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Awards Season: Most Improved Player

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While it’s not the most prestigious honor handed out during the NBA’s award season, one of our favorites here at the hideout is the Most Improved Player award.

This is the one award that rewards guys for actually taking their game from one level to the next, a transition that takes place for various reasons (a change of scenery never hurts and a regime change can inspire a player, too).

NBA TV’s Game Time crew (Marc Fein, Brent Barry and Jerry Stackhouse) had a pretty good debate about it last night (above). Unlike the MVP chatter, this topic doesn’t dominate our conversations this time of year. But the list of worthy — or at least legitimate — candidates for the Most Improved honor is much longer than the list of names populating the MVP debate.

In fact, the leader in the MVP clubhouse, Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, could easily be considered the front-runner for MIP. We’re not going to rely on anyone else’s research. (Although, if you haven’t seen John Schuhmann’s StatsCube piece on the Most Improved race, you should.) We’re taking the vote to the people (that would be you) to see what the popular opinion is on the Most Improved Player: