Noah: Garnett’s “a dirty player, man”

Posted by Steve Aschburner

CLEVELAND — I thought it was an innocent enough question (“Do you watch other playoff games when you’re not playing your own?”) but Chicago center Joakim Noah didn’t hold back. What he saw late Saturday in Game 1 of the Boston-Miami series cinched it for him: Kevin Garnett is a dirty player.

“He’s unbelievable, that guy,” Noah said Sunday after the Bulls’ practice at Quicken Loans Arena. “No, I’m going to say it: He’s a dirty player, man. He’s a dirty player. That’s messed up, man.”

Noah said he was eating a cheeseburger, with a ginger ale (how’s that for thorough reporting?), when he saw the skirmish near the Heat bench in the fourth quarter of the Celtics’ home victory in Game 1. That’s when Garnett threw an elbow that caught Miami’s Quentin Richardson in the face, leading to more grappling and the Boston forward’s ejection with two technicals.

Garnett, known for his on-court woofing through a 15-year NBA career, now might face a suspension from Game 2. Does Noah think one is warranted? “I don’t make the decisions, but he’s always swinging elbows, man,” the candid Bulls center said. “I’m hurting right now [gestures to his back] because of an elbow he threw. It’s unbelievable, man. He’s a dirty player, man.” Boston played at Chicago on Tuesday.

Just in case anyone missed his point, Noah added: “It’s one thing to be competitive and compete and all that. But don’t be a dirty player. He’s a dirty player.”


  1. Amps says:

    Noah is a loser who is simply trying to garner attention cause he’s a garbage player. I mean, if you were on the same level as KG in terms of the number of years played in the league and points scored, you have the right to say something. If you’re some two bit loser like Noah, who hasn’t done much at all in the league so far, you should just keep your mouth shut.

  2. Bizzy Bake says:

    first of all KG is the man, and he didn’t intentionally mean to hit Q-Rich in the head with that elbow. So Noah should stop crying about the incident and worry about LeBron, who is going to torch the Bulls and sweep them.

    Idk I don’t think that Noah has the right to call someone “dirty” until he takes a shower because dude is seriously dirty. Come on we all know he has money why can’t the dude look cleaner than what he is.

    KG all the way… and D-Wade the man too…. and LeBron!
    Noah is just a hater, because he knows his squad is going to get swept by the Cavs

  3. Marion says:

    That was a dirty play and K.G. is a dirty player, he likes to throw elbows all the time

  4. truth says:

    listen. noah needs to learn how to shoot, worry about his series. he complains a lot for an undeveloped player with a ugly jumper. Thats just me if your going to playbballa ll your life, have the right looking shot. 2) kg did overeact . Its playoffs. crap happens. should we crucify him? no. Grow up, move on.Will Q richardson be ok? yes. Thats that.

  5. Agentchef says:

    I like how everyone is talking crap about Noah, when all he’s doing is speaking his mind. Don’t forget this is about KG being a dirty player. I’m extremely happy that he got suspended and in my opinion should have gotten more time. He’s an NBA veteran having this kind of behavior so close to the fans…I mean really? Are you really going to risk getting a fan injured over this? That is not NBA Playoff emotion, that’s being an arrogant prick.

    Enough making fun of a guy like Noah, whom by the way doesn’t “Talk Trash” I don’t know where any of you are coming from. If you actually ever listen to this kid, all he talks about is his love for this sport…and how humbled he is to have this opportunity.

    I just wish Stern would have taken this severe action last year when Rondo threw Heinrich into an announcers table. Speaking of which, do you guys recall when KG, like the baby that he is walked off from his team last playoff when they got beat at Boston by Chicago? Enough said.

  6. Stonewolf says:

    What are we talking about? LOL!! ok.. KG? hmmmpp.. ofcourse celtics fan’s are just defending KG, but the truth is KG is a dirty player.. he talks too much.. and you people talk too much.. better shut up.. just watch the games coz im loving it..

  7. Andrew says:

    DAWG, college basketball is overrated! Full of irrational 3 point shots, numerous turnovers and has a stupid possession arrow!!!!! NBA is more skilled, better defense, better coaches and cleaner play.

  8. Andrew says:

    The truth is this. The ENTIRE sports world is jealous of New York, Boston, Detroit and probably the entire state of Pennsylvania’s fans. We are more vocal, more knowledgeable and don’t need scoreboards and piped in soundtracks to tell us when to cheer. KG is dirty and a trash-talker? YES! Welcome to the NBA! Bird, Jordan, Rodman, the ENTIRE 1990’s Detroit Piston team, etc were all dirty and trashtalkers. It’s part of the NBA. Hell, back in the 70’s and 80’s elbows were part of the game. Now thanks to soccer moms, elbowing and talking trash has been taken out of the game. Teams 20 years ago actually hated each other and saved handshakes and all that stuff till after retirement. Look at Bird and Magic. They were rivals all through college and the pros. And hated each other on the court. But after it was all said and done, they had so much respect that they are best friends. In my mind, the NBA has gotten soft. Prissy boys like Noah would have been eaten alive and have no respect from the entire league including their own team. What do you think Derrick Rose thinks? A teammate says “KG DOESNT PLAY FAIR!!!” BOO HOO. Would you feel comfortable going into a game with a player that wants to play clean????

  9. Ben says:

    Pierce was one of my favorite 10 players until yesterday…. why the hell does he fake so damn much… All of this could have been avoided… He made it seem like he had a Dwyane Wade-like injury a few years back… it turns out that he was trying to fake another Willis Reed incident….

    ride off of the court in a wheelchair and comeback and try to be the hero of the game… He was my second All Time favorite Celtic, now he is like one of my least favorites…

    And for Noah… He is honest… as much as everyone should be focused on their own series… we have to admit that players are fans too, and they are watching other games to see how other teams are doing in the playoffs.. This is not KG’s first reference to being a dirty player… Usually when Noah speaks out he is right… Players shouldn’t dance on the sidelines… it’s like poor sportsmanship… and also a sign of immaturity…

    I think that Noah will admit that KG has had a much better career than himself… but the truth is that they are not that far off of each other today in their careers… Well, unless Noah takes an elbow to the chin…

  10. Matt says:

    Y’all are stupid, saying Noah has no right to talk about Garnett being a dirty player, they’re both NBA players, they’ve played each other before and he’s just saying he’s personally experienced Garnett’s lack of self control. Richardson just went over to check on Pierce and Garnett pushes him away, then Q Rich was like what the hell man and then Garnett elbows him in the face? Garnett always talks crap and plays dirty. Noah can say whatever he wants because Garnett had no reason to do that. They don’t have to be in the same series, just like we are voicing our opinion on this Noah can too.

  11. nap says:

    noah who? KG is a future hall of famer with a mvp trophies and a ring on his sleeves.. it’s playoff time, what would you expect noah. maybe you should concentrate on trying to win some games on your series against the bulls..

  12. Jo2 says:

    noah is just a player who cannot beat KG so that he said something bad about KG.
    if Noah is compared with KG he is nothing at all..
    so that KG can beat him easily..
    Noah didn’t have a championship ring at all but what about KG..
    Noah just shut up..

  13. kg is a great player not a dirty player, he probly didnt mean to throw a elbow but if he did then who cares its playoffs!!!!!!!!!!

  14. dave says:

    You know, I looked at the video very carefully and I think KG elbowed QR cuz he was getting pushed so hard that he was losing his balance. The funny thing is it wasn’t the Heat players doing the pushing but Glen Davis who was trying to stop the altercation…….. lol

  15. GarnettFan4Life says:

    Noah, what a chump! Dirty player? What a whiner! Harden up.
    “My backs sore”. Get farrrrrrrrked.
    Playoffs time, tempers flare, player is on the ground, Q tried to stir things up, got what he deserved.
    Would rather have KG for Gm2 but Boston will still get it, and that crowd should be so fired up they breath fire onto the Heat, especially Quentin “Soft” Richardson.

  16. OB says:

    Did you not see the altercation? The refs should be ashamed of themselves for not taking care of this to begin with! Pierce was on the floor and the refs did nothing to clear the area out and allowed Richardson to trash talk him while Pierce was on the floor and the C’s players were over making sure he was ok. That area should have been cleared out so that Pierce could have been treated. As you can see, Garnett had Heat players on his back and elbowed his way out… I would like to see what you would do in that situation…. I don’t think you would feel exactly “comfortable” with those guys on your back… Noah is an idiot… Garnett is a trash talker for sure but labeling him a dirty player is idiotic!! Suspension???? Seriously??? GIVE ME A BREAK!

  17. Ryan5 says:

    Noah?? have ever been a NBA champion??,.just shut up and can’t even beat Lebron and the cavs!

  18. klipster says:

    hey mr. sekou smith.. what do you want to happen. do you want to address this to kg.. you want kg to be mad at noah.. are you making some thing that will make a quarrel between kg and noah.. why did you post this article … this article will make kg being mad of noah.. if noah told that you kg is a dirty player just shut your mouth and keep that words of noah in just between the two of you, not in publishing it,… or i don’t know noah just really want you to publish it.. i don’t have any thing to do about that, but as long as you can, don’t publish things that will make a player being angry to another player… because you’ll gonna be a trouble maker….

  19. klipster says:

    kobe is the much dirty.. watch him always especially in this postseason.. he will never let to be hurt with no vengeance.. when somebody hit him for sure he will hit seek for revenge by hitting another player…. and he always frightened the referees that’s why they giving him so many foul shot’s and favorable call….

  20. klipster says:

    there so many hands that holding kg’s back and kg act as hey take your hands on my back and swing his arms and hit quentin face…

  21. klipster says:

    kg is suspended because he hit quentin, i just wandering why andrew bynum did not get any call when he hit jeff green and that is very intentional and very obvious,,,

  22. jamel says:

    kg is not a dirty player q.r just needed to mind his own buisness u c kg should not have been suspended to many people was holdin him and he wanted to get loose q.r big head was just n the way

  23. EmCee says:

    Ok can someone please explain to me why we let Paul Pierce get away with his crying, acting, baby-like behaviours? It started against the Lakers (at least when I first noticed) now it has continued regularly for 2 years!!!! He went off the court in effing wheelchair…everyone knew that he was fine, HE knew he fine….and then no-one calls him out!!!!???? He’s at it again this playoff series…ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME??????????? How can we as NBA fans let this clown get away with this???? (And LeBron does this stuff too, but not nearly as bad as Pierce)

  24. ray allen says:

    the truth is garnett is a dirty player

  25. collin says:

    N o A H….you’re such a big W H I N E R!!!! yo ladies,if you dont want to get hurt playing baskeball,play chess instead…this is a MAN’S GAME….not suited foe ladies…..

  26. Carlito says:

    @JumpmanJay: Noah won 2 national champi0nship while KG didn’t go to college. Why? because KG plays like a PRO! and he didn’t have to go to college just to win a title! KG became MOST VALUABLE PLAYER in the NBA when he was in Minnesota and won a Title when he became a Celtic! s0 compare him and Noah!

