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About Last Night: Jazz Do It Again

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Utah Jazz made some comeback magic for the second straight night and John Wall showed off a little triple double wizardry of his own before the Magic Man himself.

We’re only three weeks into this marathon but it’s clear we were right about this being the most anticipated season in years, for all the reasons you see on a nightly basis.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a couple of minutes (with the Daily Zap) and see for yourself:

The Top 10, complete with the vocal stylings of our main man Kyle Montgomery, is yet more proof that you’re seeing things this season you never have before:

Wall’s first triple double was historic (he’s the third youngest player in league history to do it) in addition to being filled with sick highlights. Here he is talking to the Game Time crew about his huge night:

Not all the news Wednesday night was good.

In that same Wizards game Yao Ming limped off the floor in the first quarter with a strained tendon in his left leg, the same injured leg that cost him all of last season. The details of the severity of his latest injury won’t be known until later today.

But Yao did not seem “optimistic,” per Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, who detailed the Rockets’ breakdown and sixth loss like this:

After taking their last lead midway through the fourth quarter, they gave up a 10-0 run in which they missed all four of their shots, had five turnovers and surrendered three offensive boards with the Wizards scoring on them all.

That’s how you lose to the Wizards, and not terribly different from how they lost to the Lakers, Warriors, Nuggets and Hornets.

“You get paid to make plays,” Rockets coach Rick Adelman said. “Our guys, we got to make plays. With the game on the line, you have to find people who can do that. Right now, we’re searching for it. It’s not happening.”

Yao of course could be the Rockets’ closer, at least on the offensive end. He didn’t look like it on Wednesday. He did not take one shot in his six minutes. But he has that ability.

Now, the Rockets don’t know if they have him.

They won without him last year, but don’t know how to win this season.

Most NBA games are close in the fourth quarter. That’s when teams are defined and revealed, and the Rockets have been exposed. They are 1-6 for a reason and it’s not because Yao Ming limped off in the first quarter. That just made the latest loss hurt just a bit more.


Stay tuned for more details on Yao later.

*** Check back later for a complete breakdown of all 10 of Tuesday night’s game in our weekly edition of Did You See What We Saw? ***

About Last Night

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Chris Paul and the Hornets are back.

Paul Pierce joined the 20,000 point club.

Josh Smith and the Hawks stayed perfect, as did Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Blake Griffin and the Clippers dunked the Thunder.

Monta Ellis went off again.

The Spurs and Mavericks won thrillers while the Timberwolves, Pistons and Rockets are all searching for answers.

We’ve got all that and more for you this morning.

Check out the Daily Zap from an action-packed Wednesday night around the league:

We’ve got the Top 10 plays for you, too, with my main man Kyle Montgomery on the mic:

And we need to honor Pierce’s milestone properly:

Check back for a detailed breakdown of all 12 games later this morning in the latest installment of Did You See What We Saw?

Paul Brogan’s Return

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The season finale of The Jump went down earlier today.

And the entire crew (Dennis Scott, Brent Barry, Kyle Montgomery and myself) made sure to go out with a bang.

That meant catching up with our old friend, hip-hop correspondent and best freestyle rapper alive Paul Brogan:



It’s a sad day, seeing Fan Night and The Jump come to an end at the same time.

But that only means we’re that much closer to the playoffs.

NBA Bracketology (Jump Style)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Leave it up to the crew from The Jump (your host is included) to come up with our twist on March Madness, for the NBA.

We filled out and finished our bracket for the NBA’s one-and-done postseason tournament, courtesy of Dennis Scott, Brent Barry, Kyle Montgomery and myself.

Check it out and see if you agree with our picks in each region:


The South


The Midwest


The East


The West


And the Final Four


We did agree on two things after all of this bracket work.

First, it’ll never happen. Never. There’s just no way you could convince season ticket holders that they have to find their way to a neutral site venue and watch a team they’ve paid big bucks to see all season. Besides, the NBA would need one of those billion dollar TV deals to fork over all the playoff revenue you get for hosting postseason games.

But we also realize that this any one-and-done format featuring NBA teams would instantly become a sporting spectacle rivaled only by the Super Bowl. Think about it, the Lakers and Cavaliers in a one-game showdown for it all on a neutral floor (we all voted for Vegas for the Final Four). Kobe Bryant and LeBron James going toe-to-toe for the big trophy and there is no stumble in Game 2 that you can make up for in Game 3 … this could produce unrivaled drama and intrigue for the game of basketball.

We know, it’s fantasy land. But tell me you wouldn’t want to watch?