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Waiters Promises He Has No Promise

NEW YORK – From Syracuse and from out of hiding, and apparently via a stop at a school for budding comedians, Dion Waiters insisted he has not received a draft promise for Thursday night and that he has no idea what teams are interested in taking him in the lottery.

In other news, wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

It was obviously just a coincidence that Waiters left in the middle of the Chicago pre-draft camp, that he canceled all scheduled workouts, and that Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo, one of the many executives trying to get Waiters in for a visit, flat out said agent Rob Pelinka told him Waiters had a promise. Plus, while every prospect except presumptive No. 1 pick Anthony Davis was city hopping for team workouts, Waiters said he never once asked his representatives why he was nowhere.

But, no promise.

“No,” he said Wednesday at a Manhattan hotel the day before the draft in Newark, N.J. “I didn’t. I wish I did.