  27. timothy says:

    kevin garnett is one of the greatest players ever. he has been in the league for 15 years, and has averaged 20pts/10rbs for almost all of them. garnett is a future hall of famer, and when joakim noah can avg. 20/10 for a whole season he might have the right to even be on the same court as garnett. dont think that i am favoring the celtics, i am not a celtics fan, but i am a fan of garnett. even as an old man he is still on a whole differnt level than noah!!!!!

  28. Jordan says:

    Thats messed up from Noah show some respect young fella K.G done a lot in this league he should keep his trap shut K.G just protecting his player

  29. SHUT UP NOAH says:


  30. Ryan G says:

    Let’s be real here, first off consider that Paul Pierce is an actor. How many times have we seen Paul Pierce go “down” with injury and miraculously return to surge the centrum silver needing Boston Celtics? I will tell you how many-too many. Q-Rich was probably saying something that was not appropriate, but neither does Garnett belong throwing elbows in any direction or manner. The fact that he hit Richardson’s face can be ignored but the reality is that violence should not be an action that is demonstrated and especially not in a stoppage of play. As an both an old Boston and Heat fan I say KG you were way out of line. As for Noah, the man is entitled to his opinion. For whatever reason he feels that Garnett is a “dirty” player and that is his personal experience so for those of you who are ridiculing his statements and denying his opinion well let’s face it Noah probably knows what happens to him when he is guarding KG better than anyone posting does.

  31. Jay says:

    Hey my man Noah, I thought your an NBA player, you complain of an elbow from KG?

  32. DJ says:

    None of u have guarded KG so how would u know if he is a dirty player or not? Noah has played on the court with him so I am sure he knows more about what kind of player KG is. I can name plenty of players who r just as emotional as KG that don’t throw elbows. I don’t care what Q said. KG is childish for elbowing him and the people taking his side is showing how childish they r 2. If u don’t like something he did or said then show him by dunking on him or blocking his shot or something. But show how mad u r in a competitive way. What does how much better KG is than Noah have to do with anything. Don’t get mad at Noah for keeping it real. And there is nothing wrong with trash talk on the court. Only weak untalented and uncompetetive cry babies complain about tash talk. If u don’t like trash talk then play better so they can’t talk trash.

  33. Andy says:

    Im a cavs man, im not a boston hater but I really hate Garnett. Why he gets all the credit for the success boston had ill never know. pierce, ray and no-jumpshot-rondo carried them. he such a dirty little player, he only picks on smaller players and backs out if they retalliate. come on boston band wagoners, you got ur championship but u rnt getting any more and garnett is becoming a worthless player. players like bogut, horford, josh smith etc. are all much much better than him now.

  34. DJ says:

    None of u have guarded KG so how would u know if he is a dirty player or not? Noah has played on the court with him so i am sure he knows more about what kind of player KG is. I can name plenty of players as emotional as KG that don’t throw elbows. KG is a grown man and throwing elbows when no one touched u is childish. And the people taking his side is just showing how childish they r 2. I don’t care what Q said. Especially when KG said he knows him on a personal level. They already had the game in the bag anyway. If u don’t like something he did or said show it by dunking on him or blocking his shot or something, but do it in a competitive way. And there is nothing wrong with trash talk on the court. Only weak untalented and uncompetetive cry babies complain about tash talk. If u don’t like trash talk then play better.

  35. Yo Gilles,
    ou take an elbow from Garnett & see if you feel the same….

  36. Melvin says:

    Nice fail Noah.. Thinks he’s so big

  37. Khed says:

    ..its playoffs come on. . . . .

  38. Daniel says:

    Miami is going 2 lose the series anyways. Get Over IT!! elbowing and stuff like that happens in basketball so GEt oVER IT!! STupid IDIOTS!! and stop blaming KG. GO Celtics!

  39. Doe says:

    Garnett is washed up. He is a dirty player, but he does not have the balls to back up what he does. Pierce on the other hand is a fairy princess, a class a drama queen. The Celtics as a whole are OVERRATED.

    • nap says:

      are you sure you know basketball.. basketball is a physical game if you don’t wanna get elbow you can play golf or probably chess with noah

  40. Ben Egan says:

    Boston is by fair my favourite playoff team this year
    and that Boston vs Miami series is going to be so epic

  41. Ben Egan says:

    screw Noah and all this stupid media attention…
    and all this interpretation of what happened,
    you got to just go out there and play

  42. Ben Egan says:

    man Noah shouldn’t be putting KG’s name through the mud,
    Kevin Garnett is a legend…That game was an amazing game,
    and that fight wasnt good but boys will be boys.
    KG wasnt the only one in the mix,
    I thought he was protecting Peirce
    Yeah you may want to call KG a dirty player but I will call you a sh** talker..

  43. Mojo says:

    KG is deserving of a suspension.

  44. Sebas says:

    Even though he had no buisness swinging his elbow, I wouldn’t call Garnett a dirty Player. He just really needs to calm himself down sometimes. Especially during the Playoffs.

  45. Sebas says:

    I’m from miami so if Garnett is suspended it’s good for me. But he had no reason to elbow him in the face. A nice shove would have been better.

  46. Benny says:

    sometimes you don’t knwo if Pierce is really hurt, coz sometimes he’s just like acting. In KG’s case, he shouldn’t throw an elbow, the best thing he could have done was just pushing Q back. Luckily for them they still won the game. In Noah’s case, he always want to be a part of something, something that a player doesn’t want to be in, in fight (verbal or physical). He’s acting like a kid, he always comment on everything. I think he just need to step away on that matter, because Boston neither Miami is their enemy, it’s Cleveland so just focus on beating the CAVS, Noah!

  47. The Popster says:

    Noah is probably the most unfashionable player going around, but he helps his team tremendously. He also plays with a lot of heart and from what I can see a lot of fair play. Garnett does not. Joakim should not call another player dirty, but what he should say was that the thought the incident was unsportsmanlike and left it at that.

    BTW what’s he doing eating cheeseburgers during the playoffs!!!

    I really like Noah’s game ‘cos he’s not fluid like Michael, or tough like Garnett, or composed like Scottie, but he brings his honesty to the court every night and sometimes he comes up short and then other times he excels – for me he makes watching the Bulls more interesting…just enough of the dirty talk!!

  48. NBA Fan says:

    Hey Guys, being tough is not playing dirty, at times playing hard nose basketball is a skill that give them a fair opportunity in this league. Look at Bowen, Big Ben and Raja Bell, what do they have in common is playing tough and all of them are not drafted but playing hard nose defense give them opportunity to play in the NBA. That’s the role they excel in. They are always been seen as playing rough. It’s what they are good for.. play hard and solid defense if they don’t have this especial skills do you think they will be in the league for that long? And because of that skill some of them are lucky and rewarded have a championship ring.

  49. nabil says:

    noah….u odnt have the right to talk….after getting blocked by lebron while u were about to dunk..please…be quiet

  50. ChiTownBulls says:

    KG is a dirty player and the Celtics won’t make it passed the second round at most. They might not even make it passed the first round. Mark my words.

  51. SLAKE says:

    KG is a veteran in the game during playoffs you want intensity you(noah) maybe you dont understand that fans want to watch a game with intensity and garnett gives that to us.
    basketball is a physical game and it is highly physical so elbows, swings and other contacts is normal.
    and by looking at the vid i see that if he (q) didn’t come any closer it should have never happened
    WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE GARNETT no offense but really you should not have commented.
    You’re just a beginner in the game not a veteran so you can just keep your mouth-shut and play the game

  52. Mike says:

    I think Joakim Noah is way out of line by calling Kevin Garnett a dirty player. Kevin Garnett has more heart and guts and is more passionate about the game than just about any player in the League, including Noah. Ok, it’s true, he does happen to swing around an elbow or two (or three if you’re counting) but that behaviour has less to do with the fact that he’s a dirty player and more to do with the fact that he’s just an emotionally intense guy who sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him.

    The bottom line: Garnett is frustrated, he knows he’s aging, he knows his team is aging and since the end of the 2008 NBA Finals, his career has been nightmarish. But please, Joakim, don’t go throwing around disparaging words especially if they’re aimed at a former MVP and NBA Champion who could(and should) teach you a thing or two about doing whatever it takes to win.

  53. brendan says:

    Noah is only telling the truth

  54. BigDav says:

    Let’s be real, KG should’ve known better than to swing the elbows BUT let’s not be foolish and say that Richardson was coming over to see how Pierce was doing, Kuon Lee and anyone who thinks that, let’s please stop being naive. If I was walking down the street and saw someone fall and went over and started talking smack I’d expect to be hit, I’m not saying it’s right, I would just expect it. Garnett is a big boy, he can take his suspension, Richardson should own up to being a fool as well. I don’t see what it has to do with being dirty. Bill Lambeer was a dirty player. KG is just physical. Aside from the elbow none of KG’s moves would’ve been illegal back in the day. Just good physical basketball. I like Noah but he’s acting like a big emotional baby. Same thing he did griping at Lebron during the regular season. The press shouldn’t even print ridiculous stuff that comes out his mouth.

    • Diana G says:

      Garnett has always been a king of trash talking throughout his whole career in the NBA but what can we do he mean, black, and cut-throat. thats just natural when its comes to a little game we call basketball. a heated argument is a heated argument, it can escalate. even if garnett who have drop kicked richardson as long as the clock isn’t ticking down you cannot call him a dirty player, call him a bad role model but dirty is not the word.. all you guys in the hood know what im talking about.. As for Noah instead of worrying about another mans series he should work on trying to be more productive on defense against shaq in the pain without getting into foul trouble, his stats doesnt give him the right to talk negative about another player.. so why is he running his mouth?!

  55. OneTeam says:

    Noahs a little pansy,
    He has been ever since he played for Florida.
    Besides who eats a cheeseburger when its playoff times other than Ochocinco.
    Grow up Noah, basketball is a physical game, if you dont like switch to ice dance.
    And shave your face greaser

  56. JR says:

    I agree to Noah.. i think K.G dont need to throw elbow to Q even u were say he just trying to get out from face of Q…you must show your sportsmanship and good model to all basketball player to having patience on and off the court. but K.G'”s showing his attitude all over the world that he need to hurt somebody just to show his greatness evEn the BEST ACTOR PAUL PIERCE.. hahahahah!

  57. JR says:

    I agree to Noah.. i think K.G dont need to throw elbow to Q even u were say he just trying to get out from face of Q.. being a intense, you must show your sportsmanship and good model to all basketball player to having patience on and off the court. but K.G'”s showing his attitude all over the world that he didnt need to hurt somebody just to show his greatness evEn the BEST ACTOR PAUL PIERCE.. hahahahah!

  58. bap says:

    I have played – low-level basketball for 40 years.

    I am short, but stupidly enjoy driving in the lane and posting up against bigger players.

    I have run across many elbow swingers. Some accidental, but a few were purposeful, both to gain an advantage and also to inflict pain in a sadistic manner.

    Almost all NBA players would be considered to be somewhat dirty. I have played with one or two in pick-up games, they tend to hook, grab, and body more than lesser mortals. I think that in Noah’s opinion, KG purposefully HIT HIM. I was not there. The Halls of Fame of many sports are riddled with “dirty players” who got the job done. Ty Cobb may have been the nastiest, definitely racist, and reputedly sadistic baseball players of all time.

