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‘Melo Chatter Mellows Out

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Any legitimate news on the Carmelo Anthony trade-rumor front would be good news at this point. After weeks of empty table scraps we need a meal of substance where ‘Melo is concerned.

But what we’ve been chewing on lately tastes like warmed-over garbage.

Will we really have to sweat this thing out until the Feb. 24 trade deadline? It appears we could be in for an extended period of mellow chatter on the ‘Melo situation.

ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard lays out all of the convoluted scenarios here, including this brief snippet:

The Nets and Nuggets have discussed various trade scenarios, and just before Christmas they nearly worked out a three-team deal involving the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to league sources.

The Nets have a standing offer of rookie Derrick Favors, two first-round draft picks and Troy Murphy on the table, but last month, sources said the Nuggets aren’t interested in Murphy because they would inherit the remaining $8 million on his expiring contract. So the Nets brought in Cleveland and its $14.5 million trade exception.