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Duncan Appreciation Day

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Getting a glimpse of Tim Duncan‘s first NBA basket reminds you of many of the nearly 8,000 other shots he’s made during his Hall of Fame career.

No flash or anything extra, just a man doing his workmanlike best to get the job done. It’s a shame we need to be dazzled to take notice of greatness.

It pains us that we only step back and appreciate Duncan’s exploits when he passes a milestone the way he did Friday night in Utah, becoming the leading scorer in Spurs’ NBA history with 20,810 points — to old school hoops heads Duncan is still  2,792 points behind “The Iceman,” George Gervin, who dropped 23,602 points during his Hall of Fame career that three seasons with the ABA Spurs.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich summed it up best:

“There’s no flash, no beating the chest. Just go up and down the court, go home and get a sandwich.”

Duncan’s big night was celebrated appropriately, they won in Utah for the first time since April 2009 and improved to 10-1 for the first time … which was perhaps the most surprising development of the night.

And history will be much kinder than we are to one of the game’s truly all-time great talents. Whatever Duncan lacks in sizzle he makes up tenfold in substance.

When you pass up the likes of Gervin and David Robinson on the career list for anything, you know you’re in elite company. And that’s why we’re going to spend the 24 hours after Duncan’s fabulous Friday night celebrating him the way he should be celebrated. Why wait until he’s done to show him the proper respect he deserves?

So we’re officially declaring this Duncan Appreciation Day here at the hideout (we make up our own holidays around here), a day when we sit back and enjoy a guy while he’s still getting it done.