    One incident does not make a dirty player. I would never survive in the NBA as I would lose my temper over some of the stupid calls. I felt that the refs were not exceptional in the game, especially the lack of calls on heat players hit in the act of shooting and the atrocious non-call on the goal tending play. However, the heat lost the game by missing too many shots and changing their game plan. They looked like they ran out of steam.

  59. doods says:

    PLAYOFF’S or FINAL’S still not a sign for young guys to say that HE IS A GOOD MODEL by throwing an elbow without sense…stu__ of you saying that… PASSION makes him DIRTY…

  60. doods says:

    i love KG since he came in NBA with the WOLVES… but i noticed when he was traded in BOSTON his attitude in playing has changed, i see him now as an arrogant player..even with the rookie players, he keeps on taunting with them… but looking at the play with the 1st ELBOW hit, I think that is not right, event if he is just trying to give PAUL a space to breath..we didn’t know what Q said or does he say something?…. still KG was suspended with a violation of he DESERVED THAT …HE is an “OVERACTING PLAYER” …. also NOAH is just expressing his comment same as don’t you guys tell him to SHUT UP:

  61. Weakling says:

    Hay Noah, can you define Dirty Player? All players in some way or another played rough as needed but they are not dirty players, we call them competetive. Remember Spurs/Suns playoff game when Nash was push by Horry causing a cut on his eyebrow will you can it dirty or just plain playoff type competitiveness? Jason Kidd intentionally banging on Atlanta coach to get a tech free throw which result in them winning, thats a heady tactics. How about the Detroit-Pacers game that result in a free for all? Are they all Dirty Player? No but in the NBA if you don’t play tough your competitor will get past you and I’m sure you want to win is it ? So if you just whine you don’t deserve to play in the playoff. MJ, KOBE, Shaq, LeBron, Wade and Melo face this hacking almost everygame but they dont brand them dirty but just focus on game. Your still young and may be idolize but young aspiring young big players to be in the same league as you are. Do you want them to remeber you as a whiner or a good tough player? Think about it.

  62. nbaBalla says:

    All I got to say is why was richardson so quick to walk over to Pierce. They should of gave him some space and garnett was his protector. U don’t go near lion with its cubs because u will get your hands bit off. And what the hell is Noah talking about, he doesn’t even come close to KG. He’s got a dirty player for a teamate in Brad Miller for gods sake. He should just stfu and mind his own s***,

  63. BIG G says:

    I like Noah man, He calls out players others wont, like K.G playing dirty and leBron with his stupid in game dancing. This is also why players like Tim duncan get the respect that they do, they win without all that dirty showboating crap.

  64. Chris says:

    i dont think KG is dirty but he lets his emotions get the best of him to often and i think just a one game suspension sends the wrong message. theres no doubt he meant to elbow Q and he only got one game. I like KG as a player and i was happy for him when he finally won the championship but that wasnt right

  65. Alex Corpuz says:

    As I’ve said all along, Garnett is nothing more more than an uneducated player. His actions never endeared him to me as an NBA success. He is a failure as a human being and as an NBA player. Go to college and get educated. It makes a whole lot of difference in a man.

  66. Joe says:

    I have been a die hard Laker fan for a long time now, so what does that mean?
    I hate the C’s. Maybe HATE is the wrong word..but if I could come up with a word that can describe my feelings for the Celtics it could be found in a Thesaurus under Hate.
    My ass is still sore from the pounding we received in 07-08.. and last years championship nor the Celtic’s recent woes has been little relief on my backside.
    Anywhos, back to the topic..yeah..KG. A player I greatly respect (mostly earned with his long run with Wolves), one of the most effective PF’s to play the game..but c’mon guys… it’s no secret KG likes to throw his elbows around.
    I’m sure him doing so does not reflect on this personality but more on his will to win. Basketball is an intense body on body sport. If you guys are gonna scream murder about every loose elbow or any other foul, it’s gonna be a long night.
    Like a lot of people mentioned the regular season has ended and we are now in the PLAYOFFS.
    Everything that has to do with Basketball steps up. The players. The coaching staff. The fans. The intensity. The Defense. The Offense..THE CONTACT..and so on.

    Did KG deserve his 1 game suspension? Sure. That’s the end of it. We move on. I’m sure KG is already kicking himself in the head for getting suspended. As you Celtics fans learned last year how far you would get without him.

    My thoughts on Noah’s comments. Dude, I love your game, hustle, and energy.. but please.. just SHUTUP!
    Do we all have to comment on every single thing that happens in front of us? I’m sure players that I respect a lot more than Joakim Noah such as; Kobe, LB, DWade, Dirk, Melo..etc, saw what happened and had some thoughts on their minds..but they don’t blurt em out on a interview. A young player with not much to back up his resume running his mouth to one of the games greatest? Doesn’t sit to well with me..
    Complaining about the little bruise on your back from last week bothers me more than KG’s elbow to QRich.

    Noah’s comments reminded me of his confrontation with Lebron earlier this season. Yeah, I agree with Joakim on that, Lebron shouldn’t have been busting his moves on the sidelines while the game was going on, what I don’t agree with, is him stirring up trouble. Now I know I’m gonna hear things like “Dude, you gotta stand up for what you believe in!”, and “Man, that’s what a sissy wimp would say, Joakim is a WARRIOR!”…yeah sure, but the bottom line is.
    I believe in walking away with class.
    You see someone doing something you dislike, keep it in your mind and build up your own opinion of that individual.
    That should be enough for yourself.
    Speaking your thoughts to the open public just seems like a cry for attention in my books.

  67. guess says:

    seriously? KG’s been in the league 15 years and this is the first time a player comments that he’s “dirty”. He’s had battles with legends like duncan, shaq and nowitzki and now some guy named noah is talking smack about him… we all know he’s competitive and he wouldn’t throw an elbow for nothing…only Q and kg really know what they said to each other and what led to the altercation like really who are you to talk about KG like that? he’s a 15 year vet, former MVP, 13 time all star and a champion, you?
    also this reporter is a hater, obviously trying to make the matter and Garnett look uglier than it is by bringing up stuff like this, which is a load of garbage. Noah doesn’t have the resume or accomplishment to make his opinion count, i mean this is not even his series, and if you wanna play a sport in which you wont get hurt go try golf or something which im sure u’ll have plenty of time for once your season ends in a week.

  68. Mike says:

    Who does Noah think he is? He wasn’t even involved and he is out shooting his mouth off about KG, who i have seen as quite a stand up guy who is competitive and looks out for his team mates. Noah shouldn’t be saying anything about anyone until he has proved he can do anything useful on a Basketball court. I would also like to add Noah that adding ‘man’ to the end of each sentence makes you sound like an idiot.

  69. Jason says:

    I’ve lost my respect to KG ever since he was taunting Jose Calderon on the court a year or two back. That was just f’d up and if he can’t even keep his cool and starts elbowing someone, that’s just immature. If he’s passionate about the game of basketball, he needs to start acting like a professional basketball player and stops playing dirty.

  70. Ashley W says:

    Noah needs to keep his mouth shut and back the hell up, he doesn’t have no say in this altercation because he don’t know what the hell happened. Quentin was talkin’ smack to Paul and when KG shoved him the first time it was a nice bump, just to let him know to back up and then Q wanted to get sassy and take it the wrong way. The heat teammates held KG down that’s why he swung his arm to get away and it caught Quentin in the face, which I’m glad it did because he deserved it, that’s what he gets for talkin’ smack. Sore losers, always wanna start stuff when they know they losin’, but I’m sure Garnett i reading all these negative comments and he’s gonna come back and kill these punks, and so will the Celtics in game 2. If Q was being so innocent he wouldnt’ve commented by saying that Pierce and Garnett are “actresses” that’s just messed up and immature.

  71. Chris says:

    I think K.G should sit the rest of the Boston Miami series. One game is not enough hes just going to do it again and again thinking so what we win one i sit one. Hes just a stupid !@#$ that thinks hes above the rules just cause hes been around the league for so long.

  72. PVC says:

    KG is not a dirty player……. 1st Noah have no business on Celtics-Miami Series…. 2nd y is he complaining about KG’s tactics??.. right??? every player is not a dirty player it’s just a matter of competitiveness and it’s like a bomb if the temper gone up den it will explode… everyone have dirty in their own way… it is basketball me i play basketball if u dnt like your opponent then he talking thrash while you are protecting your teammate im gonna get mad .. my teammate’s hurt y r u still talking thrash at him ??ryt?? it’s all part of the game sometimes……

  73. Ricky says:

    yup, garnett is a dirty player we all know it if it wasnt for him being in the celtics he wouldnt never had won a championship cus thats all he is garbage. 12 years in the league and still acts like a lil kid his unproferssional noah is true his a dirty player .Go BULLS!!!! Go NOAH!!!

  74. Mahoy says:

    Even if KG was provoked he should not throw an elbow to Q. Yes we know how KG is expressive about the game and he loves this game so much. After all the years he has played for NBA. All I want to say is ` Composure ` anyway its Playoffs time. 😉

  75. shutdown says:

    well its got check time… playoffs is serious… bulls 90s got rodman and he is damn dirty… but still luv him?
    right now players are pretty serious and emotional than before.. when playoff comes.. you got to elevate your game…
    i been playing basketball… doing dirty things like holding shirt while boxing out, long handcheck like boston do always… hard fouls… when i got rebound grab the ball tight and swing elbows around… man its pretty simple.. if your a ball player and you want to fight like its your last.. youll do everything…

    d-howard is dirty, kobe is dirty, kg is dirty, cp3 is dirty.. every superstar you know are dirty…
    i been push, wounded, injured, break ankle… i dont complain i fight back and let him taste what he did!

    if you dont want to get hit by an elbow then play CHESS!!!!!

  76. Cameron says:

    Okay so what KG is dirty at times, but who cares, its called passion. Man that game was exciting as hell because of him, we need more stuff like that to happen, brings the game alive, really steps it all up. Noah is a tube

  77. Big.J says:

    All yall stop hating on noah and get your own life!!!!the Chicago bulls isnt a team It’s an Universe!!!!!!!!!!! stop bumbing your gums losers ..go bulls!

  78. Eduardo says:

    KG doesn’t do anything differently than what 80% of other basketball players in the NBA do. Elbowing, grabbing, playing tough D. Name one solid aggressive defender that doesn’t do any of those things.

    I agree that he should have thrown that elbow but it is Playoff time and Q did push Pierce to the floor grabbing that lose ball.

    Not sure as to why this article had anything to do with Noah though and his opinion? I like Noah but he’s not in Miami so why is the article about what he had to say?

  79. Big.J says:

    All yall stop hating on noah and get your own life!!!!the Chicago bulls isnt a team It’s an Universe!!!!!!!!!!! stop bumbing your gums losers ..go bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. all of you says:

    You all need a life

  81. Pierce says:

    Alright it was a dirty play, its not like this sort of thing hasn’t happened before so no use making a article about it, move on. Noah is just trying to talk some trash about another player and get a little attention, some advice to Noah just shut up.

