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Stephen Jackson’s ‘Around-The-World 3-Point Challenge’ (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You think you can shoot it from deep?

So does Spurs swingman and reality TV star in training Stephen Jackson.

But he’s not just talking about it. He’s backing it up with hard work and his “Around-The-World 3-Point Challenge” (video courtesy of our friends at NOC):

Stephen Jackson: World’s Greatest Basketball Coach?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If someone asked you to look at a list of current NBA players and pick the one guy you think might become the best coach after his playing days are over, where would Spurs firecracker Stephen Jackson rank on your list?

If you say at the top, you’re lying. And you know it.

But you never know how these things might work out. And you never know who is training in the offseason for the future.

When we got word that the head coach of the Stephen Jackson Basketball Academy was the namesake himself (courtesy of our friends at NOC), we had to get a good look and see if any of the fine work Gregg Popovich has done over the years for the Spurs had rubbed off on Jackson.

Judge for yourself:

Pop would be proud!