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About Last Night: Miami 3:16 Goes Off

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Isiah Thomas was right when he said LeBron James needed to embrace his inner villain and let the venom of others fuel him in this, the second act of his NBA career.

We haven’t had more fun watching than we did Sunday, when he soaked up the hate from the Trail Blazers fans and unleashed it back on them in the form of a season-high 44 points, 13 rebounds and six assists in a gritty 107-100 Heat win.

Remember when James was in Cleveland, having fun and taking snapshots before games with his teammates and dancing and leaving us all to wonder how wicked he might be if he played with a chip on his shoulder instead of with a smile on his face all the time?

Well, now we know.

James didn’t go it alone. The other members of Miami 3:16 — or LeWosh, as our main man and colleague Art Garcia likes to refer to them — were in on the fun, too. They combined for all but 11 of the Heat’s points in the game, making us wonder if the Heat could have won this game playing four on five (ridiculous, right, but think about it for a second) … of course, not.

Whether you are a Heat hater or supporter, you have to admit they are fun to watch. They’ve rattled off nine straight wins and 13 straight on the road (they snapped the Trail Blazers’ eight-game home winning streak Sunday). They haven’t lost to anyone other than Dallas (twice) since Thanksgiving and here we are creeping up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.