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Young Fellas: Believe The Hype!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ve been catching a lot of grief around here for making what some of you insist is too much of Blake Griffin‘s dunking exploits this season.

We apologize for being a bit excited about something new. But can you blame us for enjoying the work of the young fellas?

Both Griffin and Wizards rookie John Wall showed out last night in a double-overtime thriller that threatened to top the triple-overtime thriller the Lakers and Suns played on the same floor a night earlier.

Sure, this was two lottery teams going at it in a game that won’t do anything to the playoff standings. And if you’re not a Wizards or Clippers fan, this is just an assortment of various highlights.

We’ve just decided to let our minds run a little wild with this one and imagine what these two teams might look like in a couple of years, when Wall and Griffin are leading playoff teams and when a Wizards-Clippers matchup actually means something in the grand scheme of things.


Knuckle Up!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Desperate times call for desperate measures.

And prior to Sunday’s game at the Rose Garden, the Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Clippers were the living, breathing, jump-shooting and dunking embodiment of desperate.

The Blazers were trying to snap a six-game losing streak. The Clippers were trying to win on the road for the first time this season. The result was a fantastic wrestling match with some pretty good basketball mixed in for good measure.

Seriously, though, both of these teams will continue to fight to save their seasons. They have to, with so much drama swirling around their respective camps.