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USA Basketball: D-Will Mum On Dwight Trade Rumors … Well, Sort Of!

LAS VEGAS – Deron Williams swears he hasn’t heard all of the rumors and doesn’t know anything about whatever the latest is on the Dwight Howard trade front.

“What’s happening?” Williams said while laughing as a crowd of gathered around him on the sideline before USA Basketball’s training camp practice at UNLV. “What about Dwight? I don’t know anything. I just hear rumors and speculation.”

Whatever potential deal is concocted to unite Williams, Howard, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace as the Brooklyn Nets’ version of the Big 3 (plus one) is fine by Williams. He’s just not going to worry himself about the details in the meantime. He said it’s been two weeks since he’s spoken with Howard, another stretching of the truth.

But Williams is covering his bases right now. He’s not talking like Howard is in the fold, while also making it clear that the addition of Howard will bring nothing but good things.

“There have been a lot of rumors over the past year where he is concerned, so early on I concerned myself with it,” Williams said, “but now you just have to let it play out. And whatever happens, happens. I think we’ll have a good team without him and I think we’ll have an even better team with him. But the situation is tricky.”

Williams said he feels for Howard, having to go through the endless speculation surrounding his future, because they are friends.

“You want to see it end one way or another,” Williams said. “It’s tough on guys being in trade rumors. I know definitely know it’s tough on Brook [Lopez]. I’m happy with him as my teammate, he’s a promising young player.” (more…)