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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 181) dollars and sense

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Go ahead and scan the top 10 players on the salary list of your favorite sport and ask yourself, who belongs and who does not?

In the NFL it’s easy to spot the impostors (you know who you are .., Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan and others) the guys who have collected $100 million contracts without so much as changing the culture in their respective locker rooms, let alone the franchise that lavished those sorts of riches upon them,

The NBA’s top 10 is a much tougher list to decipher. Kobe Bryant, the third leading scorer in the history of the game, sits atop the list. And even though he’s playing on a woeful Los Angeles Lakers team this season, few can argue that he’s worth the what he’s being paid based on the box office draw he is at home in LA and everywhere else he goes.

Dollars and sense is the topic on Episode 181 of the Hang Time Podcast, who and what makes sense and at what price? We also dig into the Sacramento Kings’ firing of Mike Malone and what that means for the immediate and long-term future of the franchise.

We go off the rails early and often, like always, on Episode 181 of the Hang Time Podcast … Dollars and Sense …


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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s career milestones

Hang Time Podcast (Episode 41)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When then Minnesota Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale put the finishing touches on the eight-player deal that brought Kevin Love to Minnesota for O.J. Mayo on draft night 2008, folks from Minneapolis to Memphis and back went (for lack of a better word) crazy.

Someone even created a “McHale Must Go” facebook page to make their point.

Well, guess what? Our main man McHale got it right after all.

Love is having an All-Star season and should be days away from being selected as a reserve for the Western Conference contingent that will represent in Los Angeles next month. Mayo’s days appear to be numbered in Memphis, where he simply does not fit into the team’s long-term plans.

McHale, now a NBA TV and TNT analyst, is the featured guest on Episode 41 of the Hang Time Podcast. The Minnesota native and former Golden Gophers All-American and Celtics legend is the linchpin in what will go down as our Great Lakes Edition, the celebration of one man’s hunch paying off and another man’s Super Bowl dream coming to an abrupt end.

The other big shot Kevin on campus here at the hideout joined us as well. Chicago’s very own Kevin Cottrell Jr., NBA TV’s researcher extraordinaire and one of the Windy City’s finest NBA exports not named (Derrick) Rose, also stopped by the studio for a little therapy after his Bears fell in the NFC Championship game (yes, we went off base and discussed Jay Cutler just a little bit).

McHale didn’t even get a chance to revel in Cottrell’s misery. Not with his Vikings standing on the sideline while their two biggest rivals fought it out to see who would represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. “For Vikings fans, watching the Bears and Packers play to go to the Super Bowl is like asking a condemned man if he’d rather be hung or shot,” McHale said. “It’s bad news either way.”

Wait until you hear the rest of what was said on Episode 41, which included a special guest appearance from our roving co-host “3D” Dennis Scott of NBA TV.


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