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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 209) Rick’s Return



Rick Fox is back in the fold on The Hang Time Podcast, picking up on Episode 209 where he left off months ago, cracking us up while sharing the details of the wild and crazy roller coaster ride that is his life. From Hollywood to Las Vegas to New York and around the globe, Rick has been busy since he last showed up for his job (one of about 226 different jobs) here.

We should clear up a few things now, before you dig in. No, he is not to blame for Serena Williams missing out on the grand slam (he didn’t even make it to her final match at the U.S. Open), that was Drake‘s fault.

Yes, brilliant comedian and actress Amy Schumer is going to need a restraining order to keep Rick a safe distance away from her now that he’s become her unquestioned No. 1 fan.

And yes, these rumors of a musical twist (he’s searching for a stage name but is leaning towards “DJ Trainwreck” … sorry Amy and LeBron James) in his future are legit.

It’s been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of poking fun at the most hilariously entertaining member of our crew.  But it’s good to have him back to share his insights on the sudden passing of Moses Malone, Kobe Bryant‘s readiness for training camp and what that means for the Los Angeles Lakers, his need to learn Spanish (yesterday) for his latest acting gig, rubbing elbows with Oprah, Gayle King and Roger Goodell, his infatuation with live streaming videos on Facebook, introducing his daughter to Nas and so much more.

That’s just a small sampling of what you’ll get on Episode 209 of the Hang Time Podcast: Rick’s Return …


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LBJ And KD … Friends And Rivals?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Outside of tennis legends and sisters Venus and Serena Williams and Jamaican sprint superstars Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake, has there ever been a pair of world class-level rivals in any sport who have trained together at the height of their powers?

Athletes in other sports have done it, challenging each other to get better during the offseason and sharing tips. But rarely, if ever, have we seen anything like what’s going on in Akron, Ohio right now, according to Brian Windhorst of

But for the second straight summer, Miami Heat star and MVP LeBron James and NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant have hooked up for a week of workouts (Hell Week II?) in preparation for the upcoming season.

While some people might cringe at the idea of these two combatants working together (lest we forget, they were teammates all summer on the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team that won a gold medal at the Olympics in London), this is a breath of fresh air here at the hideout.

You couldn’t have competed any harder than James and Durant did against one another in The Finals, with James and his Heat team prevailing in June. They joined forces in London and proved to be a dynamic and devastating duo against some of the best the rest of the world had to offer. And we have no doubts that they’ll crank right back up this season battling for NBA supremacy from the start of training camp until the final buzzer of the 2012-13 season.

But not everyone is as accepting of this sort of pairing. Some folks, even a stray voice or two here at the hideout, are not as comfortable with this training set up, even if is just one week.

What say you?