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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 67)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When we makes promises around here we do our very best to keep them, no matter how crazy they might be.

So when a lifelong Hawks fans asked that we spend a little time talking about one of the NBA’s more surprising teams this season, they are 9-2 since All-Star center Al Horford went down for the season with a torn pectoral muscle, we spoke up and said we would. And that’s indeed what we’ve done with Episode 67 of the Hang Time Podcast.

We went straight to the source, snagging a rare, in-studio sit-down with elusive Hawks Vice President of Public Relations Arthur Triche, who has spent 23 years working for the organization. A friend of the program since its inception, Triche dishes on this season’s team while also sharing some of his best memories of past teams, and highlighting some of his favorite former players — Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers, Grant LongMookie Blaylock, Steve Smith, Dikembe Mutombo, Ken NormanJR Rider, Rasheed Wallace, Obinna Ekezie, Peja Drobnjak, Christian Laettner and Boris Diaw all made his short list.

He is also the No. 1 ranked PR Tweeter in all of basketball (how many Twitter accounts does one man need?), has AAA insurance and is frightened of Hawks rookie big man Ivan “The Terrible” Johnson.

Triche also objected to this idea that best dunk of all time belongs to either Blake Griffin or LeBron James … you’ll have to forgive the “old man” on that one. Having lived through some of the best in-game and dunk contest slams Wilkins performed over the years, it’s hard to argue with him about this and so many other things.

For all that and so much more, check out Episode 67 of the Hang Time Podcast


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