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Do You Believe In Magic?


Believe in Magic, that is?

Dwight Howard is hoping the fine folks of Orlando believe in Magic, his Magic and their chances to win a championship. Howard pleaded his case after a narrow escape over Milwaukee Tuesday night:

“We’re not perfect, we’re going to make mistakes, we’re going to miss shots, we’re going to make bad turnovers, bad decisions with the ball, but we just need everybody to believe in us,” Howard said. “We are going to continue to believe in ourselves and believe in each other, but we need our city to continue to believe in us.”


Bearded Buddies in Orlando

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In addition to playing really well lately, the Orlando Magic have become one of the more interesting teams in the league.

Stan Van Gundy is making MVP declarations, he insists Bull All-Star Derrick Rose has already won the award despite the Magic’s All-Star big man, Dwight Howard, being just as deserving:

“I don’t think it’s wide open,” Van Gundy said. “The media seems to have made their decision and they’re the ones who vote, so I think it’s over.” Asked to make the case for Howard, Van Gundy said: “To me, with his rebounding, his scoring and his defense, I just don’t think there’s anybody that impacts as many possessions in a game as Dwight does. I think Derrick Rose has been great. I will have no problem at all if Derrick  Rose wins the MVP. They’ve got the best record in the East; he’s been clearly their leader. You can make a great case for him. I have never been running down another guy. I think it’s a hard choice to make…but I still don’t think anyone impacts the game as many possessions as Dwight does.”

As much entertainment as Van Gundy provides, the his players are cooking up a hockey-themed stunt for the playoffs that should make things even more hilarious around the locker room in the coming weeks.

After much deliberation, they have decided to grow playoff beards. And they have vowed not to shave them until their playoff run, however long it ends up being, is over. The NBA Finals don’t usually end until mid to late June.