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All-Star Friday Night Revisited

LOS ANGELES — Blake Griffin‘s work in Friday’s T-Mobile Rookie Challenge was just the beginning of his whirlwind journey through the first of what should be many All-Star Weekends for the Loss Angeles Clippers’ superstar.

He didn’t snag MVP honors in the game, fellow rookie John Wall did. But we suspect he has a decent chance of exiting the Staples Center floor tonight with a trophy of his own after the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

Just in case you missed any of Friday’s All-Star Weekend action, we’ve got a nice little recap here for you (courtesy of the good folks in the HT audio-visual club):

Holiday’s Homecoming

LOS ANGELES — Finding Jrue Holiday in the crowd during All-Star Weekend shouldn’t be tough. He punctuated his arrival here in his hometown for tonight’s T-Mobile Rookie Challenge by sporting a bright blue “LA Loves Me” t-shirt and a blue Dodgers baseball cap to match.

As much as Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin, among others, will play the role of hometown fave throughout this weekend’s festivities, neither Bryant nor Griffin has roots that run deeper than Holiday’s in this city.

He was born and raised here, starred in high school and won state championships at Hollywood’s Campbell Hall and spent his lone college season at UCLA, alongside Darren Collison, before being drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers. So if anyone can appreciate the experience of the 60th All-Star Game and all that comes with it, Holiday is your man.

“I don’t think I could ask for anything more than maybe making the big game, the All-Star Game in my hometown,” Holiday said in a hallway at his downtown hotel. “But really, for my first All-Star experience to be here in my city, with all my family already here, I couldn’t have asked for more.”

The second-year point guard has turned out to be everything the 76ers hoped he would when they selected him with the 17th pick in the 2009 draft, even after he wasn’t selected for tonight’s T-Mobile Rookie Challenge as a rookie. (Sixers rookie Evan Turner, the No. 2 pick in the 2010 Draft, did not make the cut this year.)

“That makes it even sweeter,” Holiday said when reminded that he missed out on this experience last season. “This let’s you know that you’re on the right path, that you are growing and improving. Like I said, I really couldn’t have asked for more.”