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One Man’s Plan For Labor Peace

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Someone had to speak up and at least toss a solution out there, not that either side in the NBA’s labor dispute was asking for any outside help.

An alternate plan has been hatched anyway, though, courtesy of our main man Ken Berger of CBS Sports. And after reading Part 1 of the “Berger Plan” late last night and then giving it a second read this morning, we must admit that we not only appreciate the effort, we also like the premise of both sides bending to make sure we don’t have any interruptions this summer.

Now, we fully understand that the concept of a reasonable solution for such a complex issue could never be broached in simple column form, a fact the author makes clear repeatedly. But again, it’s the intent that swayed us.

Whether or not NBA Commissioner David Stern or NBA Players Union chief Billy Hunter are moved at all in what is to be their final meeting before the midnight deadline for the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement remains to be seen.

One can only hope.