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Nash And Terry Could Heat Up Summer

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The free agent class of 2012 took a major hit when Dwight Howard decided to stick around in Orlando for at least another year.

That doesn’t mean things won’t get interesting in July, though. In fact, things could get heat up considerably if a couple of the veteran guards that will be available market themselves to a certain outfit in Miami that is seeking some scoring and backcourt firepower to aid their championship cause.

Both Steve Nash and Jason Terry spoke on it Thursday, making it clear that all of their options will remain open in free agency. Nash was on the “Dan Patrick Show” and didn’t rule out anything, a return to Phoenix, being reunited with Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas or taking a call from the LeBron James and the Heat, if they are interested:

“I would listen,” Nash said. “He’s phenomenal. I love what they’re doing there. A lot of people don’t like them because they put all that talent there. But they’re professional, they play hard, they play together. Their coaching staff has done a great job, so I have a tremendous amount of respect for them.

“I would definitely listen.”

Nash talking Miami in free agency isn’t that surprising. He’s going to be on most every title contender’s call list this summer. But Terry talking about Miami, after the way he went after the Heat (on and off the court) in The Finals last season, is a bit of a surprise.

He told Fox Sports Florida that the Heat would have to a consideration for obvious reasons:

“(Team president) Pat Riley is a great guy and what he’s done with the organization is tremendous. “No question, they need a veteran shooter, a guy who can score besides LeBron (James) and (Dwyane Wade), and they know they can count on. I’m a guy that’s been in this league 13 years, (averaging) 15 points a night, easy. Off the bench or the starting lineup, it doesn’t matter. So I think I’d be an asset to them.”

Without a contract extension and no guarantee that he’ll get a chance to finish his career in Dallas, Terry has to play the game as well. But while Nash’s remarks won’t cause much of a ripple in Phoenix, Terry’s comments will certainly raise a few eyebrows in Dallas.


The Champs Are (Still) Here!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — “This is how we do it!”

If you walk into the Dallas Mavericks’ locker room anytime soon and hear that old Montell Jordan song playing in the background, it’s with good reason.

Because once again the Mavericks, despite all the critics and naysayers (yours truly included) that assumed they were sacrificing this season by allowing a championship team to break apart, are right in the thick of the race as the Western Conference standings start to take shape.

Things looked shaky early on. Tyson Chandler, J.J. Barea, DeShawn Stevenson, Caron Butler — all guys that played a role in the Mavericks’ championship season a year ago — all hit the door when free agency cranked up. It takes bold leadership to buck conventional wisdom to go in a different direction so soon after snagging basketball’s Holy Grail.

But the Mavericks under owner Mark Cuban have always been run by anything but conventional wisdom. With Rick Carlisle steering them through their early season struggles, they lost both of their preseason games, their first three regular season games and five of their first eight which cranked up the chatter about a championship hangover.

Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t himself, wasn’t in championship shape and the Mavericks championship luster was lost in the shadow of bigger stories in Los Angeles (Clippers and Lakers) and Denver, to start the season.

I fired off an email to my main man and’s writer Earl K. Sneed asking him if he had any idea what the plan was this season. He responded instantly, making it clear to me that were was indeed a plan and that he was more than willing to place his faith in Cuban and Carlisle in the days and weeks ahead, especially after what we witnessed covering the Mavericks’ title run last season.

He was right. They’ve gotten back to normal here lately, though, winning four straight games and 18 of their last 24. And now that Nowitzki is back to  normal, the champs can entertain thoughts of mounting a serious defense of their title in a season that was supposed to be about rebuilding.