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Dwight Howard Rumors Percolating


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We should all know better by now.

Once you dive into the NBA rumor mill, there’s usually no getting out. And now that these Dwight Howard rumors are percolating again, courtesy of Monday’s trip to New York, here we go down the rabbit hole.

Before we dive into the particulars, kudos should go out to Howard, Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and the franchise itself for handling an extremely touchy situation with as much patience and professionalism as possible. After all, it’s not often your franchise player makes clear that he wants to play elsewhere in training camp and your team plays at as high a level as the Magic have so far this season (9-3 and winners of four straight games).

That said, these rumors will only increase as the trade deadline approaches. The latest, from Chris Sheridan of, has the Los Angeles Clippers joining the Nets, Mavericks and Lakers on the short list of teams Howard will accept a trade to.

It’s great to have another log tossed onto that fire just for the fun of it. Well, fun for everyone not associated with the Magic organization at least.