derek was at wring and should be suspended
    is wrong and obviously hasn’t seen how the game is supposed to be played .!

  37. PhoenixLakerszzz says:

    i have 2 scenarios here >> a Man and a Kid

    a Man trying to swipe the ball then accidentally (maybe) bump his head to Nash’ nose

    or a Kid running down the floor with his elbow up high, the Man a cheep shot in the Head

    so whos dirty the Man trying to swipe the ball, or a Kid running down the floor with his elbow up high

    now whos dirty???

    • AllDatt says:

      Fisher bumped Lopez to instigate that exchange. Do call Lopez out for retaliation unless you call Turn Coat Fisher out for the Bump that lead to it all. Come on. If someone bumps you like that on the court or on the street are you going to just let it go? LA fans watch games with their ‘Laker Shades’ on and it gets old. Be objective and look at what ‘YOUR’ player did right before that elbow that Lopez gave him. Trust me, it was well deserved.

  38. Chaz says:

    nash plays his heart (and face, apparently) out every game…

  39. GreekBasketballFan says:

    Derek Fisher SHOULD be suspended. If not, it would be a shame for the NBA. He has proven many times he IS a dirty player. He has done such things many times in the past and i’m sure he will do it again. So suspend him for 1 game and let’s hope he learns something from this…

  40. Bama says:

    Suns without Nash is doable
    Suns without Stodamaire is Nets

  41. eric says:

    @ metro D !! exactly why would he go after nash like that when the games over… sure he didnt mean to head butt him.. but he did and look what happens.. what if he did break his nose then what.. NASH is a warrior he proves it more and more and people still talk crap. i wanna see all those people hatin go out and do their job with all the hurdles that nash has to go through doing his job.. bet they cant! GO SUNS!

  42. Jayson says:

    Steve Nash is truly amazing player. Even eyes are swollen due to collission and nose is smashed he still go to the court and beat the rivals. I don’t think that Fisher intentionally hit Nash nose, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT which is very usual to happen when playing basketball..C’mon guys that will make the Finals more interesting and hopefully Suns can win again at the next game..

  43. Martin says:

    Fisher is just dirty! Last year, doing the same thing on Scola. When he saw his team can’t stop certain player, that sashimi will do some dirty stuff! Before, I felt pity or sad for his daughter, now, not anymore! The non call on Berry was also another incidence… This team is just dirty! Not to mention Kobe elbowing arround get to the rim! Jackson talk unreasonable things on other team best player.

    • AllDatt says:

      Not only that, he pulled Ellis down to the floor a couple years ago. FISHER is dirty! He has committed Hard, Intentional fouls throughout his career and disguises them as HUSTLE. He can be called for a foul on 90% of the pics that opponent set on him because he will throw an elbow or a shoulder at the player setting the screen.

  44. ManuIsTheMan says:

    The non call on Berry was also another incidence… This team is just dirty! Not to mention Kobe elbowing arround get to the rim! Jackson talk unreasonable things on other team best player.

  45. Martin says:

    Fisher is just dirty! Last year, doing the same thing on Scola. When he saw his team can’t stop certain player, that sashimi will do some dirty stuff! Before, I felt pity or sad for his daughter, now, not anymore!

    • Z No LBC says:

      Come on homie. Even if he was dirty, what does that have to do with his daughter? It is ok to be a fan, but be human.

      Personally, I think that the play on Scola last year was dirty. But, it was needed for his team and Fish does what it takes as a leader. The face-check on Nash was not dirty, it was a result of his over-ambitious play when the game was already over. But, the final scoreboard influences your team psychologically and DFish is one of the smartest players in the league and he knows that. That is why he kept going hard until the final buzzer.

      But anybody who’s opinion about his daughter changed because of his play on the court is taking thier team-loyalty way too far.

  46. […] geplaatst door The Black Mamba Nash zal wel spelen zeker met zijnen gebroken neus? Nash pops nose back in place nash zegt zelf dat het wrsl niet gebroken […]

  47. Jareinne says:

    what a man..steve nash is really the man…17 points and 15 assist…for a 36 year old player he still got what it takes to be an all star…without nash and his amazing skills phoenix will have a raeally hard time against the lakers.go phoenix!

  48. LAKERS4EVER says:

    Yo yo yo.. suspended? play fair and square dude!! You can all see that was an accident, fisher was trying to steal the inbound ball.. Dude theres nothing flagrant there ?? ahuh?? YOU HATERS!! PLAY FAIR AND SQUARE !! LAKERS IN 4-2!!

