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Expanding The Cast In Miami

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Who needs a reality show when the Miami Heat provide us with so much of their own original content anyway?

It’s not LeBron James this time, though, who plays the star in this drama.

Dwyane Wade gets top billing in this funny but sort of strange one-man act, courtesy of Matt Moore at, with a message to the villain that hacked his Twitter account.

After watching Wade frown and scowl his way through the end of the season in The Finals, and with good reason, it is nice to see him laughing and smiling again.

As for that reality show … if it’s anything like the three minutes of hilarious energy displayed in his viral ode to the hackers of the world, we’re buying.

In addition to Wade and James, the Heat could add reality show veteran Eddy Curry to the cast as well, — he starred in the highly underrated “PREPS: Chicago Hoops” back in 2001 alongside Pistons guard Will Bynum, former Duke point guard Sean Dockery and others.

According to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, the former Bulls, Knicks and Timberwolves center has been auditioning for the Heat in recent days in hopes of joining the Big 3 for next season’s run at the title:

The Pistons’ Player Revolt

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Things have gone from bad to worse for the Detroit Pistons after Thursday’s trade deadline.

Several Pistons missed this morning’s shootaround practice in Philadelphia in some sort of “player protest” against coach John Kuester, per the Detroit Free Press.

Tracy McGrady, Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton and Chris Wilcox all missed the shootaround. But that’s just the start. More from the Vince Ellis of the Free Press:

Team spokesman Cletus Lewis said Rodney Stuckey and Austin Daye missed the team bus as well, but they did arrive toward the end of the media session.

Lewis said McGrady had a headache, Prince had an upset stomach and Hamilton and Wilcox missed the bus from the team hotel.

Ben Wallace also missed the shootaround. Lewis said Wallace was dealing with a family matter. Wallace has missed games and practices over the past month because of the issue.

Only Greg Monroe, Will Bynum, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell and DaJuan Summers were full participants in the morning shootaround.

Sources indicated that the discontent is directed at Pistons coach John Kuester, who has clashed with players repeatedly this season. The organization downplayed the absences, insisting Prince and McGrady were ill.

One source, who asked not to be identified, said he didn’t know what the next step would be, and didn’t say who organized the absences. But he said it was an organized protest, with some players deciding it was best to show up anyway.

Has it come to this for the Pistons?

Have things really gotten this bad for this Kuester, who said he will go with whoever is available for tonight’s game against the Sixers?

Maybe the players thought there was going to be some mass exodus at the trade deadline. And when that didn’t happen, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Either way, this is a disastrous start to the stretch run of the season for a Pistons team that certainly didn’t need any more distractions.

Trade Chatter Still Bubbling

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s amazing what a couple of wins can do for a team.

Late last week all the talk surrounding the Detroit Pistons was about which holdover from their glory years would be traded first, Tayshaun Prince or Rip Hamilton?

Back-to-back wins over the Bobcats and Warriors silenced some of the trade chatter, but not all of it.

Prince’s name remains on the radar, mostly because of his expiring contract and the fact that the Pistons are loaded with small forward types … if they are going to turn the page and start over, that’s one spot they’d probably want to clear out for a youngster.

After bumping into one of my all-time favorite advance scouts in an arena hallway over the weekend, the trade picture came into much better focus for me on not only Prince but several other players around the league, and particularly the Eastern Conference.

“Detroit has to do something,” my scout friend told me. “They’re not going anywhere with the group they have. They know it and everyone else knows it. So Tayshaun or Rip, one or both of them have to be in play if they’re going to start the rebuilding process properly.”

I explained to my scout friend that I’d heard a great trade rumor (and it was strictly that, a rumor) about the Hawks and Pistons discussing a package to swap Prince (and another piece like Will Bynum, who cannot be moved until after Dec. 15)  for Jamal Crawford and Jeff Teague (which would be an interesting swap for the Hawks since they don’t really have great depth in the backcourt) and he kindly opened up about the state of affairs, as he sees it, in the East.

“I have to tell you,” he said, “the East has really been a disappointment to me so far. I thought several of these teams would be much better than they are. Milwaukee was supposed to be better than this. The Bulls, the Bobcats and even the Knicks. I’ve been all over the league since the preseason and I’m telling you, there are a lot of teams scratching their heads about what went on this summer with all the spending that went on. All the fireworks happened in the East. LeBron and Bosh go to Miami, the top three picks in the draft go East and yet Denver, New Orleans and even Golden State jump out at you as the teams that really look like they are ready to do more than what people expected. The only team that really stands out to me as in the East is the Nets. Just having Avery [Johnson] makes them 10 wins better than they would have been without him. But there are going to be plenty of teams talking to each other and seeing if they can make some moves to try to get things in order, because the Celtics, Heat and Magic are still clearly a cut above everyone else despite all the movement that went on this summer.”

And to think, we made it through an entire hallway chat on trade rumors and there was not a single mention of Carmelo Anthony or Chris Paul … it’s amazing what a few wins can do!