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Big Baby Turns It Up (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Take that Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber and all you other famous entertainers who think you’ve corned the market on club music.

Orlando Magic power forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis has his own theme music this season. He’s gets the party started with his soon-to-be-hit, the aptly titled “Big Baby Gon’ Turn It Up” … (he might need a little help making the video, but the song itself isn’t half bad, thanks to whoever was working the board in the studio):


Role Reversal For Howard, Magic

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — So this is what “hardball” looks like?

For months — before he changed course at the March trade deadline when he signed away his leverage — Dwight Howard was holding the ultimate card in his game of free-agent chicken with the Orlando Magic.

Now, with his latest trade request to the Brooklyn Nets ignored yet again, Howard’s 4th of July will include few fireworks outside of the ones he lights off in his backyard tonight.

The Magic don’t appear to be in any great rush to acquiesce and provide an escape route for their disgruntled superstar center. In fact, the Magic are reportedly exhausting every possible option to do anything but send him to the Nets, where he can join Deron Williams and Joe Johnson in the Brooklyn Big 3.

If starting a bidding war for Howard is what Magic general manager Rob Hennigan is trying to do, we’ll know by the weekend if he’s been successful. The guess here is that there will be no shortage of fantasy packages cooked up by teams hoping to land Howard. (After all the drama he’s put the Magic through since December, he remains the most dominant low-post force in basketball and no one vying for his services has forgotten that.)

His “Nets-or-nothing” stance, however, has forced the Magic into a very deliberate place in this standoff. As Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel points out, both sides crossed the point of no return a while ago, now it’s time to sort through the debris and figure out an ending to this sordid tale that allows both sides to claim victory:

The Magic are faced with making the biggest trade in their history. They have to get this right — or as right as you can under the most unfair of circumstances.

Let’s make this clear: The Magic have lost.

The divorce is all but finalized now. The sorrowful, angry reality just hasn’t fully hit the franchise and their fans. It won’t until the trade comes down, until Dwight no longer can flip or flop.

Even when they get what they believe is their best deal for Howard — even if it’s the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum — the Magic and their fans have lost the league’s best center — again.

Worse, while Shaq slipped away in the middle of the night, Dwight’s exit has been publicly agonizing and ugly.