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Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re just hours away from the “real thing,” so we’re going to make sure we take one last look at the best dunks from the preseason.

Sure, it’s just the warm up act. And no, the games didn’t count.

But the that doesn’t make the Lunch Dunks! menu any less tantalizing:

By Wednesday, we’ll have a menu filled with sick stuff for your to feast on!

Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — What a fitting way to wrap up an entire week worth of Lunch Dunks!

We’d like to thank Oklahoma City Thunder star Jeff Green for sharing with the rest of us yet again:

We didn’t forget about you Nicolas Batum:

Or you Marvin Williams (sorry Chris Bosh):

We had an overflow of great stuff for the menu this week that we’re thinking about serving up a special weekend edition of Lunch Dunks!

Just call it Brunch Dunks!

Stay tuned.

Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re always on the lookout for surprises when we go hunting for Lunch Dunks! candidates.

It’s probably safe to say that Anthony Randolph was surprised when Jrue Holiday did him like this:

Don’t ever underestimate a man Mr. Randolph, especially a man with the ball in his hand and that look in his eye!

In fact, this should serve as sufficient warning for the rest of the league.  Careful how you play young Mr. Holiday. He might just put you on a poster.

Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — How this man manages to fly under the Lunch Dunks! radar is beyond me.

Because few players in the league display an ability to make your jaw drop when they get off the ground as Derrick Rose does.

This is one of his more routine efforts:

But just having him on the menu today allows us to brighten your Hump Day with this little blast from the recent past.

Go ahead and turn away now Goran Dragic:

I know it’s cruel, but we just never get tired of watching this dunk around here.


Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Today’s Lunch Dunks! menu is filled with a tasty variety of dunks to fit whatever mood you are in. And we have some familiar faces vying for your attention.

First up, Rudy Gay of the Grizzlies shows off:

Next up, the King!

Never one to be outdone on the fast break, LeBron James offers up his take on the same dunk:

Some people might argue that James didn’t even have the best dunk of the night in Miami.

That honor could belong to Chris Bosh, who sized up the rim on this one:

And this one, too:

Still, the nastiest dunk on the menu might have been turned in by the shortest member of today’s crew.

Check out the elevation on Russell Westbrook‘s jam (at 1:45 of this game recap):

Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You’ve been warned about the Griffinization of the Lunch Dunks! wing of the hideout this season.

Blake Griffin, the Los Angeles Clippers’ rugged power forward, isn’t wasting any time in piling up entry after entry:

He just seems to have a knack for these things.

If you know what we mean:

He has company today, though.

Utah big man Al Jefferson wants to hang out for lunch with us as well:

We’re going to let the rookie in on the fun, too.

John Wall, welcome to Lunch Dunks! can we take your order?

And who can forget Oklahoma City’s Jeff Green, who shows us all the importance of perseverance.

If someone else misses, you keep grinding and pick up the slack:

Have a good weekend!

Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re convinced, Shannon Brown believes he can fly.

How else do you explain his high-flying antics nearly every time he’s gets a sliver of space?

He’s an ideal candidate to entertain us during the lunch hour, making his umpteenth appearance on the Lunch Dunks! stage:

Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Lunch Dunks!

For our first course, we’re going a little space age on you. We like to call this one “Jamario-jumps-over-the-Moon!

A now for the second course.

Carmelo Anthony hasn’t gone anywhere yet Denver, so keep hope alive.

The third and final course.

The Big Fella (Shaquille O’Neal) might not get up like he used to, but he’s still capable.

Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It takes a lot for a rookie to find his way onto our Lunch Dunks! menu.

But give Cleveland’s Samardo Samuels credit, he took care of business here:

He’s got company today, though.

In fact, Houston sophomore/second year man Chase Budinger steals the show with this one:

But wait, there’s more.

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to dismiss what LeBron James can do with his feet off the ground:

This is still just the preseason, right?

Lunch Dunks!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If their preseason energy is any indication, the Washington Wizards might end up being a bit saltier than expected this season.

It certainly helps to have Gilbert Arenas and John Wall on the same page. And an engaged and focused Andray Blatche, today’s Lunch Dunks! delivery man, always helps.