    • Celticsfan777 says:

      Yeah the Lakers will win but it might go 7 games but 6 most likely Celtics and Lakers in Finals Celtics all the way!

  49. Bulls Man !! says:

    Watched it live from OZ, just wondering….. Why does Nash get hit all the time ? Is he a liked player on court, is he dirty himself, and gets a beating when people retaliate ?

  50. mark says:

    hey sekou what does lakers have to do to win the next game ? and did lakers play good tonight ? what do you reckon ?

  51. Mike says:

    Just think, the Suns still haven’t played well as a team against the Lakers. If the bench and the three-point shot get hot for Phoenix, I think they have shown they will have the ability to dismantle the Lakers.

  52. berlin says:

    so great to see the suns win after the 2 bad losses in LA. still believe they can win the series! nash should be the MVP!

  53. STAT posterized LAL says:

    @gerard… its never good to watch a a team winning because of dirty plays. you can never be proud of teams who wins by doing dirty stuff.. thats why there is a word called, “sportmanship”…learn it…

  54. chu says:

    huge man .nash
    u got a good hands and many dishes tonight

  55. reginald Nacional says:

    yehey!panalo sun!

  56. TAGOK says:

    i guess suns will win 4 consecutive games.. so boston, be ready!!!! see you at the finals

  57. Visar Xhaferi says:

    Folks, it doesn’t matter whose guilty , the important thing is that we are seing an amazing series, go go Suns

  58. suns13 says:

    wow…. come one people, im a suns fan, but fisher was just tryin to get the ball, and he accidentally bumped his head into nash’s. completely unintentional. then again, i hate fisher and would love to see him suspended for whatever reason

    • Vash01 says:

      Did you actually watch the play? Fisher had no business going for Nash’s face. He could have wrapped his hands around Nash if he wanted to commit a foul. The game was almost over.

    • art says:

      I’m art

      basketball is a physical game. what happened in game 3 between fisher n nash was just part of the game. So lets enjoy watch the game. To the suns fans sorry if it was happened to your player. What about if it was happen to the lakers player.? are you agree/happy to see your player cannot play especially in a do or die games like this one. how crazy you are.

  59. celtics213 says:

    so happy the suns won that game..hopefully they can keep playin well..the suns bench needs to step up they been playing weak againts the lakers…specailly channing frye oh god

  60. Peter says:

    i’m so happy PHX suns won. whew finally a breather for once for the whole phoenix squad but still lotta work to do. nash and lebron? i hope not i like to watch the NASH_STAT pick n’ roll very much its so entertaining and effective. Most smooth and efficient pick n’ roll duo in league this season.

  61. Ed says:

    Btw, the Suns’ win in Game 3 just goes to show that their talent is at par with that of the Lakers. I predict a 4-3 win for the Suns. Improbable, huh?

    • Vash01 says:

      It’s too early to predict a 4-3 win for the Suns. I hope they can win game 4.

      • BOY M. says:

        I think so too a 4-3 win for the Suns. The fact that they swiped the Spurs 4-0 which I think has deeper bench than the Lakers.

    • josh says:

      You can’t possibly say that. I don’t have a problem with your statement, but your logic is flawed.

  62. Gerard says:

    Sometimes, you need to play dirty to win games, you need to be physical and that’s how you win games. But too much dirt can cause to injuries even serious ones.

  63. Ed says:

    Maykah is right, the NBA owes it to the fans to show Naxh’s popping video. Art Garcia should also be responsible enough to see to it that what he writes is true, by providing the video. To see is to believe, hehe

  64. Peter says:

    Despite the fact that Fisher has not intended to commit it on purpose, it is my understanding that Fisher should have got a flagrant foul or the like for having done such a dirty act. Or, our warrior is going to get hurt too much on the battlefield.

    • Vash01 says:

      The refs should have called a flagrant on Fisher for going for Nash’s face. . Did he not also cause Amare’s bloody forehead? It seems to be his pattern, to go for the face. BTW Kobe’s elbow to Nash’s chin was conveniently ignored by the refs too.

      • east coast la fan says:

        as an la fan…i agree that fisher should have charged with a flagrant 1, but only on the stoudemire foul…because he clearly struck amare in the face, hands away from the body, extended towards his face…the nash play was different because he swiped for the ball, and as he ran through bumped heads with no OBVIOUS intent…was there a little intent? only fisher really knows…that being said, nash is a freaking beast…nothin but respect for him….o n the refs didnt ignore the kobe elbow…he was charged with an offensive foul…so pay attention…

        GO LAKERS….this series ends in 6, just hope the magic can make the celtics play a couple more games…

      • LakeShow says:

        Ok why would they call a flagrant if he accidently hit him with his head.. he was swiping at the ball and when Nash turned they hit heads, nothing flagrant about that..just sounds like a Laker hater to me..also when Kobe elbowed Nash it was called an offensive foul..

      • fellbric says:

        I see that all the Sun’s fan forgot about Lopez’s dirty play elbow to the of Fisher, that he did when the ball was not even in play. Then Sun’s fans of course will for get about all of Amare’s dirty plays too, remember the around the neck take down, but I guess that’s not dirty play to the Sun’s fans. The Sun’s have got away with alot more that the Lakers have. Look at all the DIRTY screens the Suns use and don’t get call for.

        What needs to happen is the Ref’s need to be held more accountable for the call’s that they don’t make all the time. The ref’s need to call the game the same on bothends of the floor and if it afoul at the start of the game it’s a foul at the end of the game. There should be no special treatment for vets, ALL players should have to fallow the rules. Until the NBA does the right thing a fix the problems the dirty play like Lopez & Amare use every game will continune.

      • roll says:

        Flagrant? Come on.. refs should have called the foul on Nash instead.. Fisher went for the ball, it was Nash who turned his head and made contact with Fisher’s, injuring his nose in the process….. isn’t it? No, just kidding.. but rational people know would really see it for what it was, an accidental foul.

  65. MetroD says:

    Why would Fisher go that hard after (Nash) the ball with 19 seconds left when he knows the game is over?

    • Chris B says:

      Derek Fisher should be fined and suspended for this action. There was nothing to gain with the forcefull steal attempt. To me it was a headbutt, followed by a futile attempt to steal the ball. Fisher has been in the league long enough to know that the game was over. I hate players like Fisher, who have to play like that to prove their worth in the league. I hate how he smiles after every foul, as if the call was laughable. He gets way too much love from the cameras.

  66. Lisa in AZ says:

    He’s had lots of practice with the injuries so surely knew how to just pop his nose back in place. He is such a stud. What next – sew his own stitches on the next ‘accident?” Go SUNS!

    • Vash01 says:

      Nash is such a warrior. Somehow dirty players try to injure him after they know they are about to lose the game. Horry’s hipcheck in 2007, Fisher’s dirty play at the end of tonight’s game have not slowed down Nash. He even played with one eye against San Antonio and sank a couple of key shots (that eye injury was an accident). He is small but tough.

  67. John Davis says:

    Fischer IS a dirty player. He proved that against Houston last year.

  68. maykah shumakah says:

    where’s the popping video? we want to see what happened. not the assist.

  69. Rakeback says:

    LoL it’s crazy how everyone goes after Nash’s nose, Dude should wear a motorcycle helmet on the court.

    • Jazzfan says:

      lol, the image of Steve Nash dishin dimes with a motorcycle helmet on made me LOL really hard

  70. Salim says:

    Nash and Lebron in Dallas in 2010/11…I think President Obama should be fine by NBA for trying to influence the trade before the deadline

  71. nowis says:

    Dude, you warrior. They should suspend that dirty fisher.

    • too hot says:

      Though I’ll admit Fisher plays dirty at times, I’m pretty sure most players in the NBA have played dirty at least once in their career. With that being said, this wasn’t even a dirty play. Fisher swipes at the ball, and his head goes into Nash’s nose in the process. Simply an accident.

      • Chris says:

        Garbage, we all know the Lakers are notorious for dirty games, did you not see Bryant put an elbow into Nash’s chin in game 3!!! Dude was bent over dribblin with his right and as he went under Nash with his left put up an elbow a good 6 inches past normal movment into Nash’s chin. They had a replay in slow motion.

    • Jazzfan says:

      I’m not a fan of Fisher(even when he played for the Jazz) or a fan of the Lakers and their dirty play. But this was an obvious accident caused by hustle play.

    • Z No LBC says:

      What? Suspended? He reached for the ball, Nash turned to see where he was at, and they collided. If you played basketball you would know this sort of thing happens all of the time. In college, I broke my nose twice (I play point guard, too, not even in the post).

      Fish may have been over zealous in a game that was already over. But there is no rule against playing until the last buzzer, and every coach and player loves to have a teammate who does so. Play your hardest until you hear the whistle or the buzzer.

      Fish has done some dirty stuff in the past (Scola), but this play was not dirty.

    • willsmith says:

      I agree that was a cheap shot from Fisher, he can’t keep up with Nash, watch tonight he makes contact almost every time Nash drives, and the refs rarely call it. Lost respect for Fisher when he got out of contract with Jazz to get closer to doctors in N.Y. then goes back to The Lake Show.