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Horry: Phil Created Shaq V. Kobe …

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There’s nothing like news from Russia that the Shaquille O’NealKobe Bryant feud that fueled the Lakers all those years was the creation of Phil Jackson.

Stunner, huh?

Not exactly. But when Robert Horry weighs in on the topic, from Russian website Sports.Ru (translation courtesy of  Alexander Chernykh and his Rush’n Hoops blog):

I think Phil Jackson started that feud. It happened many times that after team practice he would say, “Kobe said this about Shaq, and Shaq said that about Kobe… We couldn’t believe how could that happen, because just the day before we saw them together, jumping on one another. Phil liked it when there was conflict of some sort.

I always tell people; if you look at those championships, you’ll see who were the closest players on the team. Normally those are the guys who are the first to hug each other. And when we were winning, it was always Shaq and Kobe who hugged. I think this will answer your question. Later it was blown out of proportion by the media and both players started doing something that didn’t make sense.

We’ve already heard from two people who were around the Lakers from the start of that run until ended that dispute the origins of the feud and insist that Jackson only fanned the flames that were already there.

Both Roland Lazenby and Howard Beck of The New York Times, a beat writer for the Los Angeles Daily News during the Shaq-Kobe era, dispute the claim that Jackson started the feud.

In his own defense, Horry tweeted that the translation was, a bit scattered, to say the least.

I know Jackson is considered a wizard in many circles, but even he would have a hard time starting one of the greatest beefs in the history of sport before he ever showed up to coach the two players involved.

MJ, Kobe And Everybody Else


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Just so we’re clear on who is and is not worthy of comparison among the greatest of the all-time (or soon-to-be) greats: Michael Jordan says Kobe Bryant is the only player, apparently past or present, that has earned the right to be compared with his Airness, as relayed by Roland Lazenby (who is working on a Jordan book) via Twitter over the weekend:

Kobe’s ultimate competition is MJ. That’s why MJ watches him. MJ made people think what he was doing wasn’t human. Ditto the Kobester.

I never said Kobe was better than MJ. MJ just told me Kobe’s the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison.

And Kobe says that Chris Paul is the only player other than reigning MVP Derrick Rose that possess the same drive and desire to be the best of the very best that he does:

“He’s a dog. He’s going to fight to win, and not too many teams can deal with him. Chris Paul is really the only other guy in the league, other than Derrick Rose, who also has that competitive edge.”

Is anyone else sick of all of this? So now MJ and Kobe get to decide who measures up, who is on their level?

Well fellas, I can think of several guys who could and should be included in the discussion. Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal come to mind.

Funny, you never hear Russell, Magic or Bird yapping about who is on their level. In fact, I don’t remember any of them spending much time engaging in the G.O.A.T. conversation at all, when all three of them certainly could make a claim.


Hang Time Podcast (Episode 35)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Connoisseurs of all things are welcome here at the hideout.

But we place a premium on the trailblazers among us, those kindred spirits and old souls those that love basketball, good food, a literary classic on a lazy weekend morning, trashy TV, trips to exotic places, the smell of a crisp new pair of sneakers and the believe that we are all entitled to life, love and the pursuit of a good joke.

That’s why we invited Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Nick Collison and celebrated author and educator Roland Lazenby to join us on Episode 35 of the Hang Time Podcast.


Between Collison’s chilling prose on how to survive everyday in Oklahoma City fast lane and Lazenby’s campaign stump speech for Lakers guard and NBA Players Union prez Derek Fisher, we actually found a little time to talk about basketball.

And that’s when things really turned interesting.

As always, we welcome your feedback. You can follow the entire crew, including the Hang Time Podcast Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine, our super producer Micah Hart of’s All Ball Blog and your host Sekou Smith on Twitter.

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