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Kidd, LeBron share common pain

MIAMI — For anyone who’d wonder why LeBron James would ever leave Cleveland to hook up with a pair of All-Stars in Miami, we present the curious case of Jason Kidd.

A decade ago, Kidd was LeBron. Kidd did everything for the Nets, leading them in scoring, assists, steals and was second in rebounding. Kidd hauled the Nets to back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals and came up empty. The Nets had no shot in 2002 against Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and the Lakers, who won in a sweep. They had a fair shot against the Spurs in ’03, and tied the series 2-2, but things fell apart in the closing moments of Game 5 and that was that.

He became an unrestricted free agent two weeks later, and all the contenders who could afford him wanted him. Kidd’s best offer came from those very same Spurs with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. But Kidd — or rather, his now-ex wife Joumana, who wanted TV opportunities in New York — decided to stay with the Nets.

He has not made it back to The Finals until now.


Opportunity knocks again for Kidd

Everyone today is still feeling Dirk Nowitzki’s pain, five years from watching a 2-0 lead on Miami melt away in the NBA Finals.

But what about feeling Jason Kidd’s misery?

He watched two straight trips to The Finals (in 2002 and ’03) evaporate. They were two trips most people forget about, only because it was done with the Nets, you know.

Yes, while Kidd and Nowitzki, headed back to The Finals, take a brief moment to share notes and swap war stories about their agonies, Kidd will reach for the tissue box first.

Dirk: “We were up 2-0, man. With home-court advantage!”

Kidd: “At least you had a home-court advantage. We had to beg fans to show up.”

Dirk: “Dwyane Wade was a beast. Too much to overcome.”

Kidd: “Try beating Shaq and Kobe and then Duncan and Robinson.”

Dirk: “This may be my last chance. I’m 32.”

Kidd: “Got you by six years.”

Kidd will enter the championship series, then, in a more desperate state than Dirk. He is No. 2 on the all-time assists list, one of the top pure point guards in NBA history and is surprisingly frisky today at age 38. He’s also in danger of becoming the next John Stockton: great player, no rings.