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Is King James Really Prince Pippen?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Maybe Scottie Pippen was looking into one of those funhouse mirrors that distorts the image and that’s why he didn’t recognize himself.

Never mind measuring up LeBron James’ greatness to Michael Jordan. Former Bulls teammate Steve Kerr says the more accurate comparison is – you’re gonna love this – to Pippen himself.

“The irony to me is that LeBron is not Michael. LeBron is actually Scottie,” Kerr said Monday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN1000 in Chicago. “He’s so similar to Scottie in that defensively he was just a monster, could guard anybody, really more of a point forward than scoring guard. Scottie always loved to distribute the ball. That’s really where LeBron’s preference is.

Phil Jackson used to call Scottie a ‘sometimes shooter.’ Sometimes they would go in, sometimes they wouldn’t. That’s how it is with LeBron. He’s a great talent and a great player but you can see his flaws as a basketball player. He doesn’t have an offensive game that he can rely on: no low-post game, no mid-range jump shot so when the game really gets tough he has a hard time finding easy baskets and getting himself going. That’s what Michael did in his sleep so that’s why the comparison is wrong.”

So in the aftermath of Miami’s loss in the Finals, the disappearing act in the fourth quarters and Kerr’s observation, what are the chances that a certain someone looks into a mirror he finds LeBron staring back?

What do you think? Is he King James, Prince Pippen or the Duke of Earl?