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CP3 Steamed At Clippers, As He Should Be!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If this is the Los Angeles Clippers’ way of wooing Chris Paul, they might want to come up with a new strategy.

Hanging your superstar out to dry by indicating he’s the reason coach Vinny Del Negro was not retained and that whatever other decisions are made rest on his shoulders is not a sound strategy. That’s especially true with Paul just a month away from the full-court press of free agency from suitors around the league.

Paul is reportedly upset about being thrown into the middle of this Del Negro mess, by Clippers owner Donald Sterling of all people, and he should be upset. CP3 has been mindful throughout this entire process to stay clear of any controversy regarding the Clippers’ front-office plans. Both he and All-Star forward Blake Griffin have been thrust into this drama, as the main culprits in the decision-making process that they are believed to have influenced, despite no evidence to support this.

Chris Broussard of ESPN The Magazine reports, via sources, that Paul is upset that he’s being portrayed as some sort of coach killer:

“He’s angry right now and his anger is directed toward the Clippers organization,” the source said. “Chris is a man of principle and if he feels like you’ve gone against his principles, it will affect how he feels about you. He’s very agitated that his name has been put out there as the reason for Vinny’s firing. He had nothing to do with it.”

This fire started last week, when Del Negro was fired and T.J. Simers of The Los Angeles Times put Sterling on the hot seat about the decision. Sterling didn’t name names, but he made it clear that the wishes of the players were a part of the process:

“The coach is a wonderful man, and I’m sad about the whole thing,” Sterling said.

“Was this done,” I asked, “just to hang on to Chris Paul?”

“I always want to be honest and not say anything that is not true,” Sterling said. “So I’d rather not say anything.

“But you know, the coach did a really good job. I think he did. And I liked working with him. There are just factors that make life very complicated and very challenging.”

So the Clippers are trying to hang on to Paul.

But don’t they already have him locked up? The team has done everything to make him comfortable, even hire his favorite PR guy from New Orleans.

Do the Clippers really think he would accept almost $28 million less to sign elsewhere?

“Here you have two inexperienced people running your basketball operation in [GM] Gary Sacks and [son-in-law] Eric Miller,” I told Sterling. “And Andy Roeser doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to basketball personnel decisions.

“So I wonder, is this decision being made because the players are now calling the shots? Am I off base?”

“No, you’re not off base,” Sterling said. “This is a players’ league, and, unfortunately, if you want to win you have to make the players happy. Don’t you think that’s true?”

I answered: “No. Money makes players happy.”

As stated, the Clippers can offer Paul more money than any other suitor that will chase him in free agency. Anyone assuming they’ll be able to buy their way out of this mess with Paul doesn’t really know the man.

Del Negro isn’t the first coach (and he won’t be the last) thrown in the trash bin because he didn’t get a ringing endorsement from his star players. Paul didn’t force the Clippers’ hand in this matter and didn’t have to. Trying to make Paul the scapegoat for the fact that Del Negro’s ego is bruised because his stars didn’t lobby on his behalf is childish at best.

It’s a cheap shot for a franchise that can’t afford to squander the opportunity it has with this star-studded core capable of leading the organization to new places — namely on the right side of the divide in a city practically painted in Lakers’ purple and gold.

The fact the franchise is throwing Paul under the bus long before free agency begins only reinforces the belief that the Clippers often serve as their own worst enemy in the court of public opinion. There have been rumors that Del Negro was going to be fired from the moment he was hired by the Clippers. To lay it all on the doorstep of Paul and Griffin after the fact is disingenuous to say the least.

Paul has every right to be upset about the way he’s being portrayed. He was going to weigh all of his free-agent options anyway, including the rumored joining of forces with Dwight Howard (and Al Horford) in Atlanta, where there is cap space galore and the chance to for the Hawks what he did for the Clippers.

If Del Negro is such a wonderful man and coach, Sterling should have stood by his guy and then allowed Paul to make a decision on his own future without the sort of foolishness that will be involved in the process now.

Thunder Clap!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That seat Kobe Bryant had for the end of the Thunder’s demolition of the Lakers had to be painful, even for a living legend like Bryant.

Anytime you get whipped up on by some youngsters it has to hurt.

And that was indeed a whippin’ the Thunder administered at the Ford Center.

Kevin Durant and his crew showed off once again that the reigning world champions are vulnerable the moment they set foot on  floor that isn’t inside Staple Center.

T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times declared (playfully, we hope) that Bryant’s out of character performance against the Thunder is directly related to a magazine story suggesting that Durant is better:

“The megalomaniac I know would have gone off for 60 when told the guy he was playing against was now deemed better.

He would have dunked off the jump ball, taking it as a personal challenge to set the record straight.

He would never let such a thought take seed, slapping the upstart aside with an ESPN highlight show, forcing the SportsCenter announcers to proclaim his greatness again.

So what happened to Kobe Bryant, and for that matter, his slapstick supporting cast Friday night?

The Lakers played like St. Mary’s, trailing by 33 after three quarters, the megalomaniac as he was called in a Rolling Stones’ story brought to his attention earlier in the day, scoring two more points than his nine turnovers.

There were ESPN highlights, all right, every one of them dominated by the Thunder and for the most part, Kevin Durant, who scored 26 and shot free throws with everyone in the place chanting, “MVP, MVP.”

The megalomaniac I know would never have allowed such a thing, a young superstar like Durant strutting his stuff at his expense and all Durant’s teammates thinking what’s so tough about playing the Lakers — if we get them in the playoffs.

So aren’t you, Kobe Bryant, the guy who usually takes on such a challenge?

“That’s a silly question,” he said with a dirty look, a silly answer as well, for that matter a non-answer and not surprising on a night when he really didn’t seem to have any.”

We are, of course, not buying into such foolishness.

But it does make for amusing fare to start the weekend.

More concerning to us is that the Lakers continue to show their championship timber away from home, something that was not an issue last season.

The HT crew will get a chance to see them next week when they make their annual stop here in Atlanta. We will be watching closely to see if they’ve changed their demeanor at all.

We’re looking for championship traits fellas, and we will have our BluBlockers on!

Now, a little Friday night rewind to get your morning kicked off just right:

If you missed any of the games here’s a quick recap of all of them

Uh, didn’t someone warn you yesterday about Danny Granger and the Pacers?

And finally, the (10) best of the best!