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Heat in full support of Clippers, anxious for league response to Sterling

By Sekou Smith,

VIDEO: The Heat staged a silent protest before Game 4 in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE — LeBron James and his Miami Heat teammates are in full support of their friends, colleagues and competitors in Los Angeles as the NBA players, fans and owners league-wide — along with the entire sports world — await word from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the fate of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

As much as James and the Heat were focused on their chance to close out the Charlotte Bobcats in Game 4 of their first round playoff series Monday night at Time Warner Cable Arena, they were just as tuned into the ongoing drama surrounding Sterling, whose alleged racist comments to his girlfriend that were caught on tape by TMZ have created a global firestorm.

They staged their own silent protest before the start of Monday’s game. Silver is scheduled to address the media Tuesday afternoon in regards to the league’s investigation into the Sterling matter.

James didn’t mice his words on the topic in the locker room before tip-off. He’s as anxious as anyone to see how the league will respond.

“We’re all in suspense and in waiting,” he said. “It’s a waiting game right now. We believe in the NBA. We believe in Adam Silver. Justice should be served.”

If the growing reaction from around the league, and the rest of the free world is any indication, that’s exactly what could happen.

Warriors coach Mark Jackson called for the fans to boycott Game 5. “If it was me, I wouldn’t come to the game,” he said. “I believe as fans, the loudest statement they could make as far as fans is to not show up to the game.

“As an African-American man that’s a fan of the game of basketball and knows its history and knows what’s right and what’s wrong, I would not come to the game tomorrow, whether I was a Clipper fan or a Warrior fan.” (more…)

Labor Talks: Here We Go Again


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Did you wake up this morning wondering what the first weekend of November has in store for you, NBA fans?

Let us help.

How about another round of “talks,” perhaps even another round of hollow smiles and more posturing about deadlines that move at the whim of the men on both sides of the league’s labor dispute and even a scare tactic or two that threatens to cost us the entire 2011-12 season?

We completely understand if lockout fatigue syndrome is full-blown in your household. It’s choking the life out of things here at the hideout, where every breaking news blast is met with a raised eyebrow and questions about who might be pulling the strings on this latest stunt (the dissolution of the union is coming back to the forefront now).

( and NBA TV’s legal analyst Michael McCann details all of the particulars for you!)

They’ve met in small groups, larger groups and committees. There have been conference calls, secret ones and not-so-secret alike, news conferences and now threats of the union decertifying and still no sign of the one thing we need … a new collective bargaining agreement!

Substantive talks are one thing and we’d welcome anything in that neighborhood going on this weekend.

But showing up to a Manhattan hotel and sticking around just long enough to tell each other that nothing has changed is not what we’d consider progress.

And we’re not the only ones exhausted by the process …


Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe captures the mood of many with his column that places the current state of affairs in the proper historical context:

It is very annoying for those of us who still love the sport of professional basketball to see what its custodians are currently doing to harm it. I wish it were as easy to decipher as the NFL madness. It was pretty easy to outfit the combatants in that one.

White Hats: Players

Black Hats: Owners

The NFL lockout was about very rich guys, all making a profit from their teams, wanting more. The players asked for nothing. Status quo was fine with them. There was a $9 billion pie, and there was ample opportunity for everyone to get a nice slice.

The NBA pie is worth “only’’ approximately $4 billion, and, unlike the NFL, not everyone makes a profit. That is clear. But just who is losing what remains unclear, because history teaches us that in these matters, professional sports teams make statements concerning their finances that, while perhaps not outright lies, are, shall we say, substantial stretches of the truth. Make that enormous, stupendous, astonishing stretches of the truth.