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No Tech For Rivers Left Adelman Teed Off

VIDEO: Clippers coach Doc Rivers talks with the media following win over Wolves

MINNEAPOLIS – With the Clippers and the Timberwolves meeting for the second time in nine days, it seemed like a fair and logical question: Would Minnesota’s Rick Adelman be allowed to stroll to midcourt this time to call a timeout at a pivotal point in the game?

That’s what happened at Staples Center in the closing seconds of the Clippers’ 109-107 victory: Doc Rivers went nearly to center court before he got referee Tony Brown‘s attention to call time in the midst of L.A.’s possession. The move incensed Adelman as well as a lot of Wolves fans, who felt Rivers should have received a technical foul for strolling so far on the floor during play.

But the Clippers coach didn’t think twice about it at the time and, from the sound of it, wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing again.

“If I can get out there, I will,” Rivers said about 90 minutes before tipoff Wednesday at Target Center. “There’s nothing you can do. It’s really a bad circumstance.

“One of the questions was, ‘Didn’t your players know to call a timeout?’ I said ‘No, I gave them a play to run.’ And in the middle of the play, I’m looking at the play and thinking, ‘This play’s not going to work.’ I needed a timeout. I tried to call a timeout.”

At that point, Rivers barged onto the court and got his timeout with 11.8 seconds left.

“There’s really nothing you can do about it — it’s on the opposite side of the floor. There should be no tech called on that, by the way – the worst that can be called is delay-of-game. But as long as you don’t run into anybody or touch anybody, there’s no way around it.”

Rivers said he was open to suggestions on alternatives, such as “give me a red button that I can blink.” He also said he understands an opposing coach objecting to the move. “If that had been Rick, I’d want him thrown out of the game. But me, I think I should be able to do it,” he said, laughing.

Rivers got away with a similar move during the 2010 Finals, when he helped the Celtics avoid a halfcourt violation late in Game 2. “It was almost the exact thing,” he said. “It’s tough on the refs, though. They should not be paying attention to me. … There’s nothing in the rule book, I don’t know what you do about it, but it’s a toughie.”

Actually there is: Rule No. 12, section V, article d(5), pertaining to Fouls And Penalties, Conduct:

A technical foul shall be assessed for unsportsmanlike tactics, such as … (5) A coach entering onto the court without permission of an official.

Adelman initially joked about Rivers’ bit of gamesmanship Wednesday. “I think that’s reserved for certain people. He’s got a lot more money than I have, so he didn’t care if he got a technical,” the Wolves coach said.

Except, of course, Rivers didn’t get T-ed up.

“I could not believe they just allowed that to go on,” Adelman said. “You can’t do that. We’ve talked about it at times. The coaches have, in the last couple years, stepped onto the court to call timeouts. And I’ve had two different discussions: one said no, you’re not supposed to do that.”

The Wolves coach also sounded surprised that Rivers was desperate to get the timeout called. “I couldn’t believe … why he was so mad,” Adelman said. “They had the [2-point] lead and they had the best point guard in the game [Chris Paul] with the ball.”

Big Baby: Pants On The Ground (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Magic forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis did something we’d never seen before in last night’s loss to the Spurs, when he dropped his big shorts and earned a technical foul.

Davis was disputing a foul called on him and during his protest pulled his shorts down to his uh, undergarment. It wasn’t exactly pants all the way to the ground, but he was moving in that direction.

It’s truly a strange sight to see. Take a look for yourself:



Big Baby had a legitimate beef with the foul call. From this vantage point, it looked like he made a good play on the pass thrown to Richard Jefferson. And there is never anything wrong with a good hustle play big fella.

But the trouser dropping protest … you earned every bit of that technical foul!

Perkins In The Clear For Game 6


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kendrick Perkins is good to go for the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

The NBA announced that his second technical foul (with 36.1 seconds to play before halftime) has been rescinded, helping him avoid an automatic suspension and keeping him in uniform. It also upgraded Paul Pierce’s foul in the fourth quarter from a personal foul to a Flagrant I foul.

As speculated here earlier today, there had to be some movement on at least one of Perkins’ techs.

The only problem with that (for the Celtics) is Perkins now has to be on his very best behavior to avoid getting his next technical. If he slips up and gets one in Game 6 … Perkins just better not slip up again.

Now, this is the part where Magic (Lakers and Suns) fans chime in with the conspiracy theory chants.

We’ve discussed it, debated and agreed to disagree about it here at the hideout.

No conspiracy. Just an honest to goodness fair decision on this one.