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Grizzlies Put A Lock On Memphis

HANG TIME, Texas — Let’s get back to talking about whether the Grizzlies should have let O.J. Mayo get away. Or talk about blowing that 27-point lead to the Clippers in the playoffs. Or Z-Bo’s post game or Lionel Hollins’ trademark grumpiness or anything else that happens on the court at the FedEx Forum.

As our good buddy and wonderful Commercial-Appeal columnist Geoff Calkins says, the one thing we shouldn’t have to do anymore is talk about the Grizzlies leaving Memphis:

Never again will you have to listen to those who would tell you the team will be out of here in five years or ten. Never again will you have to wonder if a particularly thin Tuesday crowd is the beginning of the end.

Robert Pera is not moving the Grizzlies. Nobody is moving the Grizzlies.

“The team is not going anywhere,” said Staley Cates. “That’s the whole point.”

Cates is one of a group of Memphians — others include Pitt Hyde, Duncan Williams, Ed Dobbs and Billy Orgel — who have reached a deal with Pera to buy between 30-35 percent of the team. (more…)

League Pass Spotlight: Weekend Watching

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re in the mood for dunks this weekend.

We can’t help ourselves. We are easily entertained here at the hideout by these savage acts against the rim that provide no extra points and little else than the primal pleasure of seeing gigantic men do hideous things to metal.

It dawned on us earlier this week, when Hall of Famer and dunk legend Dominique Wilkins stopped by to visit the The Jump, that there is no clever statistical appreciation for the slam dunk and the games and lives it has changed (when executed properly).

So when ‘Nique was asked if what he’s recognized for most these days, the 26,000-plus points he scored or his famous battles with Michael Jordan (and others) in those dunk contests in the 1980s, he didn’t have to answer.

And it’s ridiculous to think that a player capable of dunking in a more spectacular fashion than almost every other human should have to apologize for that being his calling card all these years later.

That’s why we’re celebrating the slam dunk this weekend, with some of the games most exciting artists (do the names Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin and Amar’e Stoudemire mean anything to you?) featured prominently on the must-watch list known around here as HT’s League Pass Spotlight: Weekend Watching (sorry, there is no discount for anyone that can dunk on a regulation rim, but you can click here to make sure you don’t miss a second of the action):