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Spurs Deliver Their Stern Response


SAN ANTONIO — It was the kind of night when you expected Tim Duncan to take the court wearing flip-flops, Tony Parker in straw hat and sunglasses and that annoying Manu Ginobili to be squirting SPF-50 in the eyes of the Grizzlies.

After all, the Spurs were coming off the most infamous vacation since Mitt Romney’s dog took a road trip strapped to the roof of the family car.

But in the end, it was hardly a day at the beach.

The Spurs had to come from 14 down in the fourth quarter and get through five more minutes of overtime to deliver the kind of 99-95 drama that commissioner David Stern had wanted for the TNT audience on Thursday night from Miami.

When the Big Three plus Danny Green didn’t stick around for that affair and, under the orders of coach Gregg Popovich, flew home for a few extra days of R&R, it touched off the kind of up-from-the-ground fire that used to send out a call to Red Adair.

So perhaps it was only natural that the players at the center of the controversy were motivated to provide and extra spark of their own to defend their coach after the $250,000 fine.

Call it “Win One For the Tripper.”

“We definitely have always got Pop’s back,” said Parker, who had eight of his 30 points in the overtime. “I felt like it was for Pop. I wanted to be super aggressive and make sure we win the game.”

Though none of them would say it, this was their way of sticking a thumb in eye of the commissioner for meddling in their team business, a quarter-million-dollar zinger, so to speak.

It was the Grizzlies, playing the second night of a back-to-back, who looked frazzled, worn out and just plain gassed coming down the stretch.

Prior to the game, Popovich spoke about the fine for the first time and said he was “disappointed” in the league’s action, but did nothing else to ruffle the feathers of the league office.

“What I do from my perspective is a coaching perspective,” Popovich said. “I think the league operates from a business perspective, and that’s reflected in the action they took.

“That’s that, and we move on.”

Memphis still has the best record in league, but the fresher down the stretch Spurs proved their point. That they made their biggest move by climbing out of such a fourth-quarter hole only made the whole thing more delicious.

“I really just tried to come out and play hard,” said the 36-year-old Duncan, who had 27 points and 15 rebounds and his highest-scoring first half since 2004. “I got some shots going early and continued to attack.”

“I felt good in overtime,” said Parker with an extra twinkle in his eye. “I had two days off. So I felt like I had a lot of energy.”

Win One For the Tripper. Message delivered.

Election Day: ‘Barack To Barack’

Kendall Marshall, the rookie point guard of the Suns did not specify politics or not Tuesday night. But since he asked….

The NBA community was part of the Twitter traffic as President Barack Obama won re-election in a race that generated financial contributions from around the league, from players to coaches to owners to commisioner David Stern, for the Democratic incumbent and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Royce White of the Rockets was poignant, DeJuan Blair of the Spurs celebrated, and Jason Richardson of the 76ers turned the phrase.

“Barack to Barack #Obama2012,” @jrich23 wrote as Obama closed in on a second consecutive White House win. (more…)

Presidential Politics: Obama’s ‘The Heat’ To Romney’s ‘Jeremy Lin’

You knew it was only a matter of time before Presidential politics and the NBA crossed paths during this election season.

In a Sunday piece in The New York Times detailing President Barack Obama‘s ultra competitive nature, an unnamed aide to tells a story of the Commander-in-Chief (and No. 1 hoops fans) comparing his reelection team to the eventual NBA champion Heat and his opponent’s, Republican nominee Mitt Romney, to former Knicks sensation and current Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin:

This February, in an otherwise placid meeting with Democratic governors — routine policy questions, routine presidential replies — Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana asked Mr. Obama if he had what it took to win the 2012 race.

For a moment Mr. Obama looked annoyed, a White House aide said, as if he thought Mr. Schweitzer was underestimating him. Then he came alive. “Holy mackerel, he lit up,” Mr. Schweitzer said in an interview. “It was like a light switch coming on.”

No matter what moves Mr. Romney made, the president said, he and his team were going to cut him off and block him at every turn. “We’re the Miami Heat, and he’s Jeremy Lin,” Mr. Obama said, according to the aide.

We’ll know the start of the NBA season if President Obama is correct in his categorization of both sides. Election night will decide that.

Win or lose, President Obama will reign forever as basketball’s first and favorite Commander-in-Chief. He’s shown more love for the game than any of his predecessors.