  82. Liam says:

    Did you see Andrew Bogut’s comment on twitter? I believe he thinks the same as Joakim on this issue…

  83. John Q says:

    KG is a dirty player even in the regular seasons. And Noah is right about Pierce, She is an actress and so is KG. Watch past years playoff!

  84. lightning says:

    paul pierce has always acted like that. appering to be hurt although the truth is he’s not. nice elbow KG. anyway, i am 100 percent sure you’ll never get another ring. you got one because you were just lucky then together with allen and pierce. you might not even get past miami in the first round.

  85. pastyouth says:

    1st of all richardson had NO right 2 b there and taunt! I saw the incident he clearly provoked the incident! 2ndly noah wont have 2 worry about anything as he is about 2 be eliminated and he should feel lucky after what he said!! actually I think he is counting on being eliminated because NO ONE CAN POSSIBLY STUPID ENOUGH 2 RILE UP THE CELTICS!!!

  86. Knowledge8 says:

    I completely agree with Noah.
    KG should have been suspended. Not only was his actions deserving of a suspension, but he was stupid enough to react this way with 1 minute left in the game!!! Regardless of the reason, he should have been smart enough not to blow up about something as stupid as this. I’m not a Miami fan nor a Celtics fan, so there is no bias opinion for me. I am an extreme NBA fan and I know that KG is fueled on emotion throughout the game. He needs to learn how to control his emotions during BIG GAMES. There’s a good possibility that he has jeopardized Bostons season because of his stupidity. Richardson did NOTHING wrong. He simply walked over to check on Paul Pierce, but unfortunately “ignorance” got in the way. KG has become a dirty player due to his diminishing athleticism… which is somewhat understandable. He was one of the most feared defensive players in the league at one time, but now he has lost a step or two. Other players realize this… now he just seems crazy. CONCLUSION: Richardson should not have been fined and KG got what he deserved. Hope he learns.

  87. Em says:

    C’mon men, its playoff time! Garnett and guys like Ginobli have won their championship because of being ” dirty “.. that’s called swagger.. They have pride to keep,, Hey Noah, have you won a title by being clean? Loser!

  88. Fernando says:

    He got lucky it was only one game suspension. Dirty play without a doubt. It wasn’t even battling for bound which would be excusable. And yeah, he’s a dirty player. Noah shouldn’t be commenting on it though. Stick to your series.

  89. murphy says:

    just see what they’ve done do P.Pierce at first place…he’s just been protective!!! and its play-off time guys

  90. Matt says:

    haha thats funny how Noah said that, Garnett’s a dirty player? Well you just suck Noah. plain and simple. you aren’t good.

    • jumpmanjay says:

      noah is already better than kg. noah, gibson (our PF rookie), and deng all got more double-doubles than kg this year. kg is washed up

  91. Nehemiah says:

    It’s play off time. Richardson had no business with Pierce, so why the hell did he go over to check on him. He was the one with the unnecessary push that made him fall into the Heat bench. Richardson should get suspended too. Kevin Garnett has the intensity and heart for the game. He was looking out for his teammate, and he even said during the post game interview “I was looking out for my teammate at the time”..or something along those lines.

  92. mack says:

    Man noah cant talk cause he sucks he not better than garnett or anybody in celtics team

    • jumpmanjay says:

      please. noah, gibson (our PF rookie), and deng all got more double-doubles than kg this year. what a has-been.

  93. Q vs Pierce says:

    Does anyone remember Kobe elbows Artest in last years playoffs?

  94. watase yuu says:

    Noah would you accept the invitation of KG in 1 on 1 basketball…

  95. Q vs Pierce says:

    I cannot believe some of these people who post on hear. Some people on hear are saying that Q was going to check on Pierce to see if he was okay. He hates Paul Pierce with a passion. He has for years. Youtube it! He wanted to taunt Pierce. HE STARTED IT. Garnett deserves to be suspended for that bad elbow, BUT his initial bump into Q Richardson was appropriate. You need to know your nba history between pierce and Q before you judge this situation. Youtube it their past fights. Then decide whether you think Q was going over there to see if he was okay! lol

  96. machineflesh says:

    And so KG has another ‘inadvertent’ cheap shot to add to his already bulging scrap book. It’s weak, and a real man simply doesn’t act like that.

    KG needs to come out and say ‘I’m a sniveling dog who routinely takes cheap shots because I lack the courage to look another man in the eye and go toe-to-toe. I’m sorry to my family & friends for embarrassing them with my gutless actions and beg forgiveness from the Celtics organisation for representing this storied ballclub in such a shameful and despicable way.

    Maybe then he will start to gain some respect again.

  97. E says:

    shut the hell up Jermaine O’neal pushed big baby no one mentioned that but besides it’s a physical game KG been doing this for too long its heated play-off basketball and as far Noah you need to be trying to call KG up and ask him for some lessons because you are soft the way you get pushed around sometimes is ridiculous and he is clumsy work on your cooridination.

  98. Nick says:

    First of all, if you are a fan of the NBA, then you know that Paul Pierce and Quentin Richardson have a past. They do not get along. It is usually Quentin doing the antagonizing. You can watch videos on youtube of them goin at it in years past, getting ejected, etc. That being said, there is no way Quentin Richardson was going over to Paul Pierce to check on him and see if he was ok, if that is your allibi your kidding yourself or you don’t watch much bball. Q went over to Paul to taunt him. KG’s reaction was a slight bump and telling Q to get outta here. Haslem then jumps in and then Davis then O’Neal. Lebron would have done the same thing for his teammate that KG did, same for Kobe and Duncan, etc. This is playoff basketball. Q is in the Celtics house, disrespecting a guy on the floor, faking it or not. Any player would defend his teammate like KG did. Watch the video and watch the ref standing there, not paying attention while things escalate. He was 3 ft away.

  99. Quentin Richardson says:

    KG is so dirty man he elbowed me in the grill man. I was goin to help my boy Paul up… This series is bout to reach a new level man.

  100. Jack says:

    First and foremost to anybody who says KG is not a dirty player step out of the cave you live in, playoff basketball may be a lot more physical and intense as it should be, yes, however when you THROW AND ELBOW to the HEAD of a player who is simply CHECKING to see if another player is alright, that’s simply not only DIRTY but a down right shame.

    Secondly, for all of you people who tell Noah to focus on his game, and this and that.. all the man is doing is ANSWERING QUESTIONS asked to him at PRACTICE therefore, he is focusing on his series, and the media which any/every player does in the post season.

    Thirdly, the Bulls and Noah will not be done in four, just wait and see. In fact in less than 24 hrs you’ll see the truth to this statement.

    GO BULLS!!!!!!!

  101. Phil says:

    Noah Noah or Noah!!!

    Before you call out a future hall of famer, try walking a mile in his shoes. aka, a few MVPs, a championship, a teammate ailing and sprawled on the floor.
    What are you trying to do, get some articles written about you and somewhat become relevant to basketball. If I were greazy hair Noah I would be worried about my hair, my team getting swept by Clevaland and my awkward jumpshot.


    • jumpmanjay says:

      kg has a couple mvps? when did he get the other one? noah has a final four MOP. kg has one nba ring. noah has 2 national championships. kg didnt even go to college.

  102. JMAAC says:

    Noahs a woos

  103. Lorenzo JR says:

    JOAKIM NOAK SUCKS COMPARED 2 KG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  104. Lorenzo JR says:

    GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. romeocharlie says:

    cmon, its the playoffs! its getting physical… intensity is rising…. garnett’s actions though should not be tolerated… but for joakim noah to speak like that, hey dude “how clean do you play?!” sheesh!!

    if you dont want get banged up, play chess!

  106. Actionpro says:

    Excellent article! The purpose of the article was not to make Noah more important, but to show what other players in the NBA think of Garnet. Boston has other players that play dirty like, Ray Alan and Perkins, and are probably the dirtiest team in the league. But, the league has been cleaned up mostly for the past 10-15 years, and will be cleaner as soon as those couple of guys retire. Miami just needs to play their game they will be ok. Celtics are done!

  107. He's Right says:

    The NBA didn’t suspend KG for game 2 because he is a great player, or has a great resume, or loves the game, or because he is aggressive, or because he has so much passion…blah blah blah. They suspended him because he is a dirty player and acted like a punk. What JV move…to elbow someone in a crowd of people. Weakness. Spineless. And all you “go play chess fools” clearly have no idea what you are talking about….yes, basketball is a physical, aggressive sport….but not when the whistle blows and an injured player is lying on the sideline. To let the elbows fly in that situation is just plain weak. Deal with it.

  108. dave says:

    yes, garnett shouldn’t have done what he did, i agree with that. but joakim noah talking smack on garnett?? first of all, you weren’t even involved in the incident, and second, garnett is ten times the player you will ever be, so please, if you want to comment, try making the all star team at least once before you do so.

  109. Eboy says:

    ohh yea its the PLAYOFFS SO WE CAN THROW BOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT? IDIOTS SMH…

  110. Exile says:

    The Truth Hurts for Boston Fans. Stop Hating on Noah, what he said was true. Would you Push a guy who only wants to check on your friend if he’s alright? He only said a dirty player but didn’t said that Garnett was the dirtiest player. Think first before your emotions get the best of you!

  111. Stealth says:

    Hey Noah,

    First, I want to clear up that I am not a Celtics/KG Super fan. I just want to make some UNBIASED analysis.

    Seriously, there are other SUPERSTARS around the league who throws MORE elbows than Garnett, and that list can go on forever. If you call KG’s a dirty player, what do you call those who throws MORE elbows or get MORE tech fouls than KG? Think about that. What about yourself Noah? You also threw some elbows in ur past. The recent one is when Bulls vs Cavs, when Noah threw one at Anderson Varejao.

    Looking at all the replays of KG’s elbowing incident from different angles, Richardson should not have walked up and check on Paul Pierce. I think it is possible that Heat planned to do this (or Richardson) – to indirectly make some fuss around Pierce and try to make Tech fouls for the other team. That is, indeed, a smart move, and KG was caught in the trap.

    Last thing. Comparing Noah’s history with KG’s, Noah should not even make a comment on KG. He is less experienced. He was never an All-Star. But KG’s a superstar, and had taken MVP and Defensive Awards. Hey Noah, have u ever got these award? Yes, u may argue that you are in the NBA League while I am not. I do not experience the things you have. But 3rd person point of view is always correct because it is more of non-biased.

    you know what I think Noah? You are jealous of KG because you are not as professional as him right? To be honest, I respect the whole Chicago Team, of not making comments on OTHER players. You should mind your own business. Instead of thinking about criticizing KG or other players, u should spend time on thinking on enhancing ur post moves or self-reflection on ur previous game. I’m sure self-reflection benefits urself more, and soon u will get a spot in an ALL-STAR.

    Noah, please think of the consequences (both pros and cons) of making harsh comments on other players especially the ones who are more professional than you do. Clearly, the comments you made tonight is not an advisable act.

  112. Fernie says:


  113. alex says:

    Don’t be so delicate, come on, that wasn’t an ELBOW, he just touche the heat player in te face with the elbow and everyone overreacted.

    The suspension is inadecuate.

  114. Fernie says:

    Noah is a fool, of course, its the playoffs! expect everybody to be physical with their game. NBA is not a child’s game in which the players will only shoot jumpshots, expect them to be more aggressive with their moves because everybody wants to win. Its natural for KG to be physical that’s why he is known as the Big Ticket. He plays big time and plays aggressive. Everybody knows its on KG’s resume to play in that way. To Noah, just play your game. Dont mind others, and in reality, you have a long way to go before you can get to KG’s status.

  115. leif says:

    didn’t NOAH have some respect on KG??!!
    he said it 5 times..
    that KG is a dirty player..
    its too much, MEN!

    he must have said
    “he’s the dirtiest player I’ve encountered in my whole life”.


  116. fujizakki says:

    Noah shudnt be talkin. KG is way better den him. Garnett can elbow him if he wants to. Noah needs to colse his mouth

  117. jeff says:

    you’re such a baby….. go and play chess…

  118. David says:

    Garnett is a dirty player.

    What bothers me is that he swung his elbow with no regard to who was behind him.He could have elbowed a referee in the face or Miami Heat’s head coach, he is a vicious player.

    Although it is playoff time there’s no reason to purposly swing an elbow at someone.

    Sorry Boston, im on Miami’s side…….

  119. Eboy says:


  120. Gerardo Villanueva says:

    Noah is right. KG is a dirty player, and for all the people who say he was just giving his teammate breathing space, are you freaking kidding me? its good sportsmanship to check if a player is doing okay, and it is really dumb for the teammate of the player who is hurt to elbow the guy whos checking if everything is okay and start pushing them away. and this is not the only time kg acts dirty or stupid. i bet if you ask his teammates if they like him, they would say no because he acts like they are little kids who dont know how to play the game. like when kg yelled at glen davis, or when he got all in rondos face and was saying some dirty stuff and “encouraging him”. kg is the one who sucks now, he is ineffective and cant play at a high level anymore. AND NOAH IS NOT WHINING BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY IS MAN ENOUGH TO SAY KG IS A JERK, WHILE OTHER PLAYERS IN THE NBA WONT SAY JACK! AND FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SAID NOAH IS A WHINER LIKE “WHEN HE WHINED ABOUT LEBRON DANCING”. HES SAYING THAT LEBRON IS —– FOR DANCING AND ACTING LIKE A ———–. WHO WOULDNT BE PISSED?!!!

  121. sasasa says:

    that was bad garnett, the whole world knows ur a dirty player now

  122. Eboy says:

    I agree with Joakim….all quenton richardson wanted to do is see if paul pierce was alright but KG was bein an ass and started a big fight…im glad they suspended him and it doesnt matter how good or how bad you are you never want to be known as a dirty player

  123. bostonsucks says:

    who cares…garnett is old and slow…boston will lose in the second round all you jackasses that are giving them some kind of edge are dead wrong. garnett recieved that he deserved, You don’t throw elbows and to the guy that said he didn’t intend to hit quentin in the face is insane…that was clearly intended to catch him in the mouth.

    • BostonRules says:

      KG is still one of the best big men in the league, he is good enough on D to match up with any other big man in the NBA, his intensity is what makes him such an amazing leader and player. Boston will win this series because big baby is good enough to step it up in game 2, and boston don’t suck because we got the most championships in the league, your the jackass because you just know boston are ready to make a run this year, to all you people saying KG is a dirty player its the platoffs, get over it, its obviously going to happen.

  124. Yada says:

    Noah who? Does he play Bball?

  125. thepigeonwalksatnight says:

    Man noah just needs to shut up, hes a third year player whose not even an all-star and hes gonna talk dirt about a 15-year veteren and future HoF, just straight dis-repsect, hes just too young and ignorant to know how the playoffs works, tempers flare during these games, part of the game, he just needs to quit whining.

  126. nos4ados says:

    Steve Aschburner, reports the most useless news at the most important time.

  127. BK says:

    KG? two words. BEST EVER!!!

  128. Ryan says:

    Like we chanted at the garden last year in the garden, “NOAH SUCKS! NOAH SUCKS! NOAH SUCKS!” Grow up buddy, it is the playoffs. If you cant handle it, then go get your hair cut.

  129. Saido says:

    What is funny about this is that Noah wouldnt say any of this to KG’s face.
    Kevin knew what he did was wrong, and he’s gonna take his punishment, and come back better in Game 3.
    Bulls suck so bad, they might get eliminated in 3 games. Stop envying KG’s game Noah, and focus on your own losing battel!

    • jumpmanjay says:

      he wouldnt say it to his face? he called “king” james’ dancing act “lame” right to his face. noah speaks his mind and doesnt care who is listening. its admirable.

  130. 1BadBull says:

    Yeah right. Who really gives a damn what Noah SAYS?? If people are really paying him any attention at all is rediculous! And as far as his statment? In all my years watching NBA ballers. Noah is one of the worst Floppers I have ever seen. Bad acting, and he and his boy Brad Miller are two of the DIRTIEST PLAYERS in the NBA! All the tripping, mugging and undercuts? Come on, Noah. Who you callin a dirty player. Noah when you can step ya game up. Stop falliu all over people, and play wit some control. Maybe you get good enough to play a real Super star one on one. You and KG. I wouyld love to see you get used….as you usually do! LOL

    And all you KG haters? Shut ya mouth, an step ya game up!!

  131. yeltzen says:

    Hey! even though KG throws his elbow to Q, it doesn’t mean that his a dirty player, he’s just showing his love for the game! would he be a 15 year veteran player if he’s really dirty? come on! NBA is a game, a war! and if you cant handle the toughness, play chess man! right Boston fans?

  132. neil says:

    Basically it doesn’t matter if this article was written to well or sucks. It still raises a question that can be easily answered. Is KG a dirty player. At the end of the day this history of KG doesn’t matter, he could have been the best player ever and the hardest worker ever, but players can change how they play and also players out of their prime can not play the same type of basketball. Now I’m a KG fan because of how competitive he is, but after seeing that game that was DEF. DIRTY. At the end of the day Richardson went over to see if Pierce was okay whether or not he is innocent or not does not mean he should end up with getting an elbow to his head. In no way does elbowing a player that is trying to help your injured teammate make you “Competitive”. this play was dirty, and isnt the first time we have seen KG pull something like this

  133. Gonzalo says:

    KG is an aggresice player. When he was with the timberwolves, he had to be the man n be the leader and be the heart of that team. He came to boston with more help with lead to a championship. But all players are aggressive and can be dirty. look at players like Melo or even that Ron Artest and Ben Wallace incident a few years back. Noah is still a young player n maturing. He’ll understand soon throughout he’s career of trying to step up for his team…he’s also a dirty player, been ejected from the game a few times n had conflicts with other players. It’s the NBA, competitive and passion for the game people!!!

  134. rouldy says:

    I don’t think Noah knows what he’s talking about. Garnett is a very emotional player for all his career. you know everyone play harder and will back up his teammates in the PLAYOFFS. I just think that Noah is still upset about last year playoffs series against the CELTICS even though that K.G was out because of a knee injury. I suggest that Noah get more physical and prepare in the second round because the BULLS will upset the CAVS so they could play the CELTICS.

  135. raz says:

    yeah, that KG is really a dirty player!!!!

  136. Homes says:

    I AGREE WITH NOAH! Garnett is a dirty player, no matter what the celtics fans say.

  137. He's Right says:

    Okay…if you are a Celtics fan, then you probably shouldn’t comment. Period. Its a little thing called objectivity and you lack it. Noah is correct. It was a dirty play. Any talk of “its part of the game” or “man-code” or any other nonsense is junk. It was a dead ball and a hot-headed, cheap player took a cheap shot….whether it was deserved or not (it wasn’t), you don’t throw a cowardly elbow in a crowd of people. That is just weak. And why should it matter, Noah’s resume vs. KG’s? He was asked to comment on another team and he did….and he spoke the TRUTH. That is takes “a set.” And talk of raising a banner in Boston…..hahahaha….so typical. Such an unlikeable, selfish group of basketball players….no surprise they were a “one and done” team.

    • Lamola says:

      How funny you talk of objectivity and bias when you say “Such an unlikeable, selfish group of basketball players….no surprise they were a “one and done” team.” A bit hypocritical don’t you think?
      I am neither a bulls, heat or celtics fan, however I do enjoy watching the teams play. What you don’t understand is there are many players like Garnet in the league, sometimes their emotions can get the better of them (remember how he reacted after winning a championship?). The elbow Garnet threw was definitely not uncalled for, Quentin Richardson should have stayed well away from Pierce after he was hurt – that’s just common sense, you let the guy breathe. Instead, he comes right up at Garnet and starts provoking either him or Pierce, whether it be smack talk or whatever. Why do you think Richardson got fined $25,000? Garnet reacted out of instinct, and I agree he should not have thrown the elbow but there is obvious reason to why he did, it wasn’t just a random fit of anger. He is probably looking back on it and regretting it; there was 40 seconds left in the game.
      What Noah said was irrelevant, there are plenty of players that play aggressive when they get competitive (especially during the play-offs). Last year in the Lakers-Rockets series Kobe was throwing elbows all over Ron Artest, but was not called for it, eventually Ron Artest got a technical for making an issue out of it. You would sympathise but Ron Artest is also one of these “aggressive players”. It happens though, it’s a high level of basketball and there’s a lot at stake. Garnet is not a dirty player, it was a dirty play – Richardson was the spark to that fire.

  138. LILR says:

    shut up noah..stop hatin on garnett .. yew just mad cuzx yall sorry..but derick rose aint..yew is … i hopee lebron james dunk on yew for runnin ur mouth at wat noah

  139. Jeremy says:

    Amen Noah, KG is dirty and you’d think he knew better after playing in this league for so long.

  140. Kody quinn says:

    they did the right thing but he should get at least two games because if you watch it he shoved a referee too. i remember sometime kirk hinrich got suspended for doing that but its good they suspended him

  141. DwyaneWadeFan says:

    KG isn’t that bad I am a Heat fan and I can understand that Quentin Richardson is one of those show-offey players. But, that was no reason for KG to throw in elbow. But, all i got to say is Quentin opened a first round series win for Miami, sorry Celtics but KG need to be more calm next time.

  142. Rob says:

    A dirty player, a bad actress and a has been. He keeps talking trash but he can’t back it up anymore. KG makes a fool of himself every game.

  143. andres says:

    Screw KG Its not even that he is a dirty player its that he thinks he is bigger then the game himself . Ya jorden and kobe probley have throw an elbow or 2 during the langth of their playing carrer but i never once saw them get down on all four and bark like a dog , the things he is doing are just unnecciary hes a disgrace to the game and id tell any bosten fan and KG himself to their face

  144. Hatem Ali says:

    You got it right… Noah… just from watching from TV you can tell he is dirty, and Im sure players in the court can judge much more, with all the elbowing and shuving and holding. Being physical like Kobe, Jordan is different than playing dirty… this guy plays dirty man!!

  145. zarany says:

    KG SUCKS !!

