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The Evil Eye

Believe it or not, there’s more to this trip than just basketball. And while I’m here with the U.S. National Team, I hope to bring you some of the sights of Istanbul, along with a taste of Turkish culture.

ISTANBUL — The U.S. National Team has been here in Istanbul for eight days now. And with a day off here and there, they’ve begun to get a feel for this historic city.

Inside The Grand Bazaar.

Hopefully, they’ll also take some time to see the sights of Istanbul (and not just take taxis to McDonald’s). They don’t have to visit all 3,000 mosques in the city. Perhaps just the blue one.

One of the key sights to see in Istanbul, not too far from the Blue Mosque and the gorgeous Hagia Sophia, is The Grand Bazaar. It’s kind of like a mall, but the stores are a lot smaller than those you’d find at Newport Centre or Westside Pavilion. And since it’s situated in the middle of the old city here, some of the hallways are very narrow. It’s a very cool shopping experience (except it can get very hot in the summer).

They’ve got all kinds of stuff for sale at The Grand Bazaar: jewelry, fabrics, ceramics, rugs, leather jackets, etc. And the expectation is that if you want to buy something, you don’t accept the vendor’s initial price, but rather haggle it down a bit.

As you’re walking through, you’ll quickly notice the abundance of these blue disks that fit in your palm and that you can buy for a few Turkish lira (about $2). The Turkish term for these things is “nazar boncuk.” Translated literally, that means “evil bead,” but the common English name for it is “the Evil Eye.”

It’s a little confusing because the bead is meant to ward off evil, not promote it in any fashion. And these evil eyes are not just for tourists. Our guide here tells us that pretty much all Turkish people either carry one of these beads around with them and/or hang them in their house to ward off any evil that they may encounter during the course of the day or that visitors might bring into their home.

But the fascinating thing is in how many different forms you’ll find this evil eye design. I’m sure I didn’t come across them all, but here’s just a sample…

This is a box of standard evil eyes.

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