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About Last Night: Super Tuesday?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Iowa caucus results mean little around here, beyond providing the perfect title for this morning’s lookback at last night’s action around the league.

And it was Super Tuesday indeed for some teams, like the Bulls, Cavaliers, Trail Blazers, Hang Time Grizzlies, Jazz and Lakers. For others like the Hawks, in particular, it was a night to forget. The Hawks fumbled a 19-point lead over the Bulls at the United Center, crumbling down the stretch behind their own free-throw woes and the crushing weight of Derrick Rose being well, Derrick Rose.

Fan Night tends to deliver on the drama and this one certainly did, complete with another monster night from Andrew Bynum (21 points, 22 rebounds and 3 blocks … his first 20-20 games of his career) and a 37-point barrage from Kobe Bryant in the win over the Rockets.

Perhaps we shoveled dirt on these Lakers a bit prematurely?


About Last Night: Perfect No More

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If you’re not a big believer in signs, the Heat and Thunder losing their first game of the season on the same night means little to you.

But if you’re as fixated on these sorts of things as we are here at the hideout, those two teams losing on the same night makes us feel stronger than ever that our preseason prediction that they will battle for the Larry O’Brien trophy is on the money. (Yeah, we’re reaching a bit but the whole Mayan calendar thing has us a bit spooked.)

The Thunder losing to the Mavericks and the Heat losing the Hawks won’t rank as the day’s top news, however (sorry T-Mac). That honor goes to the fine folks in San Antonio and the Spurs, who suffered a much bigger loss last night when Manu Ginobili broke his hand in a loss to the Timberwolves.

Catch up on all of last night’s action in the Daily Zap:



Whatever struggles the Mavericks might be experiencing early on this season, Dirk Nowitzki seems to be immune.


About Last Night (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We don’t do resolutions around here. It’s simply not in the Hang Time DNA.

But we do understand the need to refine certain traditions here at the hideout. And far too often our friends around the globe awake without a full grasp of what went on the night before around the league. Some folks fall asleep early, some hit the club before the action is done and some of you are grinding at work before the final buzzer on the final game of the night goes off.

Well, we’re going to fix that in 2012 by making sure you get your highlights from us (and the best AV crew in the business) on a daily basis. And we promise, we’ll have you caught up and out of here in a matter of minutes.

So, about last night:



We mentioned a little something here Saturday morning about being excited about Andrew Bynum‘s regular season debut. Turns out the big fella was excited, too. He dominated the Nuggets on both ends of the floor as the Lakers pulled out a close one:



Finally, no morning is complete without a glance at the top plays. And there were plenty of guys that wanted to finish 2011 the right way as they prepare to do bigger and better things this year (what did the rim do to you Russell Westbrook?):


Fantastic Finish: All 30 Teams In Action

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We wouldn’t have believed it if we didn’t see it for ourselves.

There was a basketball party last night and everyone was invited!

Having all 30 teams in action on the same night provided a truly fantastic finish to the final night of the NBA regular season. It serves as the perfect appetizer to what should be an absolutely electric playoff season.

** Check here for all the Eastern Conference and Western Conference matchup and information you need **

So before we dive off into the second season, we wanted to make sure you got one last look at Wednesday night’s action from around the league. And that includes the Daily Zap (above) as well as the Top 10 Plays:


The Final Sunday: Video

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Not sure what you’re snacking on for lunch today.

Around here, we dine on video highlights. And the last Sunday of the regular season provided plenty, including yet another wicked from MVP frontrunner Derrick Rose:


About Last Night: Alone At The Top

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Chicago Bulls sit alone at the top of the Eastern Conference standings, for now at least.

So what if it’s only a half-game lead they have over the Celtics.

If the postseason started this afternoon, the Bulls would be the East’s No. 1 playoff seed. And when the regular season ends, that’s all that will matter.

The Bulls haven’t held that top spot this late in the season since 1997-98, the season the Bulls won their sixth NBA championship. But now that they have officially arrived, a little ahead of schedule based on some expectations, they’ll have to guard against feeling they’ve got things totally under control.

That shouldn’t be a big problem with blue-collar cogs like Luol Deng keeping a keen eye on things.


About Last Night: Sunday’s Best

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Just in case you missed out on Sunday’s best, we have a quick catch up kit for you.

After weeks of light Sunday schedules, things picked up yesterday in a major way.The Mavericks are rolling again (it seems we say that every couple of weeks, when they get on one of their wicked rolls).

The Magic won again, the 76ers continue to climb the ranks in the Eastern Conference and the Hawks seemed to have found a post-trade deadline groove of their own.

Check out all the highlights from the 10-game slate in the Daily Zap:


About Last Night: Video Evidence!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Carmelo Anthony goes off for 50 points, in a loss.

The Cleveland Cavaliers make history.

The Dallas Mavericks win their ninth straight.

We’ve got all that and so much more to help you get your Tuesday morning off to the right start. In fact, we have video evidence of everything that went on during a busy Monday night around the league. The Daily Zap:


Kobe’s Greatest Hits, Part III

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The NBA title was supposed to be a forgone conclusion for the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2003-04 season.

Shaquille O’Neal still in his prime. Kobe Bryant in his prime. And aged stars and future Hall of Famers Karl Malone and Gary Payton along for the ring-chasing ride.

Never happened.

After battling their way through a tumultuous season, the Pistons upended the Lakers in the 2004 NBA Final. It was the last time Kobe and Shaq would share the same locker room.

Kobe’s Top 10 Plays from the 2003-04 season:

Those top two plays look pretty clutch to us, seeing as how they were the plays that helped the Lakers clinch the Pacific Division. We know there has been a healthy debate about Kobe’s ability to deliver in crunch time. Lakers fans we’re rocking with you back then KB.

This is third installment of the Top 10 from the Black Mamba we will examine here at the Hideout. Between now and the All-Star Game (Feb. 20), we’ll be posting a new season top 10 list from Kobe‘s storied career for your viewing pleasure.

About Last Night: Hump Day Hoops

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With 11 games on the schedule last night, you couldn’t go wrong. There were fantastic performances and great games up and down the schedule.

We know you’re busy, so we don’t have time to pour over each and every game in excruciating detail. But we do have the abbreviated version (above) in the Daily Zap, where Derrick Rose and Jrue Holiday shined in leading their teams to big wins.

We also have all the best highlights, courtesy of the folks in the video department (the best in the biz), J.R. Smith keeps popping up on these things.

So take a few minutes to see what you might have missed, with the Top 10 Plays from Hump Day: