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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 52)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We had to call in some serious favors and promise to sell super producer Micah Hart’s phone contact list to the Smithsonian one day, but we finally landed the one guest we’ve been waiting on since the Hang Time Podcast first hit the airwaves.

Basketball legend and Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar graced us with a visit on Episode 52. We talked about his documentary, “On the Shoulders of Giants,” detailing the history of the Harlem Rens basketball team – the story of the greatest basketball team you never heard of.

The film is available on is available now on Comcast Video on Demand and will be available on Netflix on May 15th. You can pre-order the DVD at

We didn’t let the NBA’s all-time leading scorer make his Hang Time Podcast debut without getting his thoughts on a wild opening weekend of the NBA playoffs.

And we also enlisted the services, live from the golf course, of NBA TV’s Brent “Bones” Barry and his brother Jon Barry, a scratch golfer and NBA analyst himself for ABC and ESPN. They weighed in on the shocking Game 1 defeats in Los Angeles and San Antonio, while also sharing their insights on what’s to come in all of these first round series — in between a little brotherly trash talking on the links, of course.

Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want to miss this:


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