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Lost In Translation?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If you are in need of a late summer basketball fix,’s John Schuhmann has a wicked handle on all the goings on at the 2010 World Championship.

And after Tuesday’s outlandish performance by Argentine star and Rockets forward Luis Scola, it seems the spotlight has shifted even more to the international game as the competition heads toward the gold medal showdown.

Scola’s showcase inspired a round of questions here at the hideout, mainly from folks who want to know why more of these guys that make such bold statements during international competition cannot duplicate that work during the NBA season.

As Schuhmann pointed out via Twitter this morning, Scola’s (FIBA and NBA) peers know that he’s a star:

Kevin Durant has conceded the World Championship MVP to Luis Scola. “He’s a beast … the MVP by far in this tournament, win or lose.”

That won’t stop the avalanche of prickly messages and one-liners suggesting that performances like the one Scola turned in can only be done against international competition and not in the NBA.

I can’t tell you how many emails that hit the hideout inbox included the tired line, “If he’s so great why doesn’t Scola play like that in the NBA?”