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No Need For a PJax Comeback!

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — He has to take the calls and at least entertain the possibility of coming back, especially when teams are offering the ridiculous amounts of money and power you know they are to legendary coach Phil Jackson.

We’re hoping Jackson has the restraint that others in his shoes, living legends in their particular field with absolutely nothing left to prove, uses the power of Zen to resist any urge to come back. It’s not that we don’t love having him around, because the league is infinitely more interesting with him in front of the microphone and sitting in that high chair on the sideline somewhere.

But there is simply no need for a comeback, certainly not as a coach. Any lingering sting at the way he went out, Jackson’s Lakers were swept in the Western Conference semifinals last season by the eventual champion Dallas Mavericks, should pale in comparison to the historic mountain of accomplishments Jackson piled up during his coaching career.

You would hope that the 11 rings, countless memories and his status as arguably the greatest coach of all time (in the NBA and anywhere else), would be enough to satisfy Jackson’s basketball jones.

But if we are to believe Thursday rumblings that Jackson bowed out of an opportunity to take over in some capacity in Orlando, maybe  a lifetime spent in the winner’s circle is not enough for Jackson.