  146. stfu says:

    yeah. .noah is always talking trash. .he said bulls are going to shock the world. .what HAPPEN to game 1 huh joakim?your bulls are down big. .you match with shaq in the post?are you kidding me?haha. .i see the spin move of shaq. .you were like a kid in the post pushing the air HAHA laughtrip.

  147. stfu says:

    yeah. .noah is always talking trash. .he said bulls are going to shock the world. .what to game 1 huh joakim?your bulls are down big. .you match with shaq in the post?are you kidding me?haha. .i see the spin move of shaq. .you were like a kid in the post pushing the air HAHA laughtrip.

  148. RG says:

    Garnett always has been a dirty player. I’ve always been amazed at how he’s always been heralded as one of the good guys, but watch any game and he throws elbows at peoples faces. It appears as though he’s getting worse now that he’s getting older to compensate for fading athleticism. Finally there is light being shed on the cheap shots Garnetts takes.

  149. Chanon Sethiwan says:

    I think Noah was right, Garnett is a dirty player. He likes to do some trash talking and sometimes pick into a fight.

  150. ssdf says:

    Garnett legend, Noah average at best, but go Magic!

  151. kaneem says:

    why is Noah always talking trash? he should focus on his assignment (shaq) and sit down. He has nothing to do with this series and shouldn’t have offered his opinion

  152. Moe says:

    Like you said Noah, KG is a dirty player, but you should play dirty whenever you face him. A true competitors don’t complain they compete. Do that and you will earn your respect from the other professional players.

  153. KG says:

    as is see, i think Q-RICH has say at KG so that KG give a shot at the face of Q-RICH and 1 thing, why JERMAINE O’NEAL AND GLEN DAVIS, not get the TECHNICAL FOUL as i see GLEN DAVIS was “MAKING PEACE” FOR KG AND Q-RICH and then JERMAINE O’NEAL was pushing GLEN DAVIS away. i think that is not fair. for me JERMAINE O’NEAL he deserves to get a technical. and KG is not a “DIRTY PLAYER” he is a great player, as we know KG is a FUTURE HALL OF FAMER OR MAYBE HE IS A HALL OF FAMER right now. watch the OLD KEVIN GARNETT at YOUTUBE. during his TIMBERWOLVES season’s KG is trying hard to put their team at the PLAYOFFS. i was so amazed.. no one can do that right now. the 1 man team. ayt? KEVIN GARNETT is the best POWER FORWARD in the HISTORY OF THE NBA.. that was for me.. that was my opinion. 🙂

  154. lomax says:


  155. Samuel Jean says:

    Noah needs to shut up. Everybody gets in an argument once in awhile and it doesnt consider u dirty. So he needs to shut up.

  156. samatar says:

    i cant belive him he enjoys throwing elbow man i dont think missing game two is important to him he just like wow hes cathching it game 3 like this guy has no love for the game

  157. Antonio says:

    I noticed Garnett seems to have been playing a bit dirty this year. Slowed down by injuries and age, he has difficulty keeping up with younger opponents I noticed.

  158. wyn says:

    noah very true garnett is such a nasty dirty player….i hope he stops swinging those flying elbows coz it might hurt another player in a huge way

  159. Jacob says:


  160. crow07 says:

    hey noah! before you say something about garnett, win a larry o’brien trophee first! throwing elbows throug out the game is a part of a physicality of the game, dont be such a cry baby BIG LOSER!!!! p.s. your hair is like our broom men!!! lol!

  161. Andrew says:

    I like Kevin’s intensity but I couldn’t agree more.

  162. Bob says:

    Garnett is an idiot

  163. Melvin says:

    Its the play offs

  164. Will Tillo says:

    I agree, that was totally un-called for. Richardson was just going over there to see if he was okay, and garnett flipped. There is one thing to tell him to go away, but throwing an elbow is a differnent story. He is a “dirty player”.

  165. Nick says:

    Noah, have you ever heard of Kobe Bryant? Bryant is the King of throwing elbows (and getting away with it). Kobe is a dirty player. Just ask Chris Childs, Reggie Miller, Sasha Vujacic (his own teammate), Raja Bell, the list goes on. All people he has elbowed. Have fun losing to Lebron in 4 games, Sounds like your still bitter about last year’s playoffs.

  166. airjean says:

    i like kg but noah is right

  167. AT says:

    Who is Noah, anyways?

  168. Mike says:

    Noah is a joke! He has no right commenting on this. Garnett was defending a teammate. Richardson should be labeled the dirty player…talking “nonsense” to a guy while he’s hurt. Don’t talk if you can’t back it up, and Richardson clearly can’t back it up.

  169. Rav says:

    He might be right. KG may be dirty, and he may have thrown an unwarranted elbow at Noah. But from the replay, it was pretty clear that Richardson went over there to tray and start some s*it with Paul Pierce who was laying on the ground injured. That’s not the way to play.

    Shoot, KG just elbowed him in anger. If it was someone his own size, it would have hit them in the chest area, but it just so happens that Q is half-a-foot shorter than him.

    • JLS says:

      That’s what i was thinking too. Q should’nt have been there in the first place and if he was, he should have been taller

  170. Melvin says:

    come on noah, stop being a kid

  171. Noah has no right to talk about him like that I mean yes that was something that Garnett shouldnt of done but no one can talk about him like that because he’s not really that much of a dirty player.

  172. Jsmooth81 says:

    Noah should be quiet because this is the same guy who hit Anderson Varejo with a cheap shot on Saturday. Yes, we all know that KG talks a lot of junk but all he was doing was coming to the aid of his teammate. Richardson was the instigator in this case and he has badgered Pierce for sometime so he should have suffer more punishment then he did in this case scenario. I’m a big time Bulls fan and I like Noah but I feel he shouldn’t make comments like this. KG might talk a lot but I’ve never knew him to be a dirty player and I’ve watched him 4 years.

  173. TJ says:

    KG should get one game suspension in Game 2. He should get suspension period

  174. Kevin Garnett is one of the best players in the NBA and was for 15 years. Maybe Joakim Noah needs to stop eating his cheeseburgers so much and study Garnett’s game alittle more.

  175. NBA Fan says:

    Hey, how long have you been in the NBA? Its a mans game. A lot of players got some elbow or two even broken nose, dislocated shoulder and broken jaw. But its part of the game esp during playoffs. What do you expect a pinch on the cheek or something? Im sure you got some of the roughness in College but NBA is a level up so you don’t expect an easy shot in here especially a competetive person like Garnett. Do you think Bowen, Artest, Jordan and the likes who one of the recipient of some NBA depensive team or players dirty too? Did you hear Shaq, Howard, LeBron, Kobe or MJ complain about hacking or elbowing. Grow up man. If you dont like to be elbow maybe joing WNBA ow sorry you might complain about Diana Turasi as she pay tough too. While not try chess of table tennis the max you can have is an irritated eye. But dont worry, you’ll not pass 2nd round so you can rest your back.

  176. yongjoonkim says:

    wat the hell, man. you just dirty talkin’, man. you need to stop saying “man”, man. let’s see how far the bulls go, man. -.-

  177. Kenneth Cai says:

    I agree with Noah. Garnett needs to calm himself down. I mean, he is a great player and all that. I respect Noah for saying this.

  178. K says:

    Garnett’s not dirty, he’s just hyper competitive. If Noah ever comes as close as Kevin has to NBA success (he won’t), trust me, he too would be swinging elbows and cursing on court…

  179. Knowned says:

    What Noah said is a great point. I slowly losing respect for KG now.

  180. Kosso says:

    Stop crying Baby Noah!!! If you would have a half of his titles, then you could say something!! Are you a clean player?? Of course not!! Keep your shoulders and stop critizing others french lady.

  181. Young Harper says:

    Speaking of dirty players… Learn how to shave Noah! Cut that greasy hair off! That isht is DIRTY!

  182. Jeremy says:

    On that occasion Garnett maybe dirty, but to say that KG is a dirty player is very uncalled for. He may be talkative but not a dirty one. Noah is a crybaby.

  183. Bryan says:

    That is crazy…MAN!

  184. Rita says:

    Really? I mean look who’s talking…Noah is also a dirty player, and he said his hurting from an elbow from Garnett, are you four real? Garnett is competitive and he protects his teammates, and I’m sure that the other guy was talking trash and he responded, so to Noah I say, take some painkillers, I’m sure it helps -.-

  185. Emerson says:

    I do agree with Noah. K.G. is a dirty player. It’s ok to be competitive but don’t throw an elbow at a guy, especially in a playoff game and where there was not basket-ball action for the act to be incidental.

    It appears that Quentin Richardson of the Heat was just going to check on Paul Pierce.

    This is detrimental to the game that players engage in such scenery. This is not the fans pay to see. And this is not good-role model for our kids, if that even exists nowadays.

    May the voice of reason wins! Go basket-ball!!

  186. TD says:

    I’m from Chicago and am a lifelong Bulls fan and was starting to like Noah but man hes got to know what to say and when to say it. I do not care that he said Garnett was a dirty player, that would have been fine had the Bulls not just lost to Cleveland in the first playoff game. He should have focused solely on commenting on that game since that is the only thing that should be on his mind right now. Stop worrying about other teams and focus on the Cavs. If by some miracle we make it to play Boston, then you can comment on their team and players, until then keep it on Cleveland. One game and one team at a time in the playoffs.

  187. scott says:

    Please! Richardson was acting like a punk walking over as f he were going to brush by Pierce on the floor. Garnett did was teammates do…Noah is a hater because he’s on a team that isn’t going anywhere soon and Garnett hung banner 17. Just play and shut up – Richardson is about to find out how that actress comment plays with Boston – what’s Miami vs Boston – 1 and 7?

  188. Mathodical says:

    KG has been getting on my nerves since being traded to Boston. This isn’t the first time he’s done something like this and it won’t be the last. I just hope the league reacts accordingly

  189. me you says:

    and you know why I say it’s allowed? Boston shot 28 free throws against shot 13?!?!? it’s the playoffs and almost NOOOOOOOOOO fouls were called against Boston even though every other move was a foul..WWE minus Vince McMahon..the outcome is’s getting there that isn’t and is “SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT”

  190. ART says:

    Joakim Noah is entitled to his remarks. But I am not all that much of a fan of Garnet and the Celtics but Mr. Garnet has been in the league for 15 years and Noah what maybe 2. Garnet has been a MVP and has a championship and what does Noah have nothing. Show more respect little boy

  191. Weezy killed HipHop says:

    LMAO Noah speak the truth

  192. me you says:

    I agree..i refuse to watch Boston games BECAUSE the whole team is dirty and it’s allowed

  193. Matt says:

    I guess Noah is one of those players that can’t handle it. Grow a set. I think he needs to worry about his opponent rather than comemting about another game. But I guess the bull’s don’t stand a chance anyways so he’ll have enough time to critisize winners. When he is at home sitting on his couch eating a cheeseburger.

  194. warren says:

    Garnett SUCKS!!!!! Dirty player

  195. Green Machine5 says:

    OMG, poor little precious Noah. Go play soccer then princess. Has broken the man-code by publicly whinging about another player. Stop your whinging and walk the walk.

    • emma says:

      he isnt great player anymore he just a stupid he always screams his teammates ofcurz he is dirthyy ass thats why he suspended thats big example lets go miami lets beat the boston thank yo Noah tell us the truth whole world knows ur a dirty player now

  196. Hojhan says:

    Lets go kevin garnett hes the man. I think garnett, although should not have thrown the elbow, but why is noah talking, his career will never be as great as garnetts!

  197. eric says:

    What Garnett did was nasty and uncalled for. Q-Rich was just going over to see how Pierce was doing.
    I hope the NBA takes action and suspends Garnett for Game 2.
    GO HEAT! I know you’ll come out on top.

  198. stan says:

    Garnett has always been dirty! He gets a pass because he’s a star. maybe it was passion at one time now I think just he’s a old dirty basterd.

  199. Scott Campbell says:

    Hey Noah,
    You are young to the league respect your elders. Garnett is one of the greatest competitors of all time if you can accomplish half of what he has done you will lucky. Everyone has a button the heat just figured out how to push it. By the way did you catch the shot of about 4 or 5 heat players rush Glen Davis?
    Scott Campbell
    Bella Vista, AR
    Ps. Someone needs to tell you Your a sore loser…

  200. JL says:

    yeah.. its true.. KG is a Dirty player.. and not a great player at all

  201. Tensai says:

    How many years have you been in this league, Joakim? 3? Garnett is a 15-year vet, 13-time all-star and much more. Have you been in an all-star game? Have you gotten your own ring? Have some respect, Joakim. Have some respect for Garnett’s competitiveness. It’s true that Garnett woofs and is rough but that’s his game and this is the big leagues, little boy Noah. You should stop crying about it and learn play the game, or else you should just go home. Before you talk smack about Garnett when you have a resume like Garnett. Aside from that, you were shoving your face with a burger when you were watching the game. You only saw the actions of the players. Did you hear the contents the conservation? You should learn all the facts before you start judging.

  202. Douglas Chasse says:

    Kevin Garnett is the biggest punk in the NBA. The NBA puts him and the rest of the dirty playing celtics on a pedastool and they get away with everything. He runs around cursing and throwing elbows all game and the NBA puts him on every commerical and trys to make him look like a saint. He is a disgraceful human being with the I.Q. of a 2 year old. Ron Artest would be out for the remainder of the playoffs and anyone other non superstar would get at least two games.

    • JLS says:

      I think the only disgraceful human being with the I.Q. of a 2 year old around here is some guy named Douglas who hates “pedastools”

  203. H.Aldrich says:

    Players don’t just lash out or react to nothing. They lash out after being provoked long enough. Garnett is one of the most straight up hard working players in the league. Joakim who? If you are going to have another player comment on a superstar like Garnett at least make sure he is a decent player.

  204. I’ll give him credit. KG is an all star. But for this reason…never been a fan of KG,

  205. Lisa says:

    This from a guy who clothes line Rondo in the playoffs last year. Yeah that wasn’t dirty at all Noah. I don’t blame Garnett. If Richardson wants to go over and start yapping and then pushing on Kevin’s back, I’d throw an elbow too. Noah, I’m sure thinks Richardson is an angel in all this, I kind of like Noah because he plays so hard, but he should keep his mouth shut.

    • jumpmanjay says:

      now youre defending rondo? lol. like when rondo grabbed millers face but it wasnt a flagrant? or when rondo threw hinrich into the scorers table and only got a tech?

      kg sitting there and yapping on the bench in street clothes. the last game the bulls played the celtics? the bulls were trying to get into the playoffs and the celts were trying to move up in the ranks…what happened? bulls won. kg can shut up now. in fact, he should. he is old and washed up and can no longer back up his bark with any bite.

    • Mark says:

      I think it alright to clothes line Rondo since he punched Brad Miller and knocked out some teeth. To me it didn’t look like Richardson went over to talk trash but if he did I hope he said something about Pierce faking it like in last years playoffs!

  206. Pat says:

    I agree 100% with Noah. Why does this guy get treated like he’s some class citizen of the NBA? The only thing I ever see him doing is trash talking and swinging elbows.

    All the announcers on national TV act as if he’s Mother Theresa’s son or something…he’s a thug. Period.

  207. Ivan says:

    I used to dislike Noah when he first came into the league, but his passion and love for the game prove me wrong… I used to love Garnett for same reasons, but he became a dirty player… I agree with Noah

  208. elmo says:

    Why doesn’t Noah just shut his trap and focus on the Cavs. And btw, if Derrick Rose was lying on the ground in pain and Q came after him, would Noah just stand by and let it happen. If so, then he ought to be ashamed of himself.

  209. Michael says:

    good on the young fella for telling it like it is.

  210. Stan says:

    I totally agree with the fact that KG is a ” Dirty Player “, and actually it’s becme even more pervelant in the past three years, since he and Boston won the NBA Championship. I was somewhat a fan of his ,when he was truly trying to save a sinking ship in Minnesota. I had beleived he had a reason to show fustratution then, but the cockiness and un-sportsmanlike demeanor has truly gotten out of hand ( the referees tend to let him get away with a lot ).
    The trash-talking is one thing, but the elbowing and cheap-shots has revealed the true ” dirty player ” he has always been, Recently I read whereas Audray Blatche ( Wizarsds ) responded back, at hjm by calling him ” washed-up “, I tend to agree…Kevin face it, you are probaly still good for around 16/ 9, but you are definitely not the ALL-Star you once were, as a player, nor as the player a young person would like to pattern their game at.. in ” Sportsmanship !

    • Freddie says:

      Im sorry. Stan who? Go get a towl and wipe your chin mate,all that dribble you spat out above. Have you ever played pro ball? Pro sports men are expected to live a higher law than any other citezen, they are under constant watch from every angle. more presure than you Stan (watching ball from your couch) could understand. we are lucky we dont have a camera stuck up our nose every time we have a bad day, a bad moment, a split second outburst. why dont you consider that next time you lash out at a true pro.

      • Mark who? says:

        I’m sorry, Freddie who? Your point is completely irrelevant with Stan’s. At no point did he say he was a better player than KG so why are you debating that? Only that KG’s skills are diminishing with age and that he is a “dirty-player”. I tend to agree, trash talk all you want, elbow and cheap-shot if it works for you but you have to take the “dirty-player” title that goes with it. As for his skills, he was amazing and can still do things a majority of the league cannot but the toll of his age is lowering his output.

    • JLS says:

      Dude, Q started the whole thing! it is true that KG should have been calm but i dont believe it is right to call him a dirty player. Bruce Bowen is a dirty player. Raja Bell is a dirty player. KG not so much. And if you think that KG lacks sportsmanship, check out LeBron after losing to the Magic and getting dunked on in his camp. He didnt even go to the interviews. Tmac went there when they were eliminated before and even cried on camera fulfilling his responsibilities as a player and a role model

  211. stephen Davis says:

    that what the game is known for throwing elbows if you cant stand it then why are you playing pro ball. if garnett gets a suspension richardson should get 1 to for grabbing garnett when he was trying to get out of the way the replay doesnt show richardsons arm around garnetts ribs

  212. Wyatt says:

    As much as I agree with Noah’s comment, who is he to call Garnett out? Noah needs to realize that noone’s paying money to see him play, and the NBA is as much about putting on a good show as it is about playing basketball.
    Garnett puts on a good show. Noah not so much.
    I could see if DWade or Quiten Richerdson had a problem with the elbow… since they are actually involved in the series. Noah will be golfing in a week anyways, so why is he even commenting?

  213. Drew says:

    I am a Lakers fan but Joakim, when you are as accomplished and as good as Garnett (which will never happen) THEN you can call him out and call him a dirty player but until then shut up and let your actions talk.

    • Freddie says:

      I am a Pistons fan but yeah boy, KG is the man (surely other things led up to the straw that broke the camels back) The big ticket aint stupid. Noah WHO? (he should be playing with dolls not a basketball).

    • jumpmanjay says:

      joakim has 2 national championships…how many does kg have? thats right, he didnt go to college. joakim also got most outstanding player of the final four…again, kg did not go to college.

      • JLS says:

        Dawg, the NBA is way bigger than college. And what you are saying is so out of topic.

      • TomTom says:

        Yes, you`re right: KG never went to college … because he was good enough to skip this pre-mature thing and got out to play against guys like Charles Barkley and Karl Malone. KG is one of the best PF ever – just take the 6 seasons in a row with 20-10-5. I suggest that the best J.Noah will ever do, is something like 15-10 along with 2 blocks – like a guy nobody will remember in 30 years … and: there have been hundreds of very good players on college and also hundreds of them never reached the NBA-plateau or played like Christian Laettner … and in my opion the best player of this stand-out Florida team was and is Al …

    • Zile says:

      Being good at something doesn’t make you good person. Being worse than someone else shouldn’t stop you of speaking the truth.

  214. JohnnyAppleSeed says:

    Kevin Garrett had always been a thug or dirty player. He’s always talking trash and when others return the favor he can’t take it. I mean there was only 40 seconds left and he decides to throw elbows, how unprofessional.

  215. bashmo says:

    Well, regardless of what Noah thinks, garnett is probably going to be suspended..and rightfully so..throwing elbows in any manner in the league should not go unpunished, and kg shouldve reacted in a more calm manner….

  216. bobby says:

    straight up man, he is a dirty player, i hope he gets suspended for 4 games, considering hes a repeating offender

  217. Jon says:

    uhh… I don’t think thats dirty. It happens all the time. Elbows get thrown out alot even in high-school ball. And Quentin Richardson was probably talking smack. Garnett is a smart player and he wouldn’t do that for nothing. And Noah, if you can’t take the physical pressure take a seat. Stop complaining…

  218. Jared says:

    The problem I have with Joakim Noah is he’s always talking trash. How about you just be quiet, mind your own business, and play the game?! I’m a Charlotte Bobcats fan, but I’ve enjoyed watching the way Kevin Garnett plays the game of basketball since he came into the NBA with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He plays every play like it’s his last play and he’s been a great role model for kids on how to play the game of basketball. The only negative thing I have to say about Garnett is his language on the court, but I don’t hear what he’s saying or what anyone else is saying on the court. I just read his lips when I watch t.v. and he’s not the only one. Most players are cussing up a storm out there and that’s just part of who they are and part of being competitive, which I have no problem with honestly.

    • Zile says:

      Why are you so upset with Noah’s statement? And why shouldn’t he say what he thinks? Are you for police country of idol worshipers? Noah is a decent kid, and wouldn’t lie. And what he talks about is not of passion, since he is passionate as well. He is talking about being dirty.

  219. Smith says:

    i agree with noah

  220. zeko says:

    garnett aint a dirty player, talk about yourself when you called lebron james in the season from the line and started swearing at him coz he was dancing. and dont youse “man” alot

  221. jun says:

    maybe it’s one of his tactics to stay competitive ….

  222. Raffym22 says:

    you’re right joakim like the rest of some of nba fans he’s a dirty player’ he’s so lucky that he went to boston that’s why he got a championship,but it’s not him the reason why boston got that championship.for me he is an arrogant dirty player.

  223. Richard P. says:

    I’m a Boston fan but an unbiased one.Granted the elbow he threw at Richardson was dirty and from what I saw probably unprovoked.Garnett has made a career of being the most passionate player on the court on any given night.With all of that said I feel that all Noah does since he came to the NBA is cry and complain. It sounds like he is still upset over that game seven loss to the C’s.

  224. sclovee says:

    Noah is a DIRTY player. It’s the playoffs, this is what I call a series. Emotion and all.

  225. Eric Ruggles says:

    What a little cry baby.

    This is a man’s league, and this is the playoffs.
    Have fun being swept in the first round Noah. Maybe in a few years you’ll learn intensity, and team leadership.

  226. GARNETTALLDAY says:

    garnett is not a dirty player he is just trying to help his team mate and richardson is the one who went up to kg first his the one who should get kick out of the game and not garnett stop hating noah……………

  227. Maurice236CAVFANATIC says:

    I agree with Noah
    Garnett is a dirty player that is called for alot of technicals
    If he could calm down maybe he wouldnt have to worry about a suspension every game

  228. Reggie says:

    Mistake with grammar. Should be “known” not “know” in this sentence: “Garnett, know for his on-court woofing through a 15-year NBA career, now might face a suspension from Game 2″

  229. Reggie says:

    Mistake with grammar. Should be “known” not “know” in this sentences: “Garnett, know for his on-court woofing through a 15-year NBA career, now might face a suspension from Game 2”

  230. lt says:

    Noah, shut up and learn to play the nba game. your team will be done in 4 games.

  231. […] Here's a nice first person account of what led up to Noah's statement after the Bulls' practice today. Apparently the question posed to Noah was a generic, innocuous: “Do you watch other playoff games when you’re not playing your own?” […]

  232. gus says:

    What is the purpose of this article? Noah wasn’t even involved in the incident.Why is this evem being written? This is between Sekough and the Celtics or Garnett. Excuse me, Smitty, Joakhim Noah is frothing at the mouth to be a star. He couldn’t carry Garnett’s bag on a good day and he knows it. I love Garnett’s game and Noah’s , but Noah is no KG. Richardson was no angel in this incident either, Smitty. Noah gave you a nice opportunity to get your frustration and anger out at the Celtics. You hate them, don’t you. Your article I find to be disgusting and you need to change your profession. This little piece of writing about Noah’s thoughts is a joke and pure smut. Sorry, but I am trying to be as thoughtful and considerate as you were about Kevin.

    • Bobby says:

      Smitty just wrote this article because noone is reading his other ones.. sad but true im not a Boston fan but come on Smitty really? If Lebron threw an elbow and was ejected and lets say DA wrote an article saying Lebron is dirty, you would get so tight. There are bigger stories out there Smitty, so stop being lazy and research.

  233. kuon lee says:

    Dear Mr. Stern,

    I think that Kevin Garnett should be suspended for the remainder of the series. Why I think that is because he threw a lot of elbows when Quentin Richerson just wanted to know how Paul Pierce is doing.

    – Kuon Lee

    • iceblueheart4 says:

      wow quentin richardson was clearly not trying to see how paul pierce was doing after he bumped him out of bounds during game 1 of the seies. if that were the case richardson would have checked on him before KG even came into the picture. he went over there to talk smack to him because in the past words have been exchanged between the two players. also if he was that concerned he would of expressed it in a manner that wasnt worthy of the $25,000 fine he got for his “concern”. KG was wrong for throwing an elbow I’ll admit that, but at the same time he was trying to protect his teammate and make sure his injuries were not that serious

    • Dmitri says:

      No, Quentin Richardson didn’t just approach to scene to find out how Pierce was doing. He ran to say that Pierce was fine, implying that he was faking or overreacting to his injury. He later admitted as much and said that he doesn’t like Pierce and Garnett. Richardson was the instigator here, and I have no respect for him. That said, Garnett needs to be a veteran and not allow Richardson to bait him like that. You can’t throw elbows at players, no matter how much they’ve done to agitate you.

    • JLS says:

      Quentin Richardson just wanted to know how Paul Pierce was doing? Dude, Kuon, you should watch basketball more. Quentin hates Paul, he shouldn’t have been talking crap to paul especially after he just went down like that. Garnett tried pushing him away but the douchebag wouldn’t budge so he gave him a little elbow grease. I’m not sure if it was for the chest or the head but i do know that Q is a punk who shouldv’e been suspended too

  234. Freebie Link says:

    I agree, He isn’t the dirtiest player, but he sure isn’t clean…

  235. Garry says:

    Noah just keep your mouth shut

  236. Eric says:

    Man, doesn’t Noah have a series of his own to be focusing on?

  237. carl says:

    he became dirty as soon as he came to boston

    • Cam says:

      Yup he had to sell out to win a championship its sad and noahs rite he is a dirty player now

    • Wen-0 says:

      That’s right!!!
      I have been a KG fan for a long time…
      back to the time when he was still in MIN, he was a passionate and an influential player who fought vigorously.
      But when he was traded to Boston, he became cocky and soon a trash-talker..

      I do not like that kind of attitude and despite the fact that i admire him as a basketball player,
      I will not respect him as long as he keeps throwing elbow or talking thrash ~

      I miss KG, the Wolf King.

  238. mark ravi says:

    This article is in bad taste..and reflects poor sports journalism. Does not help basketball. It is good for emotions to settle down. Let’s allow the officials to make the decisions man. Peace.

  239. Brian says:

    the truth hurts sometimes, right Boston fans?

    • Ryan says:

      Haha what truth? The fact that you are a moron? I thought so.

      • Bobby says:

        The truth is that Boston is running low on gas and that they are not getting another chance to win the title. Elbows or not I see this series going to 7 with Miami winning because Boston can’t just switch it on and off. Why isn’t Doc playin Nate??? And Oh yeah Noah is a pretty weak player averaging a double double against some centers twice his size, and KG is the such a strong player, the Kimboslice of PFs with that bandaid over his eye and declining stats now thats a tough mofo. This is kinda a long rant but KG isn’t a dirty player, it was just a dirty play. Bruce Bowen is the definition of a dirty player and Varejo’s floppy self. Noah your comment is noted but you need to focus on Game 2 than KG, but then again the bulls are screwed either way. When is Beasley gonna show up?!!

  240. Ebony says:

    SHUT UP!!! thats how i feel and i dont give a _ if you dont like it..and this is coming form a girl..if he is a dirty played then you are a weak player think about…YOU CANT PLAY hahahaha

  241. Gilles says:

    Come on Noah,
    Seriously, it’s playoff time (maybe you didn’t know, based on your performance yesterday) and things are getting tougher.
    Garnett was just giving his team mate some breathing space.
    Ok, I admit he shouldn’t have thrown his elbow at Q, but he obviously didn’t mean to hit him in the head.
    Garnett was pumped up and we all know his real competitive nature, wich is a bless most of the time but sometimes makes him act to ‘instinctive’.

    Plus we all know Noah likes to whine an complain: remember the Bulls-Cavs game, when Lebron was dancing during the game…

    • manny says:

      noah is good and he does not complain

      • Mano says:

        manny you cake! you think noah doesnt complain. please man.. hes just jealous of Big Daddy-O (Kevin Garnett). noah can never play like KG. so both you and noah need to man up and stop crying about things yo. and Carl is another tool! his freaking armpit is dirty.

      • JD says:

        Yeah what the hell Manny he does complain can’t you read the article above? he’s complaining about it. Tensions always rise in playoff games cause your after the Championship. think about last year, Hinrich and Rondo

    • davd says:

      i agree with most of what you said. however, when you said that KG didn’t mean to hit him in the head, it shouldn’t matter because you shouldn’t be throwing elbows in the 1st place. Now, if KG was telling the truth when he wanted to give his teammate some breathing room, then he could’ve done it in a way that would’ve invoke the events that occured (e.g. using his elbow to push away Q-Rich)

    • Wow says:

      dont try to start that lebron dancing debate again

    • lachlan says:

      Listen dude KG threw an elbow and hit a dude in the face he deserves every second of time he gets suspended for. Thats just not on u cant say it was an accident because it simply wasn’t! What dose it matter any way how long he’s out for cause they have no chance of getting a championship, with or without KG!

    • Mojo says:

      KG is an awesome player, but he does play dirty. YES its the playoffs, YES he was trying to give his tmate sm breathing room and YES tempers may flare, but its still a professional game… they must maintain some professionalism… to stiff elbow (twice btw) Q when he walked up… How do you know he wasnt wanting to check on Pierce…Q may have voiced that idea, KG still “pushed with his elbow” to keep him from moving in…then thats when the ruckus started… Q was grabbing him or something and KG swung his elbow back… U saw it…. it boils down to being a professional… and you all know what it means to be professional… dignity and integrity of the team and yourself… They need to stop acting like gangstas or thugs..yeah you gotta defend yourself and you dont wanna get punked, but everyone gets punked by anger when they give in to that feeling… Remember Dave Chapelle showed everyone what happens when “KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG!” SO THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!! So dont say it was an accident, it was something he tried and thot he can get away with… CHEAP SHOT!!! Thats when you walk up to someone who’s not ready to fight and you just punch him when youre standing nose to nose!! KG was a punk in that situation.

    • nt says:

      he clearly meant to elbow him in the head. he swings his elbows up like hes innocent but he always hits someone when he puts his arms up

  242. Yao Zi Wei says:

    Man, I like the player K G, but that is not right, a player should never hit another one. Should never start a fight, or return a fist even if they were attacked on the court. Many players up there really got no manners.

    • darren says:

      Holy crap…first off, michael jordan said it best…”winning one championship can be called lucky, winning two makes you a true champ.” so for all the celtic fans who jump up and down because KG won a title, come talk about his greatness when he’s won two or more. KG couldn’t hold Tim Duncan’s, Shaq or Kobe’s shoes. He’s good but not great. Dwight Howard will eat them if Orlando faces them in the playoffs this year.

      Now on to the incident. KG, I used to love the guy. Back when he was a wolf and not a green piece of crap. The guys ego has gone out the roof, he’s the one who talks, he’s always chirping to someone, I remember when Matt Bonner pile drove KG and got ejected, now that ish was CLASSIC. Noah is the reason chicago made the playoffs. He only opens his mouth when warranted. When he told Lebron off, the dude deserved it. He was dancing like an A-hole after a blow out. He shoulda kept his dancing shoes on the bench, not danced on the free throw line! Are you SERIOUS???

      Check out a Kamla Rant or Kenny and Charles. Lebron’s great but the dude is an ass. So is KG. Dwight’s gonna hand them their lunch this year in the east, they’ll be lucky to win two games against orlando, and the lakers will probably take them down in a rematch.

    • Wes says:

      I dont know about dirty player but that definitely was a dirty play. he swung his elbow and then tried to run out of there. seems dirty to me. I like the bulls but whether Noah’s focusing on his series or not, I see it ending in 4 or 5 in favor of this year’s champions The Cleveland Cavaliers. And why isnt Doc playing Nate